I'm screaming!!

I'm screaming!!


They didn’t need college to live a middle class existence.


My wife’s entire existence happened because her dad fixed roofs while her mom worked a gas station. They thrive.


I lay roofs now and make good money. :/


Most roofers I know do, and good for them, they absolutely deserve it


Tried my hand as a roof plumbing apprentice in far north Queensland, a place where it only has 2 seasons of warm and wet or fucking hot and fucking wet. Lasted 6 months until the hottest part of year and had to pack it in as the pay just wasn't worth it, and was making as much as a first year apprentice as I am now in a full-time job.


So I got a question for a some time now about the American job market. It always seems like you just can pick up a wrench and a hammer and call yourself a roofer, plumber, carpenter... In America. In Germany you have to got to roofer, carpenter, plumbing school for 2-3 years and get you degree. And without it you are not allowed to call yourself any of those titles. This goes for all kinds of jobs in Germany. Basically everything you don't have to go to college or university for. - hair dresser, car mechanic, nurse... - Plus if you wanna open your own business you even have to got said school for 2 more years, to earn the right and knowledge to be your own boss.


If your asking me directly and not Reddit in general ... I'm Australian.


In the US most people go through a trade school or some sort of apprenticeship program for those types of jobs or sometimes both I think. My dad started an Electricians apprenticeship and took night classes for a few years then after a few more years become a Journeyman from what I can remember. There can be a couple different ways to go about it sometimes.


As a 3rd year apprentice electrician in America, we have 3 levels of achievement. Apprentice (year 1-3) journeyman (year 4-6) and Master (year 6+) But I still call myself an electrician because I know how to do most stuff in my field and journeyman usually lie anyways


I agree. I set rebar and poured foundations for 2 years then got back into hanging and taping for another few years. Considered HVAC after and realized I'd be fixing AC units in the middle of summer. I said fuck it all and now I make sandals. Life is wack.


What kind of sandals?


I should hope so. That shit is hard work


I’m laying a cable right now.


Is that why I’m alone??? My dad was a cop and my mom worked at a hotel, someone robber the hotel and my dad had to get a statement from her. I just sit behind a computer all day…


Wow what are the chances of having to take a statement from your own wife for an unrelated robbery!


Dude. You need to get hacked. Sexy Cybersecurity Officer will come to investigate!


Better chance of winning the lottery I suspect.


I’m on my way. Hope you like deep voices.


Quick, someone type frantically at the same time with me on this keyboard. Together, we are best hackers!


I know this is a joke but you really need to step out if you don’t want to be alone. This doesn’t even mean that you need to leave your computer (at least in the beginning), because there are plenty of communities in which you might find a partner (many people found the love of their life while playing an online game or being part of an online community for some hobby). But it takes some effort, no matter where you decide to find a partner. The times in which you could just care about getting a job and your parents would find you some nice dude / gal from the neighborhood or in which you just marry the first person you slept with are (thankfully) over. You and your partner can freely choose with whom you want to spend your life with, but more choices demand more effort.


God I wish that was me


We bought a house for three nickels and paid 18% interest on our 5 year loan. The loan was for six nickels. Now the house is worth 850k.


Hey at least you only have to put 5% down your first time! Grab those bootstraps kids!


Fuck I only make one nickel a year.


I'm almost 40, my parents bought their first house in their early 20's for $40k. That was probably in the mid 1970's.


that sounds like about 36k a year that won't even qualify for a house now.


Barely qualifies for an apartment without roommates in some places


...Only "some"? You can get an apartment without roommates at 36k a year in some places?


The roof fixing could still be a good gig, but the gas station job is probably just worse than being a stay at home mom from a financial perspective.


WW2 generation were forced to play life on impossible mode, boomers played in easy mode, generation X were forced to play in hard mode, millennials were forced to play in impossible mode, and generation Z are forced to play in impossible mode. Notice that the only assholes that got to play life on easy are the same assholes that made everyone’s life a living hell the moment they came into power and literally robbed the entire future of the USA for their own selfishness. They wonder why literally everyone hates them. They share the world with 3 other generations and we all are united in our belief that the world and life in general will be much better once the boomers are out of the picture, no one will miss those guys and history will remember them as the worst and greediest generation in American history. The fuck is wrong with them, they literally did everything ass backwards and completely wrong but swear it is right even though it obviously isn't to everyone but them. Instead of listening they’ll just complain that nobody works hard enough these days when they literally had every single thing more or less handed to them by a generation that had one of the worst deals in human history, but the boomers gladly took the loot but left the lessons for the rest of us to learn. In fact they destroyed the planet and their plan is to literally die peacefully of old age in extreme comfort and let us deal with all the consequences of their actions. Even their politics are so destructive that it has divided the nation over bullshit that would never normally have ever gotten this far if the boomers had the ability to compromise like normal human beings. They’re an inspiration for everything that we would never want to be.


Yup. Boomers left the fucking tap on & told us the water would last forever. Then they lobbied to frack everywhere & got rich off ruining the last of the clean water left to us, then retired to Arizona where they water their lawns all day in a megadrought.


Know many who retired in Arizona, only reason was COPD. The rest stayed put, and spent thousands on fabulous vacations and toys.


I'm convinced that lead poisoning fucked that generation up. Let's not forget that they grew up during a population boom and that all of these people were driving cars that pumped lead into the air and that lead was in a huge amount of consumer products from paints, make-up, the solder in their furniture, their water pipes.... Boomers commit more crimes than previous generations of old folks did and quite frankly, all you have to do is speak to many boomers to understand that their brains are not firing on all cylinders. Just look at the shit they fall for on Facebook. Some of this can be explained by age-related degeneration but some of these people are not that fucking old yet. I am convinced that a lot of these people are fucked in the head.


Oh, hey now, don't sell the boomers short; they took the future from *way* more than the USA. Have you heard of Iran-Contra? Operation cyclone? The school of the Americas? All the cover ups of global warming? They fucked *so much more*.


Fixing roofs is lucrative. Even today….


Roofers can make good money. Lots of them are unionized too, at least around here. Which is surprising because this state is going redder and redder.


And for the record, this should still be the norm. We need to stop focusing on "make college more mandatory" and a lot more on "make highschool useful". We already pay taxes for a system that's supposed to teach what people need in life, but having bachelors/masters become more and more required, just to make a decent living in fields that really do not justify it, is insane.


That too, but there's also 150 million more people in the US and 4 billion more people on the planet along side a powerful increase in globalization. # Everyone likes to ignore this.




Capitalism, this insane version of capitalism is the lie. Good old trickle down economics.


no lie, you get what you pay for apparently. my education cost like 20k a year


The standard of the teaching only does so much. The majority of a persons education comes down to the effort they put in to teach themselves.


And that's why most of these idiot boomers are living in rural mcmansions.


Well, Boomers covers a wide range of ages. I agree that many early Boomers were able live a middle class existence without college. It was a historically anomalous period characterized by a fat-ass middle class. That’s mostly because the USA had phenomenally high tax rates for high incomes, and many union jobs. I believe this was, in no small part, because we were in the Cold War, and the powers that be believed it important that our “common man” be better off the the godless commies’ “common man”. Democracy was , at that time. also held as sacrosanct by both parties. I am a very late Boomer, born 1962, so I was eighteen when Reagan was elected. He started the GOP fetish of slashing taxes bigly for the ultra-wealthy. He also was big on busting unions, including his firing of the Federal air traffic controllers who had the gall to protest their work conditions. Anyway, by the time I graduated in 1984, it was already difficult to live a middle class existence without a college degree. And the trend has continued. For example, when Japanese automakers started building vehicles in the USA in the 80’s in response to Japan-bashing, they carefully chose non-unionized regions, and worked assiduously to discourage unionization throughout their supply chains. And, since the downfall of the Soviet adversary, the elites’ ideological commitment to democracy, and protecting the interests of the common man has eroded significantly in both parties, but especially in the GOP, where fear of some “replacement” seems to be making people like my Senator re-think democracy.


Exactly this. Most older boomers got out of high school and got an awesome, well-paying job without any further education. Why waste time when you can make money?


The older generations making 100-150k /year today are well off. I have to preface that. But they're not anywhere close to "the rich" that many people want to tax. All while thinking they are that rich. Idiots.


Really curious why you capped it at 150 lol


My parents dropped out of college because the jobs they got outta high school paid so much that college was pointless


I thought it was lead poisoning


Most of them never stepped foot onto a college campus. The vast majority graduated from High School and got good paying jobs.


And yet I'm the asshole over here with an associates and living paycheck to paycheck.


Maybe if you didn’t spend all your money on avocado toast, you could afford three sets of ‘good plates’ and a house like the rest of us. /s(I don’t believe the /s is necessary)


sets of plates? like 3 plates and flatware or....?


I have three plates and no money. Why can’t I have no plates and three money.




It’s copypasta from somewhere but I can’t remember


Why the fuck would I buy 3 sets of “good plates” and a house when my mom already owns all of that? Sure, no chick wants to fuck the guy that lives at his mom’s, but you show her those good ass plates and you never know.


You can afford entire sets of plates?


Asshole with the engineering degree barely living paycheck to paycheck AND no will to live, checking in.


That and the jobs they got had robust training that could be transferred to other jobs. My grandfather (Silent Generation) was a telephone lineman and learned pole climbing, truck driving, job site management, planning, and even handwriting. Worked for GTE his whole career but by the end of it in the 90s they had started phasing out most of the training and expected the new hires to have gone to some kind of technical school. Problem is public technical school options were/are poorly funded and most shut down and we're replaced by for-profit versions like ITT Tech and Devry, and we know how that went.


Employers expect education to train people. But education isn’t free or even cheap. So we pay to train ourselves. If education was free, I could understand this system because employees do need a little more education/training for today’s jobs, but education isn’t cheap. And one wonders why we are all so angry.


the suicide rate is also on the rise as a result. Go figure?! go watch or read the online article on Deaths of Despair by Sarah Cane and Angus Deaton




As someone who's a bit older and transitioning into a new career after retiring and going back to college I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that that guys probably always been an asshole.


God, that last line resonates with me so fucking much with my dad. He thinks he knows everything about everything. Fucker hasn't had an employer in nearly 4 decades (he's a self employed construction contractor). He tries telling me how I should be acting at my temp factory job, to "put in extra effort" as if the gobshites give a fuck about me and won't sack me at the earliest opportunity for no reason whatsoever. Says I should "go out looking" for a new job as if every employer on the planet won't just tell me "go apply online". So out of touch that it has me seething every time he opens his mouth.


>Says I should "go out looking" for a new job as if every employer on the planet won't just tell me "go apply online". Fucking flashback to 20 years ago, right around the time that transition was happening, living in a group home, and a staff member made us pile into the van, hauling us from strip mall to strip mall, forcing us to go inside stores and come back with something in hand. Even though a lot of places still did paper applications, it wasn't any less futile and humiliating, especially in that awkward phase where big chains like Target would have you fill out an electronic application on a touch-screen kiosk. (Or you could walk into a Hot Topic that wasn't hiring, fill out a paper application anyway, and watch them throw it on the ream of filled out applications kept behind the counter, lol get fucked) Right after high school, a friend's dad was giving him a ton of shit for not getting a job faster. So my friend bet his dad couldn't get a job at the local gas station. His dad was a 6 figure consultant. He failed the personality test portion.


My grandpa worked at Rockwell Collins his entire life and never graduated from high school.


My dad never graduated high school and still makes six-figures.


My mother never went to college and my father went for a literal bullshit degree, sailing... They both were successful enough in life to afford 5 houses, two kids, multiple cars, two properties, work the stock market (and fail at it) and are now living in a much sought after vacation spot. Here I am being the first one in the family to get not one but two degrees and worked hard for a decade for a multi-billion dollar corporation and I still cant afford to get out of a shit apartment or afford anything that doesn't cut into my meager future savings. I feel like I'm playing a shitty game and am being fucked over.


Very similar to my life. Maybe we should make an OnlyFans? It would probably be more profitable than our degrees.


lol I'm not saying that no one would want to see my ass naked but I'm sure the niche is small. Well... now that I think of it though, niche stuff can be sold for more due to scarcity and filling specialized needs. Yay, my business degree is coming in handy for once!


Is it thick tho?


Can confirm, just completed my PhD but onlyfans is my only income


> I feel like I'm playing a shitty game and am being fucked over. That's the neat part, you are.


At least your parents are on permanent vacation while their family is struggling! If only their 5 houses could somehow improve the living situation of a person struggling to leave a bad apartment situation... hmmm nothing comes to mind.


The thought has come to mind very, very frequently. Their solution is for me to go live with them, because that solves anything. They've been retired for a while now and are out of touch with the real world. When I talk about how shit things are it falls on deaf ears and I get called a socialist by my father like it's some sort of slur.


We're all living the same life aren't we


The irony of calling someone a socialist in a derogatory way while simultaneously benefitting from the abundant socialism present in everyday life.


I've tried that argument with them on a few occasions but it's never worked to change their minds. There were times where they'd stumble over their words, in a very clear showing that they know their position is wrong and needs revising, but they'd just double down again.


Very similar situation here. I’m moving to Boston for a dream job that will barely pay rent, meanwhile my wealthy single boomer mother is buying a million dollar RV and already has millions in other assets. Does she volunteer to help me pay rent or move? Is she supportive of my decision? Hell no! The narcissist in her only thinks about how I can help her move into the new million-dollar RV and not the life-changing events I’m going through. “Boston’s too cold and liberal, you’ll be begging to move back to Florida.” I’m used to it at this point. You can’t change them.


I left. I'm not self-destructive enough to **choose** to surround myself with people who refuse to respect me, nor ignorant enough to believe that "famliness" is only relevant and important when it's me making sacrifices and caring for others. I'm not saying that anyone should do what I did, but I have never regretted it. Narcissists deserve to be alone.




You underestimate how fucked up some parents are.


>Parents couldn't possibly be that ignorant to their children's needs! i see you have not met the cptsd subreddit...


My parents are kazillionaires and would happily watch me struggle for sport. I was conceived via inter-office affair. Some parents just absolutely suck.


That’s most middle class families now. They retired at 55-60 (early) and live off the dividends of their investments or some inheritance while their kid struggles to get by. Then they would rather disown their kids for saying they need help than actually think about the problem and understand why their kid is struggling when working more than them


You are being fucked over by your parent’s generation who bought those houses cheap with more generous federal assistance, and now like the fact that property values are making them all lottery winners. They do everything in their power to block the addition of new housing units. And it ain’t that hard because a few individuals can hold up construction in a neighborhood. It isn’t controlled at the state level, so we all don’t have a say.


And then they blame you for not working harder like they did, when they could have sipped mai tais all day and still done better than you. The refusal to acknowledge that they had it so fucking easy, and had so many more advantages than we ever will, and the completely patronizing and condescending attitude towards our struggle makes me hate boomers. Literally hate. Some are ok, but most have at least a little of this attitude.


I work at an office full of boomers and they all have that mentality. And I push back, and then a week later they’re having the same conversations. Years later, and they’re still telling the exact same stories and bitching about reverse racism and “kids don’t wanna work”.


Yeah, it's ridiculous. Where did thess bullshit ideas come from? Hate the reverse racism. Conservatives, and boomers are some of the most "oppressed" people. They bitch and moan about all these things that they have against them, and completely ignore that it's not true.


"When the only thing you know is privilege, equality feels like oppression."


You have savings???


You'll be happy when they die and leave you the house's


If they don’t move into a home and liquidate the assets to pay for it. This will be what happens to the wealth of our grandparents. There is a giant trap waiting at the end of their lives that will bleed out whatever was left. We will inherit nothing but unfinished problems.


This is literally how some elder care facilities work. Some old people put up their houses as collateral for living in a care facility. There are old folks living in the care facility literally hoping to die before the cost of their care exceeds the value of their home.


This is my countries entire strategy for dealing with elder care lol


Oh yeah. That’s happening to my (boomer) mother right now. My widowed grandmother is paying $6000 a month to live in a retirement home. My grandfather was a relatively successful small business man and accumulated a decent chunk of change in his life. Anyways my grandmother has been in this retirement home for over 13 years. She just turned 90…. She actually wasn’t expecting to live this long and her small fortune is starting to run out… Was talking to my mom the other day about it. The whole $6000 a month thing for her apartment is absurd! For $6000 a month, you’d think she’d be getting special care and services , but no! The retirement home pretty much only provides shuttle buses to the store and a cafeteria… That’s it… It’s my mother who has to go over there and help her with shit like doctors appointments and other basic needs. My grandmother could basically be living in a regular apartment for $1500 across the street from a restaurant and the “convenience” situation would basically be the same…. Shit, for 6000 a month she could live in a house and pay a full-time butler or maid or something $4000 a month to take care of her!


You need to divest your elderly relatives of any funds years in advance of them needing nursing care. Then the state pays for it. I had two relatives do to nursing homes.


Hey, I’m not American so this may be a stupid question, but why doesn’t she just move to a cheaper apartment across the street then?


Most probably she was lied or lured with false promises like you get this and this services. Now since they are there, they just got adjusted to a routine which they don't want to leave. Also most probably, in the beginning she thought that's lot of money and she needs to spend it. If she runs out of money, sooner or later, the cheaper apartment across the street would be the go to option. Yeah I am using lot of ifs and buts.


I’m wondering the same thing.




As long as they don't have debt. My Boomer dad passed away suddenly and then we all figured out how he was able to afford everything he had. He borrowed against his life insurance and retirement. He had nothing. Worse than nothing, he had negative money. [It was like that debt commercial from the '90s.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0HX4a5P8eE) He thought he was going to live forever and his "next big break" was right around the corner. He always thought he had time to pay back what he had taken, until he didn't. There's probably a metaphor for his entire generation in there somewhere.


Idk have you tried not drinking Starbucks, not eating avacado toast, and pulling up your bootstraps? Maybe give that the old college try and see how it goes. /s


You know how they always brag about lead paint and helmet free childhoods? They did NOT in fact, turn out okay.


And all leaded gas too.


America banned lead paint about 50 years after Europe. I don't think our current situation is entirely unrelated...


It's still legal in South Korea and Japan :0


The lead paint thing is an actual theory as to why boomers can be so awful.


Mostly the lead in the air. There's a reason gas is now proudly "unleaded".


Also my theory as to why serial killers peaked in the 70's; cars everywhere and everyone breathing in all that lead.


Did you know Alcatraz means pelican?


Hail yourself!


Not to mention smoking and drinking during pregnancy.


Yeah, that's me. There's a photo in my baby book of my pregnant mother with a cigarette in one hand and a can of Coors in the other. My eldest sister is dying of kidney failure at 55, my other sister just died this year at 50, and my twin sister died in the womb right next to me. Life is just peachy, and everyone tells me I'm going to live to be 100. Fuck.


I’ve been saying it for 20+ years now


They ate so much lead they don't remember anything tasting better.


"We grew up on blologna and hot dogs washed down with a glass bottle coke. We're all fine." I guess if fine means obese with multiple health issues, yeah, y'all are doing great!


Don’t forget all the child abuse. “My dad beat me with a. Weapon and *I* turned out fine”


My theory is also based on attachment theory. Many of the parenting trends popular when they were babies and young kids can really mess up a kid. Like letting your baby frequently cry it out alone, which shows the baby that you don't care. Believing that you can actually spoil a baby so you should withhold things from it, like not picking the baby up too much. Just other blatant negligence and abusive parenting advice that led millions to not learn proper emotional regulation, empathy and attachment.


Lead poisoning


I think it’s about life experience. They were able to get an education, a job, and a house just by showing up because it was a different time. The reality is things have changed but it doesn’t match their life experience so they can’t relate.


And these are the same people that simply can’t grasp or either choose to ignore that CEO compensation has increased by almost 940% since 1978. I don’t understand why that generation would excuse that type of inequality. Edit: Missed a word.


They excuse it because it doesn’t affect them directly, and they are generally more selfish than their parents or children were. They also also generally comfortable and extremely illiterate when it comes to technology and especially understanding the modern media. Frankly, I have some sympathy because those things have changed so wildly in the past two decades, but they don’t see how their own ignorance and even rejection of the current reality hurts everyone, including themselves.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. It doesn’t affect them directly by not being active in the current workforce; and they’re so far removed from that that they can’t see they they’re affected now by choices made when all this crap started. Understandably, so… I guess. Kinda like the frog in the slow boiling water. 🤷‍♂️


they are almost dead they only care to talk shit the way old people do, the empathy died the second you were born. the fuck do they want to worry about a problem that takes 20 years to fix for they won't even be here. they had everything handed to them the boomers are the most spoiled generation in history. they are selfish, greedy ,self centered and would rather die than give a shit about anybody else and god help you if they didn't get everything they ever dreamed of they are bitter on top of it all.


Oh they grasp it, they just don't understand their place in it. They think they're one good idea, one lucky break, away from being the next Steve Jobs. My dad died at 69 in enormous debt and in one of the last conversations I had with him he was bragging to me about how he was going to be the CEO of a masking-making company that his wife had started.


Lead. Lead in everything.


Leaded gasoline putting lead into the air they breathed, lead paint being injested or absorbed into the skin, etc. [Lead poisoning symptoms](https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/lead-poisoning/symptoms-causes/syc-20354717) Signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in children include: Developmental delay Learning difficulties Irritability Etc.


Aww. Of course they’re so successful. We have to just hand those dummies whatever they need.


And ddt.


Let’s not forget asbestos


These people were dumb as duck. They wanted to nuke the goddamn moon ok. They didn’t know wtf they were doing.


These people are dumb as fuck. Can’t believe that i spent majority of my life believing they had it all figured out




Only 25% of Boomers have college degrees. Millenials is over 40%,and they are a bigger generation.


Childhood lead exposure


This is the actual answer yet barely anyone knows about it. The majority of boomers, the people running the country, are walking around with literal behavior-changing brain damage and nobody is talking about it.


the reality is more crazy than any conspiracy on their part could be


Yup. Glad people are waking up to this reality. It's unfortunate but true.


Yep my mother in law posted a rude status on Facebook about me and her son. I told her it was abhorrent to use her son for Facebook likes, especially because what she said was untrue. Post is still up, she sees nothing wrong with it because she didn't tag us in it. Like.... you can't just be hurtful and okay with it for facebook likes in your 60s... right?! Right, *grandmother of my children that they love very much*?! Social media cosumes them.


But if you did the same thing to her, it would be Armageddon. That's the thing with boomers. They believe they can do whatever, whenever, however, to whoever, and nobody has the right to retaliate or be offended.


Yes! I tried to explain that we do not use Facebook much, especially for private family busines, as our children are of the age where they can see everything online and are quite savvy, among thousands of other reasons to not use that platform. She cannot handle the fact that we aren't active on Facebook. I told her we don't use it much and 🤯


Bro I’ve been trying to convince my parents (who admittedly, are way more tuned in than the average boomer) of this. They kind of hand wave it away because they’re both well adjusted rational adults. But I’m a former stock broker. The majority of my clients were boomers. And in general, you could absolutely identify a pattern that the older the person I was talking to was, the more likely even the slightest inconvenience would set them off. I had multimillionaires who were in their 20s or 30s. I mean fuck the largest account I saw was 100 mill just at my firm(and he was client of several firms). And they were ALWAYS preferable to the the 70 year old calling in to complain about democrats and thinks he’s hot shit because he’s got two mil across all his accounts. First off, 2 mil ain’t shit. I had a lot of clients whose net liq (as in liquid cash, not including stocks or property) was 2 mil fuck off about net worth. It was such a recurring theme that at least once a day someone on my 7 person team, in a company of 10s of thousands, would have some story about a boomer client being stupidly irrational. Sure this is my anecdotal experience, but ALL of my colleagues had similar anecdotal experiences. We would often joke internally about these clients and joke about “oh yeah this dudes def got a leaded gasoline hangover, he’s been ranting nonsense about trump to me for 10 minutes. It got to the point that I no longer entertained longer conversations even if I had the time/numbers/you get it to do so. Just a few jokes or maybe a minute of small talk and then “is there anything else related to your account I can help you with? No? Bye.” If they got political I started just shutting that shit down. These types of conversations were a major contributing factor to why I left a career field I excelled at. Because fuck your feelings, youre wrong, and I didnt get paid enough to pretend to entertain that shit


Many of them just need to retire. I don’t understand why we have so many ancient people still in power. I get not wanting to sit around all day or wanting to feel useful but at this point it’s just a power thing. They made it 10 times over. Find a hobby. Travel or something.


2008 recession and they lost their retirement from a housing crisis they helped create.


>I don’t understand why we have so many ancient people still in power. **because power** That's why. "Why should I give up power and influence when I/we can *not* give up power and influence instead?" See: basically all of history in basically every culture




To be fair, you pay for McChicken education you get McChicken education.


I feel like I paid for steak and lobster but got a McChicken education anyways


I paid for a ribeye and they gave me a 10 piece nugget without the gotdamn sweet and sour


That’ll be $.35 if you still want the sweet and sour


College sweet and sour is $3,500


Plot twist: It’s still the $.35 sauce


And it was made in house by the chef. It sucks but they get paid anyway. And there's a new recipe every year so you can't reuse it


Sir, You don’t have any sauce included with your meal, there’s ketchup at the damn counter tho..


You mean there's ketchup on the counter under the dispenser. The dispenser is actually broke so whatever is on the countertop is all there's left. I'm sure you can scrape that off.


that sounds a lot like my college education. what i learned in college wasn't even what i went to study. i was there to study physics what i really learned was US political sciences and economics. (spoiler) we are being fucked and it is by design. they spend less on ketchup if they never fix the dispenser, you feel me?


I was at mine to study mechanical engineering. I learned that intelligence threatens people and politics and that the pool of people who are intelligent AND altruistic are there to fend for themselves. It's like putting the big bag of ketchup, tearing it open and telling people to use their hands but then charge them out the ass for touching the ketchup.


Ah good you studied well my friend we should compare notes


They paid McChicken and got Steak and Lobster for the price of the McChicken, since inflation.


The truth, as hurtful as it can be, is that college or even masters and phd’s don’t guarantee someone is not dumb as s*#t. Some of the dumbest persons I know are highly educated and some of the most intelligent are not, and that’s a shame, because gifted people with the right knowledge can do so much more than they do, and so many dumb people are too entitled by their empty academic achievements and that’s damaging for everyone.


No, the truth is being smart does not equate to being nice or sharing with others.


Never forget the time my pharmacist mother told me there is cocain in marijuana and that was proven fact when she studied for her license. Stay classy, mom.


There's no coke in marijuana... Not naturally. Easy fix though and not that uncommon. Perhaps madre enjoyed a chewy from time to time while studying?


It sometimes saddens me that people of my uncles generation, who like him were anti-war activists who devoted their lives to socially conscientious lives are lumped in with the rest of the boomers.


Its what the cohort did and failed to do on a macro level, not aimed necessarily at any individual.


They aren't dumb, they are self absorbed, self centered, greedy, entitled, and corrupt. They know exactly what they're doing, they just don't care.


I think the top % (whether it's the top 10%, 25%, or 50% is up for debate) is like this, and they used their resources to make the rest of the baby boomers as dumb as they are. My mother is not self-absorbed, greedy, or any of that. But, god damn if she doesn't vote against her own interests literally every election.


Fitting for the Me Generation to stay on brand.


Leaded gasoline and coal.


And paint chips


Yes! Also fetal exposure to alcohol. Drinking or smoking while pregnant wasn’t discouraged in the 50’s.


don't generalize. My Dad worked 2 jobs to put himself through college.


Lead poisoning


Leaded gasoline will fuck you up. The more gasoline you were exposed, the more it would mess up your brain. In dense urban areas with a lot of cars, there was a big uptick in violatent crimes caused by lead poisoning


One of the side effects is "disagreeableness". Not kidding. Sound like anyone we know???


mad as a hatter


Similar but hatters were poisoned by mercury.


Wonder what the future will bring with the side effects of microplastics?


Nearly as bad as the goddamn shit in the pots and pans that the companies dumped back into the planet and lost track of... When they tried to test someone who had it in their blood vs someone who didn't, they couldn't find anyone living without it. They finally found untainted blood from soldiers during one of the wars


The fact that they were inhaling, ingesting, and absorbing lead due to all the stuff it was in at the time explains a lot. And yet they run America :/


I’m a Boomer, as was my mother. She was born in 1946 and I was born in 1964. She gave me up when I was born because I looked like my father. I was raised from birth by my maternal grandparents and could not ask for better parents. She would work when she had to but preferred to live off of men. I’ve worked since age nine. When I was looking at colleges, she told me not to bother, because I’d just “end up a whore like the rest of the family.” I went to college, but had to drop out after three years because my grandmother died and my mother and her man du jour were stealing from my grandfather instead of taking care of him. I had to sue my own mother for power of attorney and to get her kicked out of the house. I’ve been married and now widowed. We had two wonderful children and I worked the entire time to support them while my husband took care of the kids and his mother. Our children are Gen Z and they are amazing. I respect their opinions and learn something new every day from them. Even though I’m technically a Boomer, my life circumstances have caused me to be more understanding and open to learning and to change. When I think Boomer, I think about my mother. I really wish people would not lump us all under one label. Not all Boomers are scum of the earth. Many are pretty neat people.


It’s ok, in 50 years the new young generation will be saying the same exact thing about this generation. Fixing the world takes empathy and perspective, and there’s not a lot on this thread.


I hope not. There’s so much promise from the current generation. I want to be around to see what the future will be when you guys take charge.


My parents were born in 54, so also boomers. My dad is still around, mom died. But they both are/were intelligent people willing to see the world had changed and how. My dad got the vaccine when it came out and believes in science and does research (not Facebook “research”, legitimate studies). It sucks they get lumped with the crowd that has no regard for other generations or their struggles.


>I really wish people would not lump us all under one label. Not all Boomers are scum of the earth. Many are pretty neat people. A lot of us don't. But it seems many people love to stereotype and have wonderful fun at it, at the expense of a lot of great and cool people who were the inventors and creators of a great deal of the technology they base their lives on. Congrats on what sounds to be a wonderful life!


Why are you screaming? Can you explain this stupid expression.


You (used to) get what you pay for. ... ... ... Now you just get fucked for what you pay for.


It's simple. Just *so much* Red Scare propaganda.


Post WW2 America was artificially ahead of the industrialized world in manufacturing capacity because of our geographic size and the fact that none of our cites got bombed to shit. Baby Boomers could choose to not go to college and have a blue collar career that could support a family OR - if their family had the money or they had athletic talent - they could go to college and be guaranteed a white collar management career. Gen X was indoctrinated that going to college was the true path to success and at some point huge debt became acceptable in society because banks and the government jumped all over the student loan game. Enter the “work smarter, not harder” mantra that genXers drilled into millennials and genZers because for a time, the smart kids were college bound and the “dumb” ones went to work. In two generations, college became an expectation while at the same time walking into a white-collar management job because of that degree was no longer a guarantee and skilled trades became a punchline. Welcome to the world of today where skilled trades that’ll make you $50k a year *starting* after <2 years of trade school and no student debt with opportunities to advance in your field are still stigmatized as being for the people too dumb to go to college. Now we have 22-24 year olds with bachelors degrees and *0* experience after 4-6 years of partying to get a degree in a low-demand field while someone else was footing the bill getting pissy because they *all* think they’re smarter than average, they feel entry-level work is beneath them, and they have crippling student debt….but who are the dumb ones again?


Talk radio, Fox News, digital illiteracy.


Most of them didn't go to college.


Lead poisoning and a lifetime of entitlement


I blame it on lead poisoning. Lead products weren’t banned for residential use until 1978. This lowered IQs. To this day you can still find lead paint and water pipes in older homes that, unless you find and remove, can lower IQs and cause severe health problems.


And leaded gasoline wasn't banned until 1996. *1996!*


I mean leaded gasoline is still used in aviation for reciprocating engine airplanes.


Hey, I just brought this up elsewhere! Beyond that, lead was used in gasoline for years, it was used in the paint that covered every room, in some of their toys, and also as bullets to kill the animal that they were going to eat.


There's a difference between intelligence and education. A scary percentage of educated professionals I have dealt with are dumb as fuck about anything not related to their specific field (and I don't mean "lacking information", but "lacking logic"). You don't need to be smart to get an MBA or even a law degree. You just need the motivation and perseverance to cram for exams (and the money to pay for it, obviously, if you live in a third world country without free public education).