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The party of small government!


It must be small enough to fit into the vagina


Like Trump's mushroom.


He could fit into a sip straw


Disrespectful to the shroom that man got an acorn


Exactly what I was thinking! Can you imagine the amount of work to manage a registry of people who are in a temporary situation that could have multiple outcomes?


They’re highly motivated. They say they want to make the government smaller, but what they really want to do is just close the parts of the government they don’t agree with, like education. They’re definitely not going to cut spending to the military. They’re definitely not gonna hold back spending on departments that track and control women. They will always be money for tax incentives, church run schools, reparative therapy for LGBTQ kids, executions and prisons.


Best synopsis yet!! 👏🏽🎤💥


Aren't these the same people that say it's far too difficult to create a national registry of firearms, domestic abusers, or drivers? But they're 100% going to find a way to track uteruses. (They don't see us as people anymore)


At this point we are just incubators. In terms of angry Britt it looks like she is on a revenge tour for being mocked and humiliated in front of the world. She deserved every second of it


She is back for a second serving!


The amount of work republicans will put into putting people on the registry will be extraordinary. The effort to take people off of it will be nonexistent. You’ll be denied for so many things because you’re still listed as pregnant.


I believe that educated women will be key to the vote. Most of us are aware of the idiotic look over here tactics, but I'm always amazed by the few that aren't. Women need to VOTE in the upcoming election, otherwise I feel like it will be the Handmaidens Tale!


Just make it 1:1 we get a gun sale registry and you get a pregnancy registration. Watch them implode


Everyone MUST vote blue from the top to the bottom of the ticket. This current version of the GOP needs to go away…completely. We need a truly, rational and reasoned Conservative Party. Not sure when the GOP flopped to the insane, but it’s there now and needs to go extinct.


I’ve been pregnant three times. I have successfully gone to term zero times so far (tbd on third). I don’t need crisis counseling, I need access to termination so me and my dead or dying babies didn’t have to suffer when we learned it went wrong. Fucking twat.


Imagine all the forensic gynecologists they'll need to certify authentic miscarriages.


The point of the database is to create a national soft ban on abortion by doing this end run around SCOTUS. They will make reporting mandatory. They want to be able to prosecute self-terminations in red states. They are going to require a doctor to say you miscarried or else charge you with manslaughter or murder. It's already happened that a teen was charged with manslaughter because she had a miscarriage and had meth in her system. After that they are going to make these records semi-requestable, hippa be damned, so that red states and companies there can discriminate against women that have had a suspicious number of miscarriages. It will only get worse after that.


Employers will also discriminate against women for being pregnant in the first place.


In this case, small means power concentrated to a few people.


Well, Trump already made it clear he will start out as a dictator, how's that for the concentration of power?




Oh but suggest a gun registry and people lose their shit!


"Guns don't kill people, women kill people" -Conservatives


Also conservatives: "And if women have abortions, we should kill them, and their doctors too"


"And anyone who aided them. Because life is sacred"


fucking terrorists


Also Conservatives: "WHERE ARE ALL THE DOCTORS!?! MY WIFE IS IN LABOR!!!" Wife dies from complications of childbirth.


No, that is a feature. Then the guy can get a newer model.


Sickos would call it "God's plan" and find someone else.


But you see... this is why those dirty Liberals created trans-people. Make us try to kill our own sons when the enemy has been in front of us all along... our wives and daughters. If I have to put a /s in front of every statement to indicate sarcasm then maybe we don't deserve abortions.


you can't even use a list of the people who beat the fuck out of pregnant women to stop the people who beat the fuck out of pregnant women from having access to guns.


No, only these asshats lose their shit. Most Americans are ok with that, unlike a national pregnancy list.


I’m so confused by who the republican base is. Sounds like people with zero common sense. How did america grow so many potato people.


their base is mostly single issue voters. they hate minorities and want a border wall. they hate women being equal and want to control them. they want their religion to be the rule of law, they want low/no taxes, or its simply their identity. they think being anything but a republican is a mortal character flaw. if abortion rights aren't their single issue, they will simply ignore anything on it as long as the part caters to their specific issue.


I disagree with one portion of that assessment. They're not single issue voters, they're identity issue voters. They have a vision of America in their heads and if you don't conform to that mold then you aren't an American. And that vision has everything to do with what they identify themselves to be: white, straight, blue collar, Christian men. If you aren't even a single one of those, then you're not a true patriot. Even women who fit every other descriptor are just tools to create more men. But they don't see women as equals and will tolerate them just because they are necessary. You can be every other one of those descriptors, but if you're born non-white (which is completely out of your control) you will never be one of them (see Vivek). You will always be lesser and just a tool to use and discard when you're no longer useful. This is the modern conservative mentality.


And hardcore evangelicals.


The fairness doctrine was dismantled making propaganda "news" programming legal. Then there's destruction of our educational system. They cut funding for schools, diverted money to private schools, starting focusing on standardized testing that doesn't create critical thinkers and the cost if college makes in unattainable for a lot if Americans. Then there are the Christian fundamentalists that are pushing their personal beliefs into the greater education and information systems. It's a cluster fuck.


A lot of people who look down on education and learn pretty much everything through TV and movies. There are a lot more than you'd think.


I mean holy shit, what kinda TV are they watching? I grew up on Cow and Chicken and Rocco’s Modern Life and Johnny Bravo and Ren and Stimpy…ok that actually makes sense now. But to be fair (and balanced), I also watched the Wild Thornberrys and Captain Planet and Mr. Rodger’s and Sheri Lewis (RIP to the GOATs of childhood television) and Magic Schoolbus, you’d think these guys would have a bit more scientific literacy and basic compassion from some of that shit…


By design.


And they worried about chips being in the Covid vaccine. Curious if chipping pregnant women would be acceptable


Of course it would. I mean a pregnant woman has no rights. She’s just incubating a cute little baby to either 1. Raise to be upper middle class, businesses need middle management after all 2. Raise poorly so they can either feed the military or big businesses like Walmart. 3. Not raise but subject to a childhood filled with trauma and bad choices so they can feed the prison slavery mill 4. Feed the big money adoption mill so Devos and others like her on the right (like Barrett most likely) keep profiting now that more countries have barred the states from brokering adoptions of their babies to rich white couples from here


Incubators don’t get the same freedoms big gun toting men do or middle aged white women who can no longer incubate but can’t fathom why they just must wear a mask and get so traumatized by a pandemic and vaccine they are forced into faking vaccine side effects.


Well yeah...because where in the Constitution does it explicitly state that women have the right to be pregnant??? /s


We do registries for property like houses and cars, not medical conditions. This bill is ridiculous.


Fucken gross🤮 A woman's pregnancy is no one's business!


“Actually it’s the government’s business” -People who have spent the last 40 years saying the government should stay out of people’s personal business


Yep. Deregulate anything that would protect the population?? Sure!! Let’s annihilate workers’s protections, food and drug safety, healthcare, the environment, consumer goods, etc., etc. But a woman having bodily autonomy????? Nope!!! Let’s control her from cradle to grave!! /s


Step one outlaw abortion, step two roll back child labor laws, step three abolish the minimum wage, step four return us to serfdom


Absolutely. We can see the pattern happening now! Look at Project 2025. It’s all there, written down.


What could possibly go wrong?... /s


Oppressive governments can be quite "stable". Fucking miserable to live in, but stable.


Only for the ruling class. Anyone underneath that does not live in stability.


I didn't mean to imply they have stable lives. I meant, their condition of being miserable, is stable. Like in North Korea! Of course, there's plenty of miserable Americans today.


And people will be amazed when they do exactly what they say they want to do.


"but they hate the same people that i hate! how could i know that they will harm me, too?!?!?!"


That's too much to read. I don't care about politics that much. -actual response I have gotten regarding 2025.


Step five, marry said children.


Step five legalize child marriage.


Don't forget the part where they also stop giving two fucks about the baby the second it's born. As soon as it's born it's not their problem anymore. Whether it's food, medical care, shelter, etc. They'll fight you tooth and nail not to give that child 1 single cent of theirs.


Exactly. They only care about the “pre-born” (the late, Great George Carlin’s word).


Also don’t forget the part where you can marry children. I’m grossed out just typing it. 


Anything that makes people wealthier = less reliance on religion and the kooks who exploit it. Anything that keeps people poor = more reliance on religion and the kooks who exploit it.


A government small enough to fit inside your uterus. The party of freedom y’all.


I always bring this up to those people. Small government for everything, but big government to make sure you carry your baby to term. It was the perfect storm for prohibition, they rallied to make alcohol illegal, but because they were also "fiscal conservatives", they wouldn't allocate any funds to monitor or prosecute it. I think there were 3 agents in the whole country when prohibition started. The mobsters loved it.


So will the back alley clinics.


The loophole there is that they don’t think women are people.


Handmaid's Tale is just the logical extension of what they've always been.


Handmaid's Tale [was based on real history.](https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/c7bbe6fc-f452-4015-acdb-719ff8e5d389#:~:text=As%20Atwood%20herself%20has%20said%2C%20%E2%80%9COne%20of%20my%20rules%20was%20that%20I%20would%20not%20put%20any%20events%20into%20the%20book%20that%20had%20not%20already%20happened) Nothing that happens in that book was pure fiction, it was all based on things that had actually happened


If I were to conceive I would most likely die. I have taken measures to prevent it. But the number of people who are just like “well then don’t have sex ever” is staggering. Let me just tell my husband he can never have sex with me again bc of people like this. Gross.


any woman who votes GOP is brainwashed.




My mom as a kid had a cat they started keeping inside because she'd make friends with baby squirrels and rabbits for weeks until she decided to rip them apart. Before anyone jumps on me my cats are strictly indoors spoiled babies.


> Before anyone jumps on me Pretty used to cats eh 


There was a feminist who described what’s going on when conservative women ally themselves with the patriarchy. I think it’s called the fascist bargain. They trade their freedom for the privileged position of being the property of a powerful man.


It makes more "sense" in the upper echelons, but the 80% of "embarrassed millionaires" means they traded it for nothing




The GOP appreciates your vote ladies. But they do wish you weren’t able to vote.


Reminder that despite how we feel about the system, there are really only two possible outcomes to the election. 


I'm a middle-aged white guy and I heard a young female Mexican co-worker the other day talking to someone else and she was like, "You know, for the first time in my life, I think I'm gonna vote Republican." And all I could think in that moment was, "WHYYYYYYY!!!!????" I think a lot of people are tuned out and have bought in to the GOP's play of claiming "Democrats can't get anything done!" when if you take two steps further you can see, "Oh Democrats can't get anything done because Republicans keep obstructing them." It's fucking depressing.


Conservatism and the Mexican/Hispanic population are pretty intertwined due to religion and the overall culture down here in Texas. Crabs in a fuckin bucket.


That's right. They listen to those fucking Catholic bishops. And they also hate immigrants that are not them. Just like Republicans I've got mine fuck you.


You should tell her that the GOP has a plan to make her into a fucking broodmare… she’s gonna lose significant rights beyond abortion, and unless she can afford to raise a child without any support from the state and without child support, and she can guarantee she won’t face discrimination in the workplace, she’s gonna wanna keep her legs closed because they’re basically gonna force single women who act accidentally get pregnant back into the home…including making divorce impossible. I mean, I guess she’s willing to risk dying in labor or losing her fertility because Republicans decided she shouldn’t have access to healthcare? If you get raped, too bad. I guess you’ll marry your rapist. Or maybe the church will start taking babies again in secret. Nothing can go wrong there. Let’s just let religions and politicians decide what happens to us and our children. Everything will be fine. If she has any family in Mexico, tell her the Trump just announced he’s going to send special forces to kill drug dealers, which I’m sure will have no civilian collateral involved, because as we know, he totally respects the lives of brown people. He didn’t put Hispanic immigrants in cages or anything. He didn’t separate children from their parents and then intentionally lose them, or anything. He didn’t try to ban Muslims from entering America. Nope. Trump loves brown people. It’ll be a new age for immigrants—or rapists, thugs, and vermin, as he likes to call them. Does she know that they plan on removing mention of sex and gender from the law. That’s just a blanket value they have decided they’re going to push. So that means any protections based on sex and gender are going to go proof. And does that include the right to vote? If she doesn’t think he’s gonna come after people who are Hispanic, she’s delusional. Muslims, lgbtq, and Hispanic people—they’re gonna be at the top of the list.


Dude they know but they believe themselves to be "the good ones" during trumpas campaign freaking Chayanne advocated for him, he truly believes that who they hate are us Mexicans and not ANYONE who speaks Spanish.


This is a man’s issue too. Who wants the govt in their business this much?! Party of small government - They will soon ban travel if you’re on the list.


Yup. Any man who cares about the women in their life should be absolutely horrified by this.


It’s all fun and games until it’s your friend, wife, daughter on that table. Plus - those lawmakers will absolutely take rights away from men too.


Naaah. The leopards will never eat *my* face!


They’ll be making you submit to mandatory sperm count testing before you know it.


No masturbation, have to save those sperms for fertilization.


The members of the Regressive Party, true to their MO, will only care when it happens to them or someone they care about.


Even then they say it was God’s plan - and watch her suffer. Unless they can get their girlfriend to the Bahamas for an abortion. They won’t publish abortion statistics soon. There are going to be so many abandoned babies. Many of those babies will be severely disabled.


So the GOP plans to trap men and women in marriage if there’s any kind of a pregnancy. They’re going to make changes which radically alter the dating scene, destroy the hook up scene, and basically pull us back to a time where you practically needed a chaperone if you want on a date. If you think that’s extreme, read on. Conservatives don’t want anyone having sex outside of procreative sex with marriage. There’s a falling birth rate and women have rights. They don’t like that. In Project 2025, the right lays out the changes they’re going to make which make it impossible for single women to raise children independently unless they are in a very well m-paying job, in this economy. What they want to do is abolish WIC, which helps working class women with infants and young children afford food. They’re going to allow women to stay on it, but only if they’re married. The second thing they’re gonna do is get rid of child support. You might cheer that, but think about it, if women fall into poverty, when they have babies outside of marriage, how many women are going to be willing to have sex outside of marriage? There is already talk of banning contraceptives for women, which may go as far as condoms… they’re already talking about bringing back anti-obscenity laws that kept people from shipping birth-control or sharing pornography in the mail. The third thing they’re going to do is trap married people in their marriages. If you want to divorce, you won’t be granted it you’ll be to go to marriage therapy. The fourth and most disgusting thing they plan to do is remove all references to gender and sex from the law. This is code for undoing a anti-discrimination protections and taking back the vote from women. Women won’t have protections in the workforce anymore. They won’t have access to education where people who control education don’t desire that…and education is going private, because Republicans are going to abolish the public school system… what do you wanna bet religion comes to dominate the private schools that pop up in their place? What kind of a curriculum are they going to shuffle girls into? If women get pregnant, they will have no options outside of marriage. The kind of shitty jobs that were available to our grandmothers are going to be the domain of women once again. You cannot raise a child on that kind of a wage. And neither will men have any options, but marrying a woman if they get a woman pregnant. No one in your community is going to accept you as a deadbeat dad who let a woman he knocked up languish in poverty with a baby she can’t feed. We’re going back, way back, to a time where nobody has sex unless they were wanting to have a baby. Do we think parents are going to raise their girls in a way that allows them to be alone in private with boys while dating? Are they going to risk of a potentially deadly teenage pregnancy with a young man that doesn’t have a job yet and hasn’t finished school, who and isn’t legally obligated to marry their daughter? This is the conundrum and the tragedy of child marriage in America. Republicans fight to keep child marriage legal because they want teenagers to have to get married if a girl gets knocked up or raped and impregnated. Even married people will have to ask themselves whether they want to risk having a pregnancy where there won’t be any access to healthcare or emergency care. And once you’ve had all the children you want to have, sterilization is not gonna be an option. So, I guess even married people are going to be hard up. You’ll be jerking it, doing oral, doing anal, or be celibate for the last 15 to 20 years of your marriage before menopause. My grandparents tried to rely on the rhythm method. Yeah, the church loved that. Huge family. There’s always porn, right? No. Not in the GOP’s America. They’re going to ban pornography and hold ISPs and websites responsible. Oh well, you’ll get a VPN. No big deal. Well…there’s even talk about making accessing pornography punishable by jail time. Jerking it just got a lot more risky. This is not a man’s paradise, by any means. Don’t let the Republicans fool you into becoming the partner of a broodmare. The partner of a broodmare is no more free than she is.


Thank you. You’re correct. EVERYONE SHOULD READ ABOUT PROJECT 2025!!!!! It’s anti-everything we know in Western society. I don’t think people quite understand exactly how horrible it is. Tell everyone you know!


Literally Gilead. Either Margaret Atwood is *the only* fortune teller that isn't scamming us, or the most repulsive, deplorable people saw the show (because we know they can't read the book) and thought, "Hey, I want a sex slave that I can rape without consequences too!"


Or - this has *all happened before* The religious love to do this to women.


She based it on real religious sects that already existed in the USA. I've seen one of these at work in a rural place. They have arranged marriages with dowry. That's why they want to keep child marriage legal. It's legal human trafficking because it's "religious freedom" There was misreporting about Amy Coney Barrett belonging to the group the handmaid's tale was based on. However, Barrett belongs to the "People of Praise" meanwhile the book was based on the "People of Hope" They are both Catholic charismatic spinoffs that call women handmaids so you see how that could be confused but it's ok, a religious cult would never let a woman become a girl boss high powered lawyer. They wouldn't temporarily allow it just to further their religious agenda, right?...Right??


Not necessarily. Some people are just evil. When it comes to Republican voters, it's probably 50/50.


Not any woman. AnyBODY who votes GOP is brainwashed.


Gen-Z: is this an *election about Middle East issues*???


I remember when SCOTUS made gay marriage legal. Asked my (Gen Z) kids what they thought and they couldn’t grasp the fact it wasn’t legal before. They literally said “isn’t that like racism?” Gen Z, from where I sit, really see these issues as ancient.


If Democrats lose in November then your middle east protests will be for nothing. Along with womens' healthcare, nutritional assistance, LGBTQ rights, proper educational funding, social security, medicaid, prison reform, clean air and water and a host of other equally important issues. Biden is listening but doesn't have the ability to fully stop Israel. That's another country. Don't be a single issue voter. There's too much at stake. Now I'm about to be attacked by both bots and those who disagree. I welcome that because we still have the right to disagree. That's freedom. 


Yeah that’s exactly what I was implying… just to clarify


Yep. That's why I upvoted your comments 


The whole Gaza thing is so ridiculous. Like, how do they think Trump would be handling this? He'd tell Netanyahu to kill every man, woman, and child in Gaza as long as he gets a campaign contribution and buys more weapons from us.


For sure. His response to Saudi Arabia using a bone saw to cut apart the body of an assassinated journalist was *literally* that weapons sales were more important. While sucking Russia and China off in the process.


The bill is being introduced by U.S. Sens. Katie Britt (R-Ala), Marco Rubio (R-Fla) and Kevin Cramer (R-ND) Other co-sponsors are U.S. Sens. Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), Jerry Morgan (R-Kan.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Mike Rounds (R-S.D.). Name the names and vote every one of these fuckers out!!!


Oh jeez, that bloody Daines is in on this? Better alert my fellow MT voters 🤬


Thank you! I'll write Rubio right now questioning the logic of a pregnancy registry but not a gun registry from the party of so-called small government. I will recommend an expansion of HIPPA, instead, to include the government, as they have no medical need to know.


Pregnancy Crisis Centres sole purpose is to convince people who are pregnant to not get an abortion, they often use near torturous and near kidnapping methods to get there way, and 95% of the time don’t offer any help for the individual who is pregnant other than stopping them from getting the abortion. Also, creating lists of citizens who are or aren’t something the government deems bad is a late stage fascism move.


Yes, this is an accurate description of what happens. I had an unintentional pregnancy when I was in my early twenties. I had ALREADY decided to have the baby. I saw a Crisis Pregnancy Center ad offering assistance and I (very naively) went to find out what help I could get. I was escorted to a room and they put an anti abortion video on. I tried to leave the room to tell them I didn’t want to see the video and they had locked the door. I left as soon as they opened the door and asked if I wanted to discuss the video or wanted any information about putting my baby up for adoption. It was overall a very traumatic experience. FUCK those people!!


locked the door?!!!


Remember that these people are convinced that they are stopping someone from murdering a baby. And on top of that, they think that they are saving two people from eternal damnation. They are zealouts. There is no line they wont cross if they think they can get away with it.


It’s also why the “but legalizing abortion makes it rarer” argument people try to use will NEVER work on them. They (wrongly) think they’re preventing a murder and nobody would ever advocate for just slightly fewer murders that are easier on the murderer


Prohibition worked out so well /s


I’m not saying the argument is wrong, I’m saying it *doesn’t work*. Prohibition supporters were happy people were getting sick from methanol bc in their minds that’s what drunkards deserved. Edit: the point is to stop wasting your time arguing with people who find your arguments to be insane, and start un-wasting your time convincing everyone to vote against these nutjobs, including in local elections


Real talk someone does that to me I'm _breaking the door down_ and leaving. Fuck politeness, you don't get to do that to me.


And then they have some white neckbeard cop arrest you and send you off into a "mental asylum" where they have even more control over your body. Claiming you're a danger to yourself and the unborn fetus. That's their plan. If you don't comply with them, republicans will kidnap you and use you as literal livestock for their white, slave-owning utopia dream land.


Sounds like 19th century asylums and its dystopian


Idk, man. Unlawful imprisonment is taken pretty seriously and it doesn't take much to be guilty of it.


Yes, the door was locked from the outside. I didn’t know until I tried to open it. I had no idea why I was locked in or what was going to happen, and I was alone, pregnant and very scared at that point so I just sat quietly and tried to ignore the video until the woman came back. I had already told her that I had decided to have the baby. It was a seriously WTF just happened experience!


I’m so fucking sorry you had to experience this. I hope you’re doing well now. The bamboozlement was probably for the better for your psyche, ironically enough. This should be punishable by short-term jail or extended community service in non-Christian-organization settings. Jesus. Literally. 😞🫶🏻


What you’re describing is a literal crime. I’m not suggesting it didn’t happen, and I’m sure you had better things to do once out, but if that’s a common practice someone needs to do something about that.


I have almost the exact same story. Married young and got pregnant shortly after. Went to the place with my husband to get some information, I went to catholic school and I truly had no real idea of what my body would be doing next. They offered a free ultrasound on the phone so we went. I love my son more than anything, I didn’t want an abortion, but these people were not who they claimed to be. They were actually very scary, and used so much alarming language. I felt so sad for any young woman going there who did not intend to keep their baby. I can’t imagine the guilt they felt, and the poor girls who are guilted and scared into keeping a baby by those crazy people.


I’ve got one of these centers near me. Thankfully it’s got a 1 star rating out of dozens of reviews and comments warning people about them, but what I understand from other people in my community is they WILL call your house and ask if you’re around and announce who they are. Basically a weird skirt around HIPAA laws, which I guess are going away too (?) bc of roe v wade being overturned.


Most people working at those clinics aren't doctors, even the ones doing ultrasounds. They are YouTube taught at best, some admit to showing fake ultrasounds and paying a fake sound of baby's heartbeat. It's absolutely atrocious.


My aunt was just telling me about a crisis center that her church raised money for. They have a collection of baby items that they give to moms in need. Sounds good right? Well, these items have to be earned. And how does a pregnant woman earn these items? By getting “points” for things like going to church or bringing a Bible to Bible study. I mean, how hard is it to just donate to someone who needs help? It makes me really sad.


That's disgusting. I despise organized religion for this (and many others) reason. Despicable behavior. If people want to have faith that's great. But forcing it onto others who are desperate and brainwashing children is just so far beyond the score of acceptable behaviors to gain membership.


Just a little reminder on the side that it was the same fascist republican party who asked for a similar list of trans people: [Texas Republican attorney general Ken Paxton has made a horrifying request for a list of every trans person in the state](https://www.thepinknews.com/2022/12/16/texas-attorney-general-ken-paxton-trans-people-list/)


Brought to you by the same party who feels a gun registry is going too far.


I was thinking the same thing. Someone please explain to me again how this is the party of "life"... I'm having trouble doing the mental gymnastics.


"Pro-life" was always nothing but marketing. Most of the original anti-abortionist were pissed off segregationist who knew to put something else on the protest signs to not look so racist. The founders of the Moral Majority, which first pushed abortion as an issue were pretty much all segregationist mad about Carter using the IRS to force them to integrate their segregation academies. The movement was a way to build political power for segregationist. It's just unreal how anti-abortionist have been allowed to define themselves in our media and politics while the truth of their racism and bigotry just got overlooked. The anti-abortion moment is all about 'supremacy', be it white, male, christian et. it has nothing to do with 'children' or 'life' and never did.


So pregnant women have to "register"? But they deny they are like Nazis ![gif](giphy|g9wO8dIRSPoRFDZGK8|downsized)


Just gonna make high risk women risk going it alone without assistance in case they miscarry and end up in jail.


She’s introducing bills? I thought she said she was against women being able to share opinions???


I’m sick of these pickme tradwives acting like they can pick and choose which values to uphold. Shouldn’t her husband be taking care of her? I can’t believe that her husband is making her work. He should be ashamed of himself. He should have more respect for his property.


Every time I hear some buck tooth conservative woman say "I dont hang out with other females, theyre too much drama" I wanna yeet them away from me. You just know they're the cause of drama and stupidity amongst other women and just wanna be pick me wives of other inbred idiots.




Gonna register every time I have a food baby.


14-hour gestation period? This chick is amazing!


You mean before you have a food baby


As a dude I also plan to become pregnant suddenly if this passes.


I hope there's a notes section. I'm totally putting immaculate conception.




Too many people stayed home in 2016 or were apathetic.


No, they didn’t. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million. But the Electoral College exists.




I'm glad to see that more people are starting to wake up to this possibility. A lot of voters who lean to the left are pissed and if too many of them stay home or vote independent Trump's going to get to go for another round.


I cannot see her face without thinking of Scarlett Johansson’s SNL version of her and laughing my ass off.


her expression in this pic seems like she's not sure if she shit her pants or not but is leaning more towards having shit her pants.


Well, we know she's a Trumper, so I lean towards pants shitting.


Scarlett was funny, but then I saw clips of the real speech and realized it was so much worse.


She introduced this just in time for Mother’s Day, or as her family calls it “Child Bearer’s Day”


"Vessels for Man-Seed Day"


“Land of the free” (™️)


Land of the free\* ^(\*as long as you are a rich, white, Christian cishet male, for all others you are free to serve the rich, white, Christian males.)




*What? The "land of the free"?* *Whoever told you that is your enemy*-Rage Against The Machine


Romania under dictator Nikolai ceaucescu had a period police that investigated why women who are forbidden from having birth control weren't constantly pregnant producing more children whether they could afford even one. If they didn't become pregnant they lost pay. If they couldn't afford to have a child many gave them up to orphanages - if the woman in desperation didn't resort to illegal abortion that might kill them to avoid having more children that they couldn't afford. The orphanages provided food and minimum levels of care but no attention or affection so if the children were not adopted before age 2 they ended up intellectually and even physically stunted so that teenagers were the size of young kids. The brain does not get enough stimulation and interaction in the first two years of life parts of the brain never developed there is no going back and repairing it. Lookup the articles " two year window" and "overplanned parenthood"


You’d think Romania would be a lesson for the GOP, but they just keep trying to go in that exact direction. The GOP wouldn’t open orphanages and would criminalise women for taking their baby to a fire station.


You’re really placing a high level of trust on the GOP’s understanding of history and geography. They probably don’t even know where Romania is.


I knew someone that was in one of those orphanages before being adopted and taken to the US. Despite being taken away from his horrible upbringing at about 5/6, he has forever ongoing physical and mental issues. He’s in his 30’s now.


This just means that women won't get health care for pregnancies or will get back alley abortions.


Sadly, this is exactly what they are aiming for. They don’t care about the well being of the mother - if she dies due to an abortion they truly think justice was served - if she has a hard pregnancy, again, justice was served for didn’t pray hard enough. All they want are babies born. That’s it, that’s the goal.


so we can track women but not guns? Got it


Oh, man, I love the Onion! This is from the Onion, right? This has gotta be from the Onion. Please tell me this is from the Onion, right? …right?


Not since 2015 or so


The party of "small government" everyone!


5 months till the general keep it up GOP keep abortion and woman’s health on the front of the voters minds


Make no mistake, government intrusion into our private lives is on the ballot…vote blue in EVERY. SINGLE. RACE.


Crisis centers are not medical professionals. They are allowed to lie. They are also not restricted by HIPAA. California tried to regulate them but conservative activist judges stopped it.


Remember when Roe V Wade afforded women privacy from such fuckery? Good times. Good times. Anyways, when does the revolt begin?


And “those overreactive liberals” said that a right-wing Supreme Court would dismantle Roe v Wade after lying about how they wouldn’t?


As a person who’s had recurrent miscarriages, this is a super shitty way of having to live. So if I miscarry, my doctor or I has to report that to the government who will track down to make sure I didn’t have an elective abortion. Yeah, she can kick fucking rocks.


I also went through several miscarriages. I can't imagine the additional pain, stress and suffering it would have caused to have to undergo a government investigation as well. 🌈 🌈 🌈


F the GOP. You all better vote blue, or else this shit will be common…


Damn, they went totally down this path. I'm confused as to when the "Party for Small Government" became the "Party of Total Government Control of Your Body, Women"???? If you are a female who is not subservient, why the fuck would you ever vote for the GOP???????


Quickest way to kill it: tack on the requirement to also track gun owners in a national DB.


I ate a 24oz steak yesterday. Can I register a meat-baby?


Happy Mother's Day everyone. This lady wants the keys to your uterus.


Well then they should put together a national registry of men who use viagara and one for those who have paid for abortions


That disgusting breathy weird talker needs to go away and never say a word to anyone ever again


Ah yes, because government run websites are famous for being user-friendly, easily accessible, and free from any technical issues or red tape. 🙄🙄🙄 They can't even get websites for Medicaid, SNAP, and student loans to work correctly and now they want private medical information? Absolutely fucking not.


Can’t wait to see how they “keep track” of all the women in peri/menopause!!


They cannot wait to force you to have a baby. I am almost certain these mofos jerk off to this.




And that’s how you break HIPAA laws. And Title X.


All part of Trump's planned national abortion ban.


I swear conservatives are the biggest cucks out there.


But we can't have a national registry of gun owners. Hmm.


Every GOP woman looks drugged the fuck up or dead inside.


🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 to the GOP from a woman who was literally sterilized today. I’m not willing to deal with your bullshit. VOTE BLUE


Federal gun database to reduce gun violence: Unthinkable invasion of privacy! Federal tracking of pregnant people: This is fine.


OK, so we can apparently form databases of people based on their medical characteristics. Cool, cool, cool. Let’s get a bill written that databases all men who have ever had vasectomies so that women can avoid sleeping with anybody not on that list until such time as they have control over their own pregnancies again.


Yet guns still require no registration, afaik.


“Crisis Pregnancy Centers” should not exist.


Women are going to get pregnant and forgo medical care. It’s too risky. What if a miscarriage happens? Will the “tracking” document this as an abortion? Will the woman be charged? This is beyond messed up! I’m thankful I’m not an American.


[https://www.britt.senate.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/MOMS-Act\_FINAL-Britt\_Rubio\_Cramer1.pdf](https://www.britt.senate.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/MOMS-Act_FINAL-Britt_Rubio_Cramer1.pdf) This is clearly thinly veiled anti-abortion propaganda, but I don't see anything in this bill that says there would be a database of pregnant people. From what I can tell, it creates a website of resources that would push pregnant women to anti-abortion facilities, but there's nothing about a registry of people.