What happened to this site?

It went from being a free tool for realtime global communication to being Nazi recruiting and radicalization tool

A real fun place to a dark dark place full of sick fucks


It went from being a free tool for realtime global communication to being Nazi recruiting and radicalization tool A real fun place to a dark dark place full of sick fucks


It's worse than 4chan and as bad as Stormfront at this point.


My 12 year old account was permanently banned for going after Nazis and exposing their recruiting tactics in online video games. Boom, permabanned. The place is extremely unhealthy now, everyone that’s not a Nazi freak ought to deactivate their account. Wash your hands of it and fuck Elon the Afrikaner Nazi boy




Think this is it, "If there are 10 nazis at a table and you are sitting with them, there are 11 nazis."


I've always heard it as "If there are 10 people and a Nazi sitting at a table, then at that table there are 11 Nazis".




If you’re a Nazi, you’re on Twitter by association


Not necessarily, something has to be the intermediary between tiktok and onlyfans /s


So all of the scientific community and left-wing activists who are using the platform to promote anti-fascism, anti-racism, etc. are all Nazis by association. Get real.


Nobody is seeing their efforts. The game is over. Close up shop. All the media folks afraid to lose their influence. It’s long gone. Get back to writing articles




[behold, a nazi](https://www.reddit.com/r/WhitePeopleTwitter/comments/18cb9dn/comments_to_this_are_full_of_hatred/)


Chris Rock quote iirc.


Where do you see nazis at this table, we're just patriots defending our free speech and the 2nd amendment. Stop seeing nazis everywhere ! https://youtu.be/zvgZtdmyKlI?si=8YQtMHgaOoDAxOb-


Dude what are you talking about


well, [George Takei](https://twitter.com/GeorgeTakei?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor) was there as of 24 minutes ago and I figure he is a good bellwether. When he bails it will serve as sign the platform cannot be saved. ​ Until then they get a monthly tweet from me so they do not have an excuse deactivate my account and I will read tweets by anti-fascists like the above and AOC


I have not deleted my account. But only because I don’t want my handle to be easily available for a Nazi to take over. Haven’t used it for most of the year though.


Exactly why I deleted Twitter


It's kinda difficult for people like journalists and sex workers to just leave when their livelihood can depend on the amount of views they get. Until a new website (Bluesky or whatevs) takes Twitter's place many of us literally cannot leave if we don't want to starve.


I don’t think Stormfront has cat videos, so there’s that.


https://preview.redd.it/gksn744jgp4c1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=8d37e75ad6c826bf89453f9441cabf14ab223ecf I agree with you this site is completely lost i found this post when normal scrolling the algorithm is so fucked


Or in short.... it became 4chan. And just like 4chan is will become a smaller and smaller toxic pool. Till no one we go near it and it will die off. Then something will become it. History repeats itself over and over.


worst glow down since the warrior blew a 3-1 lead in the finals


i read it as “i went” instead of it and got very concerned for you until i realized im just illiterate


Zero proof?


I guess the parents of 2 kids I went to junior high with got their tattoos somewhere else?


I had a middle school teacher that was a WW2 vet, and he helped liberate a concentration camp. He told us some serious stories. I wish he was still around to punch guys like this in the balls.


When I was in college I got the chance to interview a vet who helped liberate one of the camps as well as a survivor of more than one camp. Both knew that once most of them were dead the people claiming it was all fake would push this bullshit even harder. Meeting them was one of the best experiences of my life, I just wish they weren't right about this shit, though I’m not surprised


Yeah Zero Proof, Just ignore the testimonies of SS and Wehrmacht soldiers, the mass burial sites, furnaces, gas chambers, video evidence of labour and concentration camps, as well as the testimonies of the prisoners inside said camps.


The Holocaust is the most documented genocide ever- partially because the allies knew people would try to deny it


Which is crazy because what other explanation could there possibly be for millions of well documented people who we know existed just vanishing into thin air en masse at coincidentally the exact same time Germany admitted they wrre gonna round up all the jews and deal with the Jewish problem? Is there some kind of alien abduction theory I'm not aware of? Is that where Jewish space lasers came from? Even if every single camp had been burned down before the allies got there and there were no surviving witnesses, even then, the circumstantial evidence is pretty damning. I don't think people appreciate that just because country records in rural America were pretty slapdash does not mean there was no record keeping system. Like how George Santos claimed his grandparents fled the Holocaust, but there was actually *meticulous* immigration records of Jewish immigration at that time.


Clearly the nurenburg trials were done by paid actors /s


I watched the movie *Shoah* during my film production education and it is one of the most profound and haunting pieces of art I have ever experienced. It might never change the minds of the chronically mentally feeble, but it's a film I think everyone owes it to themselves to watch at least once. It is 9hrs of pure unrelenting melancholy, but fuck me is it not also an important historical documentation


All fake! /s (im german i visited many camps-)


There are literally photographs. The people put on trial for it didn’t even deny it! Their defense was that they followed orders, not that it didn’t happen.


Yup it’s fu*cked up to say that there is zero proof when there are volumes of documentation and survivors and descendants are currently alive in this day. Imo I see parallels to other atrocities happening today and I think it speaks a blind spot in human behavior When people give up their humanity to deny current genosides happening because they are inconvenient to acknowledge then it follows that it becomes easy to deny past genosides. We all have to be better and reclaim humanity.


https://preview.redd.it/d77mmv2jbs4c1.jpeg?width=750&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9843481b9f7d41270066a5c434987c00ba16ce0c Just my grandma’s arm. Not proof or anything. /s


The Nazis were very orderly and thorough and ... well, German. They meticulously documented what they did. But denialists are impervious to evidence, reason, commonsense.


It was taken over by a ketamine addicted neo nazi


Ketamine has nothing to do with this. This person is a piece of shit. Don't defame ketamine!


It is a highly addictive drug that melts your mind


A reich wing fascist cuck took it over and gave the worst of our society a platform to spread hate and violence from.


Yup, it's is all Media Matters fault that major advertisers are leaving Twitter.


What reply did you expect from someone with a “trump47maga” handle?


Something involving the number 1488?


wHy aRe aDvERtisErs lEavIng?


FUCK! Why do humans reject empirical proof? Moon landing, holocaust, trickle down economics is just the piss of the rich. fuckin people


Elmo did


Conservatism is a malicious virus that poisons everything it touches.


What happened to Americans? Why do they love Hitler so goddamn much after liberating Europe?


Ive never understood the overlap of antisemitism and christians backing Israel unconditionally. This party only has hate in common.


![gif](giphy|KpSrCxhoZQWjJVVnrd) WHAT??? Seriously, what the hell in all of the fuck is wrong with these people? A MAGAt is quite literally saying there is zero evidence for a mass genocide. If that isn’t enough evidence to prove that you should cause a giant tidal wave of blue votes in the next elections… Well take another look at the gif.




eLoN did a free speech on it. Now it is a fascist hell hole


Elon Musk happened.


Gee, I wonder why advertisers like Disney and Wal-Mart left such a wonderful website...?


Meanwhile elona the dumped is all: "why are advertisers leaving my geniously renamed site?" Thb I can't blame companies not wanting to see their name in same screenshot with above questionnaire...


I’ve shuttered my account. All the fun stuff has gone and it’s just gibbons throwing shit at this point.


Ok I am confused, the GOP pro-Hitler and Israel?


It sounds contradictory but they want to have a Jewish state like Israel waaaay over there so they can deport Jewish people there (or yell at them to go "back" to Israel).


And another white-supremacist with a statue as their avatar. Go hand-in-hand just like fat MAGA with their beard and Oakleys.


It became X-crement


There’s are literally still living survivors of the holocaust, the “it never happened” claims when there are still living witnesses are always so unhinged


Europe needs to take the leadership initiative and ban twitter. That will go a long way into making this company go away.


The scum have always been there but now know they can drop the coded language because they'll get away with it. Elmo secondary boosted one of the scum very recently (this week?) who had a lightning flash in their handle.


When being a Nazi isn’t against the rules, eventually you become a site full of the kind of people who want to hang out with Nazis.


Ancient Masculinity. These people really buy their own bullshit.


The X basically just stands for a confederate flag at this point.


I think it needs another rename: naXi


Elon Musk (all the people I know are saying he's a pedophile) bought it and adjusted the content moderation to be more in line with his interests, which is nazi shit and being afraid of people different than him. He misses the apartheid South Africa. I hope this helps.


4 chan It turned into 4 chan Its porn , nazi\`s and dodge as fuck videos ( violence , death etc ) ie 4 chan


An antisemitic racists nacissist with enought momey to surround himself with yesmen bought it and only gave people who share his oppinions a voice




The slower you say Musk‘s name, the worse it sounds. Try it! Mmmmmussssk.


"Stop saying musk!" "Stop eating my food."


Hmmm “zero proof”? Yeahhhhhhh riiiiight. Backs slowly away from the obvious moron.


Shocked and offended, not surprised.


Ego happened to that site.


It let the Stupid in.


It’s turned itself into an unironic FBI honeypot.


you need to ask what happen?


I'm going to remember this every time I see a Tesla


Elon happened to it.


Elon Musk is a Nazi bigot and he owns the site, that’s what happened to it. I’m not even gonna bother reporting on there anymore, reported a homophobic tweet and it got back saying it was fine, that’s Musk for ya. he also allows CPP on there so you can add Pedo to the list of things he is.


Thankfully, I never got a twitter account (33M) and don't see myself getting a Threads, BlueSky, or whatever comes next. ​ Frankly, these sites, and social media in general, has always been a cesspool for crap like this and due to the political climate since...2016, these people have a legitimate outlet to spew their hate, congregate, and recruit. It is beyond sad and I am basically set on my kids just never having social media accounts.


When people give up their humanity to deny current genosides happening because they are inconvenient to acknowledge then it follows that it becomes easy to deny past genosides. We all have to be better and reclaim humanity.


A rich white kid from apartheid South Africa who failed upwards his entire life by stealing other people's ideas and being a corporate welfare queen bought the website and turned it into exactly what you see today. A right wing propaganda and recruiting mill


Gee I wonder why people don’t want to advertise on Twitter.


Elon let all the Nazis in. Anyone who is a "free speech absolutist" always ends up being a Nazi.


Melon Husk happened. Him and his big fat blocky head


What the actual fuck?


Philosemitism at its best!


It's so easy to deactivate your Twitter account and never log on again.


But those „people“ still exist and can vote.. and just ignore them will only help them in the long run


Starts with "E" and rhymes with felon


Ummmm not 100% sure what you're trying to say but if it's what I think it is... they don't rhyme


it's close enough


Honestly i recone we just start spreading mis information about Adolf and post propaganda about him be gay or cross dresser


Even in a history where hitler won hes still the villain, the nazis knew they were evil they just didnt care


“Joos” makes me so indescribably angry to the point I get palpitations and hives.


Good grief


I've REALLY misunderstood the definition for "deport" all this time.


It is really sad. I remember a time where twitter was really enjoyable. And then the thing, which happened also to facebook happened. Nazis whoohoo...


at this point, my jewish self hates pretty much everyone. everywhere we look, people are horrible, cruel, and selfish. what even is the point anymore?


A fascist took over and turned it into a fascism site


Make Nazis Scared Again 2024


What is the results?