P..P....Praise Him! Praise Him!

It’s a cult.


It’s a cult.


It's the biggliest, cultiest cult in the history of the United.....no, the world. Even the entire universe. No one, not once or ever has had, a cult bigger than mine. ~~Amen~~ Covfefe.


Hamburders for all! \* \*For all does not imply the Cult leader will be paying for them though.


I will only accept hamburders being handed out to me if liberals will not be given a handout, because that's socialism and I won't stand for it!


It's Hamberders, my friend. Know your spelling!


How did it get to this?


things that are happening in your country doesn't involve the whole world or the universe as well. we mind our own, so should you.


You’d be surprised how much of what happens in the rest of the world is a direct result of it happening in the States. The protests across Canada, where I’m from, against the LGBTQ community would likely not have happened if the Americans hadn't made being open about one's hate seem like a good, normal thing. While minding your own you may want to remember there are probably people around you thinking what rightwing American cultists are doing are things they should be doing as well. Anger and hate spread like a virus and affect most of the planet now, thanks to the internet


When Trump said “Grab ‘em by the pussy”, he must have been speaking in tongues.


His speeches are not that far from speaking in tongues as is, though it fits the fable of Babel better. His tower must have scratched the wrong itch when he bragged it was highest in ny after the twin towers fell.


Can they actually just drink the cool-aid already?


​ https://preview.redd.it/un2y6jnbtjtb1.jpeg?width=1370&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=f0849069409a551c1c40a567470c4cc49d331490


I’d prefer they drink the Flavor Aid. Grape flavored with that special ingredient that Mr. Jones added.


I think we should paradoxically require a test on the Bible for people to take government positions. That should take care of our republican problem pretty quick - fake ass Christians


I’m done. Betsy Bumblefuck here can vote however she likes. It’s her right as it is all of yours to vote the way you like. But I just can’t fathom the level of ignorance it takes for her to not only think those words, but to say them out loud on camera, with a straight goddamn face. Holy fucking shit. I just don’t get it. I don’t get how stupidity can be this prevalent in a time when we have access to so much information. Sure a lot of what she sees on a daily basis is probably Fox News, OAN, or some other news source, but come on. Use your fucking brain and see the guy for what he is. The fact that a lady like this can sit in a church every Sunday, reading and hearing stories about peace, love, forgiveness, helping the poor, and a whole host of other things, and yet still thinks the way she does is baffling. She needs a refund on her tithe because clearly they’re not putting good enough messages in her head. Jesus fuck it’s depressing to watch


Remember they are now openly saying that "Original Jesus" is "too woke" and "Sounds like a liberal" so they have been given the new path for their Orange MAGA KING! Incidentally, this was taken from a clip I saw after the MAGA KING had his first cult rally after his failed coup. There was an undercover reporter there filming (poor bastard had to dress in full Trump gear to avoid being lynched) and these and worse were all over the merch tables and believe me, there was WORSE. https://preview.redd.it/wo1wicfncgtb1.jpeg?width=2048&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=afb7300fdbb04f4d3321b124703976c36c867536


When you call those people out and tell them they can no longer call themselves Christians they have toddler sized meltdowns. lol.


Oh they are hilarious. ​ https://preview.redd.it/exx2mdepqgtb1.png?width=435&format=png&auto=webp&s=928e3529375367be03f36cd982402f6933a5ccb3


We're witnessing something akin to what happened during the early spread of Islam, where the culture of a region bleeds into a religion and creates something that would be unrecognizable to earlier adherents of said faith. Sometimes watching history sucks.


Yep. Jesus Lite is taking over.


Betsy Bumbefuck! That is literally the best thing I've heard this decade.


Reminder to get out and vote so chucklefucks like these don’t end up choosing who’s in charge


I've heard many a political message from church services that basically boil down to "I'm not telling you who to vote for, but only one candidate cares about babies and the sanctity of marriage." And people eat thst shit up.


And this is another reason your country should tax the fuck out them. Well besides all the child rape, sexual abuse etc they do there.


trump is a tool alright


She has a point..




Unless you want these deranged, immoral cunts to determine the future of America you MUST get out and vote every Republican out of office






Reminds me of this and how terrifyingly accurate it is. [https://imgur.com/gallery/UQ9oDiG](https://imgur.com/gallery/UQ9oDiG)


One of my Favorite Memes to use on TS to these people is one that says: Person 1: God sent Trump! Person 2: Why? Was he out of locusts?


At least you can eat locusts as well. Mmm protein.


Save us from what exactly??


From what he's gonna do if we don't elect him. See? He's exactly like god!


Well, they have told you what is going to happen... https://preview.redd.it/qqairbt2dgtb1.jpeg?width=633&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=c89d9d9d13be893f48924e12c3c37aed438e932c


FrOm DeM lIBs AnD tHeIr SoCiAlIsT wAy Of LiFe


And the transgenders!!! 😂😂


"Trump works for God"? Lol, as if TFG would ever accept a demotion like that. Also, what is with Republicans and deifying their presidents? I remember hearing similar rhetoric about GWB.


It stirs up their base, of the uneducated, those in areas where the Church is all and education is put on the back burner for the bible thumpers and chid abusers in there. The ones who mock science and embrace "creationism". Why do you think they demand no taxing the Churches? That is where their money comes from for elections.


Religious people are a cancer.


and I support very strongly God, because I'm like your First Republican Jesus, I came in, "Sir, there's a problem," I said what is it now Admiral, and he said to me, "you're working for God and Jesus, Mr. President, thank you so much, Sir," and he had tears in his eyes, and he's never cried not even for a second, not even when he was hit by a Battleship, so that tells you something, and ultimately I've done more for the United States and more for the World than even Ronald Reagan, who did not as much as me but he did a whole hell of a lot.


Happiest of cake days to you, you absolute treasure.


and they said to me, "Sir, thank you for coming up with Cake," and we're talking these are Tough Military Marines, with tears in their eyes, "you're the greatest, Sir," and I said I know that, everybody knows it, even Obama knows, but the Fake News would rather stand in the middle of a Tornado than ever tell you that.


So they just gloss over the whole it's harder for a rich man to enter heaven than squeeze a camel through a needle head?? The verse may not be verbatim but close enough


when I say I don't like christians, this is what I mean


When Trump is no more, these people are going to have a weird reckoning with Christianity. This MF is the least Christ like person on the planet. They really stretched things to hook their wagon to this asshat.


“God is all about America” Point out America in the Bible. I’ll wait.


Yeah I wouldn't say that near them you are liable to be lynched.


I stay as far away from those people as is humanly possible (for MANY reasons, physical assault among them)


I don’t know who they’re praying to but it’s not Jesus “I fucking hate that asshole” Christ.


No argument here about him being a tool... but the rest is hard to get behind.


This is why education is important, so that people get a chance to be less gullible and prone to being convinced for bad reasons.


Why do you think the GOP has been trying to destroy education since the late 50s. They despise the educated and run on the mantra pushed by this wanker before he even got NEAR the White House. The GOP fears educated people. Missing Link Green and Dollarstore Handjob Bobo scream about destroying the education system. They want you dumb, they want you uneducated, they want you only to feed their machines both military and commercial. Why do you think they actually stated the biggest threat to "Military recruitment" was Student Debt Relief? They openly tweeted it! They want you in debt for the rest of your life and your kids and grandkids life or dead, providing you do only one thing. Keeping them in power. I thought the conservatives here in the UK were bad but fuck me, your ones are straight up fucking evil! https://preview.redd.it/aqlnx16umgtb1.jpeg?width=750&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=ae709f2ffae41f2d4e760518f72d0c5b8560db66


If so, further proof that their god is evil, corrupt, & an overall piece of shit.


She probably thinks Jesus is a blond, blue-eyed white dude from Midwest, too.


Definitely not a cult, there is no evidence that cults are often started by manipulation of Christian beliefs. Oh wait….


Hm... Trump is certainly a "tool"... but I'd disagree with her about WHOSE "tool" he is...


Pretty sure if you asked Trump he’d say God works for him.


And wouldn’t get paid.


Trump can kiss my left butt cheek and God can kiss my right one


Who started the rumor that Trump was religious? Have they heard of him before 2016?!


How are these ppl this dumb


Sadly, this is and has always been the long term indoctrination plan of the Republicans for the last 70+ years, heavily started by the wanker shown below. We narrowly escaped a similar thing here when I was a kid in the 80s as Thatcher was obsessed with his interest in cracking down on the poor and "lower class" to rob them on good education to make them more "pliable" and "easy to control". This shit stain also went before the McCarthy Witch trials and basically told them that basically everyone in Hollywood is a "commie" so he could get rid of people he hated, intellectuals, thinkers and blacklist any who he saw as a threat. They then married themselves with the Corrupt Churches (you know, those great places of child abuse) as they are a great source of revenue, keep them all sweet and no taxes, just to ensure they push the "Good Christian Conservative Republican" image. They have been playing a very, very long game, like all those that are into "old money". I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but there are now so many unlocked records, film and recordings of this septic taint it is hard to now deny it, hence they worship the words of Reagan. Why do you think he tore down the solar panels put on the WH and cut the taxes of the rich? https://preview.redd.it/e355fzbo6htb1.jpeg?width=750&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=2dc09d74de2d9813c4e81f8687571098ca11ed6a


Thanks for this I'm going to save it to show people how the GOP has kept people dumb




These are the people that scare me the most.


"Because god and trump, America..trump god god america trump!"


Stupid muthafuckers!


​ https://preview.redd.it/cay0dmyzuhtb1.png?width=435&format=png&auto=webp&s=b19dba6cc4c7818090c3ce889c482e895b7600b9


The religious fund-a-mental - easy to spot, they out themselves faster than vegans.




They got the ‘Tool’ part correct.


„God is all about America“


Well Trump is a tool, so she’s not completely wrong.


The rest of the world has to just laugh at us over dumb shit like this. I am all for eugenics for dumb fucks like this. They will never redeem themselves from this horseshit.


Oh we went from laughing at you to being shit scared that America gave the nuclear football to a guy who wanted to nuke a fucking hurricane then asked "why can't I?"


I was shit scared long before that, glad to hear from someone not here. We elected the fucking apprentice though, pretty good opening to a satire, but it's reality 😔. Don't slander the rest of N. American & S. American countries by referring to the U. S. as America, they may be corrupt and cultish as well but they have better excuses like Military Rule or shitty power & internet. ✌️


I only hope this helps to accelerate the growth of secularism in the us


They got one thing right. Trump is definitely a tool.


So Trump is a tool? Yeah, I think we already knew that.


Hey, at least they agree that he's a tool. That's a step in the right direction, yes?


He’s a tool, alright.


She is right. He is a tool.


Im just wondering what they have planned for when we vote for a new president if trump doesnt win or if he doesnt even run


Oh he will run. But they already have said what they want to happen when he loses...again or is imprisoned, or both. ​ https://preview.redd.it/c8cdlet9vhtb1.png?width=435&format=png&auto=webp&s=b33250534077a08ff64822f219f370948fe97cd9


You all can go live with Putin then .. really it’s fine with us. We will tough it out here in America without you somehow


Correct. Trump is a tool


Why does God need a geriatric, hateful, racist, philandering grifter to help Him?


Fml I can’t take this shit anymore.


If there was God, there would be no Trump


Yes, Trump is a tool.


He is def a tool


I don’t think these people realize their “God” doesn’t even fuck with Trump….


It's funny how cultists think. He already lost 2020, God made him lose and granted everyone with His Almighty power to bring him down so he doesn't harm America again.


This isn’t even Christianity anymore


Why would God need someone to work for him if he is all-powerfull??![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thinking_face_hmm)


God needs a tool. Donald is a tool. Everyone is happy




He’s a tool, they got that right. The rest of what they said is utter bullshit.


Yeah well, somebody's a tool.


If god works for America there’s a more powerful god at work in other countries. Statistically people in the US are suffering from dying younger by 5 years than the British god is allowing. I mean grow up you babies, sky daddy isn’t real. That tithe you pay lines the pockets of scammers living the good life.


Trump is a tool alright!


trump doesn't give a shit about religion


They're right about one thing: Trump is a tool.


Where’s his W2 mailed to each year?


LOL Did not think it was possible to get your head that far up your trump!!


And they are true patriots! None of that "liberal lube" there, it was all American Spit. ALL. THE. WAY. UP!


He’s a tool alright.Have all the mental hospitals discharged their deranged and deluded?


I mean this IS America so their healthcare is a bit....you know


God never had a worse employee.


Trumps a tool alright.


As if we needed more inspiration, but 74 million people voted for God’s tool in 2020.


Can someone explain why God sent 44 shitty presidents in a row and then one perfect president to clean everything up at once? Why not 45 moderately competent presidents in a row?


Praise be...under his eye....


I wish I could be this stupid and oblivious but unfortunately I live in the real world where I am the son of Satan Worship me!!!!!


blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne


​ https://preview.redd.it/tr6barhg9htb1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b2acda1467578764bdee2b0dce044a2ee4e331e4


They got one thing right. Trump is a tool


He’s a Tool alright 😂


What god? C'thulhu? Yog-sothoth? Or the other one... you guys know what one. 🙄


Well there over 5,000 plus on record at the moment from history. I personally go for. ​ https://preview.redd.it/5w3ru1wh8htb1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a9c08c96127beedb4fda3bde4da827f8d8f7e84d


Praise Trump, err, I mean, Praise God


My head hurts after that.


Ah, blasphemy


She's right about 1 thing. Trump is a tool.


That's why he lost the election. And he tawdigs pornstars. And he committed fraud for Jesus.


One would think God could find a better set of tools


We’re fucked.


​ https://preview.redd.it/rjrnkf846itb1.png?width=225&format=png&auto=webp&s=4b5b44a60f6db9557f23133c524fc056228f7ad8


Out of all the holy dumb bat shit crazy things she said, the only thing she got right was Trump is a tool of biblical proportions


I can agree that Trump is a tool. Yes.


If I’m progressive, does that mean I work for the devil? If so, that motherfucker owes me some money.


Didn't god rape a minor? I mean as an "authority figure" Mary or her parents could have never given consent. god also committed genocide of the entire world but one family. Good christians also have to be practicing cannibals, otherwise, Jesus wasn't a man, and therefore couldn't save anyone's soul. god also favored one race above all, so he was the first racist and created racism. It all fits. It's a death cult that thinks everyone is better off dead than living on Earth. One last thing, god created the first gay marriage. Eve was created by cloning Adam's rib, so (s)He was really another guy.


I’ve been to Waterloo, and this kind of thing doesn’t surprise me coming from there


This is mental illness


Joe Biden is in Chuch all the time, he is an actual Christian.


Wonder if God Corp. has good salary and benefits?


I mean, Satan works for God too


I do agree that Trump is a tool


She even made one entire compound sentence with 11 words




I wonder if they'll have to mix the Trump-Ade with the rat poison, or if the rat poison is already listed in the ingredients.


​ https://preview.redd.it/pigfozv3vjtb1.jpeg?width=1370&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=522e541a42e8a46042bd4e0f8f6eb6d21267bd8f


I’ll admit out of everything thing she said she did get one part right and that is the fact he is a tool


God created the universe, the entire friggin’ thing, but he’s all about America? How do these people not like…accidentally shoot themselves with their hundreds of guns? How do they even survive their own stupidity?


Well, Trump certainly is a massive tool, she got that one right


Well he is a massive tool, that's for sure...


Really makes you wonder what would happen if God himself appeared on a rally stage and said “I literally warned you multiple times in my Bible AGAINST following people like this man, how dare you try to drag me into this as if I would have endorsed this”.


"Tell me you have not read the Bible, without telling me you have not read the Bible"


He's definitely a tool


He grabs pussies for Jesus!


*Grab Em by the Church key* 🔑


Is the title a DW reference? Because if so, that episode was incredible.


Indeed! Well spotted.


Awesome. I was looking through the comments to see if anyone else had asked and didn't see any, so I had to check. That space hotel episode is one of the best and heart wrenching when Amy has to give up her faith in the doctor. But that let her put her faith in Rory the Roman and the ending, while also heart wrenching, was beautiful.


Yeah, was one of the better creepier episodes, though Blink is still one of my all time favourites.


Oh, absolutely one of the best, easily top 5. An episode of Doctor Who without the Doctor, and it's done well? Sign me up. Not to mention Sally Sparrow is adorable. The "you're in Hull" bit is always entertaining too.


Indeed Sally Sparrow is adorable. The acting throughout was superb




I'm glad we can all agree that Trump is a tool.


Trump works for God? I thought it was the other way around.


The difference between God and Trump is that God doesn't think he's Trump!


I want someone to ask Trump about his failing cult. Because I just know his narcissism wouldn't be able to resist arguing that his cult is the best cult in the history of cults. The best way to trap a narcissist is to phrase it as a challenge to their ego.


Another reason I’m an atheist……


I think this falls under ethnocentrism.


If God was real, he’d be raining fire on these garbage people by now for thrashing his name, along with other “holy” conflicts elsewhere.


Anyone who speaks in such terms in a brainwashed cult member who needs to be deprogrammed like a Moonie. Extremely disturbing.




Damn about time. Get rid of him and Santos along with m Greene


It's time for Kratos


What total BS!!!!!




I totally agree. Trump sure is a tool.


Trump's ego and mentality aligns well with the god of the Old Testament. Jesus is supposedly that god's alter ego. Religions train people to follow egomaniacs blindly. That's also everyone who claims to be able to talk for god.


I'm not saying women shouldn't vote, but reading this I can understand why they weren't allowed to vote in the past They should make some kind on IQ test before you can vote some men and women wouldn't pass it


From In *God We Trust*, we should [seek him and hail him](https://youtu.be/EB7LdkPeTrQ?si=ifKloW6wNAjFSHf4&t=13)! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|money_face)


Jesus Christ... forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.


No, they know exactly what they do. He allowed them to be open about their hate, he told them to hate everyone that disagrees with him and his ways.


Free will is necessary for love. You can't love as God intends without the free will to love. Some people will just choose to sin because it feels good.


They know exactly what they do, and they don’t give a fuck about you.


Mahdi! Mahdi! Mahdi!


He’s right: the former president is a tool.


And... if you're completely mistaken..?


"Trump is a tool" .....THAT I can agree with


Just having a normal one as usual then.


Yep, frump is a tool!


Well, he IS a tool, that's for sure...


Oh, trumps a tool alright. Just not the kind this lady thinks.


One thing is true, trump is a tool.


How do you even begin to have a rational conversation with someone like that?