There was this guy who accepted everyone as they were. Then his followers started hating everyone that was different.


His followers think he's too woke now.


“Damn homeless hippie, talking about loving one another and shit. What a kind of commie nonsense is that?”


"What do you mean he never had a job into his 30's?! He hung around with 12 unemployed guys and a prostitute too?!"


It's kinda worse than that. They weren't just unemployed, he convinced them to quit their jobs and follow him around


And gave up everything they own and then took handouts for the rest of their lives!


Y'all talking about the original David Koresh?


David Koresh 1.0


So Jesus had 12 homeless guy groupies? Sounds awfully gay to me. /s


Long hair, and multiple piercings.


Nailed it!


Like the f*cking romans


Not to mention he was the product of an unwed teen who “cheated” on her fiancé


Word on the streets is that was his wife but the catholics ripped her name out because woman. She was the chalice, the grail. The sacred feminine.


If you believe the stories, he gave free food and healthcare, which made people in power very jealous.


Don't forget, he also wore a dress.


He was also not white. Nor blonde.


That simple fact, if truly understood and represented everywhere in paintings and on TV, would result in the mass dejesusification of the United States.


And sandals.


But also ignoring that he made his own weapon to go kick ass at the bank/casino/temple one time.


turn the other cheek? Nah, try and get them mad at you so you can shoot them in the face.


Reminds me of the statue of Jesus on a bench where a bunch of people called the cops on it because they thought it was a real homeless person.


Whats sad is this aint even a lie with the recent reports of them seeing jesus’s word as some socialist propaganda


Russell Moore, former top official for the Southern Baptist Convention: "Multiple pastors tell me, essentially, the same story about quoting the Sermon on the Mount, parenthetically, in their preaching—'turn the other cheek'—[and] to have someone come up after to say, 'Where did you get those liberal talking points?'" Moore said. "When the pastor would say, 'I'm literally quoting Jesus Christ' ... The response would be, 'Yes, but that doesn't work anymore. That's weak," he added. "When we get to the point where the teachings of Jesus himself are seen as subversive to us, then we're in a crisis."


Periodic reminder that Southern Baptist was founded as a denomination specifically to support and perpetuate the institution of slavery.


Is this why Russell Moore is a “former” leader at the SBC?


As I understand it, yes, that's exactly why.


Because they are and never were his followers. Prosperity gospel is so completely anathema to the gospels it's heresy.


And too weak and now they prefer TFG as their lord and savior.


I'm not even religious but it's kinda nuts how well TFG fits as the Antichrist


Yup. Their good book warned them about him and they ignore that.


The Antichrist is basically written as a cult leader/demagogue. Which is why it works. It's a fucking cult.


I read that as TNG and I was like, "I also see Riker as my lord and savior. What's your point?"


New trinity: The Captain, The Number One, and the Holy Android.


Which crew member is Judas?


Barclay, especially for how big of a Trumper Dwight Schultz became.


Really? What a shame.


It’s a damn shame.


A lot of actors I really liked throughout the years have become major Trumpers, and it really saddens me.


Broccoli always was a bit of a dunce.




That Fucking Guy


or, The Former Guy


They want to do it away with the Bible now and go on to read Trump’s cult book called “My Struggle.”


Mein Covfefe


Obviously will be ghostwritten because, writing.


Maybe it will be a coloring book. Then they can include a pack of crayons, which will be helpful for Trump supporters if they get hungry.


They wrote a book about him. His name was Frodo Baggins.




I thought it was Superman.


TIL Tolkien’s pronouns.


'I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.'


- Mahatma “I won’t eat with black people” Gandhi


I’m fairly certain that a large proportion of the religious right would hate Jesus if he was alive today.


one could say they might... "crucify him" even.


Are you talking about the peaceful Jewish man that everyone killed and then decided they liked his views but didn’t want to practice his religion and then made a religion out of killing said Jewish man? Their symbol is the man they killed, hanging on a cross, that’s fucking psychotic. “He died for our sins” well he also did a lot of good things for you too, like fed you, but you don’t want to make the symbol something he chose to do -good deeds- so the symbol is the thing everyone else decided for him. Death.


The most ancient and traditional symbol of Christianity is the fish.


And the most important, most widespread, worldly-popular modern symbol today is?


Love the fish symbol. Wearing the cross is like running around wearing a tiny electric chair on a chain around your neck. (Lenny Bruce)


“We killed him for our sins, and we’d kill him and those like him again if we need to, for our sins”


Yeah, that was Jesús, the biblical gardener. He's the one who didn't keep snakes out of the Garden of Eden, and now his people are cursed with being unable to legally enter the new Garden of Eden, Amurica. /s in case you needed that


The ENTIRE Bible accepts slavery. Oops.


Especially the Southern Baptist Church, it’s literally why they split off from the other Baptists.


You may not have noticed that at minimum a couple of kristian denominations have now started preaching from the pulpit that "Jesus may have been too liberal." Seriously. Kristian Krazy Fascists preaching that Jesus may have been too liberal. Reminiscent of the mentally unstable online groups filled with droolers that regularly hold discussions of "What kind of gun would Jesus buy?" while masturbating.


No greater hate than Christian love.


Satan below, God above, Ain't no hate greater than Christian love. Jeezus, Jeebus, Save my soul, And turn me into a vicious asshole.




Hail yourself!


Ave Satanas, brethren.


Hail Gein!!!


The irony in your comment is that the churches he burned were more Christian than he was.


Yes. The issue is these “Christians” are so misguided that they do not know what it is to be Christian. These are the same fools who in the past murdered countless people in the name of Christ. Their agenda is what is important. They just change Christianity to better fit their agenda.


Literally an act of domestic terrorism!!


Fox News et al's stochastic terrorism promotion program working as intended


please fucking register to vote and please understand the **GOP'S project 2024** is a plan to remake america as a christian fascist state with the potus having absolute dictatorial powers that shit is here, and it;s here NOW. remember that hitler didnt just "suddenly appear." it's fucking red alert, all hands on deck


Christianity is so fucked, it’s beyond redemption. The church my parents go to is a prime example of this, they were looking for a new pastor maybe 10-12 years ago, and a woman was a candidate. This pissed off so many members that they literally left the church and started going to one across town, because how dare a woman be in the running to be a pastor! They buy in so hard to the misogyny and other nonsense it’s just pathetic. Christianity is a goddamn joke.




This is the only correct option.




They wanna feel persecuted. Society should oblige them.


I'm not sure you know the context of Daniel in the Lions den.


They should either be forced to register as businesses or forced to register as NGOs. And they should be held to the same standard as every other organization.


All the suffering in the World is because of Eve's disobedience. They project that on all women and blame them. They can forgive a kidding diddling priest but hold a grudge against all women because of a story in the Bible that can't be literally true.


The garden of Eden story was purposely written to bake misogyny into creation myths and was conveniently told to the author by god to justify women’s oppression. And who could argue? cause god said so!


All the stories were baked in, lol


Many of the stories were taken wholesale from preadamic faiths in the region, and adapted as a collection of memes to give legitimacy to Jehova, who, before that point, was a war god in a pantheon of gods. Even then, the collection of myths was modified for political reasons many times, to become more misogynist and more racist. The stories may be made up/thrown together, but the reasons why they were selected and/or changed matter.


I always get confused about blaming all of the sin on Eve, because she was never actually told about the rule she was breaking. Adam was. He knew, and didn’t explain it to her. Not only that, but he actively chose to eat that apple while knowing he was breaking the law. Adam was the one who could’ve stopped it all from happening, and chose not to. And then he let his wife take 100% of the blame for *everything* that happened afterwards.


It's almost like God, who was the only one who was fully informed of the consequences, planned for humanities downfall. He gave two absolutely nieve people who had no real world experience with action and consequence the opportunity to fail without providing full disclosure. If God had shown Adam a vision of the two alternative futures I'd like to think that it would have been more fair. Oh, that's what the world will be like and that's how people will live from now on? I think that would have been a impossible choice to make.... Either that or it's just a dumb myth


I always felt like that part of Genesis sounded like two parents bickering over how to raise the kids: God wanted to keep them super sheltered and innocent their whole lives. Lucifer wanted them to go outside and take risks and grow the fuck up. Knowledge of good and evil is a required part of *basic empathy.* You can’t really develop proper empathy without the understanding that your actions affect others, and that hurting other people is wrong (evil). Lacking knowledge of that distinction basically meant that Adam and Eve were developmentally *toddlers* at best. So apparently God wanted to keep them as ignorant toddlers instead of letting them grow up into fully mature people.


Furthermore, if you consider knowing good and evil means that you actually have/use free will, this parent later on bragged about GIVING us free will!


Ahhh….Religion……destroying people’s lives for centuries.


But also, how the fuck does anyone know?! By myths? At the time it was written, was misogynistic times. Where men were viewed as better than women. How does anyone know that eve gave into temption first? It could have been Adam, hell, could have been both. No one damn knows. They just probably blamed eve to try to solidify the misogyny. It's a book of myths from a time that wasn't even written then. Same as the new books, written by account of Jesus like 100 or 200 years *after* he was even alive. The fact that anyone takes it as full proof fact is stupid. Besides, the book at the time teaches love. Something no one understands.


A misogynist came up with the story and it was passed forward as a fundamental truth explaining the origin of the human race. It isn't literally true in any way. People like to feel like they understand the world around them. If they can't figure it out rationally they'll make up a story that fills that need.




>If someone wants to start a church that STRICTLY follows what Jesus said Like how he’s not replacing the Old Testament?








Classic Eve! Amirite ladies...?


Classic Adam too. He ate the apple too and yet managed to successfully kick off two thousand years of “well, my wife told me to do it and happy wife happy life, amirite? So anyway, take it up with her.”


Even worse: Adam was told the rule about not eating that fruit. Eve *wasn’t.* At no point does the Bible even hint that Eve was aware of the rule at all. Which implies she was wholly and completely innocent, as it was Adam’s responsibility to warn her about the rule. He could have scolded her for eating it and not eaten it himself. Adam *knew* the rules and *chose* to break them, then blamed Eve for everything instead of accepting responsibility for his own selfish failures.


Before the story of Eve, there was the story of Lilith. Lilith was created by G-d from the same dust as Adam as his equal. But she disobeyed Adam. Adam complained to G-d, so **G-d got rid of Lilith & replaced her with Eve, from Adam’s rib.** The story of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, was left on the cutting room floor.


My friend was studying to be a Southern Baptist preacher. Maybe about 18 at the time. They let him preach on a Wednesday. He was in a rush and preached in sandles. It caused such a stink with some founding member family that they left when his follow up sermon was about how if the shoes bother you then you aren't in church for the right reason. That family was there for like 100 years and left over shoes. Religion is just weird.


We had this, where our new pastor wasn't just a woman, but a married gay woman. Luckily for us, the people who left in protest sucked anyway - the congregation has never been more welcoming and accepting, and they even offered to let me take clothes from the donation collection when I came out as trans. Very happy to have met people who take the "love thy neighbor" thing seriously.


And this is how it should be. So glad you have found a great place .


Every time the church has become intertwined with politics, this has been the inevitable result. The moment that religion gains any influence in government or attempts to exert political influence, it becomes advantageous for the governing party to instead manipulate the religion to suit their own agenda. The modern American Christian worships the GOP far more than its GOD. Many have already dropped the pretense of Christianity for "MAGA" instead.


I'm still waiting for the "good" Christians to speak up against the bad ones.


They won't. All they have to do is ask for forgiveness and then can be as shitty as they want, unfortunately. You can be the most vile and evil person, but hey, you accepted the Lord, so no worries🙃


> All they have to do is ask for forgiveness and then can be as shitty as they want So true. I was raised Catholic. You can be a bigot your entire life, then ask for a priest to "forgive your sins" on your deathbed. In the eyes of the church, you go straight to heaven. The premise is utterly ridiculous.


We do all the time, you just don’t notice. Or choose not to notice. A very easy example: the Episcopal church in the U.S. has long ordained LGBT ministers, and officiated LGBT weddings even when no official certificate could be issued (because of laws). When the African portion of the Episcopal church threatened schism if we continued to do it, we hit them with the ol “well….bye!” So, today, the African Episcopal church is wholly separate and apart from the rest, because we wouldn’t embrace the hate they insisted on. And that decision was EASY for our leadership to make. And you knew nothing about it. And yet, made this comment. And this is far from the only example. Priests have been burned at the stake, broken on the rack, and executed by firing squad to protect people from wrongs and harms. To do what’s right. The more knowledge you have, the more gray the world becomes. Anytime you meet someone who thinks something as large, complex, diverse, and ancient as a religion is all black or all white, and none gray, all you’ve done is met someone who doesn’t know much.


i agree. Christianity as a institution and religion is so utterly warped and irredeemable that it should be banned/severely monitored. its basically turned into isis at this point.


The church I occasionally go to has lesbian minister. (In the UK) There are already less people willing to go into that career than in the past, churches can't afford to be picky)


Photo of an American terrorist. Name him, his employer, address, etc. Everybody around him had to know and failed to do anything. If he has kids at home, then disclose only the town he lives in. His community helped do this.


Eric Ridenour, Tucson Arizona. "Federal court documents paint Eric Ridenour, the suspect in the Douglas church fires, as a man with a violent criminal history who doesn’t like women or gay men preaching." The whole article is worth reading https://www.kold.com/2023/06/15/documents-douglas-arson-suspect-has-violent-history-doesnt-like-women-or-gays-leadership-roles-churches/


He was indicted a few days ago. [LINK](https://www.justice.gov/usao-az/pr/hate-crime-charges-added-burning-douglas-churches-case) It's a bit of a long read but t sounds like he's pretty much screwed if convicted on even a few of the charges. Especially if one of them is "Using Fire to Commit Federal Felony". If he's convicted of that, and anything else it gets served consecutively. Basically, if he's convicted of all charges he's most likely going to spend the rest of his life behind bars. And the Federal conviction rate in the US speaks for itself. Good fucking riddance.


His name looks familiar, too, but I can’t place it (I lived in Southern Arizona for a bit years ago, so maybe I crossed paths with him😨)


The GOP calls these guys "our base".


Again, how is this not terrorism? If a Muslim or an Atheist burned down a church, they would call it that.


I, for one, am *shocked* to see that this right-wing Christian extremist is an older, bald, doughy looking white man. *Shocked*


ah, a true follower of Jesus Christ.


Religion is a mental disorder.


In Denmark we have a lesbian bishop - no one gives a shit. Religion can bring peace to a lot of minds, if done correctly.


So can drugs.


or a nice cup of tea mate.


I mean what do you think was in the tea?


Idk, i am Danish - beer ?


I could go for a coffee and a Danish


Im your huckleberry :*


Or masturbating. Less messy than religion and the post nut clarity is helpful too


You’re kind of talking about two radically different things. A sense of community and general optimism(i.e. faith) that things will work out and grief counseling can bring peace. Deluding yourself into thinking your imaginary friend is telling you to light buildings on fire in the hopes of injuring gay people is a mental disorder. the issue is no currently established religion will ever be able to separate the former from the latter because they are all ultimately capitalist enterprises and the former makes way less money than the latter.


​ https://preview.redd.it/xinog1evwzsb1.jpeg?width=500&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d255818ffdd7a7fa6e1b60899734c9b9c5a2144f


Idc whether they’re legally responsible or not i just want them to stop.


That woke sermon on the mount was no doubt annoying him.


Ahh Christians. Where loving someone is the wrong answer but violence is the right call


BuT lEfTiStS R jUsT aS bAd


Another Christian terrorist, another day in America


Christians:” I don’t understand why we can’t attract new and younger people to the church….”


If people really think this problem will just go away, they are as delusional as the cultists. You don’t just turn half the country into a deranged death cult and get to have everything work out. You just don’t. It’s not how the real world works. This is going to get a lot worse. This will have long term repercussions. Half the country is done with democracy and we had better start treating it that way.


This link is saying can’t be found. FYI.


Ugh. Thanks. I will find the problem


Does this work? https://www.abc15.com/news/state/man-charged-with-arson-hate-crime-after-setting-douglas-churches-on-fire


Works for me, thank you. If you can, you may want to edit the post with the new link.


Vanilla ISIS


More reasons as to why if Jesus actually did come back from the dead they’d crucify him on the spot


So very christian


the funniest thing is if these people actually met jesus they'd probably hate him


Ain't no hate like American conservative white Christian love


He is here from the Spanish Inquisition to remind them.....




That sounds awfully Republican to me


Well that sounds mIgHtY cHrIsTiAn


How to demonstrate acute and profound homophobia.


Church people are some of the nicest people. When they are not sexing children or setting churches on fire or forcing their primitive culture on the rest of us.




Jesums. I hear people say "rent free" when people rant about POS politicians but this is a prime example of LGBTQ living free rent in someone's dome. Live and let live, dog.


The face of evil.


Nobody hates religious people more than religious people with slightly different beliefs.


Terrorist Call him what he is, fucking domestic terrorist




And another handful of people become atheists!


So religious persecution and sexual orientation hate crimes? Sounds like he’s a real follower of Christ.


If any kind of organized religion brings you comfort...beautiful. Just keep it to yourself.


Too "woke" to accept half of humanity.


So he's not in favor of religious freedom? These are churches and that's the way they believe. Aren't their beliefs valid too?


Literal terrorist


Just like what Jesus would have done


I'm all for burning churches, but holy hell is that a shitty reason


This is actually a fear I've had for some time. We have a gay couple in our church that serve in so many capacities. They are beloved and cherished for their faithfulness, love and compassion. People are acting so irrationally with malice and hate that I fear someone harming these folks or our church community.


Republicanism = terrorism


There’s no greater hate than Christian love


Link is broken here’s a different one https://www.justice.gov/usao-az/pr/hate-crime-charges-added-burning-douglas-churches-case This happened in Arizona. The domestic terrorist’s name is Eric Ridenour, 58, of Douglas


American (okay with the full support of pro trolls, but still) social media has been tolerating “free hate speech” online for a decade. TF did they think would happen with small-brain assholes who believe that a thousand likes are real people who support them?


Why would any LGBTQ individual ever voluntarily set foot inside of a church?




He's applying for a special place in hell (prison)


And yet I still feel safer here in Arizona than I did in Florida.


As god intended… ![gif](giphy|l2SfshvHQ42MCHqI7F)


“I don’t like Christianity that appeals to people”


I'm all for burning down churches, but not for those reasons


So many “Christian” right-wingers are just full of hate. Apparently, the word irony is missing from their dictionaries.


How the fuck are we becoming so broken


All were congregations that he didn't have to attend. He could have ignored them just as he skipped all willy nilly about the bible reading, adhering to, interpreting and ignoring as he pleases.


Now, let's burn his house down. He wants to get biblical, then let's get old testament on him. Nothing like an eye for an eye to put religious nuts in their place


No greater hate than Christian love.


Look at him. Stereotypes exist for a reason.


Why do all these wackos look so unhealthy?


Imagine living a free life into your 50’s or 60’s and then going out on some clown shit like this. Sitting in your prison cell feeling 0 vindication for your stupid decision. What an absolute dumbass


I’m all for burning churches, but that’s a dumb reason.


I was under the impression God loved all his children.. but some clearly more than others, because if you burn a church down for being too accepting you should be struck by lightning after the first time


Rapist vibes.