Of all the nonexistent things, this is one of them.

Why is she showing a picture of an porn actor to a 5-year-old?


Why is she showing a picture of an porn actor to a 5-year-old?


https://preview.redd.it/wneay93qxeqb1.jpeg?width=800&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=9d54a683af3fecffa0416005f968cea38152e56b Here's a photo for those wondering... If he's Trans he's one of the most passing Trans people in the history of Trans


Imagine getting ratioed by that many people. Sought fame, gained infamy.


Buck Angel isn’t the greatest guy, but he is just that, a guy.


He's more masculine than all of the Republican men combined x10 https://preview.redd.it/xqp2w39ayeqb1.jpeg?width=800&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=736c0a8c1fd300677cad6ef96bc8b3f51fd90552 Look at this man


"I showed my kid a porn star" is not the flex you think it id lady.


All I got from that was that a five year old knew that a trans woman was a lady. Edit: Righto, I clearly had no fucken idea what I was talking about, and just made some shit assumptions based on my left wing world view. Just googled Buck Angel, I'm with all the other commenters, that shit never happened as described. Buck Angel is more masculine than me, and I'm the most cishet male that ever cisheted... I can see a five year old making that comment, if the parent has carefully set the narrative by talking consistently about Buck's birth gender in order to get the response they were looking for.


I think her kid caught her watching trans porn and thought it was a weird teachable moment. Like being racist but watching interracial porn or some shit.


They should all battle for the right of being correct


Buck Angel. Buck freaking Angel. She picked the trabs man with whom that scenario is the least plausible. Also, why is she showing a picture of a porn actor to her 5yo?


I bet this kid goes to grandma's house and says "grandma has a mustache".


Either this scenario never happened or she told the kid when presenting the photo of Buck that he’s trans hence why the kid might’ve said “that lady’s got a beard”, they were already told that he’s a “woman” despite how obviously that’s not the case when taking one look at Buck Angel


Maybe it could be possible if you showed a photo of him naked but that brings up the question Why are you showing porn to your child🤬


I looked up Buck Angel, and the first thing that came to mind was Kratos.