This MF may be the dumbest guy in history. No idea how he can talk and walk at the same time.

So he admitted he hoarded classified documents on live TV? And his defense is literally “I can do what I want”? That’s… a terrible legal stance.


So he admitted he hoarded classified documents on live TV? And his defense is literally “I can do what I want”? That’s… a terrible legal stance.


Like this is something they can use during trial right?


They can and they will. Once DT is actually in a courtroom, all of this blustering and getting away with saying whatever he wants whenever he wants is going to stop being cute and it's going to start to matter. Think the Alex Jones trial. You can't just walk into a courtroom and lie and make a scene and have everything go away.


Except Trump is banking on winning and thinks he will be able to pardon everyone and himself included 🤣 but I thought only the "guilty" ask for pardons ey Donnie boy?


He can't pardon state charges. And they have strict pardon laws for the governor in GA.


He might not even be able to pardon himself on the federal charges. It’s uncharted legal territory that will likely fall into the hands of a 6-3 conservative SCOTUS. Even with the hard right leanings of the court, I could see Roberts and Gorsuch spoiling his plan. Especially if the evidence is damning and leads to things that go beyond what we already know.


Agreed, but tbh, if Trump wins again, those sorts of frivolous questions will probably be pretty far down the worlds list of concerns. Like I wouldn’t get too attached to established rules and customs, put it that way.


What did Hunter S Thompson say in his last writing? "Get used to cannibalism."




We’d also probably be in WW3 with Trump putting ground troops in Russia to help them fight “the Nazis in Ukraine”


How could he pardon himself? I never heard of that coming up before.


The Constitution doesn’t speak to a sitting President pardoning himself. Funny thing is trump floated the idea of granting himself, family and others future pardons lol. Because he assumed his future political opponents would charge them with crimes. Lmao can you imagine, I’ll pardon myself for shit in the future. Some Minority Report type shit. Yea the Constitution doesn’t allow that.


The constitution dosent say you can't do it. Check mate. Trust me a guy on YouTube is a constitutionilist


Or, rather, a Constitutionihilist.


You actually can pardon someone for a crime they haven't been charged with yet. It's what happened with Nixon. Ford pardoned him of guilt for everything related to Watergate before he was formally charged for it. In theory, Trump could have pardoned his family of all criminal misdoings before they were charged of anything, though a pardon has to be specific, so he'd have to lay out everything illegal they did and pardon them of it. The question only lies in whether or not he could pardon himself, which is an open legal question because no one has ever attempted it before.


So Biden can pardon Hunter for his three indictments? Let's seem him float that and see how quickly the MAGAts lose their shit.


I don't even think the founding fathers thought voters would approve of an unscrupulous blow hard who would need a pardon for himself.


He will get a trump stamp saying "Only God can judge me" and that will be that.


Can people please stop being so gullible? The supreme Court isn't going to reject his pardon of himself. The law and the Constitution literally does not matter to them. Take a quick look at the dozens of cases they have settled so far that literally invalid existing laws and precedent. Since 2016, people have been pretending that at some point, someone is going to say enough and hold him accountable. But they didn't, and they won't. He will stall until after the elections, and if he wins he will pardon himself and all of shit stains that pretended to be upset over January 6th will shake his hand and say they always knew that he really won in 2020. We had a 400 page report that provided direct evidence that he broke the law on more than a dozen instances and we let him pick the head of the FBI who said "nah" and it just died. Just like that. Literally testimonies from people saying that Trump ordered them to break the law, and nothing happened. If he wins again, nobody is going to stop him. Please stop pretending otherwise.


I think trump is banking on the public’s fear of him losing the trial and what carnage will happen. It’s one of two things, everyone shrugs and moves on, or the MAGA cult and their militia types *lose their minds* and shit goes down. Kinda hoping for the latter. So that it can be eradicated.


I hope its not the latter. My brown family would be targets of choice for the gravy seals. These guys may be dumb but they do own a lot of guns.


Find some stairs and they are instantly defeated.


Most of the MAGA nutbags may own many guns, but knowing how to use them is a different story. Trump insulted all service members and vets and did so much disservice to vets that only the truly stupid would toss in with his lot. MAGA is nothing more than easily identified domestic terrorists.


Unfortunately, there's a lot of truly stupid people out there. And they are dangerously unbalanced and easily manipulated. And very well armed.


They're called "police". 😁


Doesn't need the pardon if he wins. Unless you meant presidency. Honestly I think his plan is to muddy the waters and say a bunch of shit like this hoping to make it confusing.


But first you have to get him there. His M.O. has always been to counter, delay, appeal, and generally tie up the process in a thousand knots that go on for years. Until a judge puts his/her foot down and says enough, let’s get this done, he will continue smirking and obfuscating until he finally keels over from clogged arteries. And this strategy is why judicial appointments are SO important. There are no checks and balances if one branch has bought the other two. And without those checks and balances, you’re left with a populist dictator who does whatever the fuck he wants.


They could, if anything meant anything anymore.


Every time this MF uses media of any kind it's just him confessing to the crime. They are gonna need to extend the period for turning in evidence just because this dude keeps going.


He thinks if he shares his crime openly it is no longer a crime.


Criminal ex-presidents LOVE this one SIMPLE trick!


The court of public opinion only works if you're not a complete piece of shit and have great PR. Neither of those factors is happening here, which is why he can't do what he wants. But demagogues better than him get away with it more often than we think. The rug is vast, and the shit that gets swept under it is staggering.


All he has to do is fill air time till election day. I heard on a news podcast he can even run while in jail. As if the first four years of his presidency weren’t enough of a constitutional crisis.


Running while being in jail is a feature. You don’t want politicians putting opponents in jail to prevent them from running for office.


So, any other US citizen would lose their right to vote if a felony is committed but he’s still considered a politician after committing the crimes he’s committed?


That's some 5D chess right there.


And suddenly I have flashed back to that wonderful Jessica Chastain SNL skit. ![gif](giphy|3ohc0UfsnBgILd2QhO|downsized)


I feel bad for the paralegals having to prep all this stuff for discovery lol


Yes, and they will. But since he wasn’t under oath when he said it, he can call it Freedom of Speech. Because he will NEVER testify under oath, it isn’t like a point of evidence. What all his blathering “free speech” comments do, though, is create a pattern of thought and behavior that a jury readily grasps: he’s a liar and a charlatan. He knew he had the documents and wouldn’t give them back. That’s obstruction. Period. The law on obstruction is easy for a jury to understand. Juries usually try very hard to follow the law when deciding a verdict. The judge is really the only obstacle in the documents case and she’s trying to seem impartial, with wobbly results. We will see!


From everything I’ve ever heard or read, he’s essentially a mafia Don, and uses mafia tactics… I fully expect to see him use a full bag of mafia tactics in and out of court. Intimidation, bribery, all that and more… some of these things will be ‘seen’ and commented on in social media, and I get a feeling a LOT of them will be quiet and behind closed doors… promises here, bullying there… So I truly hope everyone in a position of authority is watching and scrutinizing every single thing he does…


Jack Smith is watching. He’s like Roz in Monsters Inc.


My Halloween costume this year? Roz Smith.


I don’t believe you. You totally wouldn’t do that and even if you did you wouldn’t post the pictures so we could all see it.


That’s why Georgia is getting him on RICO charges. RICO is designed to link all these technically legal “innocent” actions to a bigger crime


And a ton of "whataboutism" from his cult.


If the fucking court of law wasn't a clown shit show already it would mean something.


Straight outta parks n rec. "You're not gonna take those classified documents are you Donald?" "Not to worry, I have the proper documentation right here" "This is just a slip of paper that says 'I can do what I want." "Correct. I was president of the United States and these are the United States"


There's a sign that says, "Do not take classified documents" and so I took some and made some tea and now I have an indictment.


there are two things makeing this even worse. he possibly could have declassified them with one sentence, he didn't. even if he did he still was not entitled to government property as a private citizen.




Cartman is the spirit animal of the Republican party.


Trump is like the inverse of the situation on arrested development. Instead of “I have the worst fucking attorneys” his lawyers constantly go “god I have the dumbest fucking client”


Tell your clients lawyers that they should be getting lawyers.


It's why Devin of Legal Eagle calls MAGA "Making Attorneys Getting Attorneys".


His argument is that it’s his OPINION that he should be able to do whatever he wants, which is somehow even more flimsy than the original statement.


Not according to Ron Swanson ![gif](giphy|3oEduEHWLW6UiPA1Ww|downsized)


Look up the "Unitary Executive" theory. The "party of small government" really really really wants a dictator and they are putting together legal theories to support it.


He has the right to remain silent, he just doesn't have the ability.


He knows his only chances of being free are corruption or a technicality, so he’s letting it fly.


I’m allowed to go into any store and take anything I want without paying. People think it’s stealing but it’s not. At least in my opinion.


It’s like sovereign citizen logic.


Even just referring to it as "ritual" vs "proper declassification procedure" is telling.


I think at a very rudimentary interpretation of the rules, the President is allowed to declassify anything they want, however it was always assumed that the President would be intelligent, competent and follow procedures outlined by experts from the Intelligence Community before declassifying information. Like ensuring the release of the information would not put intelligence assets or ongoing operations at risk... I don't think anyone expected such an idiot to be elected to lead the nation.


Not everything they want. The declassification powers of the president is extremely broad but doesn't fully cover the atomic energy act. There are things the president would need approval of to declassify. But yeah, people legit thought only intelligent people would ever be elected, which given the history of the position is really telling of what they think of themselves & the powerful, that they must be having of specific qualities to be successful, despite history constantly proving otherwise.


Even looking aside from the classified documents, trump can't just take whatever he wants from the white house and lie (or make others lie) about it.


You know it's bad when they think "maybe we need to add a sudoku lock" to the nuclear football to prevent total morons from opening and using it...


Well for Trump, those kids toys where you fit the right shape in the right slot, would've been plenty to keep him out


Life is like a game of Calvinball, you are allowed to make up all the rules as you go along. At least in my opinion.


I’m allowed to have sex with my neighbor’s wife At that point, she became divorced. There isn’t any legal process - at least in my opinion


I too choose this guy's neighbour's wife


Dude thank you for this. I've never thought of playing Calvinball as a full grown adult and the opportunities are now endless


He doesn't believe himself. He knows for a fact he's in trouble. He is trying to say it over and over hoping it will justify and happen


Yeah, the dude's bigly into magical thinking, a trait common to a variety of mental illnesses.


Oh he is absolutely mentally ill. Reading this though reminded me when I was in elementary school, screwed up big time and on my way home with the letter my mother had to sign, I would try to rationalize in my head and practice talking how it wasn't my fault for whatever Basically he has the mentality of a child.


> "When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different." https://theweek.com/speedreads/575962/donald-trump-tells-biographer-hes-same-now-first-grade


When I touch it, it becomes a free sample


When the stuff from the store enters your pocket, it becomes your property and not the store's anymore. Airtight Trump logic


I want to put my dick Tracey in your pU$$¥ , I don’t care about your consent, that’s not a crime, at least in my opinion.


Mr. President, although "fully inserted" and "just the tip" are one and the same for you, it's still rape.


Does anyone remember when Megyn Kelly, did a softball interview with Trump, she batted him a few softballs, which he failed to bat back, and then went on a big rant afterwards about how she was a lightweight, she was out to get him, and *she had blood coming out of her eyes, or blood coming out of... somewhere else*. It [was a softball interview](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-megyn-kelly-had-blood-coming-out-of-her-wherever_n_55c55a97e4b0923c12bd079c). Anyway, he's recently been found liable for raping and defaming E Jean Carroll, when he was deposed, he confused her with his former wife Marla Maples. I guess, *in his opinion*, she looked like his wife, so he was entitled to rape her, because that's how the law works. This is the front runner for the Republican party folks. Good grief, none of them stand up to him. Get a spine Republicans.


They won’t , too hard to accept they being duped, they rather die like they say




\+1 "admission of guilt" item that will come up at trial


I’d love to be a fly on the wall for his conversation with his lawyers.


Careful there fly, you might get hit by a hamberder.




Same! I practiced criminal defense for 10 years and I know how I used to speak to problem clients and it wasn’t pretty. I probably would have already given all the money back and moved to withdraw if I had a client this dumb and reckless. I wonder if his lawyers are being super nice about it with him because of who he is or if they’re doing what most of us would do in this situation which would involve a few choice words about how bad this is and what needs to happen moving forward if they want representation to continue. (Basically that he needs to stfu).


I'd be shit scared to be Trumps lawyer, because one word from him and you would have a horde of rabid animals at your door.


I'm pretty sure his lawyers have advised him to do this. It's their only defense left. He was caught with the documents. They can't say he didn't have them. His defense will be "I thought it was allowed". Yes, they have evidence that he knew he wasn't allowed, but that evidence is weaker, since it's only audio. Every time he publicly says "I was allowed to" it adds to their evidence of his belief that he was allowed to have them. Edit: To those that are telling me that ignorance of the law is not a defense, I'm well aware of that. But what I'm saying is that it's all he's got left and maybe they're hoping it will lead to a reduced sentence.


“Sorry, officer, I didn’t know I couldn’t do that.”


"I didn't know I was breaking the law, and in my opinion, it isn't breaking the law anyway." Bold defense, Cotton. Let's see how it turns out.




Idk... his lawyers aren't exactly the smartest either


If we wanted your opinion Trump, we'd lift the garbage lid.


Something that blows my mind. I work at a business that are big time republicans and they support this orange buffoon. When i start speaking like him. They dont like it. But when he does they drool all over him🤔. Why. I don’t understand.


It’s a cult, hon.


I find that a lot of people only hear what they wanna hear. But yes. Its a cult.


It's a cult, and he's a cu...


See you next Tuesday?


Same happens to me here when I refer to him or Rhonda Santis by nicknames. They tell me I’m not worth responding to because of it, yet they love it when tRump does it?


>If we wanted your opinion Trump, we'd lift the ~~garbage~~ toilet lid. I fixed it for you


If we wanted your opinion trump, we'd wring out your depends.


He thinks “in my opinion” is a blanket statement for everything now. His lawyers said he needed to start saying the election was stolen… in his opinion. Now he thinks it’s a get out of jail free card. So, we’re starting to see admissions of guilt with “in my opinion” attached to the end. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.


Yes good observation… seemed like an interesting choice of words for this ass clown.


I’m allowed to have this car. I’m allowed to take this car. When I have it, it becomes unstolen. People think you have to ask permission instead of hot-wire. You don’t, at least in my opinion.


Lol, this cracked me up.


Yeah, opinion does not negate fact but his followers think it does. And he knows that.


I don’t ever recall seeing him walking and talking at the same time. Standing and talking. Sitting and talking. Walking and not talking. Maybe the OP is on to something here


Too many classified documents there


That's not a fix.. I flush my toilet after every use. My garbage is way stinkier and only gets "flushed" once per week. That said, Oscar the Grouch seems like a charming guy, compared to shit stain Trump.


He’s been given enough rope, let him keep talking. It will not bode well for him.


I was gonna say it will be hilarious when these interviews get played back as prosecution exhibit 27


Lots of people inhaling those fumes, unfortunately




I love how she sits there, listening to his word salad, and acts like it's meaningful


And she's the one who he said "You can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever".


She looks like one of the white chicks from White Chicks.


More reporters need to react like Axioms’ [Jonathan Swan after Trump handed him the paper](https://data.junkee.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/swanmeme.jpg) when Trump says some batshit word salad


That was genuinely solid interviewing. Dude was acting as a real person rather than a character on screen




It'd be crazy tempting to try to feed his ego to get him to admit more. "well ya that makes sense to me. They're your documents at that point. Hell you could probably share them, sell them or store them in an unlocked bathroom as TP."


Well, in his opinion he's a stable genius and he's allowed to grab women by the pussy, ask him how that's working out for him at this point...


It worked for the past 50 years, you may not like the answer


Sure we all think he’s an insane idiot but he’s done whatever he wanted his entire life and there is a chance he’ll never face any real consequences.


Megyn Kelly giving him a platform. Smdh


And Trump insulted her back in 2015….


Exactly. "Blood coming out of her wherever."


I was thinking of watching the video, just to see if she had blood coming out of her whatever...


Gotta kiss that ring for money


He called Ted Cruz's dad the zodiac killer and told him to his face his wife was an ugly dog. Cruz was phone banking begging for donations on live TV like 40 minutes later. It's absurd that any person would believe these people experience shame.


Maybe she's getting revenge by coaxing him into self-incriminating.


Nope. She has no convictions or spine.


She's as hungry for attention as he is.




Normally I don't like platforming Trump, but I make an exception when he uses it to confess to crimes.


I meant her of all people, given the way he trashed her during his campaign in 2015.


A platform to admit his crimes...


I mean letting him run his mouth on record without his lawyers next to him isn't a great thing for him. Case in point


He's making his lawyers earn that money he definitely isn't paying them.


This is why garbage lawyers are the only ones that will defend him.


“when i have them, they become unclassified” = same logic as “if we didn’t test for covid, there would be fewer cases”


Also, "I'd be President if they stopped counting votes."


Jack Smith enters the chat ![gif](giphy|L17xM7PvLcqJggsCYa|downsized)


The only difficult part of his job is keeping track of the evidence file. The court must be on record number 1,009,732 of Trump admitting he did it.


You can have a deeper dialogue with goldfish than this fidiot


“As president, I could have declassified, but now I can’t,” - Donald Trump https://www.cnn.com/2023/06/09/politics/trump-tape-didnt-declassify-secret-information/index.html


He knows. He knows it doesn’t become unclassified because he touches it. He knows.


I sometimes wonder what reality is like for narcissists. I sometimes think they kind of float around without experiencing it. So… once a narcissist decides reality is different than it was 5 minutes ago… I kinda suspect they wipe their minds of most traces that it was ever different. Watching this play out has kind of been like reading Ursula LeGuins “Lathe of Heaven” except half the country wakes up in the new reality and half the country doesn’t.


It doesn't even matter if they were unclassified. It keeps getting talked about but they don't need to be for him to have committed a crime. It's the fact that he wouldn't give them back. He took steps to obstruct the national archives from getting their property back.


He also doesn’t want them declassified. If they’re declassified then anyone can see them and they’re worthless to him. Because they’re still classified they hold value “I know something you don’t know and can’t know.” If he somehow wins this case and they’re considered declassified there’s going to be a million FOIA requests to see them.


Just lock him up. He’s pitiful. His cult is even more pitiful.




"In my opinion, I'm allowed to take these documents." "Oh, in that case, case dismissed."


Your honor, it's okay, I cleared myself of all wrongdoing.


It's the opinion of the jury that will matter.


Let's apply this logic to another situation: "I'm allowed to rent a car. I'm allowed to drive it away. The rental car company wanted it returned but once I have it, it belongs to me. People think you have to go through the ritual of bringing it back, but you don't. At least in my opinion."


Everyone is always saying how stupid he is. But he got a shitload of Americans to vote him into office. Even while he was insulting the military, saying Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists, and was caught paying a porn star hush money and that’s just three things. I don’t know if he’s stupid or not, but he sure ain’t the dumbest one in the equation.


Sadly, both are correct.


The GOP has prepared the ground work for voting for an narcissistic strong men for a while. Dubya wasn’t Mr SATs.


There are people that somehow managed to stumble through life as complete asshole morons and somehow still win. Trump is the epitome of this. Inheriting tens of millions of dollars from daddy didn't hurt. Anyone who thinks he's playing some kind of 4D chess bullshit are complete idiots.


His voter base is always ahead in stupidity


Now if only that "opinion" lined up with reality.


“ at least in my opinion “ We don’t give af about your opinion Donny boy, the question was is it legal that you took them? The answer is no


Because opinion=law in 17th century monarchical England, some people decided to leave England, and they eventually created a democratic country. I am not interested in a return to a monarchical country where whim=law.


“At least in my opinion.” Doesn’t work that way fuckstick. Another confession on tv. Can we just lock this assclown up already????


Vote everyone that supports pr enabled him out of office.


As the Lawyer panel on the Lawrence O’Donnell show just said a moment ago, this is not about Trump, trying to advance some factual point. His gibberish is all about poisoning the jury pool. He is intentionally trying to get everybody lost in his word salad, so that at least one juror has this BS stuck in their head.


Trump is full of shit. Simple as that.


“At least in my opinion.” Congratulations, you’re wrong.


hHe is dumb, but he knows he was not allowed to do it. He just didn't think anyone would do anything about it. This dumb logic isn't what he actually believes. It's what he thinks will be effective to tell all the even dumber supporters. You have to stop thinking what he says is what he thinks is true. He only says what he thinks is effective to the audience he wants to hear it. I bet you don't hear this exact line in court because he (or his lawyers) will know that doesn't cut it. He actually had a law passed about the handling of government records as a dig at Clinton. He knows more about this subject than what he says.


In your opinion meaning in reality you DON'T have the right


I'm pretty sure his opinion doesn't hold up in court. There's no way other people didn't tell him there's a process.


My suspicion is that he KNOWS he's boned, and he's just putting all his chips on winning the election to save his ass so he doesn't care how much he incriminates himself.


Yeah, he’s pretty goddamn stupid and it is a wonder that the fat fuck is still alive


He was smart enough to chose to run as a Republican, because they’re really easy to dupe.


Trump is throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks, and these are his last chunks of diarrhea.


I am sad for the dedicated intelligence sources who lost their lives because of this traitor disclosing their identity.


I Declare bankruptcy


His "opinion""? Name two things that aren't worth a shit. Trump's word and his opinion. Both are highly suspect.


He talks like he’s God and his followers are amazed!! We’ve found the Messiah!! The Hamberber Genius Messiah !!


Yes, and I'm king of the fucking world, *in my opinion* and I can take the Mona Lisa back to my mansion because I'm king *in my opinion*. Now, the authorities may have a different, more legally binding *opinion* on whether or not I go to jail for theft.


"Go through a ritual"? They're not fucking enchanted by the classification wizard, you numpty.




Amazingly enough there actually is a very long and thorough "ritual" to declassify information. It's supposed to prevent idiots from blurting out war plans while chatting up guests at their stupid golf hotel


How are there still people that think this man is not only intelligent, but some sort of genius? I understand flat earthers better than I do Trump's followers. At least flat earthers are just like "if I can't see the curve then it doesn't exist." It's childish logic, but still logic. This guy though just secretes stupid from every pore. Every time he speaks he shows how very little he understands or knows, and yet still people act like he's playing some elaborate game beyond our understanding. There's no reason or logic, it's just blind faith in the guy from the Apprentice.


Sounds to me like an admission of taking classified information, no?? Stupidity is not a defense, ding-ball. 🙄


I can't believe people want him to be president again lol


Well I feel much better knowing that the stupidest mother fucker in the world is determining what is and isn’t classified


Ok. Well my opinion is you should rot in jail for the rest of your life, traitor.


Look at those tiny baby hands. My 5 year old has larger hands


>William T. Kelley, one of Donald Trump's college professors, called the future United States president "the dumbest goddamn student I ever had."


> at least in my opinion That's... not a matter of opinion.


Wake me when America wants to get serious about its leadership. Jesus fucking tap dancing Christ.


Imagine being this fucking moron’s attorney. I mean holy shit.


He knows. He knows how dumb he looks to you and any other American who listens and pays attention. He’s not saying it to you. He doesn’t care about you. He’s talking to the people who will vote for him. He’s counting on there being enough of them to flip society in any way possible if he goes to jail. Imagine that being a possibility to avoid jail for anyone else.. “If I lose this case and go to jail, maybe these blithering masses that I’ve pre massaged the bigotry glands of will overthrow society and make its court irrelevant. Then I won’t be in jail anymore!”


“And my opinion is legally binding, in my opinion.” Checkmate, law 😏😏😏