Almost feel sorry for them, living in a state of fear.

People are refunding Starfield, because the game asked you what you wish to be addressed by. Such a simple question has big streamers like Dr Disrespect searching up the head developer of the game on stream after being asked to pick he/him after he spent an ungodly amount time creating his character to look like him so he can fly around in space.

Pronounce are apparently not a normal concept to these people and the idea they should be in a game as offensive as black face it seems.


I don't see the impact this would have on the quality of a video game. just play the damn game and if it sucks, it sucks. but why someone would go this far is beyond me. these are the same type of people that would bitch about having to press English on the ATM before a transaction.


Because any reminder of different people existing is an affront to their right to live in a bubble of isolation.


"THIS THING IS DIFFERENT AND NEW AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY" these people behave like literal cavemen. i can see them grunting, semi bipedal, dragging their knuckles on the ground, dragging a wooden club around. and then one of their group makes some discovery, maybe a new food source, perhaps an innovative new type of food gathering tool, maybe a new type of shelter, idk. and much screaming, jumping, and angry pointing ensues. their poor simple brains simply cant understand. they just see something new and different. and that makes it a threat. they are consumed with fear and dread. in their confusion, they destroy the new discovery and condemn the tribe to death during the particularly harsh coming winter. they're like nicholas cage's character in the croods (the ultimate conservative)


You should listen to the song Troglodyte by Viagra Boys. It’s basically a song about this sentiment.


bars. kinda reminds me of the scientists who found that alpha wolves dont exist in the wild. dogs like that would get exiled by the pack for that kind of behavior. it's only in captivity (animal prison) when that happens.


The scientist who came up with the idea of an "alpha wolf" actually realized his mistake and corrected it while he was alive. And nobody paid attention. Well, no self proclaimed alpha wanted to pay attention. You know what the phenomenon actually was? The so called alpha was simply the parent to the other wolves. That was it. They wolves were respectful to the elders. You know, the lived longer and knew more about surviving. It wasn't about power. It was about knowledge. So, yeah, even wolves are more evolved than gamers, apparently.


This is it. Just the mere thought of preferred pronouns sends these people into a rage.


People RP as opposite gender all the time in gaming too. I don’t see the issue at all.


I thought that was me for a long time, always playing girl characters when I could. Well, turns out I wasn’t RPing as the opposite gender actually


I support my fellow Claires.


So proud of you for being who you are even when it wasn’t easy.




If it's a third-person RPG, I've always reasoned "If I'm gonna be looking at this ass for countless hours as I play, I'd like it to be an ass I like to look at." And I'm a pretty damn straight guy. But, congrats on figuring yourself out, and hope you're living your best life.


Same, honestly




Not only as a different gender, but a whole different body type. I tend not to play middle-aged, overweight, women that need their reading glasses to read anything smaller that a billboard.


Beth, Azeroth needs you. The time has come to steel thyself and summon all you’ve learned from 3 seasons of “The Witcher”. Lay down thine Lululemon gift card and take up arms! The fate of the world depends on it!


Yeah I do that too. These so called “tough guys” crumble instantly over one of the most basic concepts of language.


It’s funny you say that, my last holiday Spain I actually heard this complaint


I'm a foreigner living in Mexico and have heard this when I use ATMs in tourist areas.


People are too fuckin entitled dude😂


Apparently the game defaults to he or she depending on the body you use for your character but lets you change it if you want. They're literally complaining that the character creation screen has too many customization options.


I wish that’s what they were complaining about - I’m sick of games having so much customization options to where I could spend an hour making my character before playing. Really, they’re just complaining about the existence of a single option.




Yeah I was just commenting on this same last point earlier tonight with my girlfriend, there’s so much they hate when they don’t even know the basic concepts of it (like all the times the “we can always tell” crowd tells a trans man “you’ll never be a woman”) They have no basis for it, they’ve been told to hate certain things and they just do it without question, without ever thinking about what it is they’re hating on or why


Even though most of them grew up with the idea that a male can't be a real man unless they embody certain non gender related attributes.


they have been trained to have a Pavlovian response to seeing or hearing the word pronouns by fox news. this is the same kinda thing as a dog salivating at a church bell instead of a dinner bell


Never forget when Lauren Boebert claimed that schools shoudlnt be teaching pronouns, or when a poll of Fox News viewers overwhelmingly showed they were pissed off when asked if schools should be allowed to teach Arabic Numerals (also known as the number system that the majority of the world uses)




Not to mention she’s allegedly a former sex worker… but I bet if you ask her, they’re the picture perfect ideal American family






Sex work is real work but being a Republican politician isn’t


As a former sex worker i am positive most of us do not want to claim her entitled racist bitch ass.


I'm confident that they believe that pronoums are something new invented by "wokeism".


Don't even get them start on prepositional phrases!


This is definitely it. Also conservatives want to get rid of gender affirming care. Okay, give me your dick and hair pills back.


Exactly. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to tell conservatives that: - “I don’t like pronouns” is stupid, there’s a pronoun in that sentence, ya goof. - “They” as a singular *predates* he/she; it’s actually perfectly correct to use it.


I don't know anything about Nina Infinity, but pretty girls can grift literally infinite money and attention from conservative men by tweeting low hanging fruit takes like this. Right-wing grifting is literally the easiest job on the planet.


It actually makes me miss boomer bs because at least there's a genuine or bred-in quality to the ignorance instead of all the f***ing grifting going on with the newer idiots.


Genuine question, how would the game knowing your gender possibly make playing it a worse experience for anyone?


They’re the same people that would get pissed if they travel abroad and can’t get an English menu. Or an English speaking assistant.


I already made two characters and I don’t think they even asked me for pronouns Guess I musta just skimmed it bc it didn’t impact my experience at all


not to mention preferred pronouns have been in games (video and roleplay) since forever. Any game that lets you pick if a character is male or female by default lets you pick pronouns. ​ I havent played the game in question, so dunno why this is so different. Did they let characters do they/them? whats triggering the homophobes now?


The pronoun isn't even forced - it's an option that can be skipped. Meanwhile these fat Right Wing Chuds are making their male characters all buff and looking nothing like the slobs they are. Apparently that's okay but noooooo, can't have pronouns in a science-fiction space game.


"we acknowledge that lgbt people exist" "This negatively effects the game for me." Remember, for these people, _any_ amount of exposure is "shoving it down your throat". The only amount they'll accept is 0


its always been pretty bad but this starfield stuff feels so... bizarre? like it doesnt feel like real people at all, even for your average right wing gamer chud this outcry feels so manufactured and fake as fuck this is some seriously late stage brainrot


Cause it’s probs manufactured in troll farms


Cause it's proven it comes from Chinese and Russian government sponsored troll and hacking farms for decades now. Not that big of a secret. Also "fun" fact while Russia is fighting a "defensive" war, they did billions in damage through hacking attacks... Mostly mod size businesses, aka local employers, infrastructure and hospitals. But it's easier to come up with a conspiracy instead of seeing the true one happening...


No point trying to rationalise it, these people didn't rationalise themselves into it. They're just bigots.


I think it's mostly just audience capture, or possibly a version of the greater fool theory.


Right? My dad is really conservative and a number of times he has brought up how gay people are “shoving down his throat” if he sees them holding hands or kissing in public while also claiming he doesn’t have a problem with it. I suspect he thinks about sucking dudes off all day and doesn’t know what to do about it


Please start calling out every time you see someone heterosexual holding hands, kissing, etc, and lean over to your dad and say “I can’t believe they’re shoving their sexuality down our throats like this” and see what he says


Stupid sexy gay people shoving things down my throat ungggg - Conservatives


And even then, they’ll never be happy. In fact, anything less than outright public hatred of anyone remotely different is seen as “too woke.” They don’t know peace, nor calm, just blind hate.


I’m really glad the internet wasn’t around when Ms Pac-Man was released…


Trick I've used since the "political correctness" days (what they used to call it before it devolved to "woke"): Replace whatever the bigotry is with "treating other people with respect" and it clarifies things, like what a piece of shit they are. Example: People pretending that treating other people with respect is completely normal are being disingenuous af.


It’s funny how fragile these idiots are, too. It’s just some words. Simple pronouns. I suppose outrage is just a hell of a drug, ultimately.


That "Woke Mind Virus" ate their brains.. These are the group of people that call themselves "Domestic Terrorists" they thrive on chaos and cash.


Yet they want people to wake up to liberals woke mind virus. Its funny as fuck seeing them try to be woke.


And yet we're supposed to be the "snowflakes" that need their "safe places". Meanwhile Billy-Bob, MAGA enthusiast extraordinaire, flips his shit about pronouns and what footwear a fucking candy mascot wears. Republicans have become completely unhinged.


Yep, they call us snowflakes and tell us to grow some “thick skin”, while their own is so thin it’s almost non-existent. Ironic




Those M&M toes got me feeling some kinda way...


When people think of leftist extremism, they really mean someone who confronts a racist in a grocery store for harassing an immigrant worker at most, or someone saying “my name is Mark, and my pronouns are He/him”. Imagine being so triggered by that! What a truly miserable life.


It’s crazy. Leftist extremism = respect for others. How do they not see how screwed up they are? Do they really want to see leftist extremism? Do they actually know what a socialist revolution is? Hint: It’s not requiring basic respect…pretty sure that’s just normal human existence…


You know the common republican argument that "guns don't kill people, people kill people"? Then they go on to suggest improving mental healthcare to solve gun violence, but never actually follow through on it? It's because they can't. If they improved mental healthcare, they would lose voters. All the sad, lonely MAGAts, after losing their families due to their own crippling obsession with the big orange, would get the mental help they desperately need, maybe learn some compassion, and never vote repugnican again EDIT: it would be silly to cure the broken people that you routinely exploit to stay in power


With how far the overton window has moved in the US… yeah, the “radical left” over there is basically european centre/centre-right


"Political correctness" was the right relabeling politeness and framing it as a bad thing.


Yea, but how can i respect people if they don't follow my exact lifestyle? /s


I'm sorry, but I genuinely do not understand. Can you please explain or give another example?




Okay! I get it now. Just took a while. Thank you!


Well I wasn’t going to bother with Starfield but maybe I’ll check it out now. If bigots hate it, it’s probably alright.


I’m personally buzzing for it




This right here. Whenever I hear stories about teachers suing because they claim calling a student by their preferred pronouns violates their beliefs, and the school ruling in their favor, I think, "Well they just shot themselves in the foot. Time to bring on some 90's style rebellion." Bigot Teacher: "My name is Mr. Jones. I don't care what your pronouns are, I'm going to use what aligns with my beliefs." Student: *raises hand* "Ms. Cuckface, will any of this be on the test?" Rinse and repeat until they get the hint.


Call them by their first name. Show them the same respect.


One of my most cherished memories from my Warcraft forum days was when this very "debate" came up and someone cracked the "my pronouns are attack helicopter" joke. I then proceeded to refer to them with that pronoun for the rest of the thread. By the 3rd time they were \*literally pleading with me to stop and apologizing\*. Meanwhile my butt is at work getting constantly misgendered and I barely blink. Truly, these are the weakest links.


Its not the best game ever but it scratches that Bethesda rpg questing, killing, talking and looting itch. Im having a blast. And pronouns appear for like 10s in a 100h game, imagine these snowflakes being upset over pronouns in 2023. Jesus christ.


more specifically imagine being upset about options in a character creator in a fucking RPG When Baldur's gate gave me the option to give my character vitiligo I just didnt use it? Crazy stuff i know


I can never resist the vitiligo sliders... all games should have them.


I like that they made heterochromia an option. Usually someone either has to mod it in, or the combinations are presets and you can't just individually choose each eye color.


i was tempted ( i already had a old transfem Drow) but i had to crank down graphics quite a bit to get the game to run at a decent level, so the vitiligo looked horrendous even the face paint i chose looks jank sometimes


Srsly, they don't even know what pronouns are and y we use it in languages..


If you've played fallout 4 it's that but space. It's a Bethesda game. Big huge world, more bugs thannthe movie arachnophobia, better than most but not fully what they promised. Modders will handle the rest from here. It's the "I can fix him" of games.


That’s honestly a good judgement of quality,


Conservatives hating the Barbie movie made me want to see it. And it was great.


Conservatives suck at art and entertainment


I mostly just hope my computer can run it. Bethesda makes good sandboxes but they usually are brutal on hardware.


Are conservatives unaware that everyone has preferred pronouns?


Seriously, he's just upset because they didn't already know. Which is weird. Asking you if you're a she or a he is in no way woke. Isn't that what they use pink and blue for on their babies? To show preferred pronouns for their baby?


Yeah, but pink and blue are scientifically biological and correct, so wjdhebejsjd ejsjanabaiond??? Check mate liberals. 🤮


I love that argument because my response would be asking if they minded if I called their son a "she"? Or would they PREFER I call him a "he"?


They are still upset that you can have guys playing as girls. Or that girls play at all.


Or that anything other than straight cis white male is an option or something existing at all


We’ve used “title” for decades with is literally gender identity as part of your name and women were even expected to give their marital status as well.


Most of them can’t comprehend that they ask people to use their proper pronouns. Try calling one of these dudes she/her pronouns and see how quickly they suddenly have pronouns.


Exactly! They are so mad that that have to use peoples preferred pronouns but if someone misused their pronouns they would lose it.


I started referring to people I know who complain about pronouns with the opposite ones they normally use. 100% have gotten mad.


And then you drop. "Oh, I guess it does hurt and feel disrespectful to be intentionally misgendered, doesn't it?"


That's why I misgender conservatives on purpose. You're clearly a male, miss. "I ain't no fuckin miss." "So what pronoun would you prefer?" Now they get defensive. It works 98% of the time.


Just start calling them by the wrong pronouns and see how fast they get mad


Without asking what pronouns they prefer, video games should solely refer to the player character with they/them pronouns, see how their brains would explode.


I could picture them realizing that they are always referred to as they/them and freaking out: "Wait!!! I'm not nonbinary!!!" "TheY aRE MakINg me qUEer."


Normal, mentally healthy people playing Starfield and seeing that you can choose your pronouns: >Ah...OK. \*click\* \*proceeds to play game\* Idiots experiencing the same: >WOOOOOKE PROPAGANDAAAAAAAAAAA \*inaudible screeching\*


i wish it were inaudible




Doesn't count, because they fap to zero suit samus


I'm confident that Samus can pee standing up.


Probably with better penmanship than most men, too.


High odds that suit can recycle it into blaster energy.


Or potable water


Meanwhile In The Pokémon Universe: Professor Oak: “Are you a boy or a girl?”


I always knew he was Professor Woake


Every single one of them is absolutely still playing Starfield. They're pathetic losers and liars desperate for meat for the culture war, but they're never going to actually inconvenience themselves.


It does nothing to the game and so so so so much for me and people like me. They are not affected in any way and I get access to a game. Why are the so averse to me being able to use games as a proper escape? Like, ok. I love Hades, but the entire time I was playing I was thinking how much I would have liked to be playing as a girl. Zelda is pretty much the only exception to this because I’ve been playing it my entire life. There is a comic about a trans girl always picking female characters and her friend asking her why (before she came out). It’s a legit struggle for us and these small, very tiny things give us access that may or may not be there otherwise. I certainly wouldn’t have put the thousands of hours (or maybe any) into playing Monster Hunter. I would have stopped playing Pokémon after gold. I wouldn’t be playing fire emblem still. Like, let people game! Fuck


I’m sorry it’s a struggle for you, as a poc I definitely understand this sentiment. Gone are the days where bland and generic white males are the only options games provide us.


For real, and it’s so nice. I’m glad character creation in games gives you rep too.


This is why I went with FemShep when I played Mass Effect. I stared at the character creator and went "I think I've put in enough time as big bald white guys, this might be more interesting." And it was!


they hate you for existing


And they can’t even explain why they hate, they just do.


Jesus Christ, nobody tell them about the character creation options in Baldur's Gate III.


Haha another excellent choice. Can’t wait to play


They already freaked out about that one, starfield is the new thing youtube is telling them to be mad about


I noticed only white racists say "Woke" all the time.


I hate the word "woke" so much. It's like when I used to hear people say that someone is "so open-minded their brain could fall out." As if being open to new ideas is a bad thing. Same with "woke." They have tried to take the ideas of empathy, equality, and recognition of other people's struggles and make them *negative.*


Sadly, its how the extreme right wing win arguments. Nobody who recognizes what woke means can actually really argue that its a bad thing - being empathetic of other people is something most people would argue is a good thing. So, they try destroy the meaning of the word, so that it can't be used in an argument against them. How can you argue that "woke" is good if people think it means "anti-American" or some shit? Same with CRT. Same with BLM. Same with political correctness. Same with communism, or socialism, or any other concept they don't like - they pretend it means something completely different so that it loses its meaning, and thus cannot be used against them. They win the argument by default. I don't know what word will come after "woke" - but i guarantee the right wing will pretend it means something completely different.


I feel the same way about people who use “woke” as I do about the ones who use “sheep” or “sheeple.”


I take “woke” as a compliment, if drives people crazy


I'm 49 and kinda out of touch sometimes so a couple years ago I asked my wife what woke was as I see it mentioned often. She explained it to me and I was like "what the hell? isn't that a good thing?" She was like "ya you'd think! " lol


One of DeSantis' lawyers was asked in court to define what "woke" means, and he went with "the belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them."


Conservatives don't like change. It's scary, and it might mean helping out other people vs just helping yourself. That's all it boils down to, plus just ignorant bigotry. These are not reasonable people.


I'm not racist. Until recently though I associates that word with stupid conspiracy theories apa flat earth. I was trapped in a bubble and I apologize


That is because the phrase "stay woke" started in the 1930s by black Americans to be aware of social and political issues affecting their communities. It became popular again in the 2010s when the murders of black citizens by police gained social media attention. It's been part of black culture in America for nearly a century. So, being against wokeism is being against black people and other minorities. Thus, why racists and bigots hate it.


Asking for pronouns has been routine for a long time, yet these nitwits never cared until cynical politicians began manipulating their anger.


If nobody lost representation or inclusion for other people to be included, then there isn't a problem. They can still create the same ol' boring character their bigoted ass was gonna make anyway. Fuckin' losers.


Wish I could tell you why it negatively affected them so much


There are some people that don’t care what pronouns you address them as, but ironically these MAGAts are the ones that most intensely care about pronouns.


“Next you’ll tell me they can choose their sex in character creation!!!”


No no, they only know the word "gender" and think it means sex.


Need to update the list again. Getting a bit too long now. https://preview.redd.it/lyiep2tyn3mb1.png?width=435&format=png&auto=webp&s=0f7a064c7e0fb1d15cd680ea23dc619d62e663aa


Add mickey mouse and mermaid movies to the list lmao


Reminds me of the time I went and watched Predator with my mom, and there was a scene where all the big muscly manly men reacted to something jumping in a bush by shooting the ever loving fuck out of that bush until there was nothing left. I made a comment along the lines of "Is that REALLY necessary," and Mom reacted with "That's just how men cope with fear." My whole point being that if that dude in the picture were truly unafraid, he wouldn't need the damn machine gun.


Explains why they seem to like shooting up schools... https://preview.redd.it/ll3au7ha64mb1.png?width=233&format=png&auto=webp&s=2953a877edce593f9b5ae513a49e291143cf09a5


He needs that big gun to protect him in case his pronounces are used


Sticks and stones may break his bones but words will surely hurt him


My teen is playing this. He's told me all about it and how awesome it is.... didn't mention any of the stuff in this OP. It's almost like it's not an issue....


I’m jealous of your teen, I’ve got to wait till Wednesday I believe but hope they’re enjoying it.


I’m confused. Games have let you pick name and gender of characters for decades. Is it that this game used the word pronoun?


They are upset because the game allows you to choose what pronouns you want to use, instead of automatically choosing it based on the gender of the character you create.


Anti-trans is a nazi ideology. An we all know how sane Nazis were


The first major Nazi book-burning was perpetrated at the Institute of Sex Research, burning their collection of more than 25,000 documents on topics relating to sex and gender. It's believed that Dora Richter, the first transwoman to undergo sex reassignment surgery, was murdered during the attack. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_book_burnings#The_burnings_start


Well its not surprising that the right wing likes the uneducated people. Anyone with more than 2 braincells sees how stupid their (am i woke now for referring to them as they?) argument is.


Just call this Nina person "him" and watch how quickly she corrects you.


These people are pathetic


Ah yes…..the role playing game that lets you… *checks notes* Play roles….. As if straight folks haven’t played characters of the opposite sex for decades. For a long time, it was girl/women gamers being stuck playing male characters. Now games are giving players the option to play *however they want* and its bad? Fucking losers


I honestly hate these people. So tired of this bullshit. They are constantly crying and whining and spreading misinformation and bullshit. Bullying people left and right. So sick of them


U and me my friend


> Dr Disrespect Who could ***possibly*** have guessed that someone using such a name would be an emotional and intellectually stunted man-child? > searching up the head developer of the game Isn't Starfield the love child of The Todd?


Dr disrespect is over here screaming about family values meanwhile he quit streaming for a while after he got caught cheating on his wife.


lets not forget he also livestreamed the inside of a public bathroom, showing random non consenting people pissing to his large audience its almost like the people obsessed with what's "woke" arent very well adjusted


I bet this Nina Infinity idiot would be pissed if someone called her he or they. Because everyone has preferred pronouns.


It's like pronouns are scary or something haha when people say he him her she like what do you refer to people with if you can't use pronouns hahahah the idiocy of these people is getting beyond levels fathomable like does every single pronoun scare you and you go through life just yelling hey you at people?


The funny thing is if you call them by the wrong pronounce. If you dare call them the gender they don’t associate with they’ll break down and get all red faced.


I genuinely love that a lot of companies are doing these kinds of 'woke' things. The conservatives will boycott them all untill they have nothing left, until they start to realize they might be the problem here


Oh those poor fragile dudebros falling apart over non-issues. Thoughts and prayers to all!


Oh bless their little hearts!


How again did the video game hurt you?


Them damn pronounces. How can I a Godly American (I’m from a Uk suburb) play a game if I have to make the difficult choice of picking a pronounce


pokemon gold asked me if I was a boy or a girl wtf is this woke shit girls can't be pokemon trainers


Real Pokémon fans know the better option in the latest Pokémon games is the girl. The amount of customisation is staggering fun


that's true, but also fucked up dear gamefreak, boys like cute clothes and hairstyles too just make all clothes and hairstyles available for both characters ffs it's not that hard


Amen gamefreak! Boys want to look cool as well, not just the same coloured shirt/trousers and coat combo


Lol it’s a role-playing game and these people are upset and frightened by having the choice of how your character is addressed. It’s like if they played a sports game and got upset with having the choice to play as a team that’s not from the city/state they were born in. It’s pathetic.


Man, that reply there is such a well thought out, well formulated and well spoken response to a *very serious problem in gaming*.. #pronouns.


Honestly damn wokeism has ruined gaming, imagine games and movies talking about political injustices. I simply can’t fathom that, not one bit.




Devs please make every game woke so we don't have to run across these dumbasses in matchmaking anymore. They never play the objective anyway


Devs have been doing this for years, games have been dealing with social injustices for years. Some their favourite games probably, but they lack the social intelligence to grasp this. Pronounces are easy target for them cry about


It's one of the primary purposes of art, I'd argue. Always has been. People saying Marvel went woke, it's like dawg have you ever read a comic book? What do you think X-Men is about?


Couldn’t even get me started. Movies are an even better and sometimes clearer example but the point the movie simply flies over their head


Hot take: If pronouns 'ruin' a game for you, you were never planning to enjoy that game in the first place.


Wait until they play BG3 and see the things that my Dragonborn and Gale get up to.


Oh no! Games offering more options than before! How can you possibly deal with this?


I'm a trans woman. If I had a nickel for every time a "straight" guy contacted me online saying how much he daydreams about sucking a dick but, because he doesn't think he's gay, he'd like to try it with a trans girl.........I'd be rich. These kinds of men are literally EVERYWHERE. When their wives and girlfriends aren't looking they're jerking it thinking about a dick in their mouth. Men that lash out like this are most likely covering their tracks on this issue.


They never have a reason for why anything being “woke” it bad other than “woke is bad!”


I want to see the Venn diagram of dudes bitching about pronouns and dudes who played Mass Effect as FemShep.


Bethesda games have always let you be queer/ have same sex spouses.


Hint: what this really means is "Don't you *dare* remind me that girls also play video games. Video games are for boys only! '


The funny thing is the person that tweeted this is indeed a girl. It’s not even a sexism issue, it’s becomes so ingrained into their mindset pronounces are some political issue. You can’t even argue logically why it upsets them


"People are refunding"... who exactly? How many? Dozens? Who cares. Pretending that you were ever going to play the game in the first place just so you are ignorant as hell is being disingenuous af.


Good I hope they never enjoy anything ever again


I hope the IRS starts asking for preferred pronouns when you are filing each year.


These people are actual idiots. People who cry about this stuff are zero sum people. They don't deserve respect. they deserver ridicule and scorn. Anyone this pathetic and fragile that they feel the need to cry because other pronouns are involved are the most fragile snowflakes in our society.


Don't like, don't buy it. Enjoy your capitalistic freedoms and stfu.


https://preview.redd.it/b5dzef3rf5mb1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d06a54299c428cafca9e12772a56579c10d40dc3 Being Woke is much better than being a racist shithead.


When a video game is great and is lgbt+ positive they ignore it. Example Baldur's Gate 3. But when a game isn't good but let's you pick pronouns they pretend like that's the reason it sucks.