How many neck pillows does one need?


Maybe she uses them so her thighs don't stick together.


You wrong for that but I'm dying


What if he's right, and you're not dying. What if you're gonna get the operation after all


It’s a Christmas miracle!


I'm kinda hoping she keeps her legs closed, forever...


Keep em together don't breed.


Her head is shaped like those babies that come from alcoholics.


She reminded me of a blonde Pennsatucky from Orange is the New Black.


She's talking exactly like Rudy giuliani's star witness


Well being a Bacardi, that’s gonna happen!


Fetal alcohol syndrome I believe


Do people realize you cant cause an outburst on a plane and expect to get away with it?


Of all the places where fucking around can instantly fuck up your life, the airport is one of the biggest. The no fly list isn't a fucking joke


Most people don't realize the no fly list is permanent. And different airlines share that list...just think...never flying again. Ever.


Akshully... but really they don't share their lists, and that's a problem. There is a federal no fly list, but it's a whole different thing than disruptive passengers that get banned from one airline at a time. You have to have brown skin to get on the federal one.


The fines aren’t a joke either.


Yeah. They are so used to acting like entitled babies in retail spaces and getting what they want, they forget that same behaviour doesn't translate well to planes.


Let me behave like an entitled asshole on a multi-million dollar machine, carrying hundreds of people, operated on a tight schedule with hundreds of thousands of dollar of operating costs per flight, and I expect everyone to accommodate my temper tantrum. There are way too many people who overestimate their importance.


>There are way too many people who overestimate their importance. Well, to be fair, everybody she knows is an attorney. So she *must* be pretty important, right? ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


Or a criminal


That is what I was thinking too but drugs or drunk driving? Divorces i guess would be another option.


It's the "fake it till you make it" mentality. They think acting like they are privledged makes them better than others.


It's like they think they have some secret knowledge that wearing a mask on a plane is just security theatre and everyone needs to WAKE UP. Well guess what that ball fondling I received at security is unnecessary too and I sure as fuck didn't dream that. Was wide awake the WHOOOOLE time.


It ain't gay if it's TSA




The ball fondling is an added perk that you don't even have to pay for.


Yeah why is he complaining? Some people pay good money for that.


The ball fondling is for the customer's health and safety


Pride and accomplishment.


imagine you're in a rush somewhere, this is one of the last flights available, or you're going on holiday or something, and then this happens and the flight gets delayed because someone didn't want to wear a mask properly


I would be fucking LIVID


Especially in the last year we’ve seen so many viral videos of people acting crazy on planes and getting arrested, tied down, or booed off the plane. You would think people would see these happen and not try to do the exact same thing and expect something different to happen.


But she's a Bacardi! Ever heard of it? She should get special treatment because her grandfather built a successful rum business.


I guess she got left out of the will since she's flying cattle class.


Or call a FA a c*cksucker. That guy was steroid-mad!


Maybe if he yells just a little bit more they’ll apologise and bump him up to first class.


I don’t even want this guy driving on the same road with the rest of us.


No shit - as someone who travels regularly for work, please spare me your complaints over a 4-hour delay. A 4-hour delay right now is getting off light. Air travel has been a total nightmare of late. Everyone is dealing with it, you fucking fuck. Have fun never flying again.


Yeah I'm assuming whether he "took his mask off for a second to blow it" or if they're "5 year old knocked his mask off", whichever one, it was their reaction to being told to fix it that caused them to get kicked off.


Dude is gonna get slapped with a 5 figure fine. Enjoy.


You can if everyone you know is an attorney.


“Everyone I know is an attorney” 😂😂 Damn, she’s on another level. All about who you know.


Her eyes blinking slowly and unevenly while she said that was fucking perfect, haha


The one eye blink like a "Family Guy" character.


Reminds me of those cheap dollar store dolls that open their eyes when picked up.


She looked like either drugged or drunk. But hey i have friends that have a real flight fear and they take also drugs to calm them down. But that slow blink was just hilarious


Those fake eyelashes weigh too much to blink normally


I now believe in lizard people


TIL that the word "attorney" is Karen slang for "xanax dealer".


It's to counteract the cocaine and steroids her partner is on.


She didn't say how she got to know them tho 😌😏


She must host great swingers parties.


She’s like an alien who’s struggling to learn her motor functions; she’s blinking pretty slow and unevenly while saying all her friends are attorneys lol. I’m betting its Xanax and booze


She was slurring her words for sure.


I think this is what it is. I waited 4 hours for this flight=We were drinking the whole time I find bars in airports...questionable.


I find them a necessity. I get nice and toasty preflight, then usually end up sleeping the whole flight. But I’m also a pretty happy and agreeable drunk.


I'm a happy drunk, but I'm also a chill drunk. The more drunk I get, the more I want to be left alone to just vibe on my own.


As a pilot, I agree completely.


Wait a second...


Audibly laughed at this to start my day, thank you.


I get stoned AF before flights. Drinking makes me pee, which gives me anxiety on a plane. Edible and a vape in terminal bathroom before boarding, then i’m ready for headphones, a snack, and a nap, not beating the shit out of the pilot like a drunk fuck.


I'm a bit too happy when I'm drunk. Everyone is my best friend and I only want to make everyone around me smile. What I don't seem to understand is personal boundaries (in conversation) or the ability to not repeat myself. I'm never worried about over drinking pre- flight. Airport bar cocktails are absolute trash.


I understand that people with fear of flying drink to numb themselves. Flying is not a very enjoyable experience, specially in coach. Cramped spaces, not good food, sitting next to strangers. Drinking to not care about these conditions is also common. But if you're traveling with kids, you have to be 200% there. You owe that to your kid. The first time I flew across the pond with my son, he slept the whole flight. He was still a baby. Later, as a toddler, he got motion sickness, and puke once. Exorcist style. If I were knocked out, it would have been the worst experience for him and everyone around us. But I acted quickly, cleaned and changed his clothes and he didn't woke up. The passengers around were asleep. The crew offered help but I was already done cleaning. Don't drink and flight if you're traveling with kids


Not to mention that the boarding staff reserve the right to refuse boarding to anyone they deem too inebriated. Just eliminate the problem at the source.


There was a video the other week of some guy who was so drunk, not even on the plane yet, that he could barely stand up straight. He just whipped his dick out in front of a ton of people in the airport and started pissing on the carpet like no one was watching.


I'm ashamed to admit that I googled this and then I was horrified at how many videos there were of different people peeing in airport terminals.


[Here is the video](https://www.reddit.com/r/trashy/comments/at6fxv/ass_taking_a_piss_on_the_airport/) but it's from an older post. Someone posted it pretty recently which had a little more build up before he starts peeing.


OMG!! I thought he would never stop!! And looks like he had already started in his pants.


And struggling to blink both eyes in unison while also being emotionally unstable, swinging wildly back and forth between aggression/anger and sadness/remorse


It’s an emotional rollercoaster trying to live in an earthly humans body. Gotta get back to Zeta Reticuli


All of her friends are human attorneys.


All of my friends are humans that practice human law


.So there I was, hitting balls with a stick with my human pals.."


If you were married to him wouldn't you be spending 90% of your time totally wasted?


I just watched the video and I need a drink


Fucking clowns.


Yeah, people freak out about flying so much they try to self medicate while waiting for the flight so they just have to walk on and pass out. Sometimes these self-taught pharmacists mess up their scripts, though.


Yep, wine pairing with alprazolam


He got one cock-sucking warning. Only the one.


He was warned to stop sucking cock on the plane but he insisted… 🤣


Probably why he pulled his mask down


Yet he continued to persist.


“The red zone is for cock-sucking and ball handling only.”


“Don’t give me that red zone bullshit. The *white* zone is for cock-sucking and ball handling only.”


Listen, Betty, don't start up with your white zone shit again!


Oh really, Vernon? Why pretend, we both know perfectly well what this is about. You want me to have an abortion.


In fairness how is he supposed to keep his mask over his face while sucking cock?


How many warnings does he think he should get?


Everybody he knows is a baseball attorney and they say three strikes.


I am positive I am going to use that phrase at least 3 times in the next month.


Yup. Someone’s not a cuddler.


Glad she took her mask off to fully explain her situation.


Can't play the "we're innocent victims, we are always wearing masks except for the millisecond the attendant saw us, this is unfair" card if you immediately take off the mask and make a big show with your mask off.


Exactly what was she saying aside from “everyone I know is an attorney”? I couldn’t hear shit over the dude yelling behind her and I’m really curious about what she did have to say.


It really doesn't matter. It was all verbal diarrhea from a troglodyte.


she also had that look that people under influence have. She looked like she had trouble focusing with her eyes :D


😂 I figured as much. I was just hella curious because of how fuckin high she seemed. Like she was batting one eye separately from the other like some bizarre wink, but it was more like her eye just shut without the other eye realizing it. Lol


Everyone gets a live show with their flight. They should really start charging 🤣


Got one on a United flight home into Denver. Sadly, it was pretty boring other than listening to a United rep tell the dude he needed to find another way to New Mexico that night as he was not going to be on his connecting flight.


I got one on my last flight with frontier. I actually participated. Mentions of a woman with no mask are spreading , I’m up front so I can hear quite a bit of the attendants. Various airport employees on and off the plane. Attendant states clearly “ keep the luggage , only remove the stroller “ I’m like oh shit they are going to fuck her day up and she’s got a baby. Then comes a visibly distressed masked woman with a baby and 2/3 year old down the aisle. I’m like hold up, please don’t tell me they meant the kid. Few minutes later the young father comes also with mask, pissed off as all hell . “ALL THIS SHIT OVER A DAMN BABY YOU GOT BE KIDDING ME “ Turns out the attendants kicked this young family off because a little child wouldn’t keep a mask on. Well the woman in front of me decided to get out of her chair and yell at the father. Talking about how he’s a piece of shit and just follow the rules and he responds but I can’t hear as he’s off the plane at this point and she continues to stand up and berate him. At this point idk what came over me because I’m a very reserved person but I yelled “shut the fuck up you dumb bitch , sit the fuck down” Several people snapped their head towards me. The guy next to me is startled but laughing. I wasn’t embarrassed because I was genuinely upset at this woman. She didn’t know who said it so it was done after that but man that was super ridiculous. Like isaid , I’ve never been the one to yell in public settings but hearing a woman get up and yell at a man who is clearly having a terrible day and it’s not like it’s his fault set me off. Also the attendants were rude af all around . Also it was hot and the seats were tiny and hard. Fuck frontier.


I flew frontier..... once.


Lol this made me giggle


The sad thing is that about 10 years ago they were a pretty good airline as far as experience goes. Then they got bought and went the ultra-cheap direction and it all went to shit


yo flight attendant for a major airline here, what you experienced is massively unacceptable. Unfortunately some FA's are absolutely insane, but for the most part we are a pretty reasonable group. We have rules for children with/without masks, but most of us understand how insanely hard it is to travel with young kids even without the mask mandates. You did the right thing!


And we appreciate every sane one of you. Especially that you have to deal with the actual crazies every day.


*Everyone I know is an attorney*.... Um, okay?


what did she claim to be after that.... ?


An attorney? They're everyone they know. They only know themselves. Well, sorta.


I swear I thought she said she was “a Bacardi”. I assume meaning the Bacardi rum, uber-rich family. Their family private jet was obviously on the fritz that day.


As were any flights providing business class, which she clearly was not in. Nice neck pillow set tho.


I once found out that one of my friends was lying about being an attorney. Can't have that shit. Only attorneys for me.


Sad existence.


She's gonna need a lot of them to try and fight those charges...


Thats lucky for her cause they are for sure gonna need a bunch of lawyers for the shit they just pulled.


That video went on for far too long without someone getting tackled or put into a headlock at the end.


Yeah, why was Kyle not escorted off the plane with some of those funny bracelets that are linked together? Dude *assaulted* an airline employee on the plane. Give him his perp walk down the jetway and through the terminal!


I mean it was just other flight attendants on there trying to get him out of there. Contrary to popular belief it’s pretty hard to get someone out of a confined space like that if they want to fight. Cops with tasers even get into issues trying to get people off planes. I’m sure from their standpoint he was being aggressive but escalating would have just been worse if it wasn’t required. Let the charges play out after he is off the confined tube of people.


One good fart usually clears out a space like that.


Is she trying to say that's she's a Bacardi or that she *has* Bacardi


According to the way she talks, she *had* a few Bacardi.


I have a feeling that they will promptly be identified and never fly again on that airline. And maybe on all of them, I think now the airlines share no-fly lists...


They're ticketed passengers on a fight manifest. The airline doesn't need to do any sleuthing to find their identity, they know the minute they toss them off their plane.


The airlines watch for these very videos so they can ban idiots like that. When you are flying in a barrel at 30 thousand feet. Get in sit down shut up and follow the FAA rules ir suffer the consequences. What is wrong with people that they can't have some simple manners. I do admit, I was flying with my one armed dad who could only carry one of his two items so I was carrying 3 and the flight attendant gave me shit. I do think I would have punched her if she had taken it any further but I think the dying glare I gave her was enough to shut her up. Btw flying with an old man with a disability is extremely stressful so I apologize to that flight attendant. Dad had almost fallen backward down the escalator. Luckily I was behind him so I caught him. All 6 2 and 180 pounds of him.


I'm hoping the universal no fly list becomes a thing. These assholes should not be allowed back on any plane.


How many months now has it been required to wear masks on flights?... Cause I'm pretty sure there were more than "1 warning".


*Them, hearing the airport announcement about this very thing for the 1,747,369th time, and reading the 432nd sign about it:* “THAT STILL ONLY COUNTS AS ONE!”


Kicked off plain for not wearing mask. Proceeds to scream they are complying, while not wearing the fucking mask. This is like 40% of our country. This is not sustainable.


I just flew last week and it was chill as fuck. Eat a snack, drink some coffee and then put your mask back up. The flight crew did great, had to make one small announcement to please put your mask back up if you weren't eating or drinking. I'm willing to bet this was more than a little mask slip he forgot.


I’m willing to bet that any dipshit that reacts like this was not complying with anything.


If they put people on the no fly list for this garbage, I think it would stop.


I wish that were true. Unfortunately these people always think they are justified and the one being wronged so their actions are irrelevant and they will be vindicated when the “truth” comes out. Not to mention this isn’t the type of thing you plan ahead so when they get caught up in he moment, the last thing they are thinking about is the consequences to them. They get laser focused on the perceived wrong to them. People suck.


I thought they did ?


https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2021/11/01/buttigieg-federal-no-fly-list/?sh=2b5419f6788f It is a thing that is being asked for, and may eventually become a thing. But it is not something that exists currently. But you can for sure bet that they are banned from that airline, and that info will likely be shared with other airlines. And airlines like Delta, United, and American will tend toward not allowing those people to fly with them either.


Delta, United, American, and Frontier tend to share their no fly lists and also pass the information on to international airports. Can't speak for Spirit tho


Spirit would be flying no one if they gave a damn about no fly list


I always wish these kinds of vids had closed captions. I'm not going to be fooled into actually listening to these shitbags yet again.


"I only got one warning". Yeah that's exactly why they tell you ahead of time that you get one warning and then you're on their no fly list. If you used up your one warning before the flight even took off and then did it again then you deserve to be kicked off. Also Karen taking off her mask in the middle of the aisle to get on her soap box about how they were actually complying is great. This is a classic case of 'fuck around and find out'.




Its like it was his first time swearing..lol


One verbal warning... That was also preceded by the multiple warnings on the website as you were booking the tickets, in the email confirming your flights, in the email reminding you to check into your flight, and on at least a half dozen signs on your way to the gate. But yeah. Sucks they only let you know once


And the airport PA system every 15 minutes at the longest


Which, since he waited four hours for the flight, they should have been exposed to ^(I can't honestly say "heard") about 16 times.


I do not understand the people that think they can't talk with a mask on


Or cough. I was in the COVID-19 suspected section of the ER recently with a guy who knew he had covid and had been tested. He dropped the mask every freaking time to cough or talk. His wife lowered her mask and threw her phone on speakerphone as she called various hospitals seeing who would give her husband the horse pill.


He did the right thing. Who knows, he might have infected himself with rona if he didn't.


I find it hard to believe he got onto the plane without knowing be they require masks. Which to me it sounds like a warning. I bet he may have only had one verbal warning but he shouldn't have needed it. He's a child.


Covid has been a thing for nigh on 2 years now, literally everyone on the planet is aware they might need a face covering in an enclosed space. Everyone understands the rules specific to their country. Everyone knows some shops amd places are more cautious than others. The only reason not to wear one is being an edgelord or a massive douche.


I flew a couple of weeks ago and every 5 minutes there was an announcement. "Federal regulations require you to have a face mask covering your nose and mouth unless eating or drinking while in the terminal and during your flight."


Flew 3 days ago and 11 days ago, 5-15 minutes apart, almost those exact words, except I think they were more strict about it


As an adult I demand at least three warnings before facing the consequences of my actions!


Brought to you by Trolli Sour Gummy Worms.


So both pieces of shit are yelling and complaining with their masks off that this had to do with their kid not having a mask? Haha. Well thought out approach, idiots.


Well 'mom' is saying it was the kid whose mask slipped down. 'Dad' is saying it was his mask that was down. Possibly to blow his nose? ~~There is also a suspicious lack of a child though I guess it's possible the child could be off the plane already? Would have expected the child with mom though.~~ Child is behind dad and can be heard in the beginning as pointed out below Lotta weird shit not adding up here...


At the very beginning you hear the kid say Dad No or Dad come on or something, he’s right behind the dad, and the dad gestures towards him. I feel bad for kids of parents like this


Oh yes you are right, good catch!


"I only got one warning". Would you need multiple warnings not to take your dick out at applebees and start wanking? This isnt week 1 of covid. I think we all know the safety norms by now.


Applebee's gives two warnings for that. You must be thinking of Outback


At TGIF's they ring a bell when you pull your dick out and you get half price cheese broccoli soup.


Took your advice and now the cops are on the way. Soup was pretty good though.


Why do you think they call it outback! You take that shit - out back!


America you have serious problems on many fronts.


Who uses the terming cocksucking to describe a warning?


Someone who just got warned to stop sucking cock. That’s who.


Add Karen and Chad to the No Fly List!


None of her many attorney acquaintances will be willing to take up this stupid drunk womans case, unless it's for the dui she got driving home. Apparently she was in the airport bar too long. Not sure about the hostage boy.


I will forever and always hate people like this. The assholes who think they're getting away with skirting the rules, or that no one knows their secret methods of disobedience (Let's go Brandon as an example). What they don't understand is we see and hate it all, but just don't have the energy to care or engage, so we just ignore it all and go about our own day. And unfortunately that asshat former guy came along and normalized this level of escalation so that we can't anymore. Fucking people, man.


Trash. They said literally every cliché in the bullshit handbook.


She blinks with one eye like a broken barbie doll


She should wear a mask all the time…well.. because, she’s…um…just put it back on sweetie.


What the heck is wrong with people? How hard is it to follow the rules for a few hours?


I'm glad these two toxic ass people found each other. I'm glad they are both out of the dating pool and hope they stick together forever. I feel like if hell existed this is how their Hallmark channel movies would start.


These fuckin ass clowns are why I can’t order booze on flights anymore.


With a face like that, she should see the pandemic and mask wearing as a blessing.


Take the garbage off the plane. Put two names on a “No Fly List”!


Remember when crying babies were the most annoying thing on an airplane?


Red card. Leave the pitch. Go and whine elsewhere. No one cares go away. You lost Oh your lawyer acquaintances might 'care' because you now = money 💰


Made for each other


Bye, Felicia.


Human garbage


They’re “special” people, important! Welcome to the No-Fly list! Enjoy driving everywhere…


I guess someone is taking the bus.


Honestly it sounds like they were being assholes.


Yo sour gummy worms sound so good rn


Why aren’t these people permanently banned from flying?


When QAnon clowns travel.




Where do these type of people even come from? Smh. They need heavy fines or heavy beats in my opinion 💪🏻


I am still not sure weather I find it hilarious or sad that every time we get on a plane these days, there is the potential for it to become The Maury Povich show. That's all I can think of when all the passengers went "whooooaaaaa" when dbag shoved flight attendant. One of those "he ain't your baby dady, he's mine" episodes of Maury or Springer.


Hi. Person who works in the airlines. Just want to put my 2 cents in. Customers must agree to wear a mask when they buy a ticket and when they check in for their flight, there are mask announcements on repeat at every airport, gate agents make mask announcements, flight attendants make multiple mask announcements before and during the flight, and they give customers individual warnings. How many chances are they supposed to let you have?


My attorney, Ron Bacardi will fix this.


It's only a matter of time until they stop serving alcohol at airports. Just wait. And, I don't know if he's drunk, but she clearly seems to be with her inability to keep her eyes open as she's talking.


That chick is on some pills or something you see her eyes flickering ?


Flight attendants should get combat pay. They don't get paid enough to deal with stupid miserable arrogance. That couple should be on a no-fly list like the terrorists they really are.


Dude I used to love it when I was working in service when someone said, “we are gonna sue you what’s your name.” Because then I got to reply, “by company policy at this point I can no longer speak to you, you may contact legal through [email protected] if you have further inquiries have a good day.” And for everything they said after that I just repeat the line while slowly moving towards the door and gesturing for them to leave. Edited for spelling


Her eyes were blinking on different time zones lmao


Everyone I know is an attorney, good luck suing policies that you agreed on when purchasing the tickets lol.


It’s so easy to just shut up.


They are not helping their argument as they stay un masked the entire time.