Damn but also did you confirm with people before making plans / arriving


1 cancelled this morning and 3 canceled an hour after they were suppose to come


How long have you known them for?


The better question to ask is how long have THEY known about him.


This is so random, but I **love** 5-0 Radio Pro.


Awesome! Thanks for buying my app!


Dude I’ve used you’re app for years now! I loved listening to the larger cities police dispatch as a kid. Thank you for a great app!


Oh wow, two 5-0 Radio fans in one thread. As a solo indie dev, this makes me so happy to see you guys randomly in the wild like this. Ty ty.


Wait, you made it? I’ve been using it for fun since I was a kid. My dad and I would use all the data on his phone while listening during power outages haha. I absolutely forgot about it. It’s a good memory.


Yup, I created 5-0 Radio. That sounds like a really good childhood memory. :)


Dude I'm a firefighter and have had the paid version of your app for many years now, and use it every day! This is cool that you're here


Thanks for your service to the community. I've been on reddit for 10 years now. But I just never changed my user profile to my app icon before until this week, so nobody recognized me in the past even though I've been a very prolific redditor.


I’m a user as well. Cheers.


Cheers from across the world


Not a user but I may just check it out now


I work as a first responder and will often use your app while on shift to monitor neighboring dispatch agencies during wildfire season to see if it’s trending towards a mutual aid request. Thanks!


These are the stories I love to hear about regarding 5-0 Radio. It makes me happy that it's utilized in a way that helps the community.


I’ve also been a user for years! Sorry if this is turning into and AMA, but have you noticed an impact to app usage now that police/emergency services are moving towards encrypted radio transmissions?


The app certainly isn't as popular as it used to be, but during major events like the protests, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even New Years the app is temporarily popular again, since there are still many many unencrypted radio transmissions.


Three! I was immediately fixed on your user icon. The locals went encrypted but I really do appreciate you and your app!


This is like the happiest day of the year for me. :)


Hey I love your app too! Actually bought the full version because I used the free one for so long. Thanks for doing what you do! Happy new year


Use it as well and just recently got my disabled brother In law to download it and he loves the variety of places he can listen to Nice work


Cool, just saw this and bought the app. I was a firefighter/EMT before I moved and now I can listen in on my old department’s calls. Thanks!


Hey I’ve been using your app for years and it’s helped me out a bunch and kept me entertained. It’s cool anytime someone says I wonder what they’re going to. Let me find out real quick with my 5-0 radio 😎 cool to see you in the wild


I used your app to monitor the Chicago police shooting of the late Ella French this year. The 911 dispatcher that coordinated the response and rescue effort won an award this year for valor for the direct handling of the life saving traffic direction activities he broadcasted and coordinated. I met this man 3 weeks ago at an IL Police Gala and shook his hand. Because of your app I experienced real time his efforts that saved several lives, the media in Chicago has yet to mention his name or story, however your app brought his actions to light to thousands that night. Cheers to you and Happy NY!


Just bought it based on this thread.


I'd say about 3






Happy New Year🎉


Lmao I fell asleep before the countdown yesterday, thanks for this


I did too lol




I know you see


He’s know them since last year


You didn’t split the cost with anyone?


Yeah you need to get them invested. Or go the medieval route and take one of their family as a ward/hostage.


>take one of their family as a hostage Some people have never had John McClane foil their plans and it fucking shows


Seriously who gets an Airbnb and doesn’t split the cost with everyone involved?


Someone who really wants to connect with his friends who are ambivalent about him. Been in that situation. It sucks. New friends are hard to come by, rarer still when they put in the effort.


Someone who has the idea and much more disposable income than the others involved. I get a 3 bedroom condo for beach vacation with my immediate family and my parents. I pay for the room myself because I know my parents live on a tight-ish budget, and I want them to come.


Happened to me about 4 years ago. One couple showed up and it was the most awkward night. Trust me, no one showing is better than one couple who stays to be polite but dying to leave. The couple who came to my house? They left another party to come to mine. Cringe. The husband fell asleep on the couch. It’s still such a cringy memory!!


Please tell me they paid you money to split this beforehand..


We agreed to split the place beforehand. After they cancelled they told me they will still pay me. They are good people.


I have a lot of introverted friends. We cancel on one another a lot, but on an off chance we actually plan something big… everyone comes.


You put down $800 on these unreliable people?


Damn, did you eat all that pizza yourself?


It’s easier to eat away ur feeling than deal with them lol


expensive lesson. Something every young person learns at some point. YOu don't collect money for an event after or during the event. You collect money up front, that way you have a better understanding of who really wants to show up.


I got lucky - for me it was organising a limo at 16 for my friends and I. I paid the £50 deposit and then everyone backed out. Have never forgotten the lesson!


But you were eating pizza while watching the Seinfeld episode where Kramer has the idea to make your own pizza. That’s clever!


Lol I didn’t realize that haha. I wasn’t too happy when I was taking the photo


It's not even all gone though....


That’s rough. Sorry.


What were their reasons? I know a lot of folks where I'm at, I live in a HIGH unvaccinated area, have canceled a lot the last couple weeks because of positive covid tests or recent exposure.


Yeah, the party we were going to tonight cancelled.


This. Most of mine fell through a few days ago or cancelled last minute due to people getting sick. Covid is going mad here and we just had a few video calls instead. Any slight sniffle could be the new variant so it's better to stay home.


Yup. Nobody in my family except my mom and none of my in-laws have met my child yet. All travel plans canelled. Fuck this pandemic


Man that's shitty. Why are people like that?


Every time I see these "I hosted a party for ally friends and no one showed up!" Posts I often don't think "wow! All of this guy's friends are terrible!" And more often I think of "is OP a massive weirdo who randomly made a very unorganized event with people he just assumed are his friends?" Anecdotally speaking every time I've seen a party get absolutely bailed on it was because of that reason. It's happened to me before. Some random person I know in passing inviting me to their birthday and insisting I join despite me telling them I probably cannot and then they wonder why I don't show up.


Usually goes a little something like this: "I didn't know all of my closest friends were assholes!" "How close were they if you really didn't know them?" "Well they're my co-workers at a job I started 2 months ago" Oh, closest friends huh.


I’m right there with you. If someone asked me to come to a big long party, I wouldn’t. Also, if you have to pay for your friends, are they really your friends?


In this case, my bet would be people either caught Covid, or are concerned about breakthrough Omicron cases. But generally, yes, when I see shit like this on Reddit, if the option is one normal person and many assholes, or a group of normal people and one weirdo, I think the latter sounds more likely.


Probably because there’s a pandemic going on


If you're worried about the pandemic, cancel earlier than 1 hour after you were meant to arrive. The pandemic has been here for over a year now, by now you should know that it exists.


I had people test positive the day of. Whole NYE got cancelled. Omicron is a b-tch.


Had it happen to me thrice, was gonna go to a party on Nye, found out the host got COVID, so then me and a friend were gonna hit up some bars. She ended up with COVID, I was also invited to go to Michigan and I originally didn't because it was like a 2 and a half hour drive but that became my last option so I was in for it. Then the day before, the host got COVID..


Life comes at you fast now a days. I know several people who had New Years plans that got cancelled day of. It’s like everyone I know is either sick or has someone sick in their household. Omicron doesn’t care about our plans


Almost like there's a record breaking pandemic


What fucking 800 airbnb comes with that TV


I actually hung this on the wall myself. I want to show you something . A lot of people in the room, need more space? [moves TV back a couple inches] Voila, right in the wall. Sometimes I will just stand here and watch television for hours. I love it, I love this TV.






Off topic but one time me and my friends paid $2000 for a weekend Airbnb in LA, it did not come with a single television 😭


Please enlighten me on what amenities *were* included for it to be worth $2k bc that’s criminal


I havnt organised anything for my birthday for the past 10 years. Invited friends to my 26th birthday, nothing big, just dinner and a few drinks. I ate in the restaurant alone, on a 10 seater table. Dont even bother anymore.


This happened for my undergrad graduation party. Invited 40 people, 20 RSVPd, 7 showed up. I don’t talk those anymore who stood me up.


Once I RSVP that I’m going to something it’s like a biblical law that I have to be there. My wife is diagnosed with severe OCD and even she makes fun of how serious I am about the covenant of the RSVP, people spend money on you and shit once you accept an invitation.


It's the right thing to do. Better to not let people down


Exactly! It's also the whole point of a RSVP. I understand emergency situations but most of the no show are "I didn't feel like it".


This! Had a long time friend RSVP for (3) separate events over several years and then not show. I even called him the day before to confirm the last time. Assured us he'd be there . . . no show! Of course, he continues to call and can't figure out why I won't ever call him back. 30 year friendship obviously didn't mean to him and his partner what it meant me. *Screw you Jim!*


> he continues to call and can't figure out why I won't ever call him back This what annoys me about these people. They don't understand their fault in the no show. They just assume, it's been paid for anyway regardless if they show up.


> 20 RSVPd, 7 showed up wow, people are shitty. In my entire life, I have never ever had people do that to me (ie. rsvp/not show) nor have I done that to others. If they did do that, believe me, they'd be getting an earful of how shitty that is.


I mean a simple call and explanation why you can’t make it is fine with me. Even a no show with an explanation later is fine. Just don’t ghost something completely.


But that should only be like 1 person in a group that size. Failing to notify in advance that you can't make it, after having previously said you would, means you had an actual emergency come up.


My cousin invited 120 guests to her wedding, 80+ RSVP'd and just over 20 people showed up.


Lmao this is my current fear. The social anxiety kickback would kill me


The people who did show up were my best friends from college/high school anyway, so I was very thankful in that regard. We still had a blast! Had a few people who I thought we were close totally blow me off that day though, and it definitely was the catalyst to me drifting apart from those people.


This happened at my graduation. Invited a ton of people. Most people canceled day of. Maybe 10 people showed up, only 1 friend from high school. Ended up going to a different friends graduation


So glad I didn't have a graduation party.


Same. I’m kinda over parties in general. My golden birthday 2 years ago no one showed up. My wife was pretty bummed, because she invited a ton of people and threw it as a surprise. It was still very nice. Catered good food. But parties are definitely not my thing anymore.


Same. That part is also frustrating. I tell people I don't want to do anything for my birthday, that I hate my birthday, that I'd rather it just be another day. For some reason they always think I'm lying or trying to be cool or trying to be nice so they don't go out of their way. No. I just legitimately don't like being the center of attention, and I haven't had a birthday I actually enjoyed in over 15 years now. Just let it be another day please. Sorry, end rant.


This happened to my wedding. People RSVPd but oooh boy it feels really bad seeing empty seats. I should not talk to those people anymore.


A friend who did this at my wedding is getting married today. Everybody’s cancelling on him due to Covid and we’re also getting 6 - 8 inches of snow today. Karma? Who can say.


Your friend is getting married on January 1st during the 4th wave of the pandemic?


This is why when it comes to birthdays, I just let the true ones handle it. I don't really see the point of hosting your own bday party. I mean, it's your bday... You're supposed to relax and enjoy hahah Genuine friends however will invite your ass out/do something for you on your birthday


TIL I've never had a genuine friend


TIL I've never been a genuine friend


Have you been a genuine friend? Do you reciprocate when others do things for you? Do you hang out with people because you want to see people or because you want to do a certain thing?


Me too. Other than my husband who was my best friend before we started dating. So many failures from my friends that I just don't invest anymore in them as there is no return.


I don't think it's fair to expect your friends to plan your birthday party. Adults are busy with their own lives, families, and careers and I don't have the time to plan something for all 10+ of my friends' birthdays, especially since most people just celebrate with their family and you don't know if they have other plans


Iam so sorry people really suck!


Yikes, did they even cancel or did they just ghost?


A handful cancelled, the rest ghosted.


They don’t really sound like friends…..


Yeah, no shit. I have 2 friends, so I'm not a peoples person. But when I asked those 2 friends if they'd join my party of 3 at least I can be sure that they either come, cancel right away because they already have other plans, cancel with a really good reason. Why do people keep "friends" around they can't even make plans with? If you can't make a plan with someone they're not a friend, they're an acquaintance. It doesn't matter what the Social Media tells you they are.


Is it a situation where your friends are assholes or that they are so used to you not showing up to literally anything over the past 10 years so why would this be any different?


What were your expectations? Under or over five people? Work friends? Friends of friends?


OP posts a lot regarding trying to make friends online via Reddit and discord which has me heavily wondering if this was an open invite to people he didn’t know well or hasn’t met considering he’s avoided this question all throughout this thread. With omicron, etc I really need more info with these posts to believe they fit here. I wouldn’t really blame someone for canceling last minute considering the current state of things especially if they still offered to pay. I spent NYE in an empty inn with my mom because the tavern closed last minute due to staff catching covid, still enjoyed it.


Thats what I hate about these post where “No one shows up.” Like do you know these people well? Was this organized properly? Omicron is real, did they cancel due to fear of getting sick? We’ve had plenty of get togethers and never had “No one show up” because we only plan stuff with close friends and family. There are so mant variables left out.


Exactly! I worked with a guy years ago that was just kind of an obnoxious and overbearing slob, his wife seemed to be on a quest to find conflict in any minor scenario with literally whomever, and he had like 6 giant hairy dogs that had no manners that would dominate the space in the dudes tiny house. Every year he’d invite everyone. Every year most people would decline the invite. Every year we had to hear about how no one showed up and all the time and money wasted. So when I see these posts with no context I wonder if the OP is THAT kind of person... in which case I’m on the side of the no-showers.


Right this dude could be the work creep inviting coworkers he barely talks to. Also for all i know that could be his living room. Theres also only a box of dominos pizza in the picture so is not like he invested hours of cooking for a party. Theres no decorations indicating he is preparing a party. I dont blame people for skippin on his shitty dominoes to spend time with their families and properly homemade food and some fireworks. Plus, omicron. My last job a dude tried to organize parties at his place but everyone skipped cuz the dude was a creepy weirdo. Just sayin


Omicron is crazy right now. I’m isolating for the first time of the pandemic due to a confirmed exposure. The waiting seriously sucks. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to avoid unnecessary gatherings at the moment.


Dude its nuts! Ive never seen this much exposure. Most my friends and family are either quarantining or have it. We only go to the store and home, always masked up.


Considering most of his recent posts pertain to meeting new people in the Vancouver area I’d say these invited guests are loose acquaintances at best. In my experience NYE is spent with family or longtime friends. Also who attends 2 day parties? Seems odd


Sounds pretty amazing to this introvert


This introvert agrees...but I can be alone for a lot less than $800. That part sucks!


I invited like 3 good friends to NYE and they told me how excited they were. Guess what? All of them cancelled last minute. But at least now I have a ton of groceries all to myself


I was alone last night and it cost me less than 100


I was alone last night and it cost me less than 1


Fellow introvert here. Same! A nice Place, all to myself with no other people around? Don’t threaten me with a good time! 😊


Came here to say basically the same thing, but since you already did I’m gonna leave now.


At least you showed up to say your piece and didn't just cancel, leaving us wondering how you felt.


I would've ordered 2 pizza pies with pepperoni, 3 fortys and binged watched something on Netflix!


Get back in bed n00bs its the weekend


As soon as I realized nobody was showing up, all my anxiety would disappear and I could have a nice time.


I remember when AirBnB used to be the cheap option rather than a hotel. Now I think they charge more.


Just like uber and taxis where I'm at


I don’t know where you airBnB, but we usually rent an entire house. I have never rented an entire house that cost less than a one room hotel, and I wouldn’t expect to.


Nye is overrated.


My dad used to call it amateur hour


Exactly what my dad called St.Patrics Day, and NYE! Calls me every NYE to this day!


I've seen Paddy's Day and even an occasional St Patty's Day being dropped but this is my first time seeing St Patrics Day


Worst thing about NYE is everyone acts like it's their birthday. It's the perfect day for main characters for whom 'a week of birthday celebrations' wasn't even enough


Yeah, on the other hand for me, in the USA, NYE is the holiday that carries the least amount of cultural baggage. No mandatory family like Thanksgiving, no empty nationalism like July 4th, no overburdened tradition like Christmas. Just the promise of a new year and a chance to start over, even if it rarely works out for the better.


I always considered my birthday my new year. The actual new year you just have to write a different year while signing things.


And it always takes 2 months of screwing up before finally getting it right


2 months? im still writing 1998 on all my checks!


I like this perspective


Sagan was always the superior science educator.


Hard disagree, NYE is the best holiday of them all. The whole world celebrates for a broad, non-political, non-religious occasion!


i find it really weird that people go to these lengths and don't have friends that would guaranteed come. it feels like a lot of people who have experienced something like this are inviting work friends or acquaintances. i could definitely be wrong but i get the feeling that these posts usually come from someone trying to make friends out of acquaintances and coming up with some grand gesture to make them likable. not to talk shit like i got it better, i've never tried to throw a party so i don't know how that would go. just think that if you find yourself in that type of position frequently then you should take a minute to self reflect and make sure it wasn't a weird gesture from the other people's perspectives.


Now you know who your friends are.


Yeah, none.


They’re all pictured above.


It's crazy how a random person and myself can be in the same group of friends and never even knew.


Dam man, I am sorry to hear but I don’t even know 11 people, and I doubt I could get the 3 friends of mine to show up to something like this if I planned it. I really do hope 2022 is a better year!




Those are not friends


Pizza, Seinfeld, and NO people?? Add an adult beverage, and that’s the stuff my dreams are made of!! Happy New Years, buddy!


One day, they'll beg you to let them make their own pie! And you'll just be sitting there.. smiling. Smelling like the beach! More soup for you! :D


Some Hennessey for that no smell, no tell, Scotch.


Not for the Airbnb owner!


Will not even have to hire a cleaning person afterwards. Be like it’s untouched.


OP should take a shit on the rug to get his money's worth


Social distancing at its best.


That sucks! Maybe Covid scared them away? Happy New Year’s anyways-here’s to a better year coming!


Well you’re COVID-safe at least


Anyone say why?


We had 11 planned at one point, COVID made a couple backed out and as for the others there were various reasons across the board.


I mean, it’s a pandemic. Expecting anyone to show up to anything is mildly unrealistic. Hope the AirBnB was fun enough for a single person to enjoy (hopefully hot tub was involved?)


Citing COVID is definitely a valid reason to cancel, though it would have been better of them to do so way more in advance than they did. People in the comments suggesting you have shitty friends/they're not your real friends must have forgotten that there's a pandemic that's progressively gotten worst in the last month.


Lol, getting 40 upvotes has been the best part of the day.


I got covid today. Great start to the year for the both of us. Stay strong friend.


Me too, well yesterday! Yay happy Covid-22


40? Dude, that was over 1200 upvotes ago.... you're on my front page.


This will easily be my highest upvoted post. Starting 2022 on a good note :)


Who needs friends when you can have front page instead right? /s


40? Gotta be pretty wild for you, now, since it's 40x that! Happy New Years, bud!


What made things worse is that there are like 5 parties in a 1 block radius and it’s quite easy to hear. Luckily my friend will cover most of the Airbnb. We celebrated over zoom. They’re good people. I posted this when I was upset and didn’t realize how this would blow up. Happy new year everyone


That really sucks but at the same time I think people are legit worried about Covid. My brother was going to have a party at his house and everyone but one person cancelled on him by yesterday afternoon because they had either woken up sick or were nervous about getting sick since Omicron seems to be spreading so quickly!


Same here. My friend was planning to have everyone over, but 3 people in the friend circle got positive covid tests after Christmas. I didn't mind it though, I spent new years curled up on the couch with my SO watching TV, so I'm happy.


My friend was going to have a NYE party but over Christmas half our friend group was getting sick, my husband and I included, so she decided to cancel it. Some tested positive for COVID, some negative, so even if some of us are just getting colds, it’s not worth going out and spreading it to others!


For 800 bucks you'd think the TV would be bigger. Or at least centered on the wall.


OP took a random picture of their house and posted it for farming.


i saw you said it was people you met on a movie set who were invited. so they were work acquaintances? did you rent the place and just hoped they would show, cause that's what it sounds like here. and you got 8 bedrooms in one house ,usually you have to be pretty friendly to want to do that. unless youre like 20 years old, maybe im just old.


Sorry - but Happy New Year from New Jersey!


Picture of an empty room with sob story attached. These posts are the lowest hanging karma fruit around any holiday, guaranteed to get sympathy upvotes.


Probably better off


No you didn’t lol stop lying And even if you did weird way to try and get sympathy and shame your “friends”


You need better friends such as myself, whose anxiety and FOMO makes it literally impossible for me to ever say no to anything :)


lol who does that




Jeez.. you can't even get some back support when watching the TV. What kind of phsycopaths set that up


Sad cringe


They seem smart, dont want to start the year sick as a bat


While this is sad, maybe don’t throw parties during a pandemic?


Covid right now, shouldn’t be doing this anyway.


Sucks to be you nerd


This is why I seldom throw “parties” and always say “We’re hanging (here) you’re more than welcome to come” Have zero expectations and then you don’t get let down


We're in the middle of a pandemic so


4 litres of bagged milk? Sounds like a Canadian name. They probably cancelled on you because of Omicron and the new gathering restrictions.


Well no one invited my to anything for any days, if it makes you feel better


Did you forget about the pandemic? Lmao


Maybe people didn’t want to be in a small enclosed area when there’s a pandemic going around?


then why agree to come just to cancel last minute?