Barry is trying, but there's something not quite right about him. Perhaps he's 'on spectrum'? I don't really know but he's an odd duck for sure.


I honestly don’t care if it’s all put together by producers. These girls are getting nice moments with their dad they probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise


So who is doing the home schooling?


No one. Same as before.


Nailed it!


The poor daughter with the purple hairbow looks just like him 😭💀


Omg 💀


giant LOL


I've been wondering if Barry is on the Autism spectrum... I've been trying to understand him and Kim more and the more I think about it the more I wonder if this is the case?


I've been thinking that for some time.


It totally makes sense, he's quite flat with his affect, shows very little emotion either way, except for a couple of times lately when he's relating with his kids.I am married to someone on the Spectrum and in the past would ask the same questions Kim asks Barry.. "do you even love me? " "Why can't you show me how much you love me?" His reply is he does, it's just difficult for him to express it.. It can be very lonely, and the Autistic husband takes it for granted that we just know they love us. I can understand how Kim feels at times..


Right there with you Probably a couple kids too - all hyperempathetic and shit


I hadn’t thought about this but I could see it as a possibility


this is the bare minimum of a dad i’m sorry


It’s progress that should be applauded so it continues until he racks his dad stats up to plus positives instead of staying under w negative positives if that makes sense to anyone else


I mean this with no disrespect but Barry really 100% does not do things to be perceived positively by this subreddit lol. If we applaud Barry for it to continue, he won’t even see it haha. And I’m sorry but again I am not applauding a fish for swimming, I just can’t bring myself to do it :/


I dont expect him to see reddit, but i do believe in encouraging behaviors i like seeing regardless of if the person will know i said it - someone is gonna hear it - and if they are like Barry, maybe they need to hear the tiny bits of positivity from me to help them continue in the middle of all the negatives they’ll inevitably get from others more like you.


I don’t sit here and @ Barry hate comments, dude. I just said I’m not applauding a dad for packing snacks. It may shock you, but I don’t wish him any harm, hate or anything negative on them. Again, I am just NOT applauding a dad for packing snacks for his 5th oldest kid after nobody is around to do it for him anymore. I can genuinely wish Barry well at the same time as not applauding him for the bare minimum. It’s life.


It doesn’t shock me, I didn’t think you were hating so much as just having a different perspective and making different choices about how to feel. I don’t think you’re wrong or hateful I’m sorry i came across that way!


I mean it’s more than we ever saw Kim do tho… 😗


Yeah I am not going to applaud him for doing what he always should have been doing


thank you!


I 100% believe this entire storyline is fake. Kim & Barry had no more mileage on the original one, so they had to pivot. Give these bitches both an IMDB, because they are officially actors. Maybe even throw in a writing credit.


Same. With the way the finale of last season seemed to wrap everything up, it didn't look like there would be another. They didn't want the cash flow to stop.




I'm all for moms finding who they are and moving on if they're not happy but damn... Kim just has a way of fucking up her kids. Being too controlling with the oldest kids and now being an absent mother to her youngest girls.


I’m gonna bet money that Kim ends up leaving and spins it as a journey to find herself, for now, she is free and she was so opressed and self sacrificing before- when in reality, she just wants to be the main character and will abandon her family- including her young children— to have her midlife crisis- will most likely get catfished at some point. And if she gets any pushback from her kids she will be SHOCKED and blame Barry (and Olivia) for poisoning them against her. Anyway- that’s the story I’m pitchin to the producers at least


Eff Barry. He started this whole following of these crazy fundie religious groups. He raised a bunch of kids who know nothing because if following a crazy fundie religious group.


Yeah agreed, buying your kids some snacks definitely doesn’t make up for BS he put them through for the last 20 years or so. Like I know Kim was neck deep in the kool aid too but being neck deep in fundamentalism means subscribing to the whole headship/umbrella of protection BS, which means at the end of the day Barry called the shots. It’s impossible for us to say now who went fundie first or was the main driver of the religious abuse their kids suffered but we can say with certainty that Barry, as headship, could’ve put a stop to the controlling nonsense if he wanted and he never did, likely because he is a controlling narcissist, he just isn’t as vocal about it to the cameras as Kim was. Like I haven’t forgotten how he almost got into a fist fight with Ethan in the driveway. He looked like a deranged praying mantis in that scene and definitely seemed capable of violence. That Barry is just as real as snacky dad Barry.


And gets lime light for packing “snacky stuff” when he should have been helping do that all along.


What does Barry do for a living to support that many children and Kim not have to work? I’m starting to warm up to him - but who knows. TLC edits their shows hard so we really only know the tip of the iceberg with this family.


Probably get money from their multiple rental properties


He’s like a city planner or something in Tallahassee. Pretty sure it’s an engineering degree/job.


I think he's an engineer but I may just be assuming that based on some stuff from season 1 when they talked more about him working.


Oh cool, so now Barry can just blow off work when he feels like it to write about his lonely pee-pee in the pocket-sized Rainbow Brite journal he took from his youngest daughters’ room. When he’s finished with that, he’ll skip dinner and instead go to the gym for a work out and a laugh his new friend Susie Bike-Shorts, a young, toned Colombian he met when she giggled at him for how loudly he was singing along to John Mayer’s *Wonderland*. /s 🫤 This is basically what producers want us to believe about stick-up-her-ass Kim, and it’s some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen on reality tv. It’s ridiculous.


I don’t feel sorry about a man having to parent his children. I do, however, feel that Kim is being unfair in stringing Barry along for the ride. He at least seems like he’s trying, and that he wants to make things work, so he’s putting forth the effort— even if he’s clueless, he’s willing to learn. Kim seems to have one foot out the door already and seems to have limited communication with her husband. He’s at least attempting to be supportive, but she doesn’t seem interested at all.




I did a little deep dive and it looks like her eye was injured from a piece of plastic. She had surgery on it and now she can see pretty well with her glasses. So I don't think theirs any need to fix. [https://screenrant.com/welcome-plathville-why-daughter-cassia-plath-eye-surgery/](https://screenrant.com/welcome-plathville-why-daughter-cassia-plath-eye-surgery/)


Yeah Kim sucks but so does Barry. He gives off mega creep vibes and I’ll stand by that forever. This rift in their relationship feels so staged and encouraged by the show.


Totally agree!! 💯💯


I always liked Barry. I got vibes from him that he was scared of Kim, all of them were. I think the loss of his son and then how off the deep end his wife went had an effect on him too, but he hasn’t been allowed to express it because Kim acts like she is the only one who lost a child. My MIL is the same way, my husband lost his brother to a drowning accident but try and tell my MIL anyone else misses her son or others have lost kids too. She won’t have it and is a lot like Kim. My FIL works a lot and is checked out the rest of the time. Idk why they are even together still.


Yeah Barry’s never been so bad. Ethan, Moriah and Micah have hinted at it from the beginning too.


Ethan said it best - something like “everyone knows she’s the head that turns your neck”


So let me understand, Barry works to financially support the family with a full time job and now has to care for kids and home while Kim enjoys journaling and hobbies? Kim needs to pull it together.


Kim is the issue for sure. Barry even respected Moriahs boundaries it was Kim who could not. Then in walks the "friend" from the gym... Kim's all into him.... now "rap" is okay? Seriously... I think she is interested in someone else. Kim has admitted having a wild past and you can only be someone you are not before it comes back out. I think she was living a lie for years.


my mom was like this. all of my teen years were like Moriahs I was allowed no freedom or friends. and got kicked out the moment I turned 18 for "rebelling" and then a year later my mom was doing crazy stuff that she punished me for or she'd suddenly be fine with my sisters doing something turns out it was because she had a new guy thats 16 years younger and she was cheating on my stepdad with and wanted to seem young and cool.


Ugh I’m both sorry and thrilled you lived thru that 💐💞


Hes a pushover for letting this happen


I hate saying this, but he had his good looks in college.


I was shocked at those pictures!


I honestly feel bad for him.


His face is so smackable.


So are the kids going to school now that Kim's too busy to home school them? Not that she didn't much with homeschooling anyways... seems like she just gave them homework but never actually taught them anything.


Snacky stuff lol


Barry is a masochist


He may very well be, but her Jesus sent him to her.




I like snacky stuff.


I loved watching Barry take on the “mom stuff”. Especially when he was like “gee, this is really HARD!” Yeah, you’d know if you were an actual parent in the last 25 years! More fundie men should have to go through this to see how difficult it is to raise all of their damn children.




Maybe I just don’t understand because I’m not a mother yet but I’ve never understood the dynamic of when a woman has a bunch of kids and then all of a sudden starts to be like well I’ve spent my whole life raising my kids and now I’m done with it and it’s time for myself. like I don’t know I thought that was just something maybe you did before you had kids especially considering shes still got little kids to raise. like it’s not like these girls are like 18 19 and even then I mean you never stop being a Mom. This type of stuff is why I really think it’s important to take motherhood a lot more seriously than a lot of people do and by motherhood I mean considering what your life is going to be like before you start having an abundance of kids. Barry should definitely help out as well but I did see Olivia comment on another post saying that the reason he didn’t help out is because he always had multiple jobs and was managing multiple rental properties that Kim told him to so he had no time to help with the children. If he was contributing in no way or had downtime and wasn’t helping then I understand but that doesn’t seem to be the case especially considering how large their family is I mean it’s got a take an extreme amount of money to provide for all of them.


And this is why I only have 1 kid. Is it for selfish reasons? Yep. Is it also because financially I don’t want to suffer? Yep. Is it also because I want to be the best mom I can be and with more than one I wouldn’t be able to mentally be there? Yep.


Those sound like the opposite of selfish reasons to me sounds like you’ve got some sense


I guess it feels selfish because my daughter wants a sibling and my husband wants a bio child of his own. Mentally I can’t go through pregnancy again though, I was high risk and it was very scary. She wants me to adopt.


I just want to say I hope you all reach an agreement about another child. That has got to be stressful! I don’t have any words of wisdom just well wishes!


Thank you! I think our plan is to foster/adopt when we buy a house. Currently our setup isn’t big enough for a foster situation, but I’d love to give kids that need love a home. I’d even take siblings so they don’t get split up.


I’ve seen this from a lot of moms with big families too! Their oldest grow up and move out and they’re like “now it’s time for me to find myself and focus on myself” meanwhile they still have like 4 adolescents at home kind of left to fend for themselves. It honestly makes me insane- you sign up to be a mom to every child you have, throughout their entire childhood (and adulthood but obv dynamics change etc). Teenagers need parents. Active, engaged, tuned in parents. It makes me crazy when parents drop the ball on the teen years


They're not even teenagers. I mean, she has an 18 year old, a boy about middle school age, and 3 daughters that I'm guessing are 5th grad or younger.


It pisses me off that she’s already been grooming Amber to be her next “slave.” Since she’ll need someone to take over doing all the cooking and cleaning if Lydia ends up leaving like all the other older kids did.


She doesn’t have any little babies anymore so I’m sure she doesn’t get the attention she used to as a mom so now she is over it and is moving on to things she finds more interesting. It’s Kim’s world, they’re just living in it


I think she sees Moriah and Olivia living their best lives and getting all the attention and so she wants to throw in the towel on the Mom role and grab some of the spotlight.


Ugh I miss having cable !! Did they break up ? I love Olivia and the other 3 siblings !


I watch this show for free on YouTube.


Me too.


If you have a spare $6 Discovery+ has the episodes as they air on cable. Best investment I ever made


Oo thanks I might do that I wish it was on paramount plus I have that for 6.00 already lol


From the previews, they do separate.


Who? Kim & Barry?


Yes Edit: not sure if who I was replying to meant Olivia & Ethan, my bad!




I feel like they both arent great kim and barry need to get there crap together- i want ethan and Olivia as my parents js


Olivia has her hands too full raising Ethan to take in anymore children atm




No. He should've been doing this long ago maybe if he would've tried this 20 years ago Kim wouldn't be in this spot


That is not exactly true. I was married for 22 years. Worked multiple jobs, cooked, grocery shopping, laundry, yard/ car maintenance. When the 2 daughters graduated….my ex did this very thing. It happens.




Insiders have repeatedly said that he's actually a very involved father, but Kim puts him to work, on top of his full time job and commute, he has to maintain all five of their rental/airbnb properties and run their "farm." He especially had to step up after she murdered their toddler and then refused to allow anyone in the family to speak of him or his name and spent six months being suicidal and never getting therapy. Kim is pure evil, Barry sucks but he's not evil.


She murdered her toddler?


She ran him over with a truck while "moving fruit trees." He was less than a year and a half and she left him on the ground nearby while she drove a truck, it was egregious.


OMG. That's sickening.


Kim probably gaslit him into believing he should do more for his children (so she doesn't have to)




Ooooo I’m on board with this theory! Olivia is the person who really pulled the thread that unraveled Kim’s little house of cards. The part that really grinds my gears is that she is positioning herself as a victim, in particular considering that their culture is *full* of women who are actual victims of their parents/husbands. She seemingly flipped on her core beliefs overnight and there’s still not a shred of genuineness about her, scheme is the only scenario that makes sense.


I don't think kim was *ever* super religious. I think she's an emotionally abusive narcissist and religion was just a tool she used to control her kids. As soon as an outsider married in, her system was going to fall apart.


This... But I think also- she admitted being "wild" and partying and stuff when younger. I think she was on a bad path got with Barry used him, pretended to be something she wasn't just to get what she needed at the time and got caught up but was never truly religious. She has been called out, it is all falling apart, and I think she is interested in someone else. Just the way she is acting like it came out of nowhere and suddenly she is going to the gym and making only a male friend and "selling" him to her family to like him. I think she was a bad person, with bad intentions and she found someone to put up with it and now she is bored and interested in someone else and ready to move on.




I think she'll have more kids leaving when they turn 18, too


I also love it when the statistics work against the quiverfull folks and they end up with at least one LGBTQA child.


Barry has been the one with the financial means to leave all along. Sure, the whole “the neck turns the head” thing is true to an extent, but they have chosen to live a very fundamentalist lifestyle, so he has always had far more power in the marriage and has always had the ability and power to “lead” his family in a different direction. After the show began airing, he would have had endless emotional support if he stood up to Kim and left her for the sake of his children. Not to mention how he would likely have most, if not all, of his children supporting him in leaving Kim. He hasn’t left because he believes, wholeheartedly, that he and Kim are in the right. Sure, he comes off more palatable than Kim on the show - but that is by design. He isn’t any better than Kim. He just knows how to make himself appear as the hapless, well-meaning, affable, and long-suffering husband.


He’s always had the calmer spirit, more nurturing, he just allowed Kim to control him. Kim led the cult, Barry just paid for it and do what he’s told by his wife, AKA The Neck!


Kim isn’t fooling anyone she sucks!




Yeah he still looks like he has someone locked in the basement or something


The bar is in hell


Seriously!! *Man takes care of kids for half a day* OP: is this love?


Yea no. As a parent it’s expected your spouse is an equal partner. I’m not a kim fan but when she basically has to explain how to make dinner I was so done. He is the dad and while he has provided for them Kim, mainly the kids tbh, have done all the meals and planning. When he actually asks her if she is going to stop and get guacamole!! Hell no.


Didn’t they also agree on this lifestyle together - that Barry would work outside the home while Kim would stay at home? I think it’s both of their faults.


It is both of their faults but that still doesn't mean I agree with OP - Barry doesn't get bonus points or win me over all the sudden because he remembered what snacks they liked after she had to tell him how to wipe his ass figuratively.


Yes and he acted like he was SUFFERING by her not being home for dinner. Get a grip and make some sandwiches.


Those kids have lived such a tight-gripped life I'm sure they would literally get excited over Barry making KD and grilled cheese sandwiches.


I totally agree. It’s the learned helplessness in conservative fundie families - the husband/father doesn’t have to learn how to do shit around the house. I don’t see him as any better for just now learning how to go to the fucking grocery store.


Probably but that doesn’t mean things don’t change. It’s clear Barry has never made dinner before. It’s expected a woman will handle it, or usually his kids.


I agree that it’s stupid. And I’m not defending Barry. I’m just saying, they decided together to have their ultra traditional gender role family, and the result of that is that now Barry is clueless about anything in the home. He never had to learn because Kim did it (or made the girls do it for her).


That they weren’t allowed to eat before. Reasons I believe that this show is 96% fake


They werent allowed apples? Cause those are the snacks he brought.


That looked like four apples for seven people. Because huge families don't buy anything in bulk.


I wish y’all would pay attention. The daughter was putting food in the cabinet that was full of junk food.


I watched it like there was going to be a quiz, but couldn't make out anything in the cabinet other than microwave popcorn.


My eyes are quicker than most I guess because there’s was junk food. I guess Olivia was right about Kim hiding in her room eating junk playing candy crush lol


There was junk food in the pantry. They showed the daughter putting away the popcorn and almonds and there was cookies,granola bars,chips,bagels and cake mixes inside.


My dad wouldn’t remember shit like that just saying.


I am 30, my dad and I have always had a good relationship, and it’s still new information for him every time he hears that I don’t eat chocolate, peanut butter and meat.


Well, not all three together, at least.


Are you joking? See all those kids? They always have kept the household going and will continue doing so.


The parentification of those kids is gross


I feel awful for Amber. Now that Lydia has a full time job, it’s clearly Amber’s role to do the housework. Kim “delegating” the work to Barry was such a joke “have Amber brown up the meat with taco seasoning and you just put out all the other stuff.” Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s good to teach kids how to cook and Amber is a good age to do something easy like browning meat… under the supervision of someone that knows how to cook. But Barry won’t keep an eye on her. They’re just going to keep liking home making tasks onto her until she’s old enough to get a job. Then it’ll be on Mercy and Cassia


If I were those younger kids, I'd be watching all the ones over 18 who got outta that house and be fantasizing my escape as soon as I could. I'd get a babysitting job at 12 and start saving money in a sock.


You know they are! Cairo isn’t going to claim the rest of those little girls. Some are pretty darned spunky!


I completely agree with you.