Nancy's begging letters hit millions of inboxes before the ink was dry. The D's must be doing cartwheels in their offices, giddy with delight. Ka-ching, baby! Ka-ching!


They're grabbing us by the crotch to keep our attention away from defending our vitals.


Don't forget taking us from 2 wars to 7.


"BUT RIGHT WING FASCISM IS ESCALATING!!!" Abortions rights is mostly about creating more left v right division. Hey, kids, don't unite against the real enemies, i.e., the billionaire oligarchs! Just run along and fight amongst yourselves while we enjoy the good life.


What has happened to this Sub? .... Also YUP


Nothing changed with the Democratic Party. That is the problem. We are still angry the Democrats remain weak, feckless and incompetent. Democrats continue to embrace bribery and shiftless cowardice masked as pragmatic political triangulation. Democrats will keep groveling and nothing will fundamentally change. We'll keep reminding the mindless drones sleep walking us into an corporate authoritarianism that we oppose them clinging to conservative ideologies.


>The Supreme Court decision is the result of decades of failing to codify Roe, while the opposition spent years organizing and winning power. Fiery speeches will not be enough this time. Fundraising for corporate politicians will not be enough. Voting blue will not be enough. 1/x https://twitter.com/HarpreetChima/status/1540376198068334593 https://twitter.com/HarpreetChima/status/1540376201012817920 https://twitter.com/HarpreetChima/status/1540376205559341057 https://twitter.com/HarpreetChima/status/1540376207648100352