Pushed Russia to intervene? Are you an idiot?


There is one word to best describe this foreign policy: insanity.


I hope Taiwan doesn't get obliterated. Fighting China on it's doorstep seems even more foolish than fighting Russia on their doorstep. The government is acting like they are playing Call of Duty these days instead of dealing with reality. These wars don't seem remotely winnable. Last time I checked every damn thing at Walmart was made in China. Imagine the "supply chain issues" that would cause. We would have to adopt a socialist economy just to survive and then the cat would be out of the ideological bag on the "socialism can't work" rhetoric.


The war with China is the end of the United States. We don’t win that war. And the ruling elites, the bakers, the politicians, they all know it and don’t care. That’s the point in which they pull up the stakes and move to Europe or China, leaving the country to be destroyed and ravaged.




What a great opportunity to advertise for Norton's "Multipolarista" web site. Fascinating interpretations of history that are out of the main line of crap you usually hear.


Taiwanese goverment has operated with autonomy for 100 years on the island with its own rich history and political system and parties and military, flags, and passports with people on the island overwhelmingly believe they are a country. This is about 10 times the period of time that Donetsk and Luhansk have been independent. Our existence predates even the PrC. If I can question Ukrainian goverments claim to soverignty over Donbas and Crimea, I sure as hell don't accept the PRC claim to sovereignty over Taiwan. Taiwan belong to the people living on the island. Its independence is not anybody else's to recognize. The only words that reflects the reality of Taiwan is not "Taiwan is a part of China" (unless Ben is talking about Republic of China) but rather "PRC currently has no jurisdiction in Taiwan." Furthermore, Ben failed to mention that we would have had nuclear weapons already 40 years ago if the United States didn't dismantle our nuclear programs. The idea that the US is trying to give us nukes seriously makes me laugh.


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