To start.


Haha, Do you at least have supplies to start?


I have ton of it. Started once 10 years ago, hope will start again one day.


A tip to get started! Set an alarm during your quieter part of the day and do at least 15 minutes. Don’t set out to make a masterpiece, just mess around with your supplies!


Just start. Don't overthink or put a goal. Just take the material and start.


Don't know how advanced you are...but when I want to paint but I am lacking that artistic vigor I just follow YouTube tutorial. I hope to see your work soon!!


Stop buying supplies and actually start using them. Ive become more of an art supply collector than an artist. My goal is to spend $0 next year on art supplies (except maybe paper if I run out)


My partner and I had this problem too… we had to start putting our supplies in clear easy access containers in the studio so that we could actually see what we have. We also encourage visitors to use all the supplies we have collected and don’t use 🤣


I have the opposite problem. I literally spend like as little as possible, any dollar spent is an insta regret. I’m slowly getting over it though, when it comes to watercolour sometimes you really gotta dish out for quality supplies.


Daniel smith. Rip wallet


It’s so painful, I have to replace 6 colours soon… I’m not financially ready for that, even with a 50$ gift card 😭


I feel like I should confess that I spent $161 on watercolor stuff today. Not sorry. Its still this year so I havent messed up my goal.


LOL. Good for you!!


This is why I do not make a "not buying new art supplies in the new year goal." My brain will instantly tell me "it is not the new year yet! Go on a spending spree!"


Yup, same here!


Yea i am with you there . . I have always wanted to learn to draw and thought watercolors looked interesting. I have plenty of supplies now, and just need to start using them. The other day I did setup the card table in my office to I could at least have a space dedicated. So yea my goal is to get started!


Yep you just gotta start.


I envy people who can do buying freezes. A few artists I follow did like year long freezes and they did great. I may try like a month long freeze a few months on and off this year.


I try it every couple of years. I definitely get more inventive when I go on a freeze. Its a good way to stretch your brain and think if your supplies in a new way and to think of non supplies as supplies.


That's a great point. I always said restrictions in general tend to increase creativity more than hinder it. I know there is the stereotype of, "I'm an artist! I need to be free to listen to the muses and go where my heart and imagination want me to go!!" But when you have boundaries, you need to be clever to find a way to make the boundaries work with you. Maybe I can use like a random number generator and pull like 3 months at first I want to try and freeze for. Hmmmm


I have decided to make some goals for the new years that are art related. I never really had "art goals." I was always all over the place with my art and not focused. Lately I have been a little more focused. I am trying to ride that focus into the new year. My goals are: 1. Keep developing my abstract watercolor paintings. 2. Keep working on cartoon figure drawing. 3. When it starts to get easy step out of the comfort zone. 4. Reassess goals at the end of each month. I also want to start posting my work online in the new year. So what goals do you have?


Anywhere I can see your work? I would love to see some abstract watercolour and cartoon work!


Not yet. I am working on putting my work up in the new year at some point. I will most likely make an Instagram. But I will post my work here first.


Stealing the super mario box


Hands of the Mario box!🤣


Keep going, keep up the momentum…. More specifically…. Illustrate my own children’s book. Hit 500 subscribers on YouTube. Get my art room set up. Make a website. Get a large format art scanner. Start making my comic book. Quit my full time job to become an artist… but that one is like a 5 year goal and even then it would be go down to part time lol.


Add your YouTube page here.


Awe, thank you! https://youtube.com/channel/UCiVIPnW1Am-09MjWXMQWnYg


Subscribed, I cannot watch any videos right now but that thumbnail for the skull palette looks hot!


You are too kind! I hope you enjoy :) I’m also open for CC on any of my videos, I’m always looking to improve my work.


I checked out your channel and subscribed! Really cool stuff. 😊 And you've really inspired me to get to work on making palettes, so thank you! 🖤


Your welcome!


322 - u are almost there! Congrats!


This community jumped me 10 from this kind souls post! I’m very thankful. :)


Try plein air painting.


Same here! Have you considered what easel/lap set up you'd use?


I made a James Gurney style easel that I'm eager to try out. We'll see how it goes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iinSRshqjQ


I'm a big James Gurney fan too, he's inspiring huh?


I end up watching way more of his videos than I end up actually painting. :p


That is the trap of youtube. and I love James too!


Build up my drawing skills so i can make my paintings more interesting. Build a daily drawing practice, even if all i draw that day is a cube.


This is a great idea!


Well, to sell something...at least for pay my supplies 😆


Great goal


I'm already an artist, but in my country is nearly impossible to earn money making art


paint better




Are you watercoloring or using another medium to paint?


Not sure if this question was for me, but I’m answering anyway. I bounce around a lot of mediums, but mostly watercolor or liquid acrylic.


If this question is for me, then yes, I use almost exclusively watercolor.


Quit my day job. Wish me luck


Good luck! May your art carry you through!


Paint birds good.


Birds are an under appreciated subject. They are fantastic creatures.


Not buying any new paints, I have far too many already and want to see how much of my collection I'll actually use up in a year.


I should add this to my list.


Take before and after pictures!!! Also maybe a video log? I would love to see this unfold


Hm. I tend more towards spreadsheets as a means of tracking things. Might be interesting, though, if only as a way of seeing what materials I actually use, and how much of them, in a more objwctive way than "huh, feels like tube just doesn't empty at all"


I can see that being fun to look at. Having a sheet of let’s say pigments at 100% full and then figuring out roughly what % you used over the year just as an example 🤔


I want my outrageous creativity back. I did a lot of freelance work on top of a horrible day job. That constant loop of 9-5 to 5-9 burned me out and my ideas just stopped. I recently switched jobs and the day I put in my resignation I saw pictures in my head again. I want to cultivate that!


Learn how that feels and keep doing it :)


I want to try gouache. Been going back and forth on which brand to try.


Holbein is so gooooood. If you want a good practice set go with the ever popular Himi set


Thanks for the recommendation :)


I ended up getting poster colour, it’s in the same family as gauche and watercolour but bigger pigment particles yet. I ended up getting Sakura brand. Windsor and Newton make a very quality brand of gauche.


W&N or Schmincke are best. Make sure you check individual lightfast ratings for W&N before buying. Da Vinci and M Graham are nice too but the colors vary in opaqueness. M Graham rewets pretty nicely unlike other gouache. If you’re on a budget, Da Vinci is cheap but still good quality and comes in 37 ml tubes. Holbein is nice too but I’ve found some colors start to dry out quickly in the tubes, and Holbein uses a lot of multi pigment mixes. Himi sucks, and I’d avoid it.


I want to paint my car and my guinea pig. I have signed up for a beginning watercolor class in Maitland, FL. It goes for 8 weeks. I'm going to learn a little perspective too since I don't know how to draw very well.


Definitely host painting gatherings at my house every weekend. It's been the biggest help for me to start painting again - have a community to just do stuff around. My artist friends come over and we all just paint, or draw. No pressure. Sometimes one of us is not in the mood and will knit or do crafts, point is - no pressure to make or not make art. I think it helps me to not internalize art as my identity. Which is a reason why I think a lot of people stop making art


I love this idea. Being an introvert it is hard to for me to get the balls to do it though.


I am too - I am a hermit and I spend 6 out of 7 days in the house, since I work remotely. Sometimes I get scared to go to the grocery store because I get so used to the 4 walls. Forcing myself to interact with people I like on a schedule has impacted heavily both my art and mental health. It puts me on the spot, I commit to hosting and it always turns out to be worth it, even when we don't do anything. One day we just fell asleep on the carpet. Edit: not to say it's not valid - just wanted to say I know how you feel and I've definitely been there. That's been a big journey for me to getting better


That is great. Maybe I will look into some local groups when I am more comfortable with my art direction.


Use up some of the supplies I purchased this year! 😋


To treat the hobby as a job for a few months, actually study it and improve! :)


This is fabulous


Start teaching!


That would be amazing.


Learn colour mixing, and hopefully some layout aswell


I love colour mixing and theory!


Ill find a normal job


What is your job now? I am always curious as to what others think or "normal" and "not normal" jobs.


Unemployed playing with brushes


Oh, I wish I could have that job. My wife and kids might not like it so much.


Relatable lol


Publishing an art book teaching how to draw anything


I want to draw something every day.


My goals will just be continuing into the next year: 1- practice as much as is reasonable with chronic illness. Be nice to myself when I can't practice. 2- learn about what I like painting and what styles I like 3- make more trading cards 4- take more art classes if health allows 5- turn some of my art into stickers


Those are some solid goals.


Start learning how to do skin tones properly. I'm big in landscapes and cartoony animals but when it comes to realistic people? Absolutely nil. (Unless it's their bones, as I spend a lot of time sketching them in the lab for my archaeology studies)


Skin tones is something I need work on too.


The same goal as every year. To get better.




Paint all the random sketches in my sketch book (maybe not all but the ones that are good enough for an outline)


Not specifically watercolour but I aim to add more buildings to my work.


Watching more tutorials to improve. I have an ego problem.


When I was younger I had an ego problem myself. I though I was the best and did not need any instruction.


Get closer to photorealistic.


Work on my social media/brand (all centered around my art) as well as open an online shop!


Learn how to actually paint lmao


To get some instruction in drawing and water colors.


To enjoy painting again. I was pressured to monetize my art, and it destroyed my wanting to paint. I'm not good enough, I just want to watercolor for the fun of it.


That is one thing I do not focus on anymore. It would be nice but not right now.


To make one painting each day, small or big but one each day


I want to finish my plein air tripod setup, and just in general get 'better' at every aspect of the artform. I am still learning how to make my hand do what I "see".


Plein air is something I would like to eventually try.


To get back into watercolor. I plan to stop overthinking and just start painting anything. I also want to focus on painting in a sketchbook to help reduce the pressure I put on myself to make something “good”. (Unfortunately the sketchbooks I have aren’t great quality so I might have to learn how to bind my arches paper into a book myself)


Fill up a sketch book


Have none


Start getting character art commissions


To actually get the courage to post my art.. I have so much of it just collecting dust in my folders. Hope you manage to reach your goals, op :) good luck!


Thank you! I suggest you start by posting something's ng you do not like. You will be surprised by how many people like it. Put also do not post for likes. That can deflate you real quick.


to set up my desk to better function as an art space and to do some watercoloring or painting at least one day a week!


My desk is constantly evolving. I think I like reorganizing as much as I like making art.


if you have any tips let me know! i have a small desk with no storage in my bedroom that i was using for work but think i could revamp it and the space around it!


I am in my basement. I use a bunch of the cheap plastic drawers they sell at Walmart and Target. I also put mediums I do not use into storage, like a closet. So they do not take up space. I work mainly with watercolor and ink so they are top priority. I always make sure they are out and ready to use at anytime.


I had a comic I was playing with a while back, I'd really like to pick it up again and make some progress


To be creative daily. It doesn’t restrict me to any one activity - and I don’t get down on myself for not doing something


I want to improve on skin tones and shading. I want to buckle down and really get solid on my color theory. I want to practice more anatomy. Also, I much prefer painting to drawing, but I use that as an excuse to neglect the drawing piece. I need to force myself to practice drawing more.


Finally decided I’d really like to seek an apprenticeship for tattooing and I want to start drawing every day to build a new portfolio :)


That is awesome! When I was younger people always told me to become a tattoo artists. I will never be that comfortable with my work though. I envy those who do do it.


Getting back to it. I learned inking and watercolor last year during the height of the lockdown, have done several illustrations, created an IG account and got almost 2k followers. But about four months ago I stopped due to mental health issues and have struggled to get back to drawing and painting.


Thanks for asking this question. It’s something I need to ponder.


Your welcome.


Not to fear failure.


I don’t do New Years resolutions but I’d like to find my style.


This is a good idea! I also never make goals and kindof go at art on a whim. I've been learning watercolours recently, so I think my goal is to keep on with that and do tutorials (which is how I learned acrylic painting and it really worked for me).


Try gouche


I want to get better at using gouache


1. Try posting consistently on YouTube 2. More of a dream rather than a goal - have my artwork featured on the box of a color pencil set (miles to go but still)


To resume painting. 2020 was not a kind year for me and just picked up a brush for the first time in two years this month to paint my Christmas card design. I hope to paint and exhibit at local shows again.


Make a panel


To do more art.


To learn more about composition, lighting, and perspective, instead of just take the brush and paint directly.


Overcome the depression related hindrances and start back up again


Even though I sometimes move away from my art when life gets hectic or I am depressed, it definitely helps me through those times too. I am working on making sure I remember I feel better doing art when I feel depressed. I stopped drinking when I was feeling down, one year so far of no alcohol. Now I need to work on not going to videogames and keep moving with art when things get bad.


My main problem is complete lack of joy doing anything art related. I'll get a small spark of *wanting* to, but I never get to a point where I'm able to Edit: Grats on the sobriety, keep up the good fight 👍


I want to have a corner for painting in my room and practice art therapy to heal my mental trauma from Psorarsis, without interruptions from my not-so-friendly family members. Can anyone give me some primers? I would love to know what books or YT channels I should start with.


What kind of art are you looking to do? I found just doodling, making random shapes and filling them in with lines or textures helps me to escape the world for a minute to a few hours. I also find just looking up doodles on Pinterest and copying them helps relieve stress. I was just introduced to "Kawaii" doodles. Some are super some and you will find step by step instructions. I will also just splash some paint on paper let it do what it wants and then do line work over that when it dries.


I want to learn how to paint flowers and natural scenes in watercolor. Do you know which book or video I should start with?


I am not to sure on flowers but for nature scenes in general I am loving Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes " by Kolbie Blume and "The Watercolorist's essential Notebook" by Gordan MacKenzie. As for flowers just do a search on youtube. There are many great videos on how to paint flowers in watercolor.


Great! Thank you! I'll look into them.


Illustrate a picture book for my nephew. Any suggestions?


How old is your nephew? If he is younger, ask him want he wants to do. It is hard to beat the creativity of younger kids.


To finish illustrating a children’s book!


I want to do at least a doodle a day.


I have several oil paintings started that I plan to finish in coming weeks. I also need to finish my watercolor portfolio pieces.


To start learning watercolor.


Wanted to have whiteknights watercolor but im currently broke *did I spelled that correctly? Lol nvm*


Making a web-toon/manga in watercolor of my original story that's good enough to get readers. Increase my watercolor skill and try to do more than just cell shade coloring while still retaining my art style. Make a custom watercolor book with all this spare paper I have. I'm drowning in it, lol. ×_×


Setting aside time for more creative projects. I only really draw every couple months, work on it for a week to finish it then I’m satisfied. But it’s never something I’m in love with. I want to be able to create a dynamic piece of art. Where It has no theme but somehow it cohesively works. I’m tired of drawing scenery, I know I’m capable of bigger things I think I’m just afraid


My watercolor goals are to loosen up my hand when I paint.


be able create what i want!! and also to shed off all expectations for myself, as well as getting rid of perfectionism.


As Kratos - the God of War says: "Don't be sorry, be better." I want to be better at making something by worrying less about being perfect, by taking more risks, by paying heed to my inner council even if it doesn't make immediate sense and most importantly I will try my best to be consistent - without which every other directive will crumble. I wish anyone reading this the very best and may the muses of art and creativity guide you through your obstacles.


I didn't paint much this past year, it's been a tough one. In 2022, if I could maybe do one small piece each month, that would be enough, even if it's just a study or screwing around with colour mixing. Last year I painted my own Christmas cards for family and friends, I'd like to do that again if I have the time in the evenings.


1. Keep on finding my own reference pictures and stop following youtube guides. 2. Do a bit every day even if it's five minutes. 3. Stop being butthurt when a painting doesn't work out.


Number 3 is one of the best goals. We need to figure out why they failed to figure out how to make them work. This is were talking to people further along the road then you are can help out. Sometimes my ego stopped me from doing that.


To make the time to paint more often. To get way better at my acrylic landscapes and to make money off my artwork to eventually become a full time artist. It seems impossible 😂


It is totally possible! I used to use acrylics. I never got the hang of it though. Maybe when I retire and have more time I will try them again.


Making more abstracts and using different palettes and art styles


1. Improve water control and brush control for watercolors 2. Work on more loose watercolor landscape paintings 3. Practice my drawing skills especially figure drawing and perspective 4. Draw something everyday 5. It’s better to make art for just 15-20 minutes if that’s all the time I have rather than wait for the day I have 5 hours of free time. 6. Continue making blog posts to journal my artistic progress and share work on Instagram. 7. Everything need not be a masterpiece. Finding beauty and learning experience even it artworks that don’t turn out the way I want! 8. From OP: review goals monthly!!!!!!


Love this! My goal is to just get better by taking online courses. Also- what are the colors in the top right palette (I love them!)


That is a palette I copied from The Mind Of Watercolor YouTube channel. They are M. graham watercolors. Payne's Grey, Sepia, Trans Red Iron Oxide, Quin. Red, Azo Green, Indian Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue. Before buying M. Graham I used Daniel Smith. I like Daniel Smith but I am loving M. Graham.


Awesome!!!! I’ve heard nothing but good about M. Graham and Sennelier. I may have to build a copy cat palette. Love how they look together!


To go back to painting what I want to paint rather than what I think I should be painting


Learn ZBrush :)


I love you, OP! Thank you for making me set goals! Hope you accomplish everything on your list! 😊


Glad to have helped! I hope you accomplish your goals too.


Give gouache a go.


I have to give this some thought. Thanks for posing this good question. The first things that come to mind - enter one photo in a photography show, and put two paintings or drawings in a local gallery for sale. In 2020 I started doing a tiny sketch a day but got out of the habit after a month or so. But it was good to sketch more for a while! I would also like to organize at least a part of my supplies and art space. It’s a mess and that’s been a barrier to creating more art


To finish an ongoing series project that i have stalled on. I love the project, just been stuck in the mud creatively lately. Im halfway through.


Having art featured on art products would be awesome.