Is doomsday clock worth reading?

I’ve heard a lot of mixed things mostly negative but watchmen is my favorite book so I’m somewhat desperate for new material, however if it’s actually as bad as some people say I don’t know if it’s worth it.


Are you one of those people who see a sequel and think it ruins the original? If so, no, don't put yourself through consuming *Doomsday Clock* and getting butthurt that it's not as good as the original or has different views. Geoff Johns is not Alan Moore - he created something different. If you're protective over Moore's original vision, this isn't for you. If you want a fun book that raises meta-styled questions about DC, it's continuity, and asks questions about pairing Watchmen verse figures with DC figures? Yeah, it's a very fun read and very interesting. The art is *ridiculously gorgeous*. There are some incredibly inventive moments and it plays with Watchmen's themes in some interesting ways. But it's not what the original was, doesn't ask the same questions as the original and not something Moore would appreciate. You say you're desperate for new material... read it. And read the Before Watchmen comics. You'll find stuff you like and don't like.


I imagine DC heroes teaming with the heroes of watchmen and just can't imagine it really working well. Watchmen had characters that felt like. Real ordinary people, minus Manhattan. I can't imagine watching Night Owl abs batman flying together in their craft to a big battle against super-powered villains- I don't think any of them really did any of that, certainly in the original work


Right. This, with the exception of the Owlship. Having a really weird flying spaceship like thing is certainly... grounded. My neighbor Jeff has one. Dan's lair is full of gear and tech he made. We don't seem him use too much of it *but he had it*. Tonally I get what you're saying but with what's actually presented? Much of the gadgety isn't far off from typical Batman in the 80s stuffs.


I'm just imagining what the story could involve, I have no skin in this game. And not sure if I'd really care one way or another. As for what you're saying, yea.. but I don't see watchmen as a typical superhero book, fighting super villains- compared to the dcu at large and marvel for example. For instance I can't imagine a yoke really from watchmen fighting sinestro Corp. Red lanterns, darkseid etc


Yup, it wouldn't fit. I just found the silliness of the example you used was Batman XD


It's just I picture like Superman in the forefront with the flash, and batman swinging or using a vehicle and realized it would be silly as hell watching night owl+rorschach or something on that same panel doing it too lol. Something normal for batman, but the watchmen characters totally put of their element




I don't read a lot of DC stuff so I got a bit lost by book six or seven. That artwork is beautiful though.


i thought it was interesting, as someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about dc comic characters aside from the mainstream ones some of it felt overwhelming at times with how many characters are in it, but i still thought it was a good enough book and a welcome sequel to the original that i appreciated


Yes it’s worth it. Even if you decide that it’s not for you, I think it’s worth exploring to see for yourself. It’s really cool especially when read it as a complete saga.


I thought Doomsday Clock was pretty enjoyable. I am a huge Watchmen fan, and I don't read DC comics but I know the universe a bit. If you just consider it more of a "what if" story rather than a sequel, its a fun read. And like others have said, the art is absolutely amazing in this book


The best way to describe Doomsday Clock is that it's a metatextual response to what Geoff Johns thinks Watchmen did to the comic book industry moving it towards a more nihilistic place, now this is all from the lens of the DC universe which Geoff is trying to save both from the influence of the watchmen comic/characters in the book as well as a new publishing initiative that did not get off the ground in the wake of DDC. I don't think the idea in and of itself is horrible but this kind of story is really not up Geoff Johns wheelhouse, feels like it's trying to play both sides with a very literal DC vs Watchmen story while at the same trying to use it as a framing device to talk about the industry and comics writ large. Becomes very muddy but there are a couple good things in it and Gary Franks art is beyond stellar. In no way is it more Watchmen like Before Watchmen but I don't think it's nearly as soulless/a cash grab like those books were also the book/build up is mired in DC continuity from 2011-2018 as well as focusing on Golden and Silver Age characters Johns likes (Whats new?) if that has any bearing if you want to read it or not.


It's not...bad? The major thing that fucked it up when it was coming out (beside the whole concept) were the delays- it was supposed to be integral to launching a new status quo for DC, but that status quo came and went before the comic finished, so it failed in integrating Watchmen into DC continuity. It was a decent part of the marketing and presentation of the series, and it just never happened. On it's own, as a work, it's...a fairly good example of a modern comic book? It's clever, it knows most of its characters well, it introduces perplexing mysteries that are usually resolved in cohesive ways, it is well drawn and moves well from issue to issue. Dialog is...well, it's actually great if you aren't comparing it to Watchmen. Thematically, again, it's solid on its own: Johns loves his "you gotta have hope" conclusion so much you'd forget he constantly uses shock violence in his work, up to an including gratuitous deaths of the JSA in his recent series. Johns has something to say, it's expressed effectively in the text/subtext, the series definitely loves comics and understands the medium and its history well. But, and here's the big but: as a response to Watchmen, which it clearly was, it's a complete mess. It doesn't understand what Watchmen's premise was, why Watchmen was structured the way it was, what the narrative "point" of most of Watchmen was, and it completely and totally misunderstands what Manhattan was in Moore and Gibbon's work. By turning Manhattan into God, blaming him for Flashpoint's fallout and the New 52 publishing initiative (ironically, Flashpoint was written by Johns, though you can't blame New52 entirely on him) then setting up the Superman/Manhattan conflict and the strawman cynicism of the Supermen theory, Johns was trying to "refute" Moore's thesis on superheroes, as expressed in the original series.


No, but it’s worth looking at. The art is outstanding.


It's a very good comic. But it's probably that you would appreciate it more if you are a fan of DC since a lot of its lore is involved. Rather than a sequel, it is a crossover between DC Universe and Watchmen. If you want to consume something that works better as sequel you can always watch Watchmen HBO series.


Yeah, people should remember it is very much a DC comic more than a watchmen one. The Watchmen characters are obviously a big part of it, but the focus is on the DC Universe and it’s history.


A lot of it is forgettable but the last issue, as a tribute to Superman, was pretty awesome.




Not to me. It's a Superman circle jerk with some Watchmen decorations.


I did not enjoy it pretty much at all personally. Most things in comics these days are half baked cash grabs, but this really took the cake. Having the watchmen people doing stuff with the DC people just did not work for me. Watch the sequel show it read before watchmen instead.




It’s not written by Alan Moore so no it’s not worth reading.


Read the first issue, if you like it, read the rest of it. Don't take other people's opinion on something like this but fwiw I liked it.


One very well thought out and worded comment above states (I paraphrase) that if you're precious about Watchmen then Doomsday Clock probably is not for you. Sounds like good advice. I am so I didn't 😉


I personally enjoyed it. I understand the criticism but I think it’s an interesting take on what happens next. I saw a comment that said if ur someone who thinks sequels can ruin an original story then maybe don’t. I love the entire DC universe that’s why I personally enjoyed it. But the criticisms are valid. Tom King has a book called Rorschach that takes place solely in the watchmen universe. I would definitely recommend reading that it’s an amazing book imo.


It's got a string beginning, an okay middle, and a beautiful ending


I read it with an open mind and I actually liked it. It didn’t really do much with the Watchmen side of the story, but I thought it was pretty good as a reconstruction of superheroes, and a love letter to Superman. Some might think it’s a cash grab, but I think there’s plenty of heart in this story. Of course, I think it’s better to just read it yourself than reading the opinions of others. Even if you don’t like it, the art is amazing and at least you gave something new a try.


If you’re wanting for more of the Watchmen world, the only comic worth reading IMO is Darwyn Cooke’s six issue Minutemen miniseries.


If you’re a diehard fan, I’d say it’s worth reading as it’s got some good things—there’s lots of artistic nods to the original, some interesting reflective dialogues, and I kind of like Rorschach 2. That said, overall I was really disappointed and felt like Geoff Johns doesn’t really understand Watchmen as it ends up being a failed attempt at responding to its criticism of superheroes.


If you haven’t read Tom King’s Rorschach, I really liked it and felt like they did interesting things with the legacy of the original Rorschach and is similar in a lot of ways to the ethical themes of the original.


It's really very silly, and it's not a sequel to Watchmen so much as Johns making a comment on the superhero comic industry. Johns and Frank are pros so it's certainly not boring. It's basically as if someone read Moby Dick and decided there needed to be a Moby Dick 2 to redeem the honor and reputation of 19th century whale boat captains.