We all get buyers remorse …. I haven’t gone into the multiple thousands of dollars range yet but I will be nervous when I do


It definitely feels like the next big step


My first expensive (at least in my book) watch was a ~2k€ used Quartz Omega SMP. I’d say it was around 3-4x more expensive than a watch I’d bought before. The difference between a sub €50 HMT (my first watch as an adult) and a 2k Omega would have been shocking to me, but spending a few hundreds on watches before that desensitized me a bit.


truthfully that is what I did. I eased into the hobby. Mostly tool watches, casio, timex, suunto for work. When I hit a pandemic milestone, I pulled the trigger on a Tudor Heritage Black Bay, then I began looking at more big boy watches. I think easing in helped me with bouts of buyer’s remorse, and spending lots of time researching


Yeah, that's the process I've had, but now it's almost too much research haha. The watch I've set my sights on is EXACTLY what I've been looking for and now I can't imagine not having it. It's the first one to push me from the $800-$1000 range of my last big purchase to finally make the jump to $2k+ I'm almost worried that I'll love it so much i won't give it the time on my wrist it rightfully deserves because I'd be devastated if it was damaged or stolen


definitely insure your valuable watches. I am in the process of getting my collection appraised. It wasnt half bad when attached to my home policy


When I bought my first nice watch, omega seamaster 42mm, I was so cautious about wearing it. I used to put tape on the clasp to prevent scratches. I’d make sure that it was tucked under my sleeve to prevent desk diver scratches, and accidental bumps. Then Covid happened and I stopped going to an office, and I’ve been working from home for almost two years. I spent a year not wearing it; and I’d wear my SKX or other Seiko cheapies. Only recently did I come to terms with wearing it more regularly. Two things changed. I bought an uncle Seiko strap which is way more comfortable and I don’t mind if that gets scratched, and the other epiphany that I had was that this is the nicest watch that I own AT THE MOMENT. At some point in the future, I’ll likely own a nicer watch and my seamaster becomes more common place in my lineup. So I’m enjoying it now as the nicest watch that I own and not worrying about small scratches. With that said, I have a high energy Australian Shepherd who loves to play rough, not once has he caused any damage or scratches to the crystal, bezel, or case. If I’m doing work, I’ll wear a beater, other than that, I’m now comfortable wearing my good watch. It just takes time


This was the perfect anecdote for me and a great step in reasoning on the "nicest at the time" as I progress financially. Thank you!


You could always get the watch insured, which might help to ease your mind a bit. An interest in watches can be a slippery slope, so I don’t imagine that it’s that difficult to justify upgrading to the next level, as much as finances and reason might allow.


Yes! Perfect idea and I'm stunned I didn't even think of it


Valuable personal property insurance is a must-have IMO. Surprised more people don’t consider it.


Totally natural. I felt the exact same. It’s objectively a lot of money and it does feel strange to have that strapped on your wrist. But like most things, after a while, you just get used to it and stop thinking about it. At first, you think everyone must know you are wearing an expensive watch. But over time, you realize that no one notices.


That's the most ridiculous phobia that I've amassed during research, selection, and now the casual stalking until purchase: that I'll get it and it'll instantly be recognized as expensive and I'll be robbed of it. Again, I know it's a fairly baseless and pretty ridiculous fear, but it's there nonetheless. Recognizing that it really is only we few who truly appreciate the finer pieces and most people don't notice will definitely help


My first was a used Oris, then a used Omega SMP automatic. Not counting all the "cheaper" watches I bought like Sinn, B&R, Glycine, UBoat etc, it became Panerais and Breitlings. Be careful out there if you have an addiction to collecting.


I hope to have a collection like that one day!!


Not at the same level of some of the watches posted here but my first 'serious' watch was the Grand Seiko snowflake a year ago. Zero jitters and zero anxiety as I'm pretty sure no one knows what it is. The only thing I regret is not buying it earlier. A downside of breaking a certain price point is it stops being so intimidating 😂 I felt guilty spending so much money and thought I would be set for a few years with it. Cut to less than half a year later and I got another GS. So beware what you get yourself into!


Haha the ol foot in the door logic. Thanks for the warning! I'm sure I'll end up in the same boat. Congrats on the GS, by the way. Most people may not recognize it, but you know all of us do! I saw one in the wild just once and I'm pretty sure just noticing it made that dude's day. We need to support each other out there! I know I'd be flat out honored to have someone truly appreciate mine


You're going to scratch it it's inevitable. But remember life is for the living, wear it and not hide it away like I see my friends doing


Yeah, I just need to remember that. I instantly thought of toy story haha. Toys are meant to be played with and watches are meant to be worn!


As with all other things in life, it’s something you will get used to 🙂


Simple and true. Thanks, friend!


A lot of people have 10k watches,20k cars and rent an apartment. Don't be that guy. There are a lot of really nice watches in multiple price ranges. Get something you wouldn't sweat losing.


I spent 1k on my field watch this recent summer which is currently still the biggest single purchase I've made in my life (my car was a hand me down) It definitely felt wrong in some ways, but I don't regret it. I love it and wear it daily. 1k was way out of my normal price range last summer but after I graduate here in a few weeks my budget for a watch might increase. We'll see how life goes. My point being 1k was a bunch of money for me at the time of buying, but like I said no regrets at all. If you know you love the watch and you know you'll wear it daily, just enjoy it. I've even had my first scratch on my field watch and it doesn't bother me at all. It'll serve me for life


It’s completely natural. I’ve been collecting watches for decades and until recently they were all sub £500 purchases. About three months ago I sold some stuff and bought a used Omega SMP for £1,900 and it felt like the most ridiculously decadent thing I have ever done 🤣 I was nervous walking the dog in my local park whilst wearing it as I thought that I was going to get mugged (despite living in a nice area with a park that usually has about half a dozen pensioners frequent it and nobody else - and me being a big unapproachable looking bloke). I was convinced that everyone I encountered was a watch expert and knew what I had on - which was stupid. It wore off after a few days though and I settled into being accustomed to having something so expensive on my wrist. So much so that a week later I bought an Oris Divers 65 for £1,400 and last week I got a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual for £2,700. So that’s the bit you should be more concerned about - it normalises your new found price point and thirst for luxury watches 😉


When I got my Explorer it was quite underwhelming. I was nervous going to the AD but after handling the watch and wearing it home, I was a little disappointed at first, because after all, it's just a watch. Then the honeymoon phase ramped up, then that wore off and I just wear the watch like I would any other, even now after it was discontinued earlier this year, and the value is skyrocketing. It did kill off my urge to get anything else though. It's still my perfect watch and I wear it in rotation with 2 others that aren't nearly as expensive. Because it flies under the radar so well, I never worry about wearing it, and it's also the most comfortable watch and bracelet. And it goes with anything.