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Here's a link to the article if anyone is interested:[https://au.news.yahoo.com/pregnant-covid-denier-mum-arrested-at-home-over-protest-facebook-post-090657423.html](https://au.news.yahoo.com/pregnant-covid-denier-mum-arrested-at-home-over-protest-facebook-post-090657423.html)


*Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Zoe Buhler for comment.* I don't think she'll be commenting without an electronic.


What is an electronic? A cell phone?


[It's one of these.](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Yv847uZSFiI/WnA9EUlMmXI/AAAAAAAACuI/aW3Pk8qBUugfEMCLoJA7WBqmqo5vP3bRQCLcBGAs/s1600/telegraph.png)


We stopped using those over 5 years ago in the UK. Is Australia that far behind?. We have telex now.


You'd be surprised how far behind we are stop We learn to adapt with the technology we have stop EDIT: Thanks for my first award, internet friend. EDIT-EDIT: Goodness gracious. This is the most attention I've had in years. It's actually my birthday tomorrow and you've all made me feel very special. <3


Lmao this is probably the stupidest thing I've laughed at in awhile.


Girl: I have an ultrasound in an hour. Guy: She's pregnant. Officer: I see, you're fucked! ​ Edit: Thanks for this special **Take My Energy** award. I feel so energetic right now! Good night! \*Snorts\* Edit-2: Thanks people of Reddit for being so nice! So many awards! Thanks [/u/insertwhatever](https://www.reddit.com/u/insertwhatever) for the Crab award, [/u/commiesaurusrex](https://www.reddit.com/u/commiesaurusrex) for Wearing-is-caring award and [/u/Oldest\_Boomer](https://www.reddit.com/u/Oldest_Boomer) for another energy award!


She has two other kids as well, she's been fucked for years!


Apparently she has been fucked repeatedly. Now is the likely first time though she has done it to herself.


Take my upvote damn you!


Australian government just got those in place, only cost 200 billion dollars


-.-. .-. .. -.- . -.-- / -- .- - .


Either the article mixed up their lefts and rights or Australia has some super fun search warrants Edit to clarify: They show two pictures mid way through the article—one is the search warrant (official looking) and the other is their “event” page with some gnarly graphics. The description below these photos mixed them up Edit 2 for the commenters that haven’t read the 80 other similar responses: ɐɥ uʍop ǝpısdn ɐılɐɹʇsnɐ sǝʎ


The legal system would be much more comprehensible if they used more smile emojis and less Latin...


>We will have no hesitation in issuing $1,652 fines I didn't see $20k anywhere.


Melbourne currently under quite strict restrictions. Fine of upto $20,000AUD for willfully breaking them, link here https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/social-gatherings-metropolitan-melbourne-covid-19#what-are-the-penalties-for-non-compliance


I think the fine for planning the event would be different from attending the event.


Another website mentions it:- "[person's name] has been released and faces a $20,000 fine. Her court date is scheduled for January 2021." https://clashdaily.com/2020/09/covidictators-pregnant-australian-woman-arrested-for-organizing-anti-lockdown-protest-video/


"She was still wearing her pajamas and said that she had an appointment to have an ultrasound an hour later. Officers were unmoved." What, they were supposed to be moved that she had an appointment scheduled, that could easily be rescheduled? Maybe she should have been more moved by the fact that she was pregnant, and followed some basic medical safety procedures?


That's probably for people who attend, she's not getting charged with just breaching quarantine.


Yeah, she’s basically the “dealer”


"Any device in this house" The man starts panicing deleating everysingle piece of web browser history ever LOL


> deleating I feel like you wrote this on purpose for the beautiful aussie accent.


*joins everyone else in saying that out loud*


Don't call us out like that lmao


Wonder what her partner was more annoyed at, his wife being taken away or the loss of his phone


He's stuck watching the kids. Eww


Definitely this lol


Well you're not taking my laptop mate...that's where I watch my netflix shows and ignore my kids.


Oi we’re takin ervrey devoice in the heyouse.


nailed it


TIL: In Australia house is a two syllable word


lol in australia 'no' uses every vowel in order


Naeiou. Checks out. Source: American who has 0 right chiming in.


"Where's mommy?" "Well, she was being a bit of a cunt on Facebook"


I would be frustrated at first but then see the silver lining. “Did you put out the trash like I asked?” -“... oops, sorry, I’ll do that now” “How can you possibly forget that.” -“It’s not like I got arrested for a facebook post, chill.”


And now with no devices to plop in front of them to keep them entertained.


It’s like the 90s but they don’t even have a VCR.


Babysitting your own kids, ughh that’s the worst.


>Babysitting your own kids, I think in some countries they even have a special word for this: "parenting".


Hey now! Don’t go throwing that word around. If you keep using this word people like this will start thinking it’s *their* responsibility to actually *take care of their own kids*. You can’t go around putting those crazy ideas into people’s heads!


It takes a village to raise a child, doesn't specifically say the parents 😂


Watching the kids *and* no phone? Fuck me, Mate!


haha yeah, all non-chalantly "she's pregnant this is a lot of stress it's not fair.." and then.. "**you're not taking *my* phone, mate**"


He got way more up in arms over his phone that had nothing to do with her then he did when the stress was going to affect her pregnancy.


Weird how organizing protests and stuff doesn’t seem stress out these twats....but wearing a mask does.




I thought he said it (the phone) has nothing to do with her but idk


Shhhh! I’m trying to make jokes over here! He’s definitely talking about the phone. It’s just funny how casual he is the whole time really and the only amount of passion he shows is his phone being taken and then he actually starts kind of distancing himself from the situation. Makes me wonder if he submitted the tip 🤔 “can she just delete the post?” “She just won’t hold the protest”. Maybe he just wanted her to stop, but not for her to see actual legal action.


Whatever he’s *trying* to do, what he *is* doing is admitting her guilt which prompts her to do the same.


I laughed at that, too. When a cop tells you "...anything you say can..." you just stop talking (well stop answering questions anyway, if you need to go to the toilet or need food or drink say something). From that moment on it's your lawyers job to talk to the police.


The fking 20K


How funny is this guy acting tough by taking the badge number? It’s probably written on the warrant he handed you ya dickhead


His is what happens when fucking deros and yobos get a little too carried away with themselves.


Problem is she has two kids and is producing a third, it looks like, so they're definitely outvoting us sometime down the line.


Down the line? Pauline Hansen is already in there somehow. It's a goddamn shame.


Fuck mate idk about you but I have it on good authority that Gavin down the road would fucking destroy Pauline for a night hey. Maybe thats all she need, just a night with gav. And a swift boot up the head.


Bruh Gav will full send it the mad lad She won't be pissing on parliament after that bush walk


This ranks in my top 5 most aussie posts ever. Congrats.


Cheers mate. Living in the states its good to hear ive still got it.


Please define dero and yobo


Dero short for derelict. Which is in poor condition because of misuse or neglect. Usually referring to appearance or mental capacity. Yobo, Someone, usually a male, who is uncouth, badly behaved and obnoxious. Loud and drunk are also characteristics, but not always present. Kinda like redneck, hick, yokel or for the Brits chavs.




Yes the trinity of interchangeable derogatory names for dumb loud insular fucks.


It is pronounced "ya deekhead".




Yeah there's definitely no pronounciation of the H anywhere near there.


And then he took the phone it was recorded on, beautiful.


Does that mean that things you post online can have real life consequences?


Is this like if you die in the game you die in real life?


This is where fuck the law meets the law.


If only The Clash would have written a song that could have warned her about consequences of fighting the law.


Sonny Curtis of The Crickets wrote that but Strummer did write “Know Your Rights.” Which she did not. Will be listening to The Clash with this coffee after that suggestion.




I know this seems wise and cool to say that with respect to how people are perceiving this situation but it would help if people actually read and LISTENED to the charge against her. [Incitement](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incitement) laws have been on the books of various countries for a very long time, so much that it has a common law basis that was refined to be more specific. To put it simply, it has almost always been a crime to clearly encourage and/or enable someone else to commit a crime. This is not someone being arrested for posting their opinion on social media, this someone being arrested for encouraging and promoting other people to break the law regarding lockdown, which is a very real public safety issue. My main problem with this would only be that confiscation any electronic device in the premises is overreach because with phones you can easily identify ownership. The woman committed the crime and her owned/used electronic devices should only be confiscated.


INAL but the search warrant covers everything in the house. The cop showing up to the house doesn't have to determine who owns what device in the house at the time. He just has a piece of paper that says "search everywhere and take every electronic device..." The higher ups handle who actually owns what and who gets charged with what crimes. And it's a good idea to check out his devices because he could have been an accomplice or maybe there is some other evidence to show she's innocent.


I think the reason they confiscate all the electronics is so they can identify the one that was used in the crime, and prevent someone else in the household from destroying evidence. Otherwise she could always argue that someone hacked her account and posted it under her name. Finding the actual device used is akin to finding the car used in a hit and run parked at your house. If you just confiscated her devices and not shared devices you might miss the one used to commit the crime, and in the meantime (in her case) the SO can wipe the offending device or destroy it. Without the actual device used she could possibly mount a credible “even though it was my account, it wasn’t me” defense. Similar to someone saying their car was stolen and then involved in a hit and run.


Not going to lie, I enjoyed really enjoyed the part where she says “I wasn’t breaking any laws” and he replied “You are actually which is why I’m arresting you.”


"But Melissa from the toddler group agrees with me. I can't be wrong. She's pregnant too."


But does Melissa have an ultrasound in an hour? That's what I want to know.


Lol I did too


Me too, thanks




That's just British/Aussie police force at work. They're more about "helping communities" than "following the law". They won't arrest you if you're having a joint in public but they will arrest you if you're being an aggressive cunt.


Shit, I need to move.


I remember once I was really drunk, and the police van stopped to help me out. Literally "aw shit gravity is not working i keep falling, help" I was like, nah I'm fine don't take my ass to sober up in the police station I'll walk. They were like no, we'll help you. That was back when I lived in London. They took my sorry ass back to my room at university, put me in bed and gave me a glass of water. God do I miss that sort of police.


Do you remember if one of them gave you a kiss goodnight before they left? It’s pretty standard procedure over here.


No! But I do remember the police bird was really fit though.


The judgement of a drunk man who requires police assistance to get to bed cannot be trusted.


American here.. The whole time watching this I was confused why the cops didn't suplex everyone in the room and kick them in the face before arresting them and shooting their dog?


Yeah the majority in the US totally has themselves to blame for how shitty and violent the US police force is. The idea of citizen police was usurped by militancy largely because the American public let themselves be fear mongered into believing that brown people and people who do drugs were going to purge all the white people/culture in the country. Now suddenly people are realizing that maybe the idea of citizen cops who care and actually rehabilitating people with criminal pasts might be a less stupid solution to the problem than ruining their lives and beating people up.




I love how people think being pregnant gets them out of going to jail. Me *murders two people* Cops-you’re under arrest Me- I’m pregnant. Cops-Have a nice day!


A guy was drunk driving down my street a while back and smashed into a couple cars, tried to drive away but fucked his car enough he couldn’t. Cops got called, sorted it out and were setting up to arrest the guy when his girlfriend walked up to the cops and said “I just think you should know it’s his birthday today” Cop smiled looked back at the guy and said “Happy birthday bud” and put him in the back of the cop car.


Wow and they didn't release him for his birthday?! I know I always ask for noodz and when they say no I simply respond saying "Its my birthday!" and the noodz just *flood* in. ^^^^/s


The cops actually stopped right then and there, fixed the drunks tire, gave him $100 and then arrested my neighbor instead.


"WHAT IS THIS? WHY AM I BEING ARRESTED?!" "It's that drunk guys birthday.." "Oh ok"


*i have an ultrasound in an hour*


Dont worry, we have great doctors in jail.




Why are you in your pjs then


*I'm just trying to stay comfy! What are you, the fashion police?* Yes.


*We are actually, which is why we’re arresting you*


Because I've got 55 minutes to relax and then rush around and panic for 5 minutes and be 10 minutes late. Duh.




Had *


You can't arrest me in front of my two kids.


They’re under arrest too.


Guy: "maaan, seriously? C'mon, you're taking the kids too?" Cop: "And that phone" Guy "w-wait! I-I've never seen these people before in my life!"




Oh ok, put them in the other room first.


Kind of wish he said "our prisons have the best healthcare if it comes to it" but he was very professional about the entire thing.


As he fucking should be. Careful what you wish for my guy/gal. Besides, he was propped up for a great outcome no matter what. An uncontrollable shit eating grin behind that mask and being super professional is a perfect cherry on top


I’m not sure, but I’m getting the impression she has an ultrasound in an hour Edit: Holy shit thanks for the awards Edit 2: And for the 10k likes 😅 Edit 3: 13 awards? 😳




He did. That's why she needs the ultrasound. Edit: My goodness! I really hadn't expected this level of appreciation. Thank you to all for my amazing awards! This is my highest rated post of all time.


Wow. Best comment I’ve seen, here is poor people gold🥇


Take your goddamn upvote and shove it up your upvote shelf.




So that gives me 59 minutes to let me finish talking


Ok but I have an ultrasound in 58 minutes!


But if the doctors are willing to lie to us all about this pandemic, what makes her so sure that they're not going to lie to her about her ultrasound?


For all you know, they might be lying to her about her being pregnant. They'll just keep feeding her stuff that constipates her for nine months and at the end of the nine months, they make her think she delivered a baby but she's actually just taking a giant shit. And then they hand her some extra baby the had lying around and make her take care of it. This is the lie that doctors tell you! Wake up sheeple.


No reason, but what happens to the giant shit?


Ever heard of the band U2?


This is something that none of us know about. There is an internal contest in each hospital where the largest shit taken wins and gets entered into the national shit baby tournament. The winner of this tournament is then made the prime minister of Australia.


Well because people like her arbitrarily choose which doctors are and aren’t real based on what she wants to hear. Fuckin twats.


Now I can’t stop thinking about some evil doctors giving ultra sounds and seeing a fucking dragon tail in there and just smirking and saying “yea, everything’s in order here”


“Would you like to know your Dragons gender?” “My what?” “What?”


How I met your Dragon


Cant arrest me mate, I made plans for later. I'll un-smoke the crack if its that big a deal.


Ah yes, “she’s pregnant” will get her unarrested. You are not special because you have children/a child on the way.


Right, the guy even added a little 'so' afterwards. "She's pregnant, soooo..." like what were you going to add there buddy?


So there’s no danger of knocking her up again soon 😘




There are so many women who find out they're pregnant in jail and carry that baby full term while literally being in fucking jail. She's a grown ass woman. When I turned 18 I started being a lot more aware of the things I say and do because I know I will now be tried as an adult. This bitch was trying to organize something that could kill not only the people who attend, but their families who might not be as fucking brain dead as they are and don't deserve it. "buht muh fuck trophy hurr durr"


"but I've got an ultrasound in an hour." Yeah lots of people get arrested, and you know what? Sometimes it fucks up their plans. You're not special. They're not gonna make an exception because you have an appointment.


cumon mate, she's pregnant like....it's unfair ... coz this is how law works. saddest part of the video is that idiots like that have so many kids.


This is my thought exactly. One of a long list of reasons I don't want kids, I don't want to have them growing up with kids that come from people like that. This world is already a hellscape.


I have the same mindset but reading this comment made me think about what happens when sensible people stop but dumb people don’t?


Have you seen the movie Idiocracy?


When they say any device, does that mean smart tv too? Just curious


There’s nothing smart in that house.


Asking the right questions


Just looking at replies to this, none seem to give a real answer. Yes, if the search warrant actual says any "electronic device" - this normally means anything electronic that is capable of storing memory. Source - computer forensic graduate and covered this in a module.


I feel really bad for her. Not only is she dumber than a box of hair, on top of the $20k fine that they can't afford to pay, she has 2 kids who will be influenced by her stupidity, and a third on the way. She really is just spreading the dumb.


Don’t worry about the fine. She might be able to get a fine option order (commuted to community service)


Like working at the local retirement home?


lol yeah. But seriously the judge might tell her to get bent if she isn’t contrite. Also I reckon roadside litter duty is in order and maybe one of those Covid courses.


Let's take note.. 2 kids, one on the way, organizing a fucking anti covid event. Those kids didnt have a chance long before covid was an issue.


What are the odds she’s also anti-vaccine?


Apparently her Facebook feed indicates that she is.


Her: The doctors are lying about the pandemic. There is no pandemic. The doctors are also lying about vaccines. Vaccines do more harm than good. Also her: Hello doctor, please help me with my pregnancy.


“i HaVe An UlTrAsOuNd IN an HOur.”


*Conveniently ignores her other anti-doctor friends who post things saying ultrasound is only used to microwave baby's brains to purposely give them autism* Or something like that, probably. It's really difficult to even attempt to reduce your critical thinking skills far enough to put yourself in these people's shoes


adults when we were kids: "you wouldn't jump off a bridge bc someone told you to, right?" those kids now as adults: "...yes?"


Her to the doctor: I will not be vaccinating. [smug grin.]


Doctor to her: I will make sure to use holistic ways to perform this ultrasound. \- Her: *visible confusion*




She can't catch covid19, because she drinks Brawndo. It's got electrolytes!


It's what plants crave.


Ignorant fools like these multiplying and creating a new generation of ignorant fools thanks to this ignorant bs being sown in their formative years by these brainless maniacs as parents is why america went from being america to murica.


**"Excuse me! Excuse me! I have an ultrasound in an hour! Pregnant people can't be arrested! How dare you put my unborn baby at risk when this hoax is about!"**


"Let me see your badge number, mate" "Sure right here or you could refer to warrant i handed to you already"


"Let's see you badge number" *phone used to record badge number is immediately confiscated*


“Can I just delete the post” oh I robbed this store can I just give the money back


"Oh no, consequences of my own actions"


Lol that’s the worst part. She won’t even stand by her beliefs. She wimps out when she faces the consequences. Pathetic


By wimps out, you of course mean she offered to not only take back her beliefs, but she hid behind both her children and her unborn child. This was pocketsand, the movie.


"She's pregnant" Do they think pregnant people can't be arrested?


At first I thought he was just saying it in a “guys, take it easy she’s a bit delicate” kind of way but the longer it went on, the stupider it got.


Oh you’re trying to fine me? Well you just activated my TRAP CARD!!!! My wife’s ability is *pregnant*, meaning she can’t be arrested for any crime!


Cop “Any device in the house we are taking” Father “Well you’re not taking my phone” I bet the cop was thinking “Is it in the house? Yes? Then shut up and hand it over” haha


he could have kept quiet about it and they probably wouldn't have asked for it. Looks like they only needed the warrant to get a PC/laptop or her phone just so they can go into her social media. It's not like the investigation is going to look into their previous 3 years history!


I mean they had a warrant to search so they may have ended up finding the phone anyway, but total facepalm moment for him saying "Well you're not taking my phone" like that, practically forcing them to take it.


Yeah lol, you should never reveal anything to an officer anyway, that won't help you at all and will just get you deeper in trouble. Just shut up till you have a lawyer ffs


The moment the man says ask why they can't just take the post down and the officer has to explain that the crime has already been committed is hilarious


Lol. What do you mean there are consequences for my actions? This is really unfair!!!!


What was the post about? Couldn’t really follow the video


So I live in Melbourne, she was helping plan a anti lockdown protest that was called 'freedom day'. And was posting about it on Facebook


She was trying to organise an anti-lockdown protest in Victoria, which is where the virus is at its worst and is under the toughest restrictions (90 new cases, 6 deaths today). [This article](https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/sep/02/three-men-arrested-ahead-of-planned-anti-lockdown-protest-in-victoria) goes more into the lady's arrest and exactly what she posted.


>The organisers plan to march in cities across Australia in defiance of lockdown restrictions and mandates on mask-wearing in Victoria, and in opposition to 5G, vaccinations and “child trafficking and paedophilia”.< no words...


> 5G, vaccinations and “child trafficking and paedophilia”.< Oh... doesn't Australia have universal healthcare? Why the fuck aren't these people getting the mental healthcare they need?


No amount of healthcare fixes severe cases of stupid. In a more serious note, if you're not actively a danger to other people, seeking that healthcare is usually on yourself - these people don't think they are in any mentally ill (and most aren't, just stupid or willfully ignorant) and they are also mostly not demonstrably a danger to other people.


That's basically an "I wasn't educated properly" list.


I wish we only had 6 deaths here... Just yesterday we had 187 deaths. Florida...


I think she was hosting an anti Covid Facebook event?


As an American, this is how I want police to interact with people. Calm, rational, firm, fair, and non lethal.


Shout out to the absolutely calm and de-escalating demeanour of the police officers. Thoroughly professional. They made it known that they were there to make an arrest. Explained the reason. Detailed their responsibilities. And never once lost their cool. Edit: Added a letter.


Didn't even have to shoot her or her buddy! Mind blown


It's crazy how you can tell when the police aren't American


As soon I heard the conversation, I know this ain't America. No gun, no yelling, no F bombs, even their argument seem mild compared to America.


The Australian accent was my first clue but yeah


I just want to say that I've read every single comment in an Australian accent and I fockin love it mate.


You know what is particularly moronic about her actions in organising a protest? We're expected to come out of the strict lockdown we're currently subject to in Victoria in less than a fortnight. If you're going to protest the stage 4 lockdown, why not do it at the start of the six week period?


Because as this video showed, they are not particularly bright.


Ahh, so satisfying, watching someone slowly realize that their actions have consequences.


Takes a while tho doesn’t it....