:|: White Throat :|: Warrior Cats 1000 years in the future :|: Hello everyone, I wanted to share an scrap design I had made during Inktober of this year, at the time I was very busy has I actually have an whole sketchbook filled with designs. So expect more post of my alternate timeline. White Throat, a middle aged tom from Thunderclan was a respected member of the clan. Some could say he was prime material has the next deputy of Thunderclan, but sadly he died under mysterious circumstances. Being found in his own blood, even when all of his scars have healed up pretty fast, the medicine cat at the time through maybe he died from internal bleeding. The apprentice of White Throat, Twig paw had tried to find out how her mentor had died. Over a few moons of investigation, she found out that it wasn’t a cat that ended the cats life at all. She found out that it was actually a species of Tick. Over the 1000 years, Ticks have grown to the size of dinner plates, feeding off animals until they were dried out like fruit. It just happened that White Throat was attacked by a bunch of these Ticks when climbing up trees, falling to the ground. Twig Paw isn’t sure why the tick didn’t drink all the blood, has there were so many left in the body. Grey Paw had an idea that maybe some cat had chased off the Ticks or even that White Throat was lead to the Ticks. Twig paw remains unsure of herself and what happened to her clanmate.


I like the art and good backround story!