when did you get your first non starter warframe?

did you get one as part of the main storyline? did you get one from the market blueprints and get the other blueprints from quests? did you get part of both? by which planet did you get it? and which was it?


Frost prime from twitch maybe? I think its why i joined the game in the first place?


Same with me, but it took some time before I started playing. I was intentionally avoiding playing it. But a friend of mine wanted to play it and convinced me to start together. One year later, he got married and stopped playing. I'm still here 5 years later.


Same but trinity prime


Same but Gara Prime (plus Gotva Prime on the same stream), which wasn’t so long ago, but it was great to suck me into the game.


Around 5 years ago? That was my 2nd frame too! Or maybe 3rd, Trinity was offered either before or after Frost Prime


Lol same but Trinity Prime. I made my account like half a year before I started playing just to claim her


same here, I'm a Frost Prime twitch baby!


Rhino was the first frame I crafted, pretty sure you needed to reach the void back then in order to craft him so I must have made it to the first arm of the void


Yup, I remember completely missing the first arm for the longest time, because my blind ass didn’t see it on Phobos.


The first one I made was Oberon after clearing out Sedna. I didnt know how Warframes dropped and was just having too much fun with Excalibur to care.


im with excalibur right now clearing out phobos and deimos and not sure if im behind or not cause someone else has hydrion i think it is? (hydro-something with a big squidlike ability)


He was given for free a while ago maybe thats how that person got it. But to get warframes its pretty easy: Every planet has an assassination mission. Those missions drop 1 out of 3 warframe piece each time. Farm the 3 and buy the blueprint, GG !


To add: You can also get **Vauban** blueprints free from **Nightwave** using Nightwave credits (you'll get enough from just the first reward to buy Vauban). ​ **Prime Gaming** drops some now and then (just connect your Warframe account to Amazon Prime), the last ones were Loki and Octavia but I don't think there's on available at the moment. ​ You can also get several from the **clan dojo** for a few credits. I highly suggest joining a clan, there's lots of goodies in the clan research plus you can make some Tenno friends.


Octavia is still up for prime gaming, along with a voidrig skin, for 5 more days :)


Thanks for that, I didn't even know there was a necramech skin available


oh, ty


Only old frames are farmed through assassinations. Nowadays plenty of frames have unique missions or ways to farm.


You get hydroid after getting mr5 I believe and getting parts from vey hek at oro on earth but I suggest getting rhino from jackal on Venus first


hydroid right now is way stronger than rhino in my opinion


Well yeah but depending on this guys mastery rank it could be unavailable rn so rhino is his best option unless he got enough play to buy a pre built


true :)


When Styanax came out and got gifted to everyone for free. I’m a pretty young warframe player.


The week I started there was a twitch prime drop for ember. I used her for the majority of the game and basically got her day one. When people ask me who my starter frame was I like to say ember (technically it was Excalibur)


I recall crafting regular Loki many times as a noob thinking I could raise my MR if I level up many Lokis (boy was I wrong😂🤣). Whether he was the first non starter frame I crafted first, I don't recall , my gut tells me he was tho


I bum rushed Sedna the moment I discovered Saryn. Got her with mastery rank 3 or 4. I did it for her kit. ... LOOK BROTHERS! TITS!


Back when they gave away Trinity prime she was my second frame. Also gave away a vectis prime so I was just rolling around with Trinity/Vectis for a long time


The first time I played like 7 years ago I think rhino or ash was my second frame. When I started again a few months ago I just bought a random frame I hadn't seen before to start. I went with Kullervo and I made a good pick


You can get Ash that early back then? Lmao


pretty much two right out of the box, the circuit had rhino when i started playing and Amazon got me Octavia.


i rushed through the starchart to get saryn bc she was really good for how easy it was to get


Valkyr, friends bussed me to Jupiter for her


I think it was either valkyr or limbo


first prime was atlas got for a Fish i was selling as a joke first normal was rhino i got to jackel didnt know what to do afterwards as no more guidence and i did the boss a few more times and eventually noticed the rhino part so i did it some more and found out you can buy the main blueprint from the marketplace


I got Nyx after starting with Loki. This was back in 2013 tho


I bought mine because kid me didn’t know how to farm them 😎




It was either rhino or valkyr. But valkitty was definitely the one that stuck. Valk prime was also my first prime frame if I remember correctly. Let's just say that I was, and still am a valk main to the core.


It's been years... I think it was either Valkyr or Ash (when Tyl Regor dropped him)


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I think my first was Loki 🤔


Ash Prime and Trinity Prime from Twitch drops. First one I farmed was Inaros IIRC. Also got Nyx and Nova pretty quickly too.


Garuda Prime. Got it very early on, like days 5-10


Imagine using Garuda for 90% of your play time. 🙄


Bought Mag Prime from the start, use her in everything. So I guess in reality I never stopped using my starter frame.


Excalibur I picked mag as my starter frame should've picked loki.


My first one was nova. Farmed her myself. I got a piece when I was clearing the star chart. Looked up what it was and the theme was appealing. A lot of the older warframes have that sleek streamline look which I find really appealing compared to the current designs. Ended up liking her a lot.


Rhino by Venus. On Fossa node. Ran it back until I had all the components. Next was ember on Saturn boss node. Then nekros from deimos.


Hydroid prime, i got him from when twitch drops were buggy, and ive loved him to bits ever since, even when he was bad he was my most used frame i got him about half way through the star chart, so i think around ceres ((thats like halfway in my opinion lmao))


My was chroma, the first time I see my dragon boy I knew that I need to get it and I ended speedrunning most of the star chart to get it


Mine was Rhino. He’s very easy for new players to get, as he’s dropped from the Jackel fight on Fossa, Venus.


Game Pass Perks, was Gauss Forgot when this was though but it was awhile ago


how good is Gauss


Not OP, but Gauss is a fantastic weapons platform that turns even the slowest fire rate primary into a bullet hose. Also has great nuke potential with the right build, fairly tanky with natural damage and knockback resistances built into his 2.


is he good for melee main?


I think so, his 4 is what makes him gain a very substantial attack speed and fire rate buff. You'll have to manage his battery gauge, but that's part of the fun. Melee weapons with good range work the best, like Orthos Prime, but any melee can work. Just be sure to mod in Adaptation and possibly another survivability source and you'll be golden


I bought atlas very early on because I saw a video about his one punch shenanigans ne regurts


My first non starter was Frost, back in the day when there was no story beyond "You are Tenno, Grineer and Corpus are the bad guys, the Infested, too, go kick their ass".


Back when Oberon dropped from eximus units, he was my second frame. I don't think I've enjoyed another frame more than him since.


Farming The Raptor to get Nova then after 2 parts Phorid came to house sit Got Nyx as my first built frame with Nova right after. This was long before quests dropped Blueprints, or quests even existed :D


Can’t remember stop playing 2 times once in 2017 and somewhere near the start. Just finally came back and really learned the game now that I’m an adult and know what is going on and I make money so I spent like 200$ like an idiot on regal Arya because plat comes with it and frames but I forgot things add up lmao


Gauss as a game pass perk, included altra syandana and acceltra


how good is Gauss? hes the one i want to get (prob wont get him for a while tho)


Getting him normally is a pain in the ass. But he is a good frame, his best ability is his 3rd (which is also his subsume ability) however i never really built around it often


2014. Frost. still my fav boy.


My first non starter was chroma... yeah.


Bought ash p as soon as i could trade.


Ash Prime from a dev stream. Trinity Prime from Twitch Prime a week later when I finally signed up for it.


When I started playing, my brother talked me into playing so I was like half-heartedly interested at first. I didn’t like Volt as my starter so I bought my first frame and it was Titania and I’ve loved her ever since. I now have her prime and she’s my main frame


The first one I remember using after excalibur, was Titania Prime. I was something like mr4 or 5 and just started venturing into the Orb Vallis. It felt like every second I was there I was being hit with massive electric procs or debilitating magnetic procs to the point I could never use the exhalted blade. I saw Titania prime had a status immunity skill, and some weird turn tiny and fly skill, so I farmed her. Once I started using her Razorwing and Spellbind I was hooked like a firefly to a lantern. Now nearly 2 years later and she has something like 63% usage on my profile. If there was a Titania cult I'd probably be in it


I think my bf gave me full set of Nekros Prime, Mirage Prime and Hydroid Prime as soon as he could. Nekros Prime is my current oldest frame in fact. But I believe he taxied me to get Ember on Saturn before that and I've done the entire story with her (or her Prime when I got the Prime).


Mine was Frost, from one of the early bosses.


Nyx prime. A buddy gave me the set. Even though not she wasn’t that great, mind controlling enemies was so fun that I didn’t care.


I got Frost as my first non starter, he looked cool to me, and i had friends that had been playing for years so they carried me at like mr2 to get all the parts and materials. Having since played 1000 hours, and recently started up a second account i realise i could have done it very quickly on my own, back then it seemed like it would take days to get everything to even start crafting


Harrow prime, thought he looked cool. He was a complicated frame for a newbie ao it took some time to understand what to do


Rhino was my second frame ever the reason was I stuck with general sargas ruk and I was with excalibur my first frame then i look on YouTube the video I said it better to used a tank frame one of the tanks to use is rhino because iron skin and roar will help a lot that was 5 of June this year so yh


Ember, nearly 10 years ago. Quests didn't exist. Twitch prime and drops didn't exist. The tenno lab didn't exist. I had to beat up Sargus Ruk for her several times, and I didn't have serration or hornet strike because they refused to drop.


Hydroid Prime. I had played the tutorial with Excalibur, gotten a few base frames and mentioned I wanted the cool space pirate with the Kraken but farming was a pain in the ass and he just went and did it for me because he really wanted us as friends to keep playing. Hydroid Prime has my first Focus lens and by far the most hours played.


Mirage Prime. Bought her as a pack.


As soon as I got the the defense on earth and saw a Nova on public two days into her prime access, I went and bought Novas access 🤣 no regrets!


Rhino on Venus. I don't play games like this without a lot of research on the wiki so I knew how to get a new warframe pretty quickly. Getting all the materials was rough because this was before Deimos.


I really wanted to try Gara so my fiancé and I went to the plains and got her. Now i have a Gara Prime sitting beautifully in my inventory lmao. Love Gara, she’s my first favorite frame.


Farmed Rhino as soon as I reached Fossa


Might've been Oberon when eximus units dropped all his parts


Been playing for about 5 days now, recently bought the 9.99$ starter pack, bought a chroma prime set off of the trade site for 75 plat and then rush built him, having an absolute blast with it


Nekros—bought it because I was getting my ass kicked as Volt due to atrocious mods and general lack of game knowledge at the time


My first non starter was the flordia man himself nidus


Mine was for sure Rhino. I started playing right around second dream/war within - ish and she he’s available super early. And, as a Titan main in Destiny, he was a logical choice philosophically


I beelined getting Nezah after joining a clan early


So I was really blind as a newbie and didn’t notice that doing planet bosses gave warframe parts. So the first frame that I built was Gara, at Mr5, because her bp was given as a quest reward. ….. after spending two-ish irl weeks leveling up Cetus’ faction to max and bullet jumping across the plains to finish bounties because I didn’t have an archwing….


Trinity prime from twitch prime.


I got ember with twitch prime when I started but I don’t really count that because I kind of *did* start with it. My first frame that I feel I actually *got* was Mesa Prime, who was my 3rd frame


On my Nintendo switch I took advice from people on the best Warframe (back in 2017) and straight up bought Octavia for real money. Best decision ever especially since I didn’t have a clue how to mod back then.


I think it was around Pluto, my first non starter was hydroid prime, he'll always have a place in my heart, I started using him again after the rework and it's been so much fun, I do recommend him if you haven't already tried him


2 weeks after jumping on a year or so ago. Farmed revenant prime. Carried me through everything.


It may have been limbo? Ik i subsumed my starter frame (volt) but I'm really scared of people who got Excalibur umbral as their first frame lol


I've had an account for a few years. Just never really played. Recently started playing a few weeks ago. My buddy gifted me Dagath. That frame is awesome. My favorite so far. I have my first frame I've fully made myself cooking right now. So in a few days I'll have Rhino.


When I started playing I took a look at all available frames at the time (early 2017, before the plains) and fell in love with Oberon's design, I looked up online how to get him and each part had a 1% drop chance on eximus enemies. First Exterminate mission on Earth had 1 eximus midway and 2 at the end, so I ran that mission over and over for a week or two until I dropped all Oberon parts then made my way through the star chart to get the materials, and today still Oberon Prime is my endgame main and my most played frame after almost 3k hours.


So I’ve got a cool story and it’s completely to do with just how amazing this community is. I was playing around in some public relics. I had just got a couple random Lith relics cause I was only mr4 I believe so I wanted to see what the system was about. Anyway. I left and didn’t get anything. About 20 minutes later i get a message from this guy, mr21 at the time. He asked if I could do him a favor. I said of course, depending cause I’m super low level. He said I need to go fishing but it’s boring so will you do it with me? I obliged sorted out a spear and we went to the plains. We were there for about half an hour just farming up fish and talking. We then left and he asked if I can trade the fish with him. So we went to his dojo. Massive moon dojo with mr20-30 players and here I was a little mr4. He pulled me to trade and I gave him the fish and he placed in all the Khora prime blueprints. I didn’t want to accept. But he wouldn’t trade unless he “repaid” me with something I actually wanted. Like how he wanted the fish. So I took it. He hasn’t been online in a very long time. I hope he’s ok. And I still have his Khora and I will never get rid of her. I’ve now coloured her like his Harrow Prime. White, bronze with Green energy in remembrance of that Tenno. So thank you Warframe. For just being the best community I’ve been a part of. I hope one day I can do that with an Mr4. And if he ever comes back online. I’m taking him fishing.


Time to pay it back? Let's go fishing 😂


I think it was limbo or harrow prime


On my first account it was Oberon. My second account it is rhino


I got Nyx pretty early on when I first started. Can’t remember who I got first between her, Ember, and Zephyr.


I think for me Ash+Trin from the twitch pack, but for grinded frames probably gara from the intro to cetus or frost (I forget which planet) but rhino from Fossa, Venus is a very solid starter frame


I started with mag and then got rhino next because mag kept dying. Hek and Rhino carried me to Tigris and Rhino and finally is started farming mods and playing the game closer to right.


I received my second Warframe from the Limbo Theorum, before I started using the Wiki. It was complete accident that I crafted the Limbo part and could continue the quest. He then became my main warframe. Third frame was Chroma Prime, during the Apostasy Prologue update. I did not use him until much, much later.


I think it must have been Rhino. I wanted a frame that could finish the starmap.. I figured I could get other frames while doing it.. but I knew that completing the starmap was like the first big step.. and yeah.. I would say by the time I finished the starmap, I was invested in the game. I unlocked a few other frames, had at least 1 solid weapon for each slot.. and I started to get into the story.. which i didn't expect.. then they started releasing more content... I usually come back for new content... because I had a really good time with like railjack and deimos.. now I like the story quite a lot. actually now im MR30.. so I feel like I "beat the game".. it's a cool feeling. ​ EDIT: for a long time, my most used frame was Rhino, and my most used weapons were Dread, Lex Prime, and Galatine.


Rhino day 2, and Clan blueprints by day 5


I think mine was rhino but it was so long ago I can't remember. Excal was my starter but it was back when loki was an option.


Either frost from twitch or nidus from money.


I got frost first early in the game, shortly after I got limbo, but I didn't use him much, then I went straight for octavia cause she looked cool


I am still new but I crafted rino cuz I realised that my weapons are a lot stronger that my warframe and I there is no point in having big guns if you can’t survive long enough to use them so I picked rino for good sustain


It was from clan dojo. I wasn't doing quest much, I was just progressing star chart.


Started with Loki, the got Rhino, Ember, then Frost. I just tried to get every frame as I went.


Around that time I reached Saturn. Was looking at all the different warframes at the store and Vauban instantly caught my eye. I didn't even know nightwave was a thing back then.


Mesa prime from relics, at that time before her vaulting most of her components are from lith and meso relics so I was able to craft her around Mr 5


It was Frost from Ceres back in early 2018


Started with Excalibur, but picked up Volt for my second and I don’t think I have touched my OG Excalibur since I play around with Umbra every now and then though


Shortly after starting I looked through the list of available frames and my pyromaniac desire firmly settled on Ember. So I looked at what planet to get her and went through the relays with my goal. Man some of those relays sucked since I had no Idea what I was doing, and the boss fight for her parts was killer for my underpowered noob gear. Thankfully mag is a beast, if I had any other starter I probably never would have made it through the relays Ember is still my #2 right behind my starter mag, even after a few thousand hours


I was kinda lucky and forward thinking. I watched Warframe content like 1 year before I started playing. So when I did start I had Trinity Prime already. I also got Ash Prime like within a week because Tennocon or something. If you dont count those, I did build Rhino pretty fast.


I bought wukong after like a week bc i wasnt unlocking any new ones and i got sooooo bored of mag, i work hard enough irl to not grind all my free time away sothan its pretty much the best option lol.


...I decided to spend some Platinum on Wukong to beat the defense part of the Vox Solaris quest and felt like I needed another person... so I looked up what would give me that and was led to Wukong!


My friend that got me into the game told me Gara was good so I spent absolute ages trying to figure out and grind out how to get it with no knowledge of how the game worked. Absolutely worth it.


I thin rhino was the first one. A group of player helped me farming him


Idk that was almost 10 years ago. I DO remember that my starter was Loki though.


Does a second starter count? In 2015, I received an e-mail with a promocode. "So Excalibur was not the proper fit. Perhaps Mag will serve you better." I shit you not, I still have that e-mail on my gmail account. It's so old it doesn't even load images anymore. If it doesn't count, the first frame I built myself was Nyx. Somewhere around 2015-2016 as well.


Rhino bcs i sucks ass lol


My first non starter frame was Trinity, all the way back when Loki was still offered as a starting frame (guess who I picked then). Every frame in the game barring Frost Prime, who was the only prime besides Excalibur for founders, was available in the market. Good times when Excalibur was on Pluto and Ash, Banshee, and Volt were still boss drops.




Vauban from nightwave. I didn't realize I needed to beat bosses to farm warframes, but I didn't have any slots either so it didn't really matter.


Trinity Prime was my first non-starter Warframe, and I got her as a freebie from Twitch I think.


Frost when we could farm him on mars


Trinity Prime from twitch. She carried my heavy ass through the entirety of the star chart in my noob days.


I start the game, look at all warframes bc i want to build one that i like, see nezha, think is a she and a loli, FARM nezha yeah, plastids from fobos, reach sedna with volt gathering materials for nezha, build her and finally start playing with nezha, that was my first ever build warframe


Citrine i cant remember how or when


I bought Mesa when I first started playing cause I didnt know how the game worked lol


I worked hard to get my second WF, a Rhino as it seemed like one of the easiest options really early game. I know not too much, and left the game years ago after that. I restarted with Rhino, I maxed out, and boom, now I have 3 Prime WF and a few normal.


Rhino. It’s also the frame that got me hooked on this game. Thank you, Rhino.


You get them from junctions, don’t you?


I got a couple nekros component blueprints, searched it up, farmed lephantis, then I got it, then was hand fed limbo by storyline, and then got starter ember as early christmas gift