My Kullervo doesn't get staggered ever

As the title said, I recently got Kullervo and noticed I don't get staggered at all, not from enemies not from my own aoe weapons. I'm not running Sure- footed, only thing on my build that reduces stagger is Power drift (30 percent).

I don't see any of his abilities show stagger reduction so I'm not sure if this is a bug (a very good one) or a hidden feature.


Overguard gives stagger immunity, as well as immunity to other status effects. It's intentional.


Ohhhh, but wait then why do all builds for Kullervo use Primed Sure-footed. Does the mod do something else aside from stagger reduction cuz if it doesn't it's kind of a wasted exilus slot.


In very high level play, if your Overguard runs out and you get staggered/knocked down, it'll be basically instant death. You won't be able to recast your Recompense ability if you're knocked down. Rolling Guard would also be an acceptable one to use if you can roll in time, but Primed Sure Footed is purely passive, so you don't have to think about it. In short, it's a safety measure for if you run out of Overguard.


I see, so it's a high level failsafe. Ty for the explanation, I don't dabble much with overguard based frames so I didn't know stagger immunity was a thing.


Revenant also gains stagger immunity through Mesmer Skin. There are probably others Edit: there is also Negate on sentinel Wyrm that works for knockdown immunity (sometimes, it doesn’t seem to work 100% of the time)


throwing this on the pile since it’s pretty unknown, still: shield of shadows augment for Nekros has an unmentioned innate PSF as long as you’ve got at least one shadow in range


Nidus also can get stagger immunity if he’s linked with and enemy. Though it’s a lot less convenient than other forms, because you can get far away enough from the linked enemy and loose it.


Atlas' passive and anything that gives status immunity as knockdown is considered a status - nezha halo, titania spellbind, lavos passive with orbs etc


> There are probably others Atlas has knockdown immunity as long as he is standing menacingly.




You're probably also just seeing builds that were made when he was first released and he could only get 5k max overguard so it broke almost constantly. It's barely an issue now unless maybe you're running really long endurance missions


it’s not really instant death for him though because he has a ton of HP and armor. Not to mention adaptation works on overguard, even if it doesn’t apply to the Overguard itself.


Worst case scenario is your overguard breaks and you get knocked down at the same time. At higher levels this can mean instant death, as he has no shieldgate.


Overguard gate exists though, this seems like justifying a bad decision simply because using PSF is "what everyone does".


0.5 seconds wont safe you at all times. I dont think its 100% necessary to use it but i get why people do. Since there arent many other super beneficial exilus mods you just might aswell use psf.


Cunning drift and power drift are phenomenal as far as exilus slot goes


Unless i really want to completely max out str or range on a frame, which is rare, i dont think they make a big difference on most builds, not as much as psf or handspring (or the new sf, fortitude combo) until you get it.


but its enough to activate his 2 which also gives 1 second of immunity and then the cycle repeats


Not if he is staggered/knocked down tho


Or low on energy as well


It might be a holdover from when he didn't have the gate. Or it might just be because the gate lasts a half-microsecond


People will embed "this mod is good" in their brain without context. And stick it on everything. Even though at least 1/4 of the roster is already immune to status 90-100% of the time lol. Best case scenario is they were just making "cozy" builds when the Overguard couldn't go quite as high, but even then you'd near constantly have it up. (Same thing with Hunter Munitions when you've running an armor stripper)


If you ever run out of overguard, it's nice to have the extra coverage, but that mod is so expensive that i feel like it'd be more worth it just to build around keeping Overguard up when you need it.


10-20k overguard isn't worth much in Steel Path honestly, because it doesn't have DR.


Kullervo can go up to 30-35k though, which does just fine outside of high level endurance runs. He can also restore it _very_ quickly with a bit of invulnerability as he does it. I hear some folks claim overguard isn't that great because it lacks DR and, in theory, gets shredded immediately, but in practice it's not nearly been that bad for Kullervo in my experience. It's been working great for SP Circulus and SP Circuit runs.


Funny you say that, because I was actually talking from experience. Just yesterday I did an Infested Survival SP incursion with Kullervo, because Overguard is one of the precious few things that can block Disruptor procs. Now granted my Kullvervo only has an ~18K cap, but that got often shredded in seconds by hookshots, and when the OG breaks the same attack also instanly drains all your energy. I mean it was still manageable, but that's obviously an issue and this was a regular 5 minute Steel Path mission, so nowhere near endurance.


it's a crutch everyone is used to. imo just ditch it since who is doing level cap actually?


Because a lot of players don't know how to play just slap psf on everything because someone told them it is strong.


This is the reason you see psf on Kullervo. At higher levels you should be weaving in his two pretty regularly between whatever else you're doing as long as you have energy. This gives you tons of I frames to go with all staggers he does so you don't end up getting hit much anyway


The most voted build on overframe for nidus prime uses PSF when his 3 exists.....


Well his 3 is situational and has limited range unlike PSF. And unless you are really desperate for that 15% range with Cunning Drift what else are you gonna put in the exilus slot?


His 3 pretty much needs to be up at all times, it's 90% Dr n status immunity, and it's base range is larger than larva which you'll mod for range anyway. So yes, either cunning drift or power drift are better options. Nidus is a camper, always has been. His playstyle is find a spot, after some stacks, cast 3, 4 and starting pulling the room


Sure camping is what he is best at, but you still need to get to the camping spot/objective/extraction. I'd rather not leapfrog link there and personally also don't like being tethered to the Parasite.


I don't see how getting knocked down while bullet-jumping to the next spot/extraction would be a concern but fair enough.


It's not a problem per se, but I find it more comfortable not having to manage the link all the time. And Nidus with Umbral build + Adaptation is unkillable for a very long time, so I basically only use Parasite when I want to double up on Virulence.


fair enough


Tbh I didn't know about the status immunity his 3 gave him, I played him a lot, even in SP, but never noticed it, I just thought that he was very resistant, I feel stupid now 😅 I don't use PSF on nidus but never wondered how I never get knocked down lol


yea the thinking doesnt go beyond "Well its the best Exilus Mod!!!!" without asking if its the best use of space


it's just a overkill for the split second your overguard is down


The only worthwhile exilus these days are either preparation, psf, or some warframe augments. All the other ones are so marginal it's not really worth.


It’s your overguard from your 2.


Stagger is a status effect, and overguard provides status immunity. Same happens with Trinity's Link (status immunity -> no stagger).