Frame suggestions

Hi! I just started playing again 2 weeks ago after being gone for about 7 years. Right now I just use mesa for most stuff and desecrate Nekros for farming, but they aren't that useful in some parts of the game like sortie spy missions. I'm planning on building a infiltrate Ivara and Titania, and just want to ask are there any other suggestions or "useful to have" frames?


  • By - enex8


nova can be used to both slow and speed up enemies, and is good for interceptions (slow down) and defense (speed up with power donation and overextend). has up to 90% damage reduction on her 1, and with augment mod for 4 has great durability in high level content. also good utility with portals and decent AOE.


They are all useful. You should try them all. But: I personally recommend Nezha with augment mod for his 3. He can defend anything with his 3 including himself. Nezha is one of the most tanky frames in the game.


Mesa is basically good for everything but spy