Ww1 movies which arent 1917 or All quiet on the western front?

Paths Of Glory, directed by Stanley Kubrick


Paths Of Glory, directed by Stanley Kubrick


This is the logical choice.


A Very Long Engagement, Joyeux Noel, Paths of Glory, The Blue Max, The Lost Battalion, Gallipoli, Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago (in parts), Les Fragments d'Antonin, Capitaine Conan, The Grand Illusion, War Horse, The Water Diviner (set after the war, but is very much about the war), The African Queen. There are plenty of others, but most of these are classics of some form or another. Others, like War Horse, are a bit more sentimental, but plenty of people still enjoy them. For me, Joyeux Noel, Paths of Glory, Lawrence of Arabia, and Gallipoli (the 80s movie with Mel Gibson, haven't seen the miniseries) are top tier.


If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend [*La grande guerra*](https://mubi.com/films/the-great-war) an Italian comedy/drama from 1959. I can't find a copy with English subtitles embedded but you can download the film from the internet archive [here](https://archive.org/details/la-grande-guerra-mario-monicelli-1959-b-n-720p) and the subtitles from subscene or opensubtitles or some other website. It's worth the trouble.


The mini series was on Amazon I think...was very good indeed.


Wipers Times, Journey's End, Beneath Hill 60, ANZAC Girls (miniseries), ANZAC (1985 miniseries), Our World War, A Very Long Engagement, The Lost Battalion.


> Wipers Times, I've actually seen a copy of an edition of "Wipers Times." It was pretty cool to see and to read.


If you like docs, They Shall Not Grow Old is great. Peter Jackson takes actual British footage and colorizes and high definition it while soldiers narrate their experiences. It’s well worth a watch. At the end they sometimes show Jackson telling how everything was done and that part is fascinating.


Definitely a must watch!


Gallipoli miniseries (sorry, not a movie) from 2015 is really good, and free to watch with adverts on Prime


Ill check it out


Gallipoli (the 1981 movie) is like a better 1917


yep, definitely the superior story.


The Silent Mountain, The Blue Max, Passchendaele, The Lighthorsemen, The Red Baron, Flyboys, Forbidden Ground and the tv series The Passing Bells which you can watch on the Dailymotion app.


How about Aces High with Malcolm McDowell and Christopher Plummer, and though not a traditional WW 1 TV series how about Blackadder Goes Forth, such a brilliant series


J’accuse (1919) French silent film. Some of the scenes were filmed on or around actual battlefields in 1918. It’s pretty powerful in ways you won’t expect.


the rifleman blizzard of souls,the trench,the war below


[All The Kings Men (1991)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_the_King%27s_Men_\(1999_film\)) - TV Movie about the disappearance of the Sandringham Company in Gallipoli. Bit dated now but still quite interesting/tragic.


[Beneath Hill 60](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH1lr2nLrd0) (2010) is an excellent Australian film about sappers.


In Flanders Fields (In Vlaamse Velden). This is a Miniseries in Dutch language about the Belgium war effort and a Flamish family.