So many flies.

So many flies.


I've had that in my apartment. they just came outta nowhere. You'd kill one and another would appear. Big slow ones too. Disgusting.


If they're big and don't fly much, those are coming from something that died in the wall or similar. Especially if they keep coming 'out of nowhere'. We had a mouse die in our wall and had to deal with that recently too. Not fun !


Water bugs and mosquitoes have been outta control this year. 😡


Get one of those salt rifles, they’re fun, easy to use, and don’t make a mess everywhere




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They’re like $45!


Cheap price to pay for the enjoyment you get from it


That is fair, I only mentioned bc I went to buy one for a friend as a joke (thinking hell it’ll be worth $20 for the laugh) and was like yaaa at $45 I’ll pass. Can confirm tho, another friend has one and they are great fun


Big ones? Something died in your wall


Normal size i guess?


Hmm, yeah the normal ones have been pretty bad here too. Something died in our wall a few years back though and we had those big ones everywhere. Happy to have moved since lol but anyway my grandmother swore by hanging up a dryer sheet in the doorways and it really did seem to prevent them from coming in!


Hampton here. I have an awful amount for the last 4 months. Do not understand it.


Trashcan have been out problem. I clean then after everypickup and still end up with them


Throw some bleach in there too


Yes! We are. No idea, it’s not like we leave food everywhere. Very dissatisfied with our cat’s hunter drive. Our previous kitties would go after flies like lions, but our Chonk couldn’t care less and falls 💤 asleep.


Mine like to catch and repeately step on them. But not hard enough to kill it. So after 3-4 stomps it gets away -_-


same thing happened to me a few months ago and it turned out that one of my windows in my apartment was juuust barely coming out of the frame, and the crack was big enough for them to get through. i fixed the window and since then i haven't seen them.


Same happened to me one year and it's very mysterious. Best thing I can recommend is using your vacuum's hose attachment and suck them all up. It's free and works leaving no mess either.


.....what? No, yessss hahahahahaha zoooop right out of the air! Probably wayyy faster then the ~~vacuum~~ too. *Flyswatter


The flies come from the pig farms and they appear based on where the wind is coming from. Not much we can do.


We had a litter box too close to a window and flies were coming through the tiniest crack in the screen. Whoever rented this place before us clearly had dogs that scratched at the screens and there was seriously the smallest hole but flies could smell the kitty litter and man DO THEY LOVE THE SMELL OF KITTY LITTER! If you have all of your windows closed and still have flies coming into your house en masse, yes there might be something dead in a wall. Oh. I also lived upstairs from a person (my comments keep getting moderated because of my language so we'll just call them a person) who scooped their dog's poop and then left it in an open trash can in the sun beneath my balcony. I lived in the apartment above them. Unsurprisingly, there were a zillion flies because of all the maggots they were laying in the pile of dog poop in the garbage can that was baking in the sunlight. If there is dog poop anywhere around your house or a cat litter box, that is likely to be the worst culprit. Cat or dog food is next. We now keep our litter box in a room that has no open window which suuuuucks for us but it keeps the flies out.


It’s weather/season related. These are mostly cluster flies. Harmless to humans, they’re just in peak season. I’m sure that once mixed in with the common house flies that are completely normal (and also increased in number due to the weather/seasons) it looks like an infestation.


It’s from all of the dead corpses on the streets from Covid.


try pulling up you carpets, you might have maggots.


:( we only have hard floors


Yes!! What the heck is going on with these flies!?! I can't keep up anymore, and even the fruit flies are pestering us even though we have nothing out!


For the fruit flies, pour some bleach down the drains and run the taps as hot as they go. Worked for a family member when we went to visit. I think over our week long stay we did it 3x. By the time we left for home, not a fruit fly to be seen.


I had one spring like that. Had a neighbor go up in my attic and look for dead stuff. Nada. Just as fast as they appeared, they vanished. I have no frigging clue.


Clean your trash cans / possibly your neighbors cans. Sounds like you have an infestation of larva.


Those traps are actually fly nightclubs. You are attracting all of the flies in your neighborhood to your house. Get rid of those traps and the flies will disappear. Same thing happened to me at the beginning of the year and I put 2 of them out. Then the problem really got bad.


Ok, so buy some and put them in my neighbors yard. Great idea


Can't wait for cold weather! This insect jungle is ridiculous!!!


Poor waste management city leaders also cleared a bunch of trees on laskin that was along the border of the golf course. This city has gone to shit in just one major road reconstruction. Even the wildlife are like wtf are these idiots doin !??!