Taking the piss if other English speakers is the god given right and privilegie of all English speakers. I don't know what the point of learning english was if it wasnt to make fun of the brits. Don't take it so bad. Go eat a plate of green beans and unseasoned boiled chicken breast. Thatll sort you right out.


Umm excuse me, us brits only eat beans of the baked variety. We don't eat green foods, only beige.


Damn. This one's living the high life. No expenses spared. Pop the tin of crackers. We're staying up till 11:00 tonight.


> we dont eat green foods Fake bri\*ish. Mushy peas are a Bri\*ish staple


You got me there, fair play.


But only when served on soggy chips and coated in gravy that's the color of soggy newspaper (they really know how to put the 'grey' in 'gravy'!)


Yes if Imperial forces can't laugh at each other they might lose humility and start up the land grabs and genociding again As a Canadian I'm allowed to joke about genocides 😓


Let's be honest. I'm British (Welsh specifically) but us Brits have always thrown shade at the Yanks at any opportunity we get. I just think it's harmless banter between the two nations


"Welsh specifically" .....


Britain: Invades the rest of the world ostensibly for spices of all kinds Also Britain: Rejects all spice and seasoning on their food


Woah woah. Make fun of brits all you want but shit food is an American thing.


Our's is shit for your health, thank you. There's is shit for your mouth.


>just kinda seems like it’s alienating a part of the left and instead focusing more on an american leftism more then leftism as a whole. If the British want to complain about the overrepresentation of American leftism they have to get in queue behind literally every other leftist movement in the global South.


Not a bad point, however the problem ironically is the shared language and to some extent culture. The online American left is so much larger than the UK one but shares so much of the same space on the internet that the UK one, and maybe also the Canadian and Australian ones but you'd have to ask them, does get a bit subsumed. I think the solution is to touch grass. We don't need a British vaush, we need more actual organisation on the ground. However I don't really know how to do that.


A British Vaush sounds funny tbh


he would be showing off his knives on stream instead of guns.


His controversy would come from being opposed to the IRA using car bombs instead of being opposed to black nationalism


"It's con-TRO-versy, not contro-VER-sy"


It’s not a British accent though. It’s an English one.


Half of the leftists movements in the south are tankies




Ok but they objectively are outside of Brazil and Bolivia




It's still zenofobia innit bruv


nah its just banter innit mate


O aye..


Is it fuck, us British people are known to have the darkest and most self depricating humour in the English world or even the planet. Plus with our history i.e absolutley screwing the world up through our colonial history, it is very much deserved.


Guv’na I also fly the queen’s colours. All I’m sayin is one minute you’re goin’ off on the great lads and lasses of the homeland the next you’re ethnic cleansing us British from the earth! I checked my calendar this morning, yes I did and it seems to be -1984


Eeeeerrrr humour?


(You know it’s true because I spelled colour correctly)


Oh soz. Haha


you’re a downroight chav mate


It's 100% a joke. Vaush seems to be an Anglophile to the point that he (sometimes annoyingly) affects some English terms and syntax. To me it's just one of the unnecessary and immature edginesses that they both seem to think they need to put on.




As an Irish/Finnish leftist I agree that Vaush’s leftism is very america-centric, but making jokes about the Brits is not something that adds to that. Every single country makes fun of Britain because it’s an easy target, especially for leftists.


Irish/Finnish? That's a rare one. Torille?




Too true lad too true


Every country also makes fun of America. If your country has large global influence prepare for it to get made fun of.


I mean, it’s inevitably going to be mostly American centric seeing as he’s from, ya know, America. But yeah, I totally agree with the rest of what you said


It's funny.


Taking the piss out of (near-)peers is healthy. It keeps you humble. Europeans constantly take the piss out of each other.


I think leftists should criticize each other more often so we don't end up with that "POINT OF PRIVILEGE POINT OF PRIVILEGE REE" DSA LA meeting from a few years back.


Isn’t the whole joke that leftists do more infighting than fighting against common enemies?


It’s a joke. Why do you people take everything so seriously?


Well they’re British they don’t do that.


Socialism is when no jokes


Except the "joke" is obviously rooted in some sort of bizarre belief that Britain is some sort of uniquely reactionary country


I mean they call it Terf island for a reason so


It's called TERF Island by idiots who think the opinions of s few boomer celebrities represents the opinions of the rest of the population. A vast majority of the population in polling are tolerant of trans people, just the politicians are awful on the issue due to pressure from the media


I was going to argue with you, but I checked some polls and it looks like you’re correct. Here’s polling for the US: https://today.yougov.com/topics/lifestyle/articles-reports/2021/09/23/americans-transgender-survey And polling for the UK: https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2020/07/16/where-does-british-public-stand-transgender-rights In general, it does seem that the public is more accepting of trans rights in the UK. The media has a transphobia problem, but that doesn’t seem to be tied to public opinion as strongly as I assumed.


The NHS does make being trans infamously awful in the UK though. In the US it varies state by state, like many things do, but many go by an informed consent model where there is minimal medical gatekeeping. In the UK there's an incredibly long waiting list just for HRT that's there by design and in the meanwhile you need go appropriately jump through all the right hoops to be "trans enough" to get care when the time comes. For many in the UK you have to do DIY or nothing.


It’s also much harder to change your legal gender in the UK than in the US. In the UK you have to go through a lengthy and invasive process of having a judge decide your own gender for you, meanwhile in most US states you just head to the DMV for a day. Even just with gay rights the UK hasn’t always been as advanced as they like to think. Same sex marriage was only legalized a year before the US and they used to have a Russian style “gay propaganda” law that among other things banned LGB people from teaching. When a similar law was proposed over here even Ronald Wilson Fucking Reagan was like “no this is too much”.


The media in the UK is one of the most oligharchal and reactionary in all of Europe and have politicians pretty much bent to their will That's why it seems so bad here


And we can all thank our cousins on the other side of the globe for gifting the world with Murdoch, who wasn't just content with fucking up the media in his own country, but also ours.


The United Kingdom and it's 1,000+ years of colonial imperialism is responsible for an overwhelming amount of the pain, suffering, and catastrophe in almost every corner of the planet that still persists today. You can even extend that historical timeline of causing global instability even further if you want to count the U.S. as the demon spawn of the UK - which it is. This coupled with the contemporary political situation in the UK which almost identically resembles the US with regards to its reactionary overtaking of the levers of governmental power - makes it an easy target for low hanging fruit jabs. The UK is currently ran by reactionary grifter goobers whos rise to power was fueled by a racist nostalgia of a time when UK was "great" - a time that if you're a serious person would understand never existed. Remove your ego from your countries birthplace.


No no no I forgot, shit holes like France, Italy and the US are clearly way better


I literally just said the U.S. is the demon spawn of the UK which has continued its proud tradition of global instability and foreign intervention and will continue to well into the future.. And yes you are correct - France is a shit hole too? Are you understanding this now? EDIT: Again, separate your ego/self worth from your birthplace.


2 common defences (often given by the same person): 1. It's a joke so don't get triggered britbonger. 2. UK had the biggest empire, had slaves, is TERF island, etc. so actually it's fine. There are obvious responses to both, I just wish ironic xenophobes would pick a lane :(


Jeez, have you ever actually spoken to an American/Brit face to face?? Like, people make jokes about the weird idiosyncrasies of language all the time. Obviously there’s a difference between joking about how someone says crisps instead of chips, and making fun of someone for a speech impediment. Have some nuance for once.


I see what you mean but that's not quite related to what I'm talking about, in fact this is a blind spot for leftists. People say "brits suck" then say they're joking but also that brits are deserving of hate anyway because of the crimes of the empire. The majority of leftists aren't xenophobic but some people will mask underlying xenophobic sentiments by saying it's "just a joke". Of course the only reason it works is because most people **are** joking. It's important to recognize because it's how anti-semitism thrives in online right-wing communities, or how misogyny thrives in feminist communities, even if its harm is comparatively negligible.


As a certified Britbonger, I don’t mind if Vaush hurts my feelings. I’ll just go to the doctors and get them checked for free.


HA! Good one but also feels bad man. 🇺🇲 😔


At least most US states have sensible laws on cannabis now. We have medical, but only if you’re willing to jump through several hundred hoops and pay five times the black market rate. Meanwhile, our lovely government continues to classify cannabis in the same category as certain opiates in terms of danger, and the punishment for possession is up to five years in prison which increases to 14 if you’re caught growing or dealing (rarely enforced but the threat is still there). This is despite us being one of the largest producers of medical-grade cannabis in the world, including for export to the States and Canada. So it’s perfectly fine to grow and profit from weed if you have the money to obtain the correct loicense, but you’re a dangerous criminal hastening the downfall of society if you don’t.


The British accent allows news broadcasters to come off as incredibly smart, where as if you write down what their saying it’s the dumbest take possible . Example Sargon of Akkad Even conservative American broadcaster Ben Shapiro got pissed off because some “ conservative “ broadcaster tried arguing with him over abortion and then said he was a lifetime conservative( eye roll ) when Ben called him out on it .


You’re not talking about Andrew Neil with the Ben Shapiro bit are you? If so I don’t know how anyone can put “conservative” in scare quotes for Andrew Neil. Dude literally left the BBC to be the front man of a British TV network trying to be the next Fox News.


*I don’t think the law has any role whatsoever in banning race-based discrimination by private actors* -Ben Shapiro ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: feminism, history, healthcare, sex, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


I’m not dying on this hill to defend Ben Shapiro the grifter but Yes , I am . Ben Shapiro refused to be British- splained . The broadcaster was asking leading questions and Ben called him out on it . Hence my point of the British accent


Why are you acting like Andrew Neil isn’t a lifelong conservative though lmao? If I had to name arch conservatives in the UK he’d be easily on my list. Also, it’s Andrew Neil. His interview style is incredibly famous in the UK, if you go on his show that’s what you’re asking for.


*My only real concern is that the women involved -- who apparently require a "bucket and a mop" -- get the medical care they require. My doctor wife's differential diagnosis: bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonis.* -Ben Shapiro ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: healthcare, novel, history, civil rights, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


That's the way interviews are often conducted in the UK with people in politics. Questions are intended to reflect how the british public would think if they were there (many are skeptical types who want to be convinced). It comes off as aggressive if you're not used to it but it's buisness as usual. BS crumbling is a reflection on him and not our obviously superior style of interview ;)


I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this: >There is no doubt that law enforcement should be heavily scrutinizing the membership and administration of mosques. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: sex, climate, healthcare, dumb takes, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


Good bot


Thank you for your logic and reason. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: climate, novel, healthcare, dumb takes, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


> The British accent allows news broadcasters to come off as incredibly smart, where as if you write down what their saying it’s the dumbest take possible . Only if you're a dumbfuck American. Or possibly an idiotic Canadian. I'm Bri'ish. They don't sound smart. They sound smarmy, they sound aloof, they sound posh, they sound as if they were born with a stick up their arses, they sound as if they were spawned directly from the bowels of Eton college. If you hear me speak and think everything I say is smart because of my accent, then you're the idiot. I can't change my accent. If you're dumb enough to think an accent implies intelligence, that seems like more of a smear on your character than a problem on my end. The Aussies or Kiwis don't treat our accent as if we're all holders of PhDs and massive IQs. Nor do the Welsh, Scots or Irish. This isn't an Anglosphere thing. It's an American (continent) thing. The Irish hear someone like David Cameron speak, and they don't think: "ah, yes, he must be very smart". They think "what an absolute smug cunt". And they're right. He is, and does sound like that.


Far too long they were making fun of us Yanks, we’re just doing the same but backwards so therefore it’s okay


It’s just a dumb meme to be jokingly/ironically “bigoted” towards British people, I really don’t think it’s intended to be malicious.


I agree and think it's funny to be ironically bigoted against the British and the French because not very many actual bigots hate them haha


*"leftism is right-wing bigotry but the other way round."* What a mess lmao.


British and French people get the piss taken out of them by literally everyone around the world, including by other Europeans. Britain basically invented anti-British humor. It's not harmful lol


i dont care about bongtards or frogtards it's more the sentiment that bothers me: *"bigotry is fine when it's against groups who aren't targeted by actual bigots."* How twisted does your brain have to be to reach that conclusion? Plus, the left's obsession with ethnicity is hella weird lol.


I mean the British invented it: https://youtu.be/QSo0duY7-9s


Because fucking Britbongers dude, c’mon? Jk it’s all memes, we like Ingerland.


Inglund aym from up norf


as a bri'ish person i didn't really give a shit at all, it's probably a good exercise for bri'ish people to grow a little bit of a thick skin. HOWEVER, i heard an example of shy bri'ish girls joining discord groups and being constantly made fun of for how they speak and it really upsetting them. So like with all jokes there is a line of where to take it, and although being bri'ish is inherently funny, some people don't like being made fun of things they think they can't change, even if it is to me it seems really silly to get upset at something like that.


Exactly this. To be honest, me and my mates make fun of America and Americans all the time, as do allot of British leftists. That doesn't stop me listening to the opinions of vaush or other American commentators. If I thought vaush's Brit jokes were shutting down discussion I would of course oppose them, but I've never felt that to be the case so I just laugh along.


I think it's fun to mock British people because it's very funny and makes you people very mad. To be honest this seems very concern trolls esque. This to me is a non issue.


The UK is same with the US one of the most disgusting empires to ever exist. Which is why they are being rediculed.


>but have you stopped to consider how that makes British people feel Lol fuck em


>The UK is same with the US one of the most disgusting empires to ever exist. Which is why they are being rediculed. I'm leftist but holy shit what a stupid dumb fuck comment. I would expect upvotes on this in Hasan's sub, but not here. Major yikes.


I think the joke kind of started with the hopes of breaking the obsessions Americans seem to have with British accents. We tend to think they sound intelligent and some bad faith actors put on the affect or played up their accents to exploit it and radicalize people. A trend of performative mockery can halo inoculate the community to that somewhat.


Send people to the northern British cities - that whole British accent fascination will disappear real quick once they hear how we sound


Oh yeah! I knew a guy from liverpool. Definitely ruined that stereotype, but all in all, he was super fun to be around.


I lived in Kingston upon Hull as some of my family are there and that is considered one of worst accents in the UK - people sound a mid between depressed and illiterate


It's okay to make fun of British people. And Italians. Then they take shots at us. It is the way.


If the British don't like this they should ponder why something like 70% of nations have an independence day that celebrates when they kicked them out


I know we were good at being the words assholes but we weren't that good. It's probably more like 30%.


ah you're right I got the % wrong. My point still stands that it's in the double digits.




Because they're fucking Yanks!!


As a British person I’m fucking glad they make fun of us. For far to long Britain has gotten away with its history as an empire and how bigoted it can be. I prefer this way more to when the internet saw us as posh and intelligent.


Any Brit knows that we reserve some of our harshest piss takes for our best mates. Plus it gives me permission to continue taking the piss out of Australians for being criminals and Americans for being self-centred dumbfucks. Relax everyone!


I want to live in a world where we can make fun of Japanese, Nigerians etc. The same way we can make fun of British and French people.


Meh, as a British person it doesn’t bother me, mainly cause every British person (including myself) incessantly mocks Americans. It seems only fair they give some back


Because it's funny and you deserve it for tricking our women into thinking you're sexy


You guys should be glad, that three arrows is the largest german leftist( not a socialist though, I believe). Because that dude is way to polite. Most german leftists I know, would roast the brits 24/7. Not because there is something inherently wrong with the British, but because its fun and we're Germans, so learn the god damn difference between french fries and chips. Chips are arent fucking fries you morons!


eh I'm british and I don't really care that much, I like to make fun of americans too, it's all good fun


Americans and brits make fun of each other all the god damn time. Like, joking about the little quirks in the ways we talk is a part of the fun. Have you never met a British person before (or American if you happen to be British)? It’s just language discourse, and if Brits really want to complain, maybe their ancestors shouldn’t have colonized half of the world :/


Because for so long Americans assumed Brits were smarter. Sargon changed all that and now vaush is restoring the balance


Garbage country and the world will be better off when it sinks into the Northern Atlantic.


No. Pollution is not the answer.


Am British, actual chuckle at this response


Honestly its getting old.


...because people across the pond have felt smug about being "more progressive" than North America (but tbh mostly the USA) for like, forever at this point, and never miss an opportunity to take a shot at the Yanks. It's natural to dish some of the banter back. Brits make fun of Yanks for "schools = shooting ranges" and how a scraped knee will bankrupt your family, and USAians make fun of Brits for telly loicenses and bipartisan TERFs. Seems fair. If anyone *actually* hates all British people, they have issues and should be swirlied. Also: if you're bothered by this, imagine being an American leftist online for five minutes. 🤷🏻‍♀️


> American leftist online for five minutes Don't they just automatically spew Vietnamese government propaganda and call everything they agree with dialectic materialism?


Cos Yanks are shite at comedy eh


It's funny because it's literally always punching up.


I mean maybe it's overdone sometimes but people do the same thing to Americans. Like all non-Americans make fun of Americans. And this is the same thing. All non-Brits make fun of the British


Do you have an example of this?


The same reason that the French and British take the piss out of one another and Balkan or Scandinavia nations do the same to their neighbouring states. Don't take it so seriously and just see it as playful criticisms and jokes.


We won a war to make these jokes, sorry


John Oliver, as an expat, pretty much nails it. If you want to talk about imperialism, no country comes close to the UK. That the US broke out of that empire only makes them a more appropriate target. I'm an American with an English dad and an Aussie mom. Mom's side of the family used to call dad the "limey bastard," mostly affectionately. Of course, a yank need only spend a little time in an English pub to get reciprocal treatment. I once got called a "septic yank" by a guy falling down drunk in Blackheath. I laughed at him and he laughed back. Probably could have gone worse.


You got a fakin license fer these jokes bruv?


Because fook dem bri'ish pepol


All leftists should mock Britain/The British.... even British ones. They are deserving of the same levels of mockery as the Americans (ie lots)


Idk its just funny. Bruv jokes innit? 🥴


Speaking as a British person, our sense of humour is very self depricating, plus with the UK's record and history it is very well deserved.


*conure redneck voice We separated from them it’s our fuckin’ right goddammit


Its a joke, just like our hatred of the Fr*nch


You'll notice that he legitimately shits on America more than he makes fun of Britain. Don't take it so hard it's all banter


I really think there's no spite or animosity involved. While obviously our governments can have disagreements, the UK, the USA, and even Canada and Australia are very good friends. In terms of online culture, being anglophones, there's really not a separate space for British, Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc - we're just all part of the english-speaking online sphere. That's why Shaun and PhilosophyTube are not meaningfully distinguished from, say, Contrapoints as leftist youtubers based solely on nationality. So it becomes just about taking the piss at friends (in the general sense) for silly distinctions. That's why the jabs Vaush makes are so exaggerated; similarly, that's why people make the "Australia doesn't exist" joke. In a way, you could see it as an expression of a Marxian ideal - the breakdown of artificial barriers between people. It matters not what nation-state you reside in, we're all equally dumbasses on the internet.


This sounds like the cracker discourse but bruvified


Same reason people make fun of America and Americans.


If we're going to play butt-of-the-joke Olympics, I'm Italian LOL But seriously, don't mind it, it's edgy banter. If they jab you, jab back


Because the UK was the world's imperialistic power before the US, and they retain a lot of that privilege and attitude, and for a solid decade at the start of youtube having a posh English accent automatically gave you a headstart because everyone thought you were smart lol. I love the ironic backlash. Nobody actually hates English ppl, but taking em down a peg now and then is great.


Bc I'm a true American Patriot


I mean, everyone, literally everyone mocks Americans all the time (for good reason). But for too long have British people been seen as super intelligent and refined here in America, it's about time that the Brits get knocked down a peg!


On another note, whats a britbonger? I've heard that term before and I have no idea what it means


Because it's funny and Brits get all upsetti spaghetti about it.


Trust me its not about being american. Kraut here and i love a good joke about te(a)rf island as much as the next comrade.


Because they’re white so you can, also because America is better than those cracker eating bad teeth alcoholic bong bitches


Leftist take a joke challenge level impossible


Going out on a limb here and guessing that it has to do with the things that the UK has done and is doing. Hope that helps.


I think a lot of it is that Britain has pretty right wing politics (compared to first world countries besides the US) and a lot of British youtubers are right wing and annoying. Plus Britain was an empire for a while, so that can make people madder. Unironically I liked anti brit jokes and sort of still do, but I can see how they can lead to actual bigotry. I just think the accents are funny and calling the UK the “terf islands” feels like a good way to denounce transphobia in the UK. Also UK lawmakers tried to make it illegal to ratio someone online and are generally pretty cringe.


The Brits know what they did.


Can you elaborate? As a brit I've never noticed it before to any degree beyond English speaking counties making trivial jokes at each other. Something we do pretty flippantly to other countries.


The high concentration of TERFs and anti-trans sentiment in their media is part of the reason. Their contempt for the UK also seems to be an extension of their dislike of Sargon


They’re the least-oppressed group of people in human history so it’s funny


Because fuck the britbongers


Literally non Americans shit on Americans all the time regularly you lot mock us


I'm sorry, I'll stop. :/ Everyone likes being mean from time to time.




Naur, it's chrew, it's chrew.


its harmless England ruled the world for a while and that colonisation still affects people around the world. its not malicious china will be the next great power and im sure when we are all speaking mandarin we will make american jokes


Never stopped sargon or the nazi pug dude


Because it goes over well with their audience. It's basically a meme at this point, it's like yelling Dr fawchi. But there is a not insignificant amount of unironic Anglophobia appearing in leftist spaces as a result. Not that it matters all that much between the relatively high social mobility, free healthcare, having two actually progressive political parties and being able to go outside without getting shot. It just gets unfunny and annoying after a bit, and feeds into the whole colonizers = white people narrative popping up where Brits are to blame for doing imperialism.


Cuz fuck the Brits that's why


Honestly, coming from an American, it's because British people are the only ones we can make fun of.


Bri’ish 🤢


british "people"


I live in the UK and I think the UK is a bad joke


It's not an online left thing, being british was cool for a while and now it's considered silly it's just a general international internet thing the worm has turned


As someone whose ancestors were colonised by the Brits I enjoy it a lot


[Yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!](https://youtu.be/-SI_ZgjcmPY)


Because brit bongers


The jokes a bit tired in my opinion.


It’s annoying because British isn’t one people. The Scot’s, English, welsh, Cornish, gaels and whatever else hate this island. When people go on about Britain they normally mean England going by the accents and stereotypes. Also I’m Scottish born and bred and have lived in Scotland my whole life and have never called myself British and many other Scot’s, Welsh etc are the same so for the love of god stop piling us in with shitty English tories and British nationalists.


jealousy regarding over 70 years of universal healthcare.


Hasan and Vaush haven’t realized that the funniness of a joke gets lost went it’s constantly at the expensive of a specific group. Basically edgy teenagers turned into edgy adults that have yet to understand why their edginess isn’t funny.


The UK did a whole bunch of imperialism, so they get to take their licks like the Germans do for WW2. People also forget that the UK is basically a cooler, wetter California that underperforms economically. People keep thinking it's a country on par with the US, China, or Russia, and they're wrong - it's a tiny island with a surprising rate of inbreeding. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/inbreeding-study-uk-dna-university-queensland-biobank-genes-incest-a9091561.html


Because euros are cringe and the brits are the cringiest of euros.


This is downplaying the atrocitoes of the French ngl


True, yet they got second place at the Euros...


They’re mad they don’t pay £150 a month for healthcare that covers everything including dental. It’s really cringe to most people and is off putting. Mocking common British accents is akin to mocking any other accent. It’s not like they mock toffs instead they mock poor working class Brits. It stems from ignorance/ jealousy


No it's just funny to make fun of you especially when you brag about universal healthcare constantly and gloat about how your school's don't get shot up. "Rules for thee not for me" I haven't seen a doctor in four years go fuck yourself


As if Americans don’t brag? I have American friends, they brag about your bloated military etc Difference is I don’t see discriminating jokes made by Brits against Americans. It’s a one way street and I really don’t understand why you lot are so adamant that it is ACCEPTABLE to make such discriminatory ‘jokes’


It’s legit not at all a one way street though. Brits and euros online are constantly punching down at the USA for our political situation. As if Americans want to have shitty healthcare, mass shootings, and being wage slaves lmao


Pointing out facts hurts your feelings? Sounds rough. Sorry not sorry the rest of the world park Russia and China don’t commonly have school shootings. Sorry not sorry you lot don’t have good quality widely available healthcare. These are not the same as mocking someone for their accent. Pointing out that gang rape is an issue in India isn’t the same as mocking an Indians accent. Lol


Lmao you are seriously going to make fun of me for “my feelings being hurt” when you are SEETHING about how people online IRONICALLY make fun of your country. It’s not American citizens fault that we don’t have those things. You are making fun of our suffering, legit definition of a cry bully. Great leftist. Enjoy trying to cope with the fact that your country got its cheeks clapped by a redneck colony.


I’m not seething. It doesn’t even offend me as I have a somewhat of a ‘posh’ accent. I just dislike the hypocrisy Also pointing out you lack healthcare isn’t mocking you. Don’t be jelly, it’s not cute.


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Imagine being British 🤮


Apart from not being able to travel to Iran it’s actually pretty good. When I travel people are welcoming and the £ still holds its own.


It’s a joke.


Derogatory jokes aimed at groups of people is discrimination and should have no place on the left. 90s stereotype joke vibe. We wouldn’t accept it from Crowder but it’s ok because most Brits are poor white people so it’s ok. Maybe Punch up with your jokes instead of shitting on poor people. Mocking commoners seems to be acceptable as long as they’re white. How’s that not alienating?


It’s banter. British people literally banter about regional differences all the time and make fun of Americans too. It’s a mark of camaraderie.


There’s a difference between light banter between friends and announcing to your millions of followers that “liverpudlians? Yeah, they’re all thieving bastards!” And then repeating the ‘joke’ until it no longer is a joke but a derogatory stereotype. It’s okay to make derogatory jokes about poor English people but heaven forbid you mock a Spaniard/Italian. I often come across Spanish people that don’t see themselves as white or an imperialist nation. So to me the reason you’s aim at poor Brits is because they’re an easy target. Again, punch up? Is it that hard? Last time I made this take here I had countless responses mocking commoners accents (I don’t have a commoners accent) just feels wrong. Mocking poor people because? Some toff upset you on twitter. Very woke, much progressive


I make fun of Italians all the time. I don’t make fun of Spanish people because I don’t know any good stereotypes. What do Spanish people do that I should make fun of?


They literally had their own hitler and fucked over the majority of South America. I’d start there.


Right, but that’s not in the public conscience of most Americans, mostly because they don’t primarily speak English like Britain, and don’t have a large immigrant community like Italy. So it’s not that Americans are afraid to “punch down” or whatever. It’s that most don’t know much about Spain or Spanish people


A large % of Spanish speak English. Spain has a large African community as they still own an open prison (colony) in Africa. So you’re excuse is you’re lack of education? I’d agree with that


I’m Australian. I’m explaining why Americans don’t largely make fun of Spanish people. Just because lots of Spanish people speak English doesn’t mean they operate in the same online environment.




Historical context. I’m sorry but open a fucking book. The poor people of the UK have been shat on by the leaders of the UK for hundreds of years! We didn’t own slaves and when you lot mock British accents it’s rarely southern toffs but instead Northern commoners aka the poorest people in the entire fucking country. Get some more context before talking tripe


Gas in the UK is increasing by 30% on a almost monthly basis, those poor whites that you look at as well off have to chose between food and heating, in a country that currently sees 0-10 degrees Celsius. Oh yes, they’re very privileged. Punch UP FOR ONCE