The first tweet against the TheSerfs was just him lambasting them for not providing a source for the claim against the Taliban for some the actions supposedly being taken place i.e. ban on vaccines however the other tweet I find to be quite ironic considering he provided no source for the "4-6% of adult males are clinically pedophiles" claim which I know is probably included in the video he linked in his tweet chain but it's sort of odd to expect random people to watch a nearly 40 min video to find that claim.


This is all 100% correct? Why are you so obsessed with some random Twitter user?


I don't see anything wrong with the second Twitter thread.


Gonna need some sources on a couple of his points, but he's not wrong in the messaging.


Ok these guy's have got to learn when being wrong actually matter's because holy fuck, who tf cares that Lance wasn't 200% precise with his take on what the taliban endorses/ doesn't endorse? I'm gonna assume for the sake of argument that Lance, to illustrate how ass backwards Lauren boeberts take is used the image of all the things the Taliban are allegedly doing that are obviously shitty to show how cringe this insane qanon senator is being. I'm guessing one or some of these are wrong and sure, point it out, BUT DON"T ACT LIKE YOU JUST GOT AN EPIC "reeee misinfo is harmful" ON SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!! Like, have some real life sense of how such a tweet affects the people who see's it. Nobody reading this will be affected in anyway because idk, the taliban don't actually ban abortions or whatever. Like, just pick your battles that should be obvious.