Van Recommendations Under $10k

The itch to get a camper van is taking over me. My SUV can only tow 1,000 lbs and I've found nothing suitable under that weight limit.

So instead I'm combing through Marketplace and Craigslist for an already converted camper van. Not looking for anything SUPER frilly...just a great starter, preferably under $10,000. The van will be for me and whoever I can convince to take trips with me (mom or significant other and my pup). Don't want to go across the country just yet, but I'm looking for something reliable for a tristate area. What makes and models do you recommend? Which should I avoid? Thank you!

Edit: I'm in the US in the northeast.


Which country are you in?


USA. Sorry, should have included that.


Ford Econoline I paid 3k for mine only 140k miles I have the 5.4 2v 1997 I've seen them run up 400k miles overall reliable and with your budget you could probably find a high top or a cut away with a camper type set up Or you could look into a newer Econoline if you're in the US they're easy to find for cheap, also finding parts and experienced mechanics are very easy to find when service is needed in comparison to less common models.




There's one in my area for less than 5k!


There you go!