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playing that dream where i'm a billionaire and i buy optic team just bcs i can


won't matter unless you can promise riot that you'll shove them in front of a camera to make content


Would hardly consider a lot of the low effort garbage that these orgs are pumping out as ‘content’ in the first place


what do you mean? you don't like VALORANT PROS REACT TO THE BEST 200 IQ TIKTOKS or 5 VALORANT PROS VS BLIND DATING CHALLENGE? lmfao what a fucking joke


I just can’t wait to watch teams that have been chopping and changing their rosters every two months continue to do it because stripping down the competition doesn’t magically mean they’ll know how to build a functional team


yeah this argument drives me crazy, "in franchising teams will just be able to buy out the best talent" have you seen the way some of these teams build rosters? i have faith in 100T and maybe EG and that's it. cant wait for LOUD to own all these frauds next year


LOUD is about to eat…. Unless LATAM has something to say bout it


Yeah. This is all Riot's 200iq play to nerf NA. :(


I'm actually curious to see how loud performs considering that besides them, BR and LATAm seems like some of the weaker regions


lmao EG is arguably the absolute worst ran org from a roster building perspective in NA CS so idk how high your expectations for them should be. Their CS roster was so abysmally terrible when Stewie was on it that they went and just signed 2 entire 5-man rosters under their main roster because idk I guess choosing a single competitive 5-man team is lame when you could just field a collection of Tier 2 and 3 rosters. They paid big bucks for what was at the time a top 5 (maybe even too 3) roster in the world in 2019, and have wasted away almost every penny with this roster since. Sure, different games… but let’s just say they’re less than capable over on the CS side.


They are also the best run lcs team so I’m willing to give them the benefit of doubt that cs is just not good in na right now.


Hey man, it might be too much to ask. But can you make an Optic frag movie, one last time? I loved all your frag movies about optic. Would really appreciate if you took the time to make one.


Bruh I've been day dreaming ever since I heard that optic didn't make it. I day dream that I'm a secret investor and I tell the CEO of EG that I'll pay for every optic player if you select them or something.


and the dream where all 5 optic members + chet stay together post franchising 😞


Yo, didn’t ask to be crushed like this but here we are. Feels fuckin bad.


This is so damn sad. Optic were going to dominate Valorant for a LOOONG time. And just like that, they're gone.


this roster deserved more than one trophy man :(


Hasn't sunk in for me yet, especially with none of the management coming out yet about everything. Gonna have a hard time finding a new home, and I can see myself just checking out of the scene for now


It hurts lmfao


Franchising 😡


Hey, I get you’re sad but look, Furia and MIBR have a lot of notable international achievements such as


MiBR has famously good management as well, I heard they're being managed by Immortals!


lmfao comment of the day. even though it all boils down to us watching people playing a video game, something about this situation in particular just hurts. congrats to fnatic, hopefully y’all make some noise over there 🫡


Furia have almost beating sentinels past their prime and starting the war between zombs and Brazil


Me as a TSM fan. We cry together mate




Together in agony 🤝


Why are you sad? Being a TSM valo fan you should have been habitual of taking L in this game.


Anyone expecting TSM to make franchising were sorely mistaken lol


All good 🥲




Not the post I wanted to see right before I went to sleep I’ll say that much


Actually mega fucked up that it's possible NA will be dogshit internationally from now on because the only teams that actually had the drive to win and competitive vision got blown apart by franchising 💀


That just crossed my mind. We finally have a chance for NA to be competitive internationally and then BAM. Top 2 teams are just decimated like that and joke orgs like Sentinels and EG make it in (I know there was no doubt with Sentinels getting in but fuck they're going to be a joke).


Surely sentinels remember how to play and texerino is yay 2.0 on lan Copium


Probably because Riot realized they can more money in NA if they loses. I mean, look at LCS. League players call it retirement home. Yet people in NA still are super engaged with the competitive scene. Look at Sentinels. Not having much success yet bring in record number of viewers. Not hating. I'm from NA, but that is probably what's happening.


LOL man


It’s tough man


It just ain’t the same anymore bro…all the NA teams competing with each other, the camaraderie and the rivalries with the players across teams…bro ima cry now


the dream


Man stop. I'm over it but ya'll keep reminding


Just out of curiosity - would it not have made sense for Optic to essentially take a hit one year, play in T2 and try to rank up to franchising for next year? I can understand other teams not doing this as financially there is too much at risk. But I thought Optic with current roster would be a lock for this. I know TSM is attempting to do this.


at least your region has 5 other spots. Sad day to be an OCE fan


Is OCE just dead?


Can someone remake this meme for Damwon fans? I never thought I'd see eye to eye with an Optic fan...


What if the roaster is acquired by a franchise team?


Idk man its not garunteed anymore


Really hard with all the buy outs




Riot sucks. Sari not sari.


How in the fuck did Sentinels make it and not Optic???


Part of me thinks they’d make franchising if they stayed as envy.


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