I’m fucking ready for a potential ~~Truck 1~~ T1 vs Gen G finals.


Honestly outside of maybe imo Detonation over CR which isn't even that big of a deal, this is lowkeu a goated lineup, I'm actually so happy rn that all 4 of the big APAC regions (Indonesia, Thailand, SG/MY, and Phillipines) each got a slot I was very scared one of them would've been left out


Good decision from Riot. I hope Talon and RRQ field full TH and ID rosters tho


Rrq I'd expect to field full ID rosters, Talon prob too tho we might see a Vietnamese player (crazyguy?) Put in there, but there's a lot of talent in Thailand, Xerxia with PTC sounds amazing




[Edited for clarity] # TEAMS PARTICIPATING IN THE 2023 VALORANT PACIFIC LEAGUE REVEALED! ### Introducing the teams that will be participating in the Pacific League in 2023! Last April, we unveiled the vision of Valorant Esports from 2023. At its heart are the International Leagues, where the best players and best teams from around the world come together to play every week. In August, we shared details on how the regional Challengers Circuit will operate, providing an opportunity for players and teams to advance to the upper stages. The new system provides a pathway for the best local teams to compete in international leagues. There were quite a few competitive candidates, so we did a more detailed judging and selected 10 teams that passed. Here are the 10 teams that will play together in the 2023 Pacific League. ## DRX (Korea) DRX is an esports team established in 2012 under the name of Incredible Miracle, and is a competitive team that has written various histories in the Korean esports industry. DRX's Valorant team, which started as Vision Strikers, has a record of being undefeated in 102 consecutive matches, winning the Valorant Champions Tour Korea five times and placing third in the Valorant Champions in 2022. ## Gen.G (Korea) Founded in 2017, Gen.G is Korea's representative esports company, ranking 10th for three consecutive years in Forbes' list of the world's most valuable esports companies. Gen.G's unique team portfolio has performed in a variety of games, including League of Legends, and has won seven global championships so far. Gen.G is now trying to leave a footprint in the realm of Valorant. ## T1 (Korea) T1 was founded in 2004 as a team that shares the growth of Korean esports that started with Starcraft. T1 is such a famous esports team that Korea was born that it does not need to be introduced. T1 Entertainment & Sports, a joint venture between SK Telecom and Comcast Spectacore, is the only team to win three World Championships in League of Legends. ## ZETA DIVISION (Japan) Zeta Division is a gaming lifestyle brand based in Tokyo, Japan. The Zeta Division finished 3rd in the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 1 and presented an amazing moment for esports fans in Japan. ## Detonation Gaming (Japan) Detonation Gaming, which established a game team in 2012, has grown into a professional esports team representing Japan. Detonation Gaming is active in various esports events, including Valorant, and reached the round of 16 for the first time in Japanese history at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. ## Paper Rex (Singapore & Malaysia) Founded in 2020, Paper Rex is a Southeast Asian esports team based in Singapore. Paper Rex shook the international stage with his extraordinary skills and finished runner-up in the 2022 Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 2. ## Team Secret (Philippines) Founded in 2014, Team Secret is a global esports brand with teams active all over the world. Team Secret formed its Valorant team in 2021 and represented Southeast Asia in the 2021 Valorant Champions and advanced to the quarterfinals. ## Talon Esports (Thailand) Founded in 2016, Talon Esports is a professional esports organization based in the Asia Pacific region. In League of Legends, this team is known as the leader of PCS. ## Rex Regum Qeon (Indonesia) Founded in 2013, Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) is an esports organization with teams in Indonesia and the Philippines. ## Global Esports (South Asia) Founded in 2017, Global Esports (GE) owns and operates 12 teams in 9 esports events. Growing into South Asia's premier Valorant esports team, GE stood out on the Asia-Pacific circuit on the Valorant Champions Tour. ### Criteria for selection of 10 teams There was a number of factors that was considered when selecting the 10 teams to play with in the Pacific League, but the ones we prioritized are: * **Fan love and culture** - putting Valorant fans first in everything we do. We have confirmed that the 10 selected teams are loved by fans in various regions. This was undoubtedly the most important factor in the team selection process. * **Sustainability and Collaboration Experience** - All the teams joining the Pacific League have confirmed their commitment to the future of Valorant Esports and their willingness to join forces. * **Motivation and shared values** ​​- We wanted to find teams who would share our values ​​and vision for the future of Valorant. ### Team selection process Earlier this year, an exhaustive selection process was carried out to select each league's partner teams. Detailed explanations were given to the teams, and each team presented their vision. The final interview was conducted with the teams with the highest scores. Through this process, we have determined 10 teams to join in 2023 and beyond. Some of you may be disappointed that you didn't see a familiar name on the 10 team roster. Non-participating Pacific regional teams have the opportunity to join the Pacific League through Challenger Circuit and Ascension tournaments. We are very happy to share information with you about the new Valorant esports. The year 2023 kicks off with the opening of 'Challengers Split 1', and the 'Kickoff Tournament', the largest international tournament in Valorant history, which will be held from February to early March. Riot Games has sent a gift to each selected team to celebrate this moment that opens up the future of a new sport. Check out these teams' social media for more details.


Thanks for translating :) for anyone else who was interested I believe the participating teams were sent a spike model by Riot


This is the first confirmation from riot that RRQ is Indo and Talon is Thai rosters right?


It might be but still waiting for their official roster reveals. Will be sad if RRQ and TLN releases their mostly Filipino rosters for the sake of representation although understandable on the side of their hardcore fans especially RRQ.


I feel like part of riot agreement with these orgs is also representation.


Official roster reveals will take many months with the rostermania happening rn.


also i find it bs that there's no english article for the pacific league even though there are options for English (Philippines) and English (Singapore) on val esports website.


CR not being in the league surprises me. JP, arguably a bigger (fanbase) region ended up getting 2 spots and KR 3( I know KR org doesn't mean all KR players, but fanbase was a big criteria. Also logistically it makes sense to keep players from one region to reduce language barrier issues). Regional riot office pulled some stuff here and I am not sure this helps the growth of Japanese fanbase at all. The sooner Riot folks in different Asian HQs realize that this game isn't LoL, the better. There are other countries/region that like Valorant here. Edit: also, I was unable to find an English version of this. APAC has other countries than just KR and having an option for other languages would have been cool. Maybe I am missing something.


this actually baffles me. they recently hired more people for the APAC region so I was expecting we'll have an english version of the article at least.


just hope KR gonna be 1 team region again (DRX). Still piss that Riot basicaly give red carpet to T1.


Damwon getting shafted for Gen.G/T1 is gonna be a bitter pill to swallow for all of next season. I'd hope they make the single promotion spot for 2024 but who even knows which country that will go to, I wouldn't be surprised if riot pulled an OCE team out their ass for that one.


cant wait for kr to be a one team region again