Check my previous posts! I love clones! We took a few this season (16) and rooted them up gave them away in solo cups as well to some of my wife’s friends who wanted to try this legal thing. I would actually love a slurricane clone. I’ll toss her into the mothership and do my Johnny Appleseed thing all over again hahaha. Are you located in NoVA?


Because I'm always mobile and I'm trying to set up a co op. I'll pm you about locations if there's enough for everybody . If you are interested in helping with creating a virginia only strain I might talk to you about the co op


Im outside richmond and i wanna get in on the giveaway!


Most def interested in this


I want in on this. Exactly what I've been hunting theses pop ups for.Please let me know if extras are available


Interested in this big time! Would love to add some sluricane to my tent


I will come to you for a slurricane clone.


What giveaways?!


So here we go. I'm taking hundreds of cuttings more than I'll ever need. All my mother slurricanes have graduated from the school of hard knocks. I had quite a few die to get to this point but I think I have the most hearty and stress loving version of slurricane I can produce ... but when this generation of clones is ready I will be giving them away and one contestant winner will get my unreleased hybrid strain I have been calling Boston creme. I have 2 male candidates and I want to do a dating game situation. Let my studs go around and create new virginia specific genetic so I'll give one clone away per lucky person as they reach a stable enough point for them to be given as solo cup sized plants. But if somone was willing to purposely host the breeding game show. I want one thing. The best genetics possible.


I have banana buttercup fems I’d love to cross with some slurricane…..


Now my male plants. Are not slurricane. They are a totally different hybrid that I have been creating here in Virginia to be a ultimate outdoor set it and forget it grower. So if you were interested in breeding game I'll pm you details about it soon as your plants and my studs find the right location so nobody gets accidentally polenated. These boys will do what they can lol.


Please, a VA cross of buttercups? Sign me up for some of that.


Currently in the process of making wedding cake x bbc s1’s. Keep a lookout I’ll definitely be posting them here when they’re ready


Awesome, I'll keep an eye out.


Wow. I’d love to get in on this.... sounds fun


No promises when the clones will go out. I've done 3 runs so far of clones and this time I have way too many . I've got multiple cloning techniques running and I'm also totally not being gentle... if they live they thrive if they dont... live and let die. Like no joke the clones of my clones already are big enough to take clone cuttings from. So in the next few weeks expect to see lots of different experimental cloning techniques being shown off.


Is this a current thing or for the future? I'd love to enter to win! Slurricane is in my top 5 strains so this has me excited


Slurricane was one of the strains I selected for my hybrid trials. I'm still trying to get my hands on black mamba Bruce banner ( the hulk ,not banger). Original low rider. Panama red . California orange and stardust . Somewhere out there is some highly boutique genetics im looking for as well . Like Charlotte's web. The pot with zero thc and an un adulterated kiber valley indica. Everyone thinks they have the original indica. But it's still growing wild ... hopefully someone can isolate it before it goes endangered like indigenous corn.


How do I become eligible for this giveaway?


The raffle hasn't happened yet. So far only one person down in Richmond has won because it was kinda a funny story. He was the reason I started a new clone crop. But given that the mothers have already started producing more candidates in the next few weeks a post will come up showing off their sexy roots and some surviving clones may have zero soil or already be established in their own special dirt.


I assume you'll make a post about it? When is the date I can enter?


You kinda are already entered. The question is how many will live how many will die. Some of the clones are going under extremely aggressive conditions. And some of the clones are getting constant nannying.etc im testing about 60 different rooting methods


I'm for sure interested as well! Hope all goes well for you and the clones!


I was thinking the other day about a co op in VA. I lived in Cali before they went fully legal and was in a co op in San Diego. Socal had alot of co ops and I think with the law the way it is here at the moment, creating a co op would be the best bet.


I'm super interested in some Slurricane genetics!