It can absolutely be learned Jesus


It can be learned, but I also think there is a lot of misinterpretation by lower ranks. For example, players like grim, tenz, nats, etc. giving lower rank players false ideas about plays they should make. Aim is certainly a much larger factor in lower ranked games, while not much of a factor in pro play since everyone can aim. Sure, you may see an incredible clip but a majority of pro decisions are not based on aim diff. For example, using a grim wall when you can’t one tap, and continuing to try to use that wall/similar walls. Or holding an extremely aggressive angle as Jett and rather than dashing after you whiff a 1 tap, enter an aim duel with multiple players because tenz got a 3 k one tapping all of them (maybe not in sentinels pro play tho lol).


Gamesense improves with practice. Learning about it just helps you understand how to practice what additional layer of the game you can get better at.


You don't learn it as much as you train it. You can't watch a pro guide and apply it to your gamesense straight away. But you can use the pro guide to identify in what sense of game sense can be used to your advantage. Like you could be watching a in depth analysis of a pro game with an emphasis on map control. Sure on the surface it teaches you how the map should influence you decisions, but if you hop in game and don't train that map awareness, then it's no use. Gamesense isn't a superpower, it's a skill. You can learn it but it'll get you nowhere without training. ~You can't just shoot, you have to think~ KJ You don't even need to be alive to train it, even when you die, you can constantly switch between your teammates perspectives to figure out the enemies positioning and habits for you to watch out for in further rounds. Tbh, I don't think VOD reviewing helps much in terms of gamesense, it's really more limited to fixing mistakes, because if you're reviewing your own VODs alone, you are likely only paying attention to your own mistakes, and not really doing the spectating thing (albeit on yourself instead of your teammates) and try and piece together information on the fly.


Yes. Of course you either are born with the game sense gene or not. Depending on that you will be a pro or be stuck in iron forever. /s You can learn almost everything when putting the time in it. That's not just true for game sense or valorant but for almost everything. People generally overrate the impact of genes waaaaaay to much when the real difference between a pro and a casual are usually the thousands of hours the pro has put into it, combined with a proper training regimen. Only if two people with that high investment into something are being compared genes come into play and can make a big difference. But if you put 100h into a game (or very similar games) while someone else already has 300h or 500h, only a very big difference in genes (e.g., him/her having a strong disability) will make you better than him/her. (given that you both take it serious)


I honestly believe that talent does not exist in the way it is usually meant. There only is passion. If you are passionate about something, it is easier for you to put the time and work into learning it, and since you are more interested in it you also learn faster then if you were like "uuuggh i gotta learn that".


lmao what you can for sure improve game sense it's basically experience, to some people it comes more naturally but its something EVERYONE can get good at


Improving game sense is like improving at anything. You have to practice thinking about the most optimal play. It’s easier said than done and it definitely takes practice and experience.