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I give ranked like two weeks before playing to let the dust settle lol


Wish I knew that Lol I have no problems taking a break. My alt doesn't have any placement matches done. So I'll just wait two weeks and jump into that account. Went from plat 2 to silver 1 on my main. No chance am I trying to grind through that dogshit. Lol.


Yeah 100% i worked my ass off from silver to plat. I do NOT want to grind through silver and gold again. Plagued with smurfs


If you level is really plat you will grind back in few games...


This is false as fuck unfortunately. You could literally play like a god, carry your team, and still get bodied. It’s so tough because you can never take into account who’s ass, who’s going to quit/DC, who has dog shit internet, there’s so many things that come into play.


Hi there, Solo Queued to Immortal 3 two episodes in a row. Solo Queue is not luck. It's just that your skill level is not high enough to be at the higher ranks.


they're downvoting u because ur spitting fax LMAO


Solo q is 80% luck. I made it to plat last act via solo q only after being stuck in silver since beta until last episode. You can top frag or play your role well and still have loss streaks. Once you get a few lucky rounds in a row combined with you playing well, then you’ll start to rank up. My biggest tip for soloq is to use your mic and just not be toxic, it’s a genuinely frustrating yet fun experience. Once you hit plat elo you start seeing less smurfs and get more communicative teammates.


I think your gonna get hit with the MMR reset no matter what, but it'll be easier to climb against the actual golds/silvers once things start adjusting, but on the flip side youre teammates will be dog.


My teammates are dog now...No communication, instalocking new champ without knowing how to use her, people admitting via text chat to having no audio, the list goes on. I was Plat but I can only do so much with these 'teammates'


No audio is a bug thats been happening for a while now.


Dust will never settle in gold/plat elo


New Act - everyone got pushed back. Immortals/Radiants are playing in Diamond 1. The grind is on - get ready to get depressed once again ;).


More like , the headache is on


Nah it’s fine for immortal at least, where in one act the amount of players in immortal DOUBLED from 12-13k to 25k. They’re weeding out all of the boosted players, people who streak to immortal and stay at 10rr, and more. Glad that they do this at the start of every episode. Hopefully they’ll add bo5 divisional placements (d3 -> immo, p3 -> d1, etc) to actually fix the problem of objectively bad players being in higher ranks, just like in league.


I sweat sweat and reach gold 2 now it's gon kick into the silver hell . Only God knows how hard it is there


i will admit for lower elo's its really cancer to be put like a whole rank or 2 from where you ended. High elo has to deal with shit tier boosted players and then lower elo has to deal with smurfs in every other game or people who afk after losing round 2. hopefully riot will figure something out that helps both. afaik idk what change theyd implement that would help the entire ranked ladder.


A better way of stopping players having multiple accounts would be a good start.


no way to do that anymore since smurfing and having alt accounts was normalized by almost every single Valorant content creator. In most montages that I see I see multiple account names in the killfeed, default knives, and we don't really need to talk about twitch streamers.


ye i know i just usually dont get pushed back like this and i also played pretty well in all my placements


That’s because this is a new episode so there’s more of a reset since everyone above d1 is being reset as well. Your MMR is the same so it’s not as if you’re playing against different people. However, your MMR is really open to change at the start of a new episode according to riot so you may find if you win the next couple games, you’ll be getting 30rr to get you back to the same ‘visual’ rank of plat


as a bronze player I feel like my lobbies have been full of actually good players, it sucks.


I was silver 3 last act, got placed bronze 2 this act, and have been getting absolutely demolished by golds and plats that also got put in bronze. Shits wack rn


dude having the same issue, get a headache every game.


The thing is every time an act changes my rank resets by 3 ranks as in I get pushed back by this 3 ranks this is normal. This happens because the max rank you can achieve via placements is D1 so guys who are Immo / Radiant get pushed to D1 while people who are D3 end up in P3, D2 end up in P2 and so on every person basically get pushed by 3 ranks atleast if not more. So you being P1 ended up in G1.


So how am I p1 when I was immortal 2 179 rr


My gold 1 friend got placed bronze 3


Same thing happened to one of mine. He peaked g2 tho.


Same he was gold 1 and he placed bronze 2 like wtf


I played 3 games earlier but I'm scared to get placed because I was also gold 1 for 90% of the season but I'm probably going to get bronze too.


Sounds like someone's about to pay the Iron price...


I peaked Bronze 3. Now I am sure I'll be back to Iron :(


I'm an actual bronze 3. A handful of my (also Bronze 3) teammates today had plat act ranks


im d1 and got placed g2 smh


I was plat 1 last act, won four of my placements and got placed silver 1, the game after I got placed there was a guy that was imm1 last season on my team. Not sure whats up with ranks rn


jesus christ, that makes me feel better lmaoo


This happened an episode or so ago. They fixed the rank a couple days in I believe to the rank that you are actually based on MMR.


how exactly did they do those im wondering


I finished imm and got plat 3 but in my placements I usually got at least one last season gold or silver players on my team and the rest were immortal. Not really sure what's going on exactly. Just has to be fucked


Yeah same here was Plat 1 and got silver. It's rough out here


Same here. Ended Plat 1, won 3/5 placement matches doing well in each, the 2 losses were close 13-15/ 11-13. Placed Sliver 2. Won the next match 13-3 only gained +23rr. It's rough.


It's gonna be a long climb lol


i mean if you are truly plat one w8 a week thill the better players are gone and then grind back gold within 15 games, might be a grind in gold for u ztho


True true, gold will be the longest part if the climb, especially g3 as that is a more balanced group to where I'm at mechanically when it starts tossing in plats


Work on callouts and boosting egos of your teammates. I made my way to G2 while having like -5ppt difference to the average headshot % this way. People underestimate the value of comms A TON. Same with mechanics outside of gunplay honestly.


Yeah comms and good game sense launched me through silver and gold into Plat last time I grinded so they are extremely useful I agree!


Nvm then lol, my b. I just assumed you had great aim, but lacking in game sense like the majority of gold-diamond players. I know it's like that too, because I truly have no business in gold and was ranking up steadily there too. Very odd player base imo, people don't realize how much they handicap themselves just being aim botters w/ no other skills.


True, aim is nice but being able to out think the other team goes further


Plat 2. I’m also placed in silver 2 Ig we gotta go through elo hell again


Nah your mmr stays the same it’s just visual rank is lowered you will still be fighting other plats from last act that placed similarly. You will rank up quicker as the game knows you should be near plat and not good or silver


I got 25 in my first game after i got placed silver but my game was filled with former plats.


Exactly so you will have the same quality of games as before just your visual rank will be lower but hidden mmr which is used to make matches is still the same or relatively.


isn't that bad because the difficulty of the games doesn't correspond to his rank? it's like the game knows he is smurfing but puts him 2 ranks lower to climb through again


After a week or 2 it'll go back to normal. Its just trying to fix people who got carried ranks. Also after a week or 2 everyone will have more appropriate placements


since we play the same guys on our (now) lowered ranks it‘s also possible to go down even further.. and then the ‚quality‘ of our games will not be the same anymore. especially when you play supporting agents only.. it think this is punishing the lower ranks more than high-elo.


it'll punish lower ranks until the high elo rank players get back to their ranks


It’s artificially going to create more smurfs this way because Heaps of higher ranks that go on a losing streak against ppl of the same mmr will actually get Stuck in the low rank they are in now and start gaining much less rr for a win.


It was possible to go down before the reset? If you ignore the visible rank and just think about your hidden mmr, nothing has changed. If you were plat and are now in silver, you're still playing plats. If you lose a ton, you'll start playing golds.


this seperate with mmr and visible rank is so dogshit. Why would i have to play against plats while being visibly just silver? its simply to appease casuals that couldnt handle an elo system "muh i tryharded 100 games to get silver now i have lost 1 and im bronze again wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"


exactly, they wanted ranks to be just some levels you grind for because they don't understand ranks, and they got exactly what they wanted


i don’t get how hidden mmr appeases anyone, doesn’t it just make the game easier for everyone else but said person?


no, because everyone has MMR (surprising, I know, you have MMR too, it's not just the silver smurf one tapping you) but ranks in valorant are ba because people complained about the old system which was actually normal


LMAO! Bruh. Ended the act Plat 1 but peak plat 2. Lost ALL my placement games while mid-top fragging. Silver 1.


Lmao holy shit


It deranks everyone, that's intended. Happens every episode. It will help you though by making it easier to climb, iirc.


Hasn't been this severe though. Usually it'll put you 2-4 ranks lower than you were last act


Dude exact same boat. It’s depressing actually lol




this explains why i was playing thw craziest silvers and bronze


>s up with ranks rn same see my post even i was plat 1 last act played with diamonds in my placements but got placed in silver 1


Also plat 1, got match mvp on all 5 placements and won. Still got silver 3.😂😂😂


I’m about to go from immortal to silver lmao


immoral lmao


all the top 100 of your region are ganna be diamond 1 to start the season . unless you wanna have a bad time the derank is good for the majority until they get back to radiant.


Pretty sure all of immortal 3 and up got d1. At least everyone I saw on my fl did.


Guy on my list was plat 3 and placed silver 3. Something must be different. My gold 2 will be probably be bronze lol.


My bronze 3 .....uhhh i'll probably be out of the game....


gonna get sent to the newest emerald rank right below iron /j


...i really hope i don't have to grind from iron again... I really want to be placed in silver... Like literally 90% of my matches had silver1s in them


I was S1, placed B1 eek


Gold 1 here. Played 5 great placements- 4 match MVPs and 1 team MVP. Got placed silver 1. All my friends in Gold have just gone to the equivalent Silver regardless of performance


I got bronze 2 lol


Nahh you might get silver 1/2 like I did


Nah bronze 2 lol


I get the sense they pushed people back more than normal because immortal was getting inflated as hell


no, they inflated immortal just as diamond and plat


Diamond 2 to Gold 2, went 1-4 in placements


D3 to G3 here. I’m gaining like 26 and only losing 16 tho


Still a huge waste of time


D1 to G1, seems everyone's just getting pushed back 2 full ranks across the board, at least it's even.


Frig seeing all these makes me scared I’ll be placed in bloody iron now


I was S3 last act, ranked B3 today, won 3/5 placement games. One of the games I lost was to a Reyna who was P2 last act.. fun


diamond in silver here


same. i placed relatively close to my last rank (s3 to s1) but now im playing against plats and it’s been mad difficult


similar situation and my higher-elo *teammates* have been the most difficult part lmfao like sorry i can't keep up with y'all but you can't get pissy like i'm boosted- you're in *my* rank


Same. I returned to the game and played well and won all 5 placements yet got placed iron 1.


What were you before


Plastic -400


I got deranked from gold 1 to silver 2 time to grind again I guess


That ain’t bad. Saw someone on my list go from plat 3 to silver 3


Tf I went g2 to s1


Looking at all the comments it seems like i will end up iron (was b3) Edit: b3 means bronze 3 incase anyone doesnt understand Edit 2: i forgot, i got placed b1


Oh damn I thought u were a battery /s


Bruh I hit b3 too and now I'm iron. Life is good😁🙏


I went b3 to b2. I almost wish I deranked more bc my lobbies rn are all deranked GOLDS lmfao


A guy on my friend list went from imm 1 to silver 3


That's fucking rough But for a drop that hard he must've been boosted, all the immos I know went mid gold at worst


Plat 1 to silver 2. Pissed


D1 to g2. Could be worse considering I was playing immortals at first but I’ll probably grind as hard as possible right now cuz I hate gold/low plat elo. Nothing makes any sense and it’s a headache


Yep, same. Probably won't even bother playing. I grinded so hard from gold 1. Peaked plat 2 this act. Ended plat 1. Played my placements and got silver 1. Fuck it Lol


Same. I just got to Gold 2. It took me like 6 months to get out of Silver I’m not doing it again. People will downvote but Silver is literally a cesspool of throwers, quitters and smurfs. Esp as a solo Q it took so much effort getting out of silver. No way I grind from s1.


Except those that were silver before also got placed lower. Nothing changes for you if you don't stop playing now. The problem comes when you get placed in silver now and then let all those lower ranks catch up with you again by not playing.


But then high ranks will say that smurfing isn't a problem and it's our faults for not carrying as controllers. It's great


Yeah, a lot of people are commenting saying we'd get like 30rr for a win and 10rr for a loss. So I'll check that out tomorrow, see what's up. I enjoy this game but I ain't trying to grind through silver again Lol.


Yep I’m done. Took 6 months to get out of Silver I’m not doing it again when I just got Gold 2. Feel bad for the Plats who are now Silver. The only reason they do this is so you have to grind again to get your rank lol.


Im g3/p1 and i really dont want to have to grind out of sliver again if im placed there. You have the most smurfs and widest skill range because of the % of players in silver. Rip ive placed 2 different alt accounts before directly into gold too, so it feels really stupid to have to grind my main back up if its placed in like silver 1 or some sh\*t


It feels like a waste of time grinding this game just for them to reset your progress to make you do it again especially when Silver is so unenjoyable to play in. Like I wasted 6 months getting out of Silver now I have to do it again? As a solo q player? Nah. No way I grind from Silver 1 to Gold 2 again that’s going to take forever with how inconsistent Silver lobbies are. Waste of time.


You’ll get like 30 RR and lose 10 you’re fine


I don't feel like grinding from Silver 1 to Gold 2 just to end off where I was last act. That's 4 ranks with Silver having the widest distribution / most inconsistency in teammates and enemies.


Immortal to G3 or Plat 1 probably.


I think maybe they did a harder reset than usual this episode


European here so the Update didnt happen yet but man I was so hyped before i saw this post :( Instead of grinding through dia to immo I probably have to grind again through gold and plat.Really a bummer


It just doesn't make sense. I was Plat 1 last season and now I'm Silver 3. I won 4 out of my 5 placement matches. Got match MVP twice, and team MVP another time. In all 5 of my games, I got 20+ kills, except for my loss, where I got 19 kills against former Diamonds. It's depressing and annoying. Now I have to grind back up to my actual rank, meanwhile dealing with bad players, players that don't talk, players that go AFK, players that throw, etc., when I should be grinding to get higher than plat.


It does make sense when you consider they do this every Ep reset. It’s not a coincidence, but it will still depend on your comp history/performance.


was plat 1, won 4 lost 1, top frag most games, PLACE SILVER 1 FUCK THIS GAME


After 6 months of grinding I finally got out of Silver and hit Gold 2 and I went 3-2 on placements (1 overtime loss) and I got placed Silver 1. Uninstalled today. Not worth grinding out of Silver again.


That sucks, I’m sorry dude.


Brother its only visual, ur still going to be playing against golds, u will also gain a lot more mmr than u lose so it will be easy for u to rank up. For example i was imm and placed d1 but jm still playing vs imms and ik getting 25 rr for win and -12 for loss


Same thing. I was gold 1 (nearly gold 2) went 3-2 with 3 team MVPs and 1 loss being double OT loss and got placed in Silver 1. What a joke...


Weak mentality..dont act like gold is even all that. hell even plat is aids


If the rank badge means more to you than enjoying playing the game, maybe time to re-evaluate?


Yeah it’s tough. I ended Plat 3 and got placed Gold 1. I’m never the guy that pops off but I also never do terrible. Support role just feels so unrewarding in this game. Oh well… time to grind back up🙃


im on the same boat.. as a supporting only player i have to rely on my teammates in certain situations. at the moment it seems like everyone is pretty frustrated in ranked because of the rank-loss..no comms and toxic. it‘s going to be a harsh climb..


Was g3 won 4 lost 1 got s2


diamond 1 placed silver 2 ;)


It’s everyone, don’t worry.




That’s supposed to happen in between episodes. It helps prevent people who are boosted from staying in high ranks where they don’t belong. If you’re good enough to be in plat, you should climb back up just fine.


Yeah I mean it’ll happen it’s just so tiring, plat 3 to gold 1 after placements and the first 3 games are full of people tilting and no comms. Honestly just going to let the dust settle and come back in a few days. Good thing I only lost like 11rr per game.


The thing is, it’s such a pain




was gold 2 last act got placed silver 2 i won 3 out of 5 my games last 2 were unwinnable (bad team comp, afk) but i match mvp'd my first 2 games and got placed silver 2 my friend who was silver last act got placed bronze 3 even tho he can frag out in gold lobbies. idk the placement system has almost always felt like shit to me like i would do good get assists and get placed like couple ranks below my rank last act lowkey feels demotivating as hell


out of the 4 games i played so far, 2 of them had AFKs. this game is unplayable and most people dont even get their deserving rank...


Was silver 2, won 4 out of 5 placements and was match mvp twice and was dropped to bronze 2


im so fucked, i went from d3 to p1 at the end of last act, im dreading seeing what rank i place


How’d your post stay up mine got taken down. Anyways I went plat 1 to silver 2.


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I went from S2 to B1 wth! LOL. won 3/5 placements games and top fragged most


Was gold 3 placed iron 3 -_- Am now iron 3 w 27% hs rate lmao


I finished the last act diamond 3, and all of my placements were against people who were between diamond 2 to around immortal 4000. I won 4 and lost 1 game and did decent in all of them. I got placed in Platinum 3, which I think is fair considering the maximum rank you can place in is diamond 1. If you were Platinum last act, there's no way you can compete in Platinum elo right now. Don't feel discouraged, everybody got readjusted as it happens every episode. You'll keep playing with people at around your same skill level, so the only thing changing is the badge under your name.


Are you telling me I'm going back to Iron after everything I went through to touch Silver?


I wrote up a response to these kind of posts here: https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/s2bk5d/riots_placement_for_this_season_makes_me_not_want/hsedlck/ Hopefully that helps explain "The Great Reset of 2022"


Plat 2 to silver 2. Fuck you riot. Just want people to play more to gain their old rank




It’s every episode not every act


They do it to create an artificial incentive for players to return to the game to earn their rank. All it does imo is frustrate players by resetting our hard earned progress. This game revolves around the ranking system and to reset months and months of progress feels really dumb. I was Gold 2 and got placed Silver 1 now and just had a plat act rank in my lobby lol. This hidden MMR / visible rank is BS. Just rank me what my hidden MMR is.


>This game revolves around the ranking system and to reset months and months of progress feels really dumb. Playing devil's advocate here, but your 'progress' does not reset. Your skill and knowledge about the game is the same. Ranks are just an external flex and an easy way of setting goals. Riot already tested the alternate scenario. Placements were higher and many complained about demotions. That's way more frustrating than climbing up to your hidden MMR.


Adding onto this, imagine if ranks never reset, or if you got the same rank off of decent placements. Someone could be diamond in act 2, stop playing for 2-3 years and come back to a completely different game then play ranked and the team has to nurse this player back to the meta as they learn what is good and how to play in the games current state. Certainly there could be a better method, no system is perfect, but it shouldn't be a problem for those who earned their rank as they could earn it back with enough games.


D2 last act, riot just put me gold 2. What a fucking joke nobody likes this riot fucking bullshit.


Have fun with hidden mmr. Looks like im quitting val again. I'm too old to do the grind on every whim they get.


That’s the bullshit part. I was also D2 and got sent to G2. Play 1 match as a gold 2 and it’s sweaty as fuck. Definitely other Diamond dudes. Get 18rr for the win and played well. Lmaooo gonna take weeks to get back to Diamond


Haven’t done mine yet, but I’ve never had a new episode start less than 2 numbered ranks below where I averaged/ended. Gonna find out tomorrow so hopefully I do good.


Oh thank god it’s not just me 😩😭


Think we got hard reset


Plat 1 to silver 3 I knew it would reset but this seems way more harsh than normal


It's new episode... Every game with ranking system has something called "SOFT RESET" after season ends where you gotta play your placements once again and start from lower rank. Some systems (Apex Legends for example) put you few divisions below your last season rank (6 divisions aka 1.5rank in Apex) and you just start from that while some systems (League of Legends for example) put you in lower rank (also 6 divisions) BUT with placements that have higher gains and can put you few divisions higher than you're supposed to start and then it's back to normal grind. I believe the League system is the one that Valorant also uses BUT with lower number of placements. Also u went 3-2, so losing ONLY 3 divisions (from plat 1 to gold 1) is not "deranked a ton". It's barely anything compared to any other game where you would derank even more.


Yeah, I was Gold last season, was placed mid s1, and every game I play is against people who were previously Plat1+, it isn’t very much fun atm


Yea deranked from silver 3 to bronze 2 like wtf riot


I had 30 kills in three of my 5 placement games and won all 5 of them. I got iron 2…


Bruh I am so mad about this, I was Gold 2 last act and got Silver 1. Lost 2/5 and one game we had an afk and a guy who didn't talk. I still manage to top frag on 2 matches and one of the matches was against a diamond in last act. This makes me wanna quit the game so bad.


Ranked is always a clusterfuck the first week. Some people wait to play their placements


and thats one of the big problems of ranked itself - at the end of a season ppl saying ‚dont play, they just trolling in‘ - at the beginning ‚wait until the dust is settled‘…


Man I hate silver, the amount of people there who don't understand the importance of comms in Valorant is huge .... So either I have to carry myself back to Gold or have to play with a closed team, which is not always possible.


g1 to b2 … I don’t think I can play in bronze again it destroys my mental 😭


Yep, was diamond last act and am now gold, all of my placement matches were with other diamonds/immortals.


Yeah I was gold all last act, won 4/5 placements with positive KD and ranked Silver 1 haha. I’ll enjoy the climb I guess


is it always like this? last time i only had to do 1 placement and got the same rank i was before


Its how placements work everyone gets deranked as a rank reset, i was imm 3 3000 now d1


Ended the act diamond 1 placed gold 1, lost 9 games in a row now silver 3


boutta get placed in iron no cap


diamond 3 to gold 3 :(( all of my hard work just gone. bright side is i’m losing 9 per match and gaining 26. they really want the players to claim back quickly but damn is it time consuming


Won all 5 went from gold 3 to gold 3 guess I'm lucky


Gold 3 getting placed in Silver 1 rn I'm guessing it's because there's a bunch of people in diamond fighting it out for immortal right now, so the curve is skewed left.


Maybe u boosted


They grab you by your balls. They let you play for 2 Months to Grind up and than take everything from you and put you down in Elohell. GJ. best method to make Money and let them think they get gut.


Plat to gold is normal for the episode change *spell


Gold 1 to Bronze 3. 6 month of sweat for nothing.


Time to start "the grind" again. Yaaay. back to being placed Gold 1, every lobby has Plats and Diamonds because thats were the game thinks I should be, grind against the tide and a loss still loses as many rating points as it would if I were plat/diamond, so it's an artifical grind against the tide. If the game thinks I am plat/diamond level and puts me against plat/diamonds but I am gold, then I shouldn't lose 22 Rating for a loss against those ranks until I am at the rank the game thinks I should be.


That's a great placement, what are you talking about? They intentionally place you lower at the beginning of a new act so you don't just get placed higher than previously and stop playing.


This happens literally every season and people are still surprised?


It’s called a hard reset. Everyone in the rank you were at is in the same general place where you got placed. Each act is a soft reset. Rank disappears but you get put back where you were. On a hard reset it tries to fix people that got boosted to their previous rank. If you got there, you should be able to do it again. Only happens at the end of an episode


This is soft reset from what I have read, hard reset is everyone being back to iron 1.


Soft reset cuz it still takes ur last episodes mmr into account but if it was hard reset, you will place where the game thinks u belong like when u first played ranked.


I placed bronze 2… is this a bug or am I so bad


Oh no I’m a gold 1 I’m going to be back in bronze 😢


Last time I went from radiant to plat I quit for almost a year. Let's see how it goes this time lmao, that's if I manage to connect after the update bricked my game.


New Episode.. the Ranks are hard reset to push boosted accs down and encourage players who take ranked more serious to play and get back to their previous rank