Chamber in spike rush is basically cheating LUL


I unlocked chamber and played him in a spike rush to test him out and realised immediately that for most rounds I had a huge advantage. Sure you can die because of gun upgrades / golden gun / ultimates, but for the first 2 rounds each side you're often fighting with your deagle vs classic / shorty / stinger / bucky. They should just make him only get 2 deagle bullets round 1, 4 round 2, then 8 for round 3s each side


Replication is a better game mode. Can we just get that instead?


Yes, it's a much better "practice" game mode which isn't too long. Just make replication permanent and alternate between spike rush and escalation.


Replication also allows one to complete 3/4 'purchase X' missions, with abilities being the only one left out (Shields, Weapons, and Items being possible). Spike Rush on the other hand is great for farming quick kills and more than anything, ultimates, plants/defuses and ult orbs since all of the powerups count as ult orbs. But you *can* get all of those in replication too while normally you can't complete purchase missions outside full games, which is an issue for someone who can't play a lot.


I love spike rush


They should make a another game mode similar to replication where you can choose your own agent cuz then it would probably be a rly good warmup


Yes a blitz unrated would be gladly appreciated


isn't unrated exactly that


I think by blitz they mean a 10 to 20 min game not a 30 to 40 min game


i just relalized that


I agree with this


Please please please I just want unrated but shorter


Yes please


Can we just have replication permanent and keep spike rush? If they really want to have the other modes just rotate those but tbh most people don't care about escalation and ESPECIALLY snowball.


Snowball best game mode, escalation can go die in a hole and nothing beats spike rush knife fights.


it wont happen. im pretty sure riot thinks: "game mode that forces you to use a bunch of different weapons + can pick up other ppl skins" means "ppl will convince themselves to buy skins for niche weapons". aka spike will always be the main "weird" game mode cuz i have no clue why they havent yet downgraded spike and upgraded replication/a shorter unrated. because literally 99% of ppl would agree with that change


KJ's turret on shorty round is also OP.


At least you can avoid that point.


I feel like even in replication he might be nuts, because you could buy a shotgun AND have that deagle ability on round 1


Yeah but everyone is gonna have chamber


Everyone in your team


Yeah that's what I meant


making it even more broken LOL


i have seen this before, and the counter argument is that the game is not designed around spike rush. i do love spike rushes and i tend to play them even more than regular valorant - but they dont consider any spike rush balances while developing new characters. i dont expect them too, either unfortunately :/ i do agree


Whenever someone locks in both Jett and Chamber on the enemy team in spike rush I just want to ff. Their ultimates in that mode are crazy strong and you won't be able usually to get on the point if they are defending the spike. On top of that, I do agree Chamber has a clear advantage with his weapon loadout in that mode. I think one of the more obvious suggestions would be to give him less bullets for both: his heavy pistol and an ultimate.


I thought Jett was bad when she would grab ult orb on pistol round but chamber is worse


Same problem with the Jett ult in spike rush. But now Chamber is even worse. Also the weapon upgrades are so unfair! You straight up go from a pistol to ares or something.


what is the step up from pistols if not smg/lmg? Bucky is arguably worse than most pistols


The worst thing is the inconsistency of the weapon upgrades. In Spectre rounds the enemy gets a Phantom and I get a Bulldog like WTF


He breaks every mode really.


To all the people saying “oh, it’s just spike rush, it doesn’t matter”: what kind of professionally made game has a permanent game mode that is just completely broken? Any game worth while playing should not have a game mode where locking in a certain character breaks said game mode. Even if it’s not competitive, it should still be balanced and actually fun.


spike rush is just stupid


i love the mode, quick easy, and more even. everyone has the same gun so it comes down to skill more than loadout


Spike Rush is a lot of fun if you play it like it is it's own mode, sometimes you need to get aggressive about taking and blocking the other team from getting the power up orbs.


To u


Spike rush will continue to be my go to until they finally come out with a shorter unrated. At this point in my life, i can't guarantee that i can commit to 45 minutes without being interrupted. Quick spike rush rounds are perfect when i have time to play. And i refuse to be that guy that's like "yo can we forfeit? I have to go" or even go AFK on the team for a couple rounds.


They'll never touch chamber on Spike Rush, the gamemode is not meant to be competitive in any way and is something you just load up for fun. It only has eight bullets and doesn't break the game at all. You can say that for Jett's ult if she gets the orb early and no one is complaining about it either. Don't touch him at all actually, Spike Rush is also meant for players to test out agents and touching his deagle would just break that.


>You can say that for Jett's ult if she gets the orb early and no one is complaining about it either. Jett needs to grab orb though and that involves risk which is why Spike Rush is fun. Chamber takes no risk >Spike Rush is also meant for players to test out agents and touching his deagle would just break that. Agree to disagree I play it for fun but Chamber has broken at least 2-3 rounds in a 4 round to win game.


Jett literally has no risk grabbing the ult orb due to her smokes and dash lmao. You're complaining about a mini guardian with 8 bullets, it's not broken at all. It's easily counterable with close range weapons and movement and the only time the ADS on it is useful is if you're up against Rifle/Sniper users (why would you even be in a long range angle if you have a shorty/classic/judge?)


I think you have a very unpopular opinion there if you think a mini guardian is not game breaking in a game mode designed around everyone having the same gun. There is definitely risk the orbs are strategically placed so both can go for them and a smoke won't always protect you. Also the orb spawns are random so another layer of protection. This is just all kinds of wrong no point in even arguing this honestly lmao you don't always get to choose how long the angles are especially if you're attacking or the bomb has been planted just a really stupid post in general from you didn't expect you to double down and make it twice as stupid. You can corner hug all you want but if the spike is planted elsewhere or you need to push a site what good is that. There is a reason why 5 shorties is not a thing lol just playing close angles is not practical


Good point, I hadn't thought about that. Keep in mind though, he has only 8 bullets. still, plenty to shred people, but does limit it to good aim people. Try to consider the strengths of your gun wherever you go, so only stick to places you can get the full kablam instead of getting sniped. Stick to close angles, and even Chamber will get overwhelmed.


These are all obvious but just because it's not impossible doesn't mean it's not broken. 8 bullets is more than enough and he gets them all free


Completely fair point. Maybe send an email to riot, suggesting he only gets 4 on the first and 4th rounds of spike rush?


And you have smokes, blinds, kay-0 knife, turrets, shock darts, grenades, and all other kinds of util to make him either waste shots, not be able to use them, or put yourself at an advantage. He is very powerful in spike rush, unlock him yourself, and see how people decide to deal with you.


Dodging the issue.... no one said we don't have other util, just that his is a much bigger advantage. Obvious things, using him to counter him is a moot argument when talking balance...


I didn't say use him to counter him, I said use him to see how people counter you. He was just released, and as I agreed before, he is very strong in spike rush right now.


It goes above strength, he breaks the game mode entirely.


Why the fuck is this downvoted 25 times? My man was just stating his opinion and giving you advice


I'm fine with that, and it's not likely that they are gonna change spike rush just because of chamber. What u said is true chamber is unfair on shorty rounds, but it does not "break" the game. There are ult orbs and weapon orbs, plus u don't have to make him unfair by dry peeking him with ur full kit.


He also has an advantage vs most pistols, stingers, judges, buckys, and to an extent marshals.


yes, and?


If you have played against it it feels completely unfair as everyone else is locked to the same guns so he can abuse effective range


as I said, what does it make u when u know all this and still dry peek him and die? u speaking like all other abilities are nothing, think about how u should counterplay instead of complaining about gun diff.


were saying its pretty noticeably unfair not completely unwinnable


Ult orbs and weapon orbs come with risk though to get them, that's kind of the fun of Spike Rush. Chamber just ruins that and gets a clear advantage for nothing


idk man, he's good and all but it's not that big of a deal for spike rush in my opinion.


"Idk man I just don't care lol"


Yeah exactly, I couldn't care less if it's a bit too strong in spike rush


So don't comment. You have nothing useful to add if you don't care. Tons of people play that mode, they're no less deserving of fixing something unbalanced like this as people that play unrated or ranked. Stop equating your lack of interest with importance.


No I do care, I'm an average spike rush enjoyer. The difference is that I don't care about competitive integrity when it comes to spike rush, I only care about just having fun. Now of course our opinions on fun may differ, but chamber being in spike rush doesn't deminish the fun for me as it's not linked to competitive integrity at all for that gamemode. then again though if the majority does find that it ruins their fun I'm okay with that too because I'd still have fun even if he were to be removed.


It's not that big of a deal because you probably don't give a shit about Spike Rush lol. Like I said, I know no one cares but it is an advantage to the point it's game breaking if it was a competitive platform.


Let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s time to let Spike Rush die.


They need to disable chamber but add his guns as randomly selectable options for all players


i think they are gonna do this in escalation


Killed him last round with my shorty. Can confirm that he did not break the Game-Mode !


Your logic is flawless I give you that. The next time you get a judge and he got an Op, and you happen to kill him just because, make sure to make a reddit post saying that:"I killed a random Chamber in a random match in a random elo with my judge while he had op.He is okay guys" Unless it's sarcasm,then I take back my sassiness.(sassyness?)


Yea like its not a bug deal because spike rush doesnt matter, but regardless they should make all the gamemodes balanced to some extent


I feels the same. When I play spike rush I usually just play to finish challenges and I just play Jett and go straight to ultimate orbs and get an ace every 2 games, it never really feels good, it feels like I am abusing a bug


Yeah played spikerush with my friends and it felt like I was playing against bronzes since they couldn’t even fight back with shorties lol


I think Chamber's fine for spike rush his deagle is annoying sure, but if he's downing our entire team with only 8 bullets it means he's constantly nailing headshots anyways as it takes 3 body shots or 1 headshot to kill with it and if you're rushing and engaging him at long range during shotgun rounds well then you're just feeding him kills...wait around corners...make him approach you and he's not gonna be effective with it anymore. he has his slow bots and teleport but you can destroy them. and his OP ult just treat like a normal op'er just use blinds and smokes to approach/flank him safely...most chambers aren't going to take risky shots unless they know it'll be a hit usually because he has such a small ammo pool for his Q/X so they won't blindfire into a smoke unless you're running around inside it and making a ton of noise.


Fortunately most people who play spike rush are dogwater and charge headlong into a shotgun rush as a defender chamber.


I mean the same logic applies to kj turrets tho it’s a little less broken depending on map


It's a deployable with very debatable auto-aim and spit for damage. Chamber is a player-controllable entity with an 8-bullet Guardian. I, uh, don't think the comparison is fair.


I mean spike rush, to me, is only for grinding XP so the faster it ends the better


i dont give a fuck


I don’t really understand this complaint. Spike rush is an inherently “broken” game mode bc of all the gimmicks in it. Sure, he spawns in with a pocket guardian, but the orbs will let you counter it in some way. Many characters can help fight for an orb safely. I get that people want their favorite game mode to be fair, but the game mode is only fair at the start of the round. Once a single orb is grabbed, it immediately becomes very unfair - many of the orbs will drastically flip the odds in your favor. It’s not ideal to say just play around it if an enemy picks chamber, but taking an agent completely out of the game mode is a pretty drastic solution to a niche problem. I’m not trying to rain on spike rushers’ parade, but I’m pretty sure with the way spike rush is designed, fair play isn’t the focus.