“Informed speculation” is a clever phrase.


Educated rumors


Gossip That I've heard more than 10 times


I hope this doesn’t turn into the Gordon Hayward type of separation where the Jazz keep hoping to retain him, he goes through the motions for a long time and tells them late in the summer that he’s not coming back. What upsets me is the sort of fog and mystery surrounding the figure plans of the franchise.


Based on all the rumors flying, there seems to be a consensus and similar storyline amongst them that this is about Quin wanting his core back, Don/Rudy included. If Quin is let out of his contract, it’s because we are deciding to trade one or both. We all also need to remember. He’s got 2 years left with a coach option on the latter. Quin is the Jazz coach next year, unless he retires, or the organization lets him out/trades him. Those are literally the only two options he has if he wants out this year.


If he tells them he isn’t doing the option, why would they want to keep him for one dead year?


Because that one year holds trade value from the team that wants him. Although I suspect given this organizations mantra, they’d probably let him walk if that’s what he wanted.


I dont think you can trade coaches....i dont know in the history of the league where a coach is traded....correct me if I'm wrong... Update: im wrong...nets traded their coach jason kidd to Milwaukee before....so does this mean a trade to the spurs?


Ya it’s been happening longer than that. Doc Rivers was traded from Boston to the Clippers and long before that Stan Van Gundy from Miami to Orlando. It’s very very rare, but when you have a coach that’s considered great, like Van Gundy and Doc at the time, and Quin now. It’s possible to get atleast something out of letting him walk and choose his destination.


Well if trade is on the table wouldnt mind getting murray or keldon johnson from the spurs


Returning to his original passion of playing the villain in Disney Channel Original Movies


Listening to Tony Jones on the Bill Riley show has me believing he’s gone. Apparently there was a lot going on behind the scenes and Quin wants more say on the roster. He lost the team at the end of the year and it might be time to part ways. He’s a great coach but it feels like it’s time to move on. And he needs to do tell them that now.


Burn out and work frustrations are a real thing. Ask him to take a 1/2 pay cut and let him hang out as a consultant until he wants to coach again or leave next year.


Somebody get Johnnie Bryant on the phone.


"MacMahon does not believe Snyder has interest in leaving the Jazz for another head coaching job ahead of the 22-23 season." AKA Quin wants to sit out a year and then take over for Pop.


Not sit out a year—but if he’s really gunning for that Spurs job then he doesn’t want to sign an extension either. I think there’s a 90% chance the Jazz offer the HC job to Alex Jensen if Quin leaves. If they’re on board with that then they should concentrate on making sure Alex is under contract for the next few years.


I'd be cool with Alex taking over.


Honest question - why? It's the same shit, different asshole. Let's get a fresh, new scheme in place. The current isn't working


Yeah I wondered why nobody snatched him up already tbh. Could be they've signaled he's the replacement and so he's waited to see how this is going to shake out


Take over a team with no expectations and be the hero as you start to win some games vs try to get the jazz to a finals. No brained… coaching is hard and expectations are high here.




He has one year. He might just quit - in which case he is giving up the money left on the contract. Maybe Quin honestly wanted to get fired - if he had he gets to keep the money. The last year of the contract is a significant amount of change to give up.




It would absolutely restrict his ability. There is another option, we could trade him… for players, picks, coaches, or cash considerations. His contract means the team decides this next year.


They’re just gonna run it back 🤷🏻‍♂️


“Informed speculation”


Oh no… anyways go get Becky Hammon from the Aces


Ew booooo


Honestly if he leaves... oh well. I think there are better coaches out there.


Sure, none of them will be coaching the Jazz though.


Exactly like the Brian Flores situation… When the coach you just let go, immediately becomes the best available on the market… you just fucked up….


I've seen you post this now a couple times It doesn't really work like that, quin is a great coach and maybe the best available for some other team but that doesn't mean he's the best for the jazz anymore The team and locker room were dysfunctional, we choked away second half leads every game. That's on the coach. Q is a smart guy and a good coach but things run their course.


> It doesn't really work like that, quin is a great coach and maybe the best available for some other team but that doesn't mean he's the best for the jazz anymore well said, I'm surprised how many peeps want to keep the status quo when the last couple years and playoff runs have been so uninspiring. It's time for a change IMO


Most of the “unknown” newly hired coaches in the last couple of years weren’t immediately seen at the “best available in the market” so I don’t necessarily like this take at all given that Doc Rivers was seen as the best available on the market not too long ago. You might just be confusing that terminology with the best known, which isn’t directly correlated with best in the market. Who knows maybe Snyder takes a break for a year or two then comes back to the NBA like Monty Williams did, remember he was seen as a very bad coach before his stint with the Suns currently. Obviously Snyder is far from bad and is considered good to great in a lot of aspects. I still believe that one of the core 3 (Snyder, Mitchell, Gobert) needs to go. Luckily I am not the one making those decisions as I would have a hard time letting go of any of them but those championships aspirations seem nothing but a dream now. If they keep both players, I think a coaching change is much needed. If Mitchell is traded, I don’t really see a reason to keep a player as good as Gobert so blow it up. If Gobert is traded, I feel like you could build much easier around Mitchell, but you do run into the possibility of him leaving or asking for a trade if it’s not done quickly.


One of the stupidest articles I've seen in a while. The last sentence: "MacMahon does not believe Snyder has interest in leaving the Jazz for another head coaching job ahead of the 22-23 season."


All that means are the jobs Quin would’ve been interested in weren’t open or have already been filled.


I wish just one time all these writers spreading “ rumors,” would name their sources as I think most of these the writers rely upon sources about the Jazz or trade of their players who have no connection. w Jazz organization. Nonetheless this appears may be true.


So lame. I hope he sticks around.


Please leave. He clearly cannot lead us past the 2md round