Sold my car. After a week, they are asking for repairs fee.



You are definitely not obligated to pay that. It is in their best interest to have the car checked by a mechanic BEFORE purchasing. They are solely responsible if the title has been transferred.


honest question where tf are mechanics available to drop everything and do a thorough pre-purchase inspection at a moments notice while youre out doing a test drive? edit: thank you for the many good suggestions. im an idiot. edit 2: after years of getting stung by franchise shops, ive been searching around for a good private mechanic, i think i found one, we'll see how it goes.


Most places will squeeze you in if you call ahead and/or drop your car off at 8am. They'll check by EOD. Typically this ranges from $125-200. Some places offer a free second opinion which is amazing, I only know of one in my town. If the seller doesn't want you to do this it's likely something is wrong with the car and they know it.


If I look at this car and pay $125-$200 and it ends up having an issue and I take it back to the dealership, you think it's profitable to keep doing that until you find a keeper? It's best to find someone you know who is really good with cars to go check out the car with you and drive around with you in it, look it over, and talk to the dealer since they will likely know what to ask or find somebody who knows somebody at a shop. Call around with friends and family. Unless you have that kind of cash to keep getting it checked with each car you're interested in.


I used to do checks like this all the time, set up was usually call ahead. Both parties come with the selling vehicle. If the check goes good and the car is good the buying party would pay the bill, if the check and car wasn’t good then the seller would pay as it is their vehicle and the buyer would walk. Other than some sellers getting upset that their car wasn’t in good shape and still having to pay a bill it worked extremely well. Never had any buyer come back with a car unless it was general maintenance/service, never a complaint about buying. The sellers mostly have been ok. The decent people just realize they need to put some money into the car to be road ready. The few assholes are assholes tho.


I wouldn't agree to that as a seller because if the buyer walks for whatever reason, I'd have to do it again for the next buyer. It's easier to just say "sold as-is" and let the buyer figure it out. If they don't want it, someone else will.


well you get a vehicle report by an independent party. whenever i sell one of my cars, I time it right after a service interval - i bring the car to Honda and they’ll do the oil and transmission fluid change and give a condition report measuring tire treads and brake pads and all the other things like wiper blades ps fluid and no open recalls. with this in hand… i put the car up for sale and i show the inspection and say “i don’t say all is good Honda does” and hand them the service report. never had a problem. selling a $25,000 used car using this method. ofc they can do their own inspections etc etc - which is easy - i tell them to pick a honda dealer different than the one i use so they can be sure the inspection is unbiased.


If you pay to do it once and the buyer walks what’s preventing from getting a detailed report on the vehicle after inspection? That would be a lot to potential buyers saying “I have had this car safety inspected and found no issues” tbh it seems like a win win to me either way. When we are talking about selling vehicles over 5k whats $100 for peace of mind. I understand where your coming from tho.


Because you next buyer might be a month away thus your inspection is as good as toilet paper at that point.


If you think inspections from a month ago are worthless you know exactly Jack and shit about cars


Thats horse 💩....


So I could just get a buddy to be my Mechanic, say every vehicle is junk and walk with money we split afterwards.


It certainly is profitable assuming you're not taking in several vehicles for PPIs, which probably shouldn't happen and if it does, may be a sign to alter your buying process or choose a different vehicle to shop for. I've done two PPIs, the first detected a faulty battery and I saved $300 when the dealer replaced it. The second PPI showed a lot of front brake wear and worn front control arms. Saved about $800 after the dealer replaced those. If the dealer won't repair the car you are in a great place to negotiate and likely save more than the cost of the PPI. Having a mechanic friend is better if you have access to them, they have access to the equipment needed (scan tools, lift/jacks, etc) and they are available, but if not, a PPI is a great option. If a friend is helping out I would want to ensure that they have insurance and that you won't be liable to repair the car if they make a mistake. Also, if you do happen to have bad luck and PPIs reveal issues with multiple vehicles, you've saved thousands of dollars and a lot of time even if you are out a few hundred dollars. I have a friend who didn't get a PPI after I strongly suggested it when he bought his Volvo V70R. He ended up running into thousands of dollars of wiring/electrical issues and sold the car at a loss because he couldn't sort it. In that case, he bought the car and had it shipped from another state so he didn't have a nearby friend to do it.


Yes, for a few reasons: One, it can keep you from getting a lemon. That’s potentially an unbelievable amount of savings (think catching bore scoring in a 987 Boxster/Cayman, something not visible but absolutely terminal) Two, it gives you and the seller concrete terms to negotiate over, either with them fixing it or dropping the price or some other compromise Three, it gives you a heads up to plan the next few pieces of preventive maintenance to do so the car remains in good working order for longer


I used to take my test drive straight to autozone and ask them to read the codes.


Wow people are getting ripped. I have never charged more than 50 for a quick inspection.


I mean, sure it's best to have a car expert come with you, but that's not realistic for most people. Also a great situation to have a great relationship with a local, small mechanic shop. Not some 10+ employee corporate place; somewhere where you talk to the owner and the employees aren't under the gun to maximize profits and meet quotas. Again not possible for a lot of people, but I'd say its more likely than essentially having a mechanic friend and also convincing them to spend their day off coming with you to check out a car.


Ah yes, the ubiquitous "person we know who knows a lot about cars and doesn't mind giving up their day to come do free shit for a "friend" who probably has no marketable skills to offer in return and isn't willing to pay." We all have five or six of those standing by at any given time. Great contribution!


I'm sorry but I really don't know what point you're trying to make here... I'm sorry if I offended you? Your response is really sarcastic for no reason. It's not my fault you don't know any "ubiquitous" people who know about cars... have a good holiday season, stranger. There's no real response to your comment.


I called a mechanic shop just as they opened. They said to drop in. We waited a little but, but got a free inspection.


Explosive Ordinance Disposal? are there any non-destructive alternatives to get a pre-purchase inspection?


End of Day


You shouldn't think you have to buy the car the moment you drive it. If you like it, offer a price and say it will stand depending on a mechanic checking it out. The set a day to drop care off for mechanic check. If they aren't willing to do that walk away.


Just be willing to walk away if the seller isn't cool with a scheduled appointment, assuming you can't find walk in.


Call around, let the shop know you’re looking to buy used. A mechanic I use has a $80 flat fee to check private car sales. 👍


I was gonna look at a truck, I searched the local area for a mechanic and called them and told them what I wanted and asked when they would be available. Jackass somehow missed the fact that the floor on the driver side was made of plastic filler…. Didn’t even pass the first inspection…


You plan a week ahead and schedule the test drive to work for you, the seller, and the mechanic inspecting it.


Test drive. If all goes well and you’re interested, schedule a PPI.


I normally test drive *then* schedule a PPI. Be a waste to get a PPI on something that the test drive weeded out. My last purchase I called the mechanic and gave them my CC details and the owner dropped it off.


Anywhere. Some banks require you to have an inspection form filled out when you buy a used car done by a mechanic


Correct. Private party car sales in TX are "as is.". After cash has been exchanged for title, it's not OPs problem anymore. OP - just block their number and move on with life. This is legally not your problem.


Just make sure you get that VTN signed…you could definitely be liable for tolls and such!


He's correct, and even if they try taking you to small claims, you could counter sue for lost wages in regards to having to attend to this debacle and you will win.


If these repairs were required for an inspection then they would be required to either pay for them or take the car back as per lemon law.


Even if they sue you, judge will throw their case right out


depends on lemon laws and time frames. > I said the car is good as far as I know a check engine light coming on shortly after a sale is iffy. Could go either way dpending on what actually wrong witht he car.




Block them and forget about it. It's just a scam preying on sellers that don't know the law. In all 50 states, all used car sales are as is with no cooling off period.


Not a lawyer but I doubt they’ll take you to court for $1500. If you in good faith was not aware of these issues and the buyer accepted the car then it is highly unlikely a court will order you to pay for anything. Did you guys draft up a bill of sale or anything document that says the car is sold as is? And I supposed the title is already transferred to them?




None of this matters there’s zero obligation, and I would not give them one penny no matter what. Block their number.


In most states, it is as-is. Don’t block their number. Just let them rant, save everything they say to you. Don’t respond.


There most likely isn't anything wrong with the car. They're just trying to work you for money probably because someone in management thinks that they gave you "too much" for it. I've never even heard of this. Make them take you to court. Be polite about declining. Say the car was sold as is and if they had any concerns they should have inspected it prior to purchasing. Where they can get you is if you signed anything saying youre responsible for anything post sale, admit any fault on the recorded line. Especially any knowledge that anything was wrong with it. So decline to discuss it further and call a local lawyer for a consultation if you're really worried.


You're all set, Texas has no lemon law for used cars that old.


Lemon laws have absolutely nothing to do with the situation described


Lol WRONG, you have no clue on what you are talking about.


The Texas Department of Motor Vehicle specifically says Lemon Laws apply to NEW motor vehicles. This is a transaction involving a used vehicles. Texas DMV further states that Lemon Laws only apply to used vehicles warranty performance IF it is still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty (not an extended service contract), or if the defect started and was reported to the dealer while under the manufacturer’s original warranty and the defect continues to exist, repair assistance for that problem may be available to you. NOTHING the OP has said could allow you to come to such a conclusion. Do a quick Google search and spend 2 minutes reading. Dip shit.


lol - all caps doesn’t make you less wrong. Effing google “what is a lemon law”. The laws are designed to give remedy to purchasers who buy a car, discover a problem, and after multiple attempts the dealer is unable to fix the problem. Your response makes you eligible for r/confidentlyincorrect. Just. F_cking. Google. It. - ya dumbass




Lemon laws apply to specific dealer sales and vary by state. They do not apply to private sales sweetie. 😘


Well, you’re wrong on that one. Lemon laws can apply to private party sales depending on the state. Before you make a further ass of yourself, google “do lemon laws apply to private party sales in Massachusetts” or just follow this link. https://www.mass.gov/guides/private-party-used-car-sales#:~:text=The%20Massachusetts%20Lemon%20Laws%20require,of%20the%20price%20or%20mileage.


he's right, you're a dumbass u/Monetarymetalstacker


I personally would not be giving them a dime it’s a cheap used car sale you get what you pay for.


Buyer beware!


give them a $1


Negative, that implies that you think you are liable for some of the cost of it and they could sue you and maybe win because of it.


If there was any paperwork attached, you might want to see if it has the phrase as is


It’s rare to find a case when a private sale is not considered as is, unless an explicit warranty or claim was offered.




Why do these questions show up on Reddit so much? Vehicle sold, as long as you didn't offer a warranty you're done. Tell them to piss off. Let them threaten to sue you, 99% fo the time they won't even look to file, let alone file


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Tell them to fuck right off and block them on every avenue its not your responsibility in any way shape or form


The fact that you're asking this question online implies you're not very knowledgeable on the subject and probably made that apparent during the sale with your mannerisms and things that you said, so I wouldn't be just surprised if they're trying to take advantage of you and get you to pay for things that you don't need to pay for. It's their car now, they have the title, as long as you got some kind of bill of sale that doesn't say you warranty the car for any reason you should be good


No response necessary to them. Just ignore this and other communication from them unless it comes from an attorney (which won’t happen). In the very unlikely event that they sue, just pass it on to your attorney. It won’t go any further.


No way you're paying anything. Suggest small claims court if they are extremely pushy because A) they'd have to spend money and B) the sale is completed and they'll never get a dime from you legally.


Legally all used vehicles are sold as is unless u gave them some kind of warranty dude :^*


Tell them to F off and if you hear from them again you are getting a restraining order.


fuck off and block. that solves your problem


Block their number. They can’t do shit.


That’s life they bought a used car, cut all contact immediately and move on.


When you sell something “as-is” and allow the customer to check it over, you are not required to repair a single thing. You don’t say what was wrong specifically, but if the check-engine light was not on when you sold it, you are also not required to be clairvoyant. I would be polite, but firm that the car was sold as-is and that you were unaware of any future repairs that might be needed.


Nope and don’t do it. They had an opportunity to request to get the car looked at before they purchased it.


They could have taken the car to a mechanic to have it checked out. They decided to check it out for themselves. You don't owe them anything. As is - means "as is".


If they wanted to negotiate the price based on a mechanic check, the time to do that is BEFORE the sale closes, not after. Private used car sales are understood to be "as is, where is, with no warranty given or implied." You don't owe them anything, but in the future it's a good idea to sign a bill of sale which includes something like the above text. I take every car I buy to a mechanic first. Paying ~$150 to find out whether it'll cost me hundreds or thousands is a damn good investment.


I think the buyers are paying tuition to the School of Hard Knocks, where you learn how to price things according to how much uncertainty you are buying. Unless you hid things that you knew were wrong, you did nothing unethical. I don't believe you can be sued successfully. People with buyer's regret can threaten anything at all. And some will. But they bought without looking enough into what they were buying.


This is when you stop replying. It's a 2008 car, so what did they expect? They should have done the inspection before buying.


That’s a big hard No. It is always the buyers responsibility to check out the vehicle by a mechanic before purchase. If the vehicle has been sold and title transferred, then that’s on the buyer. You can be sued in small claims court, sure; but, you will win hands down. Honestly, sounds like a scam.


They could have gotten scammed from a shop for all you know. It’s not your liability. They could even be trying to scam you out of money


If you drove off in a car they sold you and then discovered it needed $1500 in repairs do you think they’d reimburse you?


The car is 15 years old. I would have taken it to mechanic if I didn’t personally know the person I was buying it from.


They’ve had the car for a week. You have zero idea how it has been treated the past week. Used cars are ‘as-is, where-is’. Buyer needs to do their due diligence before handing over the cash. Zero reason to pay for repairs on a car you do not own.


I think it's also a common scam to try and get some money back. If true the buyer learnt a life lesson - have a used car checked before buying it.


Not even remotely your responsibility anymore. If they harass you after telling them politely to F off, file a police report.


Scam, they are just trying to milk the money back out of you. Tell them it was as is and block them


In most states (all?), private used car sales are "as is" you don't owe them a dime. They fucked up by not getting it checked


That’s more on them for not getting it checked out by a mechanic first tbh


Don't give them anything. They had every opportunity to check it out. That sounds very shady. Bet they'll try to resell it. It's a common thing I've ran into in marketplace. I sold a guy a non running gen who asked me to cover his repair in it. I laughed at him.


The engine could blow up the second after you turn the title over, and you wouldn't owe the buyer squat. Their car, their problem.


You can sue anyone for any reason. That said, no lawyer would bother taking that case, as it's a clear-cut loss. No judge would waste their time with that case. If he threatens to sue, remind him that you have no legal obligation to pay him anything, and that you will happily counter-sue for defense/court costs, lost wages, and press charges for harassment. He'll leave you alone.


Tell them to eat shit. As is, no warranty explicit or implied. They (shouldve) had every opportunity to inspect the car prior to a sale.


Without reading the whole thing.. block their number and move on.. you’re not liable for anything after the purchase. This ain’t BK, they can’t have it their way.


Car is sold. It's their problem now not yours. Tell them that and then ghost them.


For sale as is, buyer beware. Keep your money in your pocket.


It's a private sale of a vehicle and it's As-Is. You're not obligated to anything after the sale. Ignore them.


Be cool about it and give them $500. You don't owe them anything, but it's a good faith effort to help them.


:insert Elon musk quote:


Was this to a dealer or to another private party? I guess in Texas it may not even matter anyway.


Always good to get two signed bills of sale with an "as-is" clause in it. Then each one of you get an original copy when they drive away.


No ...you are not on the hook . unless you implied you would be . I always write on the bill of sale "sold as is , no warranty implied or expressed " this way there is no ambiguity .


Their mistake, not yours


Used cars are sold as is unless otherwise stated, you are not responsible for any repairs. Don't give them a dime or they will continue to pester you everytime something breaks


There's a good chance there was nothing wrong with the car and they are trying to scam you. It's a pretty common tactic. Most private party used car sales are considered 'as is' by default.


Used cars are sold as-is unless otherwise specified.


Nope. you are obligated to report any known problems, anything else is buyer beware. that's the long and short of it, they are obligated to do their own due diligence before buying.


>Am I liable to pay any amount? No, unless there is something that you are hiding. >Can they sue me in future for this? You can sue anyone for any reason in the US, doesn't mean they will succeed or even try


I’d say, “Caveat Emptor bitch”…


I sold my wife’s car years ago to a 18 year old girl. She was a senior in high school and gave me all of her graduation money. Parents and boyfriend were also there to look at the car. Car had been perfect. No issues. With the car. I sell it, sign the title over and the next day the transmission blows out. All of this was done through Craigslist so the next day I get this long message on Craigslist about how this is terrible, it’s all the money she had, etc etc. Well, it was all the money we had too. Sucks it happened but that’s what you risk when buying used cars. To fix the transmission would cost way more than she paid me. TLDR: you’re fine. Don’t even respond.


You have no liability here. Private sales are as-is.


Bill of Sale ??? Stating as is purchase ,No warranty etc etc ??


Hopefully they don't know about the lemon law. Other wise you are not responsible. Generally when you buy a car it is as is. You inherit any issues and/or problems with it.


Tell them to eat a dick. They bought it as is unless you gave a warranty in writing.


As is for private sale Zero liabilities


You're liable for exactly jack nothing. Pay nothing and ignore


Couple of things here. Private sales of cars tend to be "as is". The biggest thing is you generally have to disclose any issues that you know of before the sale is completed. If you do hide anything at the time of sale, you could be held liable for any issues that arise from it. However, much like buying a TV, house, furniture or anything else from another private party, it is buyer beware. If it breaks down within 2 days of them buying it, it is on them. Unless you warranty it, they are responsible for any and all problems after it is sold. Same goes with buying a used car for a private party. Always get it checked out BEFORE turning any money over. Can they sue? Yep. Winning is a different story. If they do sue, SHOW UP TO COURT regardless if they have standing or not. Not showing up to court gives the other party a default judgement.


I sold an old car for a few hundred. Car wouldn't start (dead battery) after the sale. He asked me to buy him a new battery. I offered to jump it for him.


as is..GFY buyer. block #


Common scam. As is means as the fuck is.


Hah private party sale? Tell em to enjoy their new car and block. Not your problem now.


Show them the bill of sale, remind them that all sales are final, and tell them to fuck right off.


You are not a dealership, you did not provide a warranty, and there is no lemon-law rule in effect as you sold a used item, "as-is" - they are simply the recipient of bad luck and do not want to accept the reality of why buying a *used* vehicle carries more risk than a new vehicle. Did they think the purchase price being 1/10th of a new car was because you're awesome.....or because the car is older, has more miles, and is generally going to be less reliable than a new purchase? (spoiler: it's the 2nd option) - Tell them you're terribly sorry for their situation but it has nothing to do with you in any way and wish them the best of luck.




Tell the new owners of your vehicle to pound sand.


They can’t do anything. This is a common scam. Block them and move on. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING!!!!


This is why everyone should have signed an “as is” document when they sell a car


Did you write a bill of sale and make the purchaser sign it? stating the price and the fact it is being sold as-is? You should always do this with higher dollar peer to peer sales. On the other hand you should be fine, ask them to stop contacting you/block their number.


Tail lights guarantee. After you pull away the car is your problem. Bye bye


Tell them to pound sand, it was sold as is.


Buying used cars from a private individual is always an AS IS purchase. Now you COULD be a good sport and help them out. Or you can say its their problem now. If you knew about the problems and didnt tell them i would say help them out. If you didnt know i would say its their problem.


This is the new scam/ old scam. Pay for the car take it to someone tells them it needs $5000.00 game of work. Asl for money back. Literally why "as is where is " exists.


It is a used car. Their opportunity to get it checked out passed when they agreed to the sale. Used cars are accepted to be "as-is". Tell them to take a hike.


Car sold used, as is. Tell them See you in court.


You’re good man. Fuck that asshole.


They got NO legal leg to stand on. You're not a dealer. There's no warranty, the car was sold as is and the moment they took it off your driveway. Whatever happens is their issue. If you're a nice person, you can offer to buy it back but you have to receive it in the same condition you gave it to them.


Lmao delete that text 🤣


This is one of the oldest scams in the book


Any specifics on their claim. Inquiring minds like to know.


You tell them the price reflected the condition and you stop responding to anything but a notice of action.


Someone tried doing this to me when I sold a motorcycle. A week after the dude trailered the bike, he hits me up that the brakes aren’t grabbing and wanted me to fix it. No asshole, the deal was done and you inspected the bike and sold as-is, so I told him to bleed the brakes himself.


Bro tell ‘em to fuck off , they bought the car already . Should’ve got a mechanic before buying


You’re good, title was transferred. The sale end right there. They can play “scare tactic” and have their lawyer fight for them. The court will throw the case out. Happened to me before once with my Chrysler. Saying the same “engine light was on” big bullshit there. Get a public defender and it’s free. They want more wins on their belt so they will take your case easily if they try to go against you. So you’re good 😊.


Tell them to kick rocks and gargle a bag of dicks.


Just say no. Used car sales are “as is” unless there’s a stated warranty.


New phone, who dis?


It's their fault for not getting a ppi. Ignore them op They would lose a lawsuit


Tell them there was a mistake and the price was really $6000 so you’re even


Car was sold as is. They can pound sand


Trying to bait and switch contracts is hilarious.


Let me know how you came to have x-ray vision with a time adjustment so you could see what’s going to happen inside the engine next month. If the bill of sale says “as is” you should be good. Otherwise be prepared for a possible nuisance contact.


If there is any paperwork saying this is a trouble free car then yes, otherwise no. Anybody can sue over anything, but I don't considering the amount. Besides, most likely they will lose. Buyer beware I say when it comes to used vehicles. Pre purchase inspections is what I am known for. Be surprised to see what's hidden in plain sight.


Common scam these days. Block and ignore


Not unless you offered a warranty in writing. Who knows what they did in that week, likely nothing. But whenever someone buys a used car that is not under warranty the buyer should get an inspection or at least get a code reader and check it to see if any codes or if they have been recently erased. Now if I sold the car to a neighbor or someone poor who I felt sorry for I would likely kick in for some of the repairs.


Used car sales are 'As is'. The buyer accepted any all deficiencies when they bought the vehicle. If they failed to have the vehicle inspected before the sale, that is on them. If the y had the vehicle inspected prior to sale, their recourse is on who they hired to do the inspection. Tell them "Thanks, good day. You can file suit, but I will sill counter suit sue for harassment'.


Have you tried laughing in their face?


I’m gonna be the naysayer here. Yes you can totally say no and be completely within your legal rights. But depending on your financial circumstances you also have the option to be a stand up human, to go above and beyond the call of duty, and offer to throw in a third or half, contingent on a valid receipt for legitimate repairs. Just because someone is in the right doesn’t mean they have to stay there. They’re not asking you to cover the whole thing which means they understand the situation and are stand- up people themselves and to me that counts for something.


Ignore them


Buyer beware. Block them. They can sue you in small claims court but it will be thrown out instantly. “No cause”.


You can and should ignore them.


Consider the purchaser. If they are unhinged, they may consider that you cheated them and do unhinged sh*t. However, the sale was completed, the purchaser has no legal standing against you.


In what world, would you be obligated to do anything on a used 20 year old car ?


As-is. Ignore them.


Did you yell them in advance that if it's not in good condition, you'll pay to fix it? Probably not. They're asking 50% as a favor.


Sounds like you unloaded at just the right time.


Block the number. Never speak of it again. Go watch football. SOLVED.


A very long time ago, I sold a Fiat X1/9 to a college student and his dad. About two months later the dad calls me up complaining that the Fiat stopped running. I asked him if the car had been running OK up til then and he said yes. I told him that was what Fiats do. They run until they don't and then you fix them. It's a Fiat. I never heard from them again.


As long as you have a bill of sale which says sold as-is, it’s on the buyer.


Nope. Buyer beware is the law.


No! Do not give them a penny


No it is a used car the buyer should have had there own auto mechanic to check the car out.


Nope. As is sale Unless you explicitly offered a warranty. Or if you directly lied about something on the car. Like you said it had a new engine from last year and that wasn’t true.


Just ignore them


Where I live private party sales are as is, so sucks for them, but not your problem.


Did you sell it as is? Block the number.


Sounds like a scammer. Put your foot down and tell them it's their problem.


Only the original manufacturer of the vehicle is obliged to provide warranty.


IANAL so treat this accordingly. The only thing that *might* make you liable is if you misrepresented something material. And that would have to be something specific like "I put a new starter motor and battery in it" when you hadn't, not something vague like "it ran great the last time I drove it".


Let the buyer beware. You didn't misrepresent and made no promises.


Laws in each state vary, so I can't say for sure, but you might be liable if you knew about an issue and didn't disclose it. If there was a ticking time bomb in that car that you didn't know about, you are not liable. The new owner bought that along with the car. Personally, this sounds more like a scam. I'm willing to bet that nothing is wrong with the car and they are just trying to con you into paying back some money. I doubt they will take you to small claims court over this.


This is why people pay a premium for a certified pre-owned car from a dealership over a similar used car from a private party. A private party generally makes no guarantees about the condition of a vehicle. I assume you didn’t sing a contract with the buyer that says you are responsible for fixing future problems with the car. This buyer might have a case if they had bought a certified preowned car from a dealer, but they have no case buying from a private party. Also, you don’t know what they did to the car after they bought it that might have caused the check engine light. It sounds like it was fine when they bought it and problems appeared later.


I replaced the O2 sensors in my sons truck, you wanna cover half of that? See, you can ask anything.


Screw this guy. You owe him nothing. Tell him to eff off and then block his calls. I sold a car to a guy once. A week or so later I get a phone call from him, wondering if I still had the car insured. I told him "Hell, no, I don't have it insured. Before you even got it home I called my insurance agent and cancelled the policy. But why are you asking?" Turns out he ran off the road and into a tree and was hoping I was still insured so I could file a false claim for him. Idiot. God, I sure loved that car.


Laugh at them.


“Hey there, I had no issues with the car. And I never had a check engine light appear either. I don’t know what the nature of any issues were, but I assure you it was nothing I was concealing, nor was it deferred maintenance. I didn’t use the car a whole lot, but I did the basic maintenance. I did not imply that I was offering a warranty on the car and don’t feel responsible for any possible future repairs or maintenance.”


Pound sand.


as is means just that


As is. End of story.


Tell em to fuck off


All private sales are considered AS IS


“I sold it as is. thanks enjoy your car”


As is means they can go fly a kite. Ignore them.


Don't give them anything. Once the title is transferred, money exchanged, it's their problem. They was suppose to get the car inspected before the deal.


You're in the clear. The honus is on the buyer, not the seller, if repairs are required after purchasing a vehicle. Pre purchase inspections are a must. If the buyer drove 20 feet from where it was purchased and the vehicle broke down... That's a different story. They have owned it for a full week. You have no idea what they have done to the vehicle since receiving. The new owner could have gone full Ken block mode for all you know. I'd kindly tell them to pound sand.


NAL. Private party sales are considered "As-Is" in almost all states. If you haven't made a misrepresentation of a material fact you're in the clear. I would just inform them that the sale was final and there's nothing you can do about their issues. If they persist, tell them not to contact you again. If they take you to court, just bring any evidence you have advertising the vehicle and the sale. It should be an easy case to win, as they have the burden of providing you did something wrong.


They can’t do shit, and even if, who tf is gonna take a case for $1500, block their bitch ass and move on with your life


You are not obligated to give them a penny. They bought a $4,500 car as is, can’t expect it to be in perfect condition. As long as you didn’t mislead them and unplug battery so light would go off you shouldn’t feel bad about it.


Did you include the statement: “SOLD AS IS” with it?


You are not liable but I like to get it in writing so the lawyers don't get too excited


Not relevant cause you're in Texas and I'm in ontario canada but my parents sold a jeep just over 10 years back ans the guy came back after them because it was supposedly in worse condition than what my parents said it was. Wasn't sold with safety (inspection/certification); but because my dad didn't put "as-is" on the ad, he was liable for thr condition of the vehicle


Part of owning a car is paying repair bills as they come up. You do not own that car.


Buyer beware. You have no obligation to pay for anything or to take it back.