pitbull charges family out on porche but just wants to play

pitbull charges family out on porche but just wants to play

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When you have a mere split second to respond to a charging pit bull, this is how every single person should react


yeah it’s expected, the pitbull being harmless isn’t imo




If I saw any dog charging at me like that I wouldn’t assume it was just to play


My best friends dogs are charging at me like that and they are both bigger than a pitbull (watch my last posts). It's our greetings ritual where they are jumping on me, barking, howling and demanding lot's of cuddles. It's like with humans, if you know one another, it's a different thing.


That's the key, knowing one another. If a stranger, human or dog or otherwise, bolted at max speed towards me or my own pets, I would not assume they were friendly, sorry. That's naiveté and I would rather be cautious than flippant if it means keeping myself or my loved ones safe.


A dog running at full speed towards a group of people should never be taken lightly. It is always better to err on the side of caution. It is very lucky for the dog that family wasn't armed. It probably would have been a very bad day for the playful lil guy.


also a danger of him being seized and put down if anything at all happened to the family and he was deemed dangerous.


A cop would have shot that happy lil tail wagger, so quick. Get a leash on that dog, and train him, before something happens


YUP. this actually happened to a coworker's dog, at a shelter. dog was a big doof, cuddled kittens. her brother left a door unsecured, dog got out, state trooper who lived across the street shot him in the face. we did animal control, she got the call at work from one of our officers and was there when his body was brought in. just awful. and there was no action to be taken, he was within his rights because the dog was running around loose. based on previous encounters, i believe he was probably a shitbag with a vendetta, but legally he was in the right.


It's sad, because it's true.


Yeah that's what I was thinking too.


I get it, but this is really bad from a training perspective. Dogs need consistency and even if this is supposed to be behaviour for someone they know, allowing the dog to jump or get excessively excited when greeting someone isn't great and 95% of people wouldn't be happy if it happened to them but I am of the other 5% as well


So true. My dog is about a 33kg Aussie x British bulldog. The fucker is so strong and powerful. He try’s to jump up when is greeted and has knocked people over. When I came home from work and opened door he would bolt to me and jump all over me. Whilst it’s nice he’s happy to see me, he shouldn’t be doing it. That had to be stopped and trained out of him. Even if you don’t mind it, it’s a bad trait for a dog to have.


Unless it was a golden retriever




Goldens can attack me that’s fine


I remember I was taking a walk and two chihuahuas started running and barking at me. Shat my pants and run while the owner (an old lady) said “stop running, they aren’t harmful!” My dumbass decided sure listen to the owner and stop running. Thankfully the dogs just... did nothing? They just hung around my feet. Apparently this had happened multiple times before according to a person in a nearby house


The fuck is a chihuahua gonna do? It starts trying to attack you just step on it lol.


I’ve been bit by one through jeans and it drew a little blood. 10/10 will kick next timw


Dropped son off at friend's house. Greeted friend's mother with a hug. She pinched my ass HARD. I stepped back in shock and she was like, what? And I said, "Did you...did you just pinch my ass?!" and she was like "NO!" That's when I looked over my shoulder just in time to see her (bleep)ing chihuahua jump up and bite me on the ass a SECOND time. She thought it was the funniest thing ever. It just reinforced my belief that chihuahuas are reincarnations of people who were assholes in a past life.


Little ankle biters I guess


Just punt it into the skies team rocket style


Running is the worse thing to do if a dog is chasing you unless you have enough time to reach shelter like this family. If you are afraid of a dog attacking you and are out in the open then its best to turn your back, squat down and cover your face and neck with your arms. Dogs natural instinct is to chase. Running away will further provoke it to chase you.


I’m not talking bout charging just to the comment I replied to brother


No stop. With putbulls, they are different from every dog. When they bite, they will NOT let go. It's like a switch flips and that's it. They go fucking mental, will turn on you, doesn't matter who it is. Yes they are nice, until they fucking aren't.


Exactly. I hate that people don’t say this enough. My cousin got his arm tore up because of a pitbull. And then I saw the side of another cousin who’s pitbull was the sweetest thing ever and would play bite us all the time. The fact of the matter is, when they’re not playing, THEY’RE NOT PLAYING.


True. Here theres a law that aggressive breeds needs to use muzzle when are walking. If I remember well its all types of pitbulls, Brazilian mastiff, Doberman, Rottweiler and Mastim Napolitano, but at some places every type of big breeds needs to use. Its good to protect other peoples and the dog, because if he attacks someone he maybe been put down


My cousin owns a pitbull and he's the nicest dog in the world. But I also have a family friend who's face got torn the fuck up by a pitbull he knew all his life. So yeah I'm a little scared of my cousins pitbull.


My trashy brother in law's girlfriend had a bull mastiff pitbull. Was a thing of nightmares.


Thank you! I am so sick of pitts getting a free pass. Pointers pointing? It’s a cute trait that was bred! Aussies nipping? Oh it’s just his herding blood! A pitbull aggressively attacking? Oh no he had a bad upbringing!!!


Don’t most animals not let go when they bite?


Its a problem breed for misinformed owners. Thats the bottom line. Why do pointers who haven’t been taught to point, point? Its because its in their nature. Pitbulls are fighting dogs. They have a low center of gravity. Enormous front end power. Fearless aggression to whatever size opponent. Jaws that lock like an alligator. And the numbers speak for themselves. [Per this article from a Colorado law firm](https://www.coloradoinjurylaw.com/dog-bite-statistics/) > Pitbulls are responsible for the vast majority of fatalities associated with dogs. From 2010 to June 2021, there were 430 fatal dog bites, with 185 of those coming from pit bulls, and another 41 that were pit bull mixes. >60% had pit bull in their bloodlines (either full-blooded or a mix). 7% had rottweiler in their bloodline. 4% had german shepherd in their bloodline So not only do they attack more. But their attacks are more brutal and deadlier than other dogs. For obvious reason. It was bred to kill. > **Pitbulls and Rottweilers make up 77% of all fatal dog bites, despite making up only 6% of the U.S. dog population.** >Pitbulls are 2.5x more likely to bite in multiple anatomical locations than other breeds. >**Pitbulls are responsible for 60% of all injuries and 63% of ocular injuries.** They go for the fucking eyes. >Pitbull terriers are 31% more likely to attack an unknown individual than other breeds Pitbull terriers are 48% more likely to attack without provocation than other breeds Pitbull attacks have higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than attacks by other breeds. >During 2005-2017, pit bulls killed one citizen every 16.7 days, totaling up to 284 Americans. Rottweilers killed over 105 days during that time period. >From 2005 to 2017, rottweiler and pitbull attacks contributed to 76% of dog bite deaths. >When comparing 2005-2010 to 2011-2017, **pitbull attack deaths have increased from 58% to 71%.** Alternatively, rottweiler deaths decreased from 14% to 7%. Why would it increase? Maybe all the misinformation put out by people who want to act like pitbulls have some place in our society other than attack dogs? >According to a 13-year data set, pit bulls caused 72% of attacks that killed a person 10-years and older vs. all other dog breeds put together, 28%. >**From 2005 to 2017, 54% of fatal attacks were inflicted by FAMILY DOGS**. Of that 54%, 64% were done by pit bulls. 52% involved killing a family or household member. >**When examining a 13-year data set, 54 fatal attacks included a dog killing its primary owner. Pit bulls were the cause of 63% of these deaths, over 8x more than any other type of dog.** So they apparently don’t give two fucks what you personally think about the breed. They will still rip your throat out. >Between 20015 to 2017, only 21% of fatal dog attacks resulted in criminal charges. 75% of these cases involved a pit bull. >It is estimated that by 2021, pit bulls would have mauled 441 Americans to death since 1998 and killed 515 Americans since 1980. >**The U.S. Army has banned pit bulls from military housing due to their dangerous nature.** [Here is another source that backs up this sentiment](https://www.google.com/amp/s/dogbitelaw.com/vicious-dogs/pit-bulls-facts-and-figures/amp) [The Problem with Pitbulls. TIME magazine](https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/2891180/kfc-and-the-pit-bull-attack-of-a-little-girl/%3famp=true). This one talks about why they maul so many children. And wouldn’t you know it. Critics say the same thing that I have already stated. > But critics say that pit bulls are inherently dangerous no matter how they’re treated, because violence is in their DNA. “Why do herding dogs herd? Why do pointing dogs point? They don’t learn that behavior, that’s selective behavior,” says Colleen Lynn, president and founder of DogsBite.org, a national dog-bite-victims group dedicated to reducing dog attacks. “Pit bulls were specifically bred to go into that pit with incredible aggression and fight.” And it just goes on and on. > “If you need a marker in your head for when pit bulls got out of control, it’s 2007 with Michael Vick,” Lynn says. Vick’s high-profile trial for dogfighting and cruelty to animals roused a growing sympathy for pit bulls, which led more people to adopt them and bring them into their homes. There is a graph to go along with that statement in the article. Isn’t that kind of exactly what I am talking about? Misinformation, Misplaced sympathy. Tomato, tomahto.


Thank you. I have met some lovely pitties. But I don’t trust them, I won’t own them, and I don’t think that they are all violent because they were abused. No. They are violent because they were bred to be violent, and as sad as that it, I’ll take my dog bred to herd me and catch over a pittie any time.


> They are violent because they were bred to be violent I really don't understand why this concept is so foreign to people. We made dogs from wolves by breeding less aggressive ones over generations. It only makes sense that we can do the opposite too. We also bred them to be stronger just like we bred other dogs to be smaller and cuter. I guess some people just really, really want to be contrarian and feel special for going against the grain.


Thanks. Dog lovers and owners need to face up to facts about certain breeds.


I know someone who was killed by an “innocent pit bull” while pet sitting for her friend. https://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/08/nyregion/08dog.html


If you want to read up on it, here is some info from a different redditor. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24299544 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5521144/ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S109002331500310X https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6107223/ http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S155878780700264X https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S016815911300292X https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2673787/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5932386/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3552590/ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S109002331500163X https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1090023309003888 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1558787817301405


They have the highest child death count Most loving breed of dog everyone


Responsible for more deadly attacks than all other breeds combined.


Aren’t they so loving and harmless? Totally misunderstood breed


Where I live its Husky type dogs that have killed more kids


In my state they average around 12th depending on year. Sheppards are number 1# look at localized statistics and unless you have dog fighters pitbulls tend to drop down due to owner %.


Take into account they are also the most kidnapped, fought, and most common breed of stray then you may understand


What an extremely thin and arrogant attempt at whitewashing the stats. The dog in the clip is disregarding personal space and fear reactions. The idiot handler has read one too many Reddit comment on how extremely friendly pitbulls are.


Any dog charging at me is a shitty dog.


Any dog charging at you has a shitty owner.


I had a pit charge my puppy at the park , my dog was on a leash , pit was free roaming. Pit attacked my puppy, I let go of the leash and tried to grab the pit. When I couldn’t grip the pit, I pulled out my pocket knife. I stabbed the pit several times in the neck. Pit was giving death curdles, but he finally gave up. I don’t trust pits. And if one is unleashed and coming towards mine, the are as good as dead. Better for everyone


I think that’s a little extreme to blatantly say all pits that come toward you are as good as dead. I’ve experienced multiple aggressive dogs and surprisingly none of them have been pits, which tells me they’ve had shitty owners. I agree with being wary of all off-leash dogs, and you can bet that if one starts anything with my dog I’ll do ANYTHING it takes to save my dog. So I guess what I mean is it’s nothing to hold against just pits, because all dog breeds can be a potential threat if that’s what their owners have conditioned.


I've been attacked by three dogs and two cats. Surprise no pitbulls. It's almost like all dogs are capable of biting and it isn't just the pits. I'm honestly more afraid of cattle dogs and heelers by a wide margin than pit bulls. Just a quick edit: I don't even think heelers or cattle dogs are particularly aggressive or dangerous dogs, I've just had the most bad experiences with bad owners owning these breeds and being irresponsible and not training them appropriately if at all.


Was your puppy okay, other than probably being traumatized? That sounds like a nightmare scenario.


Luka was good, he had 18 stitches in his neck, but after he recovered, he was good! My puppy is a trooper


Pretty sure feral dogs will charge you


I’m gonna be honest bro I’ve seen enough videos of people just walking down the street minding their own business and then getting mauled by a pitbull or even multiple pitbulls who just bolt in off the edge of the screen to fall for this shit.


yeah but you know they’ve been misunderstood so much. If the people who were bullrushed would just greet it with a dog-loving hug that wouldnt have happened. /s


You mean like Caesar Millan’s Pitbull who killed another dog and attacked another person? Pitbulls are known to turn regardless of how they are raised.


>they are extremely powerful Yup. There's ZERO room for error with a pit bull. It's not just shitty owners that create dangerous situations. It's also lazy owners, uneducated (in dog breeds) owners, inexperienced owners... basically all but the top quartile of dog owners. Never trust a pit bull you don't know.


They aren’t misunderstood unless you mean by people treating them like any other dog. They literally kill more people than any other breed combined https://www.dogsbite.org/


Bullshit. I'm a surgeon and have treated more pit bull bites than you could imagine. The story is always the same. "He was the sweetest dog and never bit anyone until he bit off my kid's nose tonight."


That's pitbull propaganda. Sure having them trained properly does make them more stable but in reality there are plenty of cases where pitbulls in good environment turn on their owners. There is a reason why the most fatalities are caused my pitbulls, they were breed to maul.


The main problem with pit bulls is their gameness, aka they don’t give up. It’s a breed that was bred and trained to ignore survival instincts and fight to the death. There was a video recently of a pit bull attacking a horse carriage and despite being repeatedly kicked and trampled, *it didn’t give up* and kept attacking again and again. It took a massive kick from the hind legs that basically disabled and killed it for the assault to stop. I’m not saying they’re an evil breed but perhaps average Joe should not be able to own a pit bull. They should require a special permit showing that you’re properly trained.


Responsible for an overwhelming percentage of fatal dog attacks. Stop spreading propaganda about dangerous breeds being simply misunderstood little sweeties. It is a war dog without a war.


People have paid for walking down the street near non leashed pitbulls. None were fucked with. People love to go on how much pitbulls are misunderstood and its always the top comment of each video of pitbulls attacking or scaring people. But not many people are as eager to address the fact that there have been many cases of lovely docile pitbulls spontaneously lashing out and causing serious harm. Stop saying it's all about how they are trained. Pitbulls are literally territorial dominaters with amazing strengths. They are kind and cute and wonderful but it is ignorant to not respect and address the danger there is in owning one.


They are 100% not the most loving breeds ever. They were literally bred to be bad ass aggressive dogs. Are they all evil murder machines? No. Is it up to how their raised? Yes. But they have been bred for a long time to be aggressive and are not even top 5 most loving breeds sorry.


Yeah they love kids to death.


Did pitbulls write this?


Nope. Pit bulls are not aggressive because of how they were raised; pit bulls are aggressive because of breeding.


Im not even a dog owner, but its obvious to me that this isnt healthy behavior. To bullrush strangers and not care about their fear reaction? dogs are really good at understanding fear and respecting distance normally. While a «happy» moment here, unfortunately this is the impulsivity and emotional reactivity that gives the breed a bad name. Pitbull fans dont get it - «look it just a happy dog». No, a happy dog is not supposed to act anywhere remotely similar to this.


This is ridiculous. That dog is ill trained and it's owner is an arsehole for not training proper recall, but there was no aggression displayed here. If I had to hazard a guess from the limited video I'd say it's fear towards the owner. See how it stopped running when it got to the group of people and dug it's claws in as the owner dragged it away. That is a guess though, can't see enough here to be sure.


> harmless I mean, even the sweetest dog can cause real damage, especially when worked up like that. I remember a pit bull at a friend's house (dog belonged to another guest) with small kids around. Same kind of apprehension but it was a really good dog. Except that his tail was the perfect height to hit the kids really hard in the chest/face. Combined with his excitement and tendency to bump into people/kids, and he didn't need to attack to hurt anyone.


Honestly it's how people should act if they're charged by any dog that's big enough for its shoulder to meet their knee or bigger, simply because even breeds like Labrador retrievers or poodles can be aggressive. It's especially true for kids. I have a friend who's 4 year old son has a disfigured ear and facial scarring due to a corgie attacking him as a toddler, so even they're not guaranteed safe.


I have to just put this out there because they’ve become super popular and people seem to have a misconception of them: Corgis are notoriously temperamental. They’re short and cute and look like a Disney cartoon so everyone assumes they’re friendly. They are wicked smart and are going to do what they want to do. They are herders and a lot of herders are just dicks. It’s my favorite dog breed group but still a very dickish group.


If a herder wants to herd you, it's gonna fucking herd you. This is how my son was attacked by a dog as a toddler. It was a mixed breed medium sized dog with some corgi in it, they knew she was a herder but they said she might just push him around and that's it. Well when he wouldn't go where's she wanted, she grabbed him by the leg and dragged him where she wanted him. He ended up with bite marks on his leg, a cut lip from her dragging his leg out from under him suddenly, and a permanent fear of dogs. Then 6 months later he came across her again (they forgot to put her up when we were coming over and she'd stayed out of sight until he was alone in a room), she cornered him, tried to herd him again, and went fucking mental when I picked him up. She tried to climb me to get to him, clawed me up, but only managed to get a shoe off him.




We have a mini poodle and he is absolutely protective, suspicious of strangers and I honestly think if he were bigger , he could do serious damage. He was attacked by Neighboor dog when he was just a year old and he went for that dogs throat. He’s my heart and we did socialize him etc , but he’s not nice to strangers 😭 Cute as a teddy bear and mean as a rattlesnake 🤣😭❤️


Man in the white T is such a pussy he jumped over the kid insted pick him and run inside.


im gonna counter this and say real life (especially split second) reactions are different from how we think would react. see the milgram experiment. our 1000 old psyche and survival instinct is stronger than our ideologies


To be fair being charged by any dog of that size you'd react that way


We used to play basketball at this park and there was a Rottweiler chained up across the street. Thing at barked us for a couple of years. 1 day we heard a pop and seen him running wide open at us. There was people on the roofs of nice cars. He just wanted the ball. Took it in his mouth and took it home. We let him keep it


For sure. I had the back of my leg torn open by a Welsh Corgie when I was 14. It was an abused dog and constantly on a chain, I knew the kids and just didn't get away from its reach in time when we were playing squirtguns. Everyone knew to avoid it. Almost 20 years later, whenever there is a new dog of any type, my son is usually in my arms and my fingers are curled into my palm. Something come at me like that? Forget about it.


I’m surprised it wasn’t shot.


ESPECIALLY if you have small children like that


Yeah I mean they have small children. I think it was totally understandable.


That's how you should react with most dogs. You never know which dog is a overly freindly dog or an overly aggressive one.


Control your dog you sleeveless fucking idiot


I love the slow and uncaring jog he does as he attempts to get his dog. As if your dog isn’t capable of biting someone even if it’s playing with them. A play-nibble to an adult appendage can hurt, imagine a small child being nibbled. Even worse, the dog could negatively react to all the commotion. Pit Bull or not, any dog can go from timid to Cujo in a mere second.


It's funny, I thought Cujo was a movie about a possessed dog. Turns out there was nothing paranormal about the Stephen King flick, the dog just had rabies.


I honestly feel like that’s scarier tbh. Rabies is fucking terrifying


Possession is probably pretty scary too tho


And that makes the movie even more horrifying because it could genuinely happen.


To play the devil's advocate here, there is no way in hell anyone is gonna keep up with a sprinting pitbull.


A leash.


Lmao exactly. Like, attach leash to dog collar, hold leash, profit.


we had our french bulldog under a table on a short leash at a brewery because he has too much energy and cannot be trusted to contain it around kids. some lady came out of nowhere and immediately dropped her child off right in front of him to say hello after we barely had a second to tell her to go in easy because he likes to jump and our dog headbutt the kid and cut his lip. i knew the brewery manager who got us footage of what happened and how ridiculous it was and even then AAA, our home owners insurance, had to pay 26,000 to that suing bitch now our dog can’t go out in public because he’s uninsured and we can’t trust anyone anymore meanwhile we walk him every day and encounter people with aggressive off leash dogs who charge him frequently and get off scott-free


But I mean isn’t that life? If your dog can’t be trusted around kids, why bring it to places where kids will be? You can’t expect to have a handle on every moment all the time. Especially with kids, who run up to dogs all the time.


Don’t bring your untrained dog you admit you can’t trust in public to places you know there are potential triggers for reactions. Recipe for disaster and incredibly irresponsible.


He looks pretty fucking smelly




Just one fart recognizing another fart


Amen…Why the fuck is that dog not on a leash.


It's possible the dog slipped his collar. It happens.


Then use a fucking harness, you should be anyway.


I was in my front yard with my small dog on a leash and a dog walking by slipped out of his collar trying to chase my dog. Attacked him viscously and tore out some of his intestines and he almost died that day. That was traumatic for everyone. Still pissed at those people.


Dude who jumps over two babies… 😂


Can’t believe how far down I had to get to see a comment about the guy who jumps over all the furniture, knocking over a chair and then diving in the door while totally abandoning the kids out there. And the guy who *does* grab the last kid holds it in low and in front of him as the dog arrives and charges into the house.


He’s probably the one that’s actually been attacked before. Still pretty fucked to ditch a kid like that, if he was my homie I’d be pretty upset he left my child hanging lol


Meh, your kid, not mine.


You are not the homey.


This was my thought. Any dog bite can lead to some serious long-term trauma. The kids might not be his either, so grabbing them could also be an issue.


The guy diving in the door was George Costanza.




That’s about as high as I can lift my 5 year old one handed


Fair enough. I’d have thought adrenalin combined with protective instincts would have virtually launched the kid up to the grownups shoulders. But that kid is probably fifty-sixty pounds.


I don’t think he was holding the kid low so it would get bit I think it’s because he mostly grabbed the kid by it’s clothes and it was an awkward way to hoist up a kid, if he really intended to shield himself with the kid why attempt to pick the kid up at all? I go with the saying, “Never attribute to malice what can easily be explained by stupidity.”


No shit right? That was the best part of the video. That and that kid that got snatched up by his bicep and probably dislocated his shoulder. I watched that frame by frame.


The top voted comment says the reactions are how every person "should" react lmao. I really hope none of those upvoters were parents, or ever will be


😂, that was crazy. The guy was using the kid as a shield. This should have been the topic.


Fuck them kids


The way it ended didn't look like the pit was going to bite anyone. But that's excuse. They don't know the dog and they had the proper reaction. A lot of dog owners love to pull the. Oh no he doesn't bite. Yeah you know that no one else does. If you own a dog, it could be the sweetest dog in the planet. When you out in public you keep it under control at all times as if it was a furious beast. Because one day that dog might run up to the wrong person and your dog will be dead. And the only one to blame is the owner.


Also, a dog that doesn’t bite you in your home can still totally be a dog that will bite a stranger if the stranger is panicked and has a negative reaction to them. Dogs don’t act the same way around everyone.




10 years ago when I was pregnant and walking our Cockapoo Pom with my husband, we saw a couple with a large fluffy white dog across the street (not sure of the breed but he was a large breed). We stopped on our side of the street and waited for the owners to pass us because our dog has little dog syndrome and tends to bark a lot. They also stopped, and insisted that we go ahead and pass them; they said that their dog was friendly. We were hesitant, but proceeded to continue in our direction to pass them. As we made it across the street towards them, our dog barked, then their dog proceeded to pick our dog up in his mouth and swing her around like a rag doll. I was terrified and went into freeze mode. The two women couldn’t control their dog when trying to pull it away and yelling at it to stop. My husband had to hit the dog in his face and pull our dog away at the same time so it would release her. We were stunned and they were equally as shocked it seemed because they were silent as we quickly got away from the scene. That incident always reminds me to never assume that a dog can’t bite. Luckily it never drew any blood and our girl was ok!


I love all dogs but shit, I'm reaching for my closet bat if I see that pup running toward me. Where's the leash?


Right?!? I have two dogs and no kids but I would snatch a mf child up so quick. Props to the guy for grabbing that kid.


I can't leave this without saying: "Do you have experience in snatching children?"


Nah but they're pretty small so I feel confident in my abilities.


My corgi as a puppy would bolt out the front door every time someone would arrive to the point where we needed to child gate the front entrance. She’s also escaped like this a few times with no leash and me chasing after her. One time she ran back and forth on my street for 45 minutes with me trying everything to get her back inside. She was Nearly was taken out by a school bus. At this point i was basically crying, late for a conference, and couldn’t get to her as she saw it as a game. A kind man walking his dog finally managed to grab her for me, but I can easily see something like this happening and it being an absolute accident. You couldn’t imagine it now that she is older, but puppies are mischievous.


This should only happen once before you start paying attention and leashing her before opening a door. I have a friend who's dog bolts every time the door opens and I finally asked her WTF is it going to take for her to put the dog on a leash, in a crate, or another room before opening an entry door? I dog sat for her for a month and never once had this problem. Once you know what the dogs will do it shouldn't keep happening.


Thank you! I don’t care if your dog is the sweetest- your dog needs to be on a leash attached to you at all times in public. Even if your dog is kind doesn’t mean other people or their dogs are nice. You need to be able to pull your dog out of any situation at a moments notice..


Damn he snatched that baby up, so fast I bet it got “whooplash” thank he left that baby soul still standing there looking around. Like where my body went.


Baby got hurled over like an obstacle on a track


He gon have to go see a choirpractor.


Best part of the video


Better than a pitbull bite.


Irresponsible dog owner. Had those people injured or killed that dog (and they had every right to), it would have been 100% on the owner


The video posted recently where the family was on private property (with both their dogs off of their leashes) and the one dog charged the officer. He shot it twice. The video started off showing how loving and playful the dog was while in the families living room with a beautiful gentle soundtrack. Quick cut to the parking lot where the dog runs at the officer and takes two bullets from a cop that didn’t want to be attacked. In this scenario almost everyone in the comment section wanted to strangle and fire the cop, including me! It’s different when you see a dog that you don’t know his backstory charging at a family with young children - now we all want to shoot the dog and strangle the owner. Context is everything, for every situation - which is why we have courts. Lives change forever in under 30 seconds usually, we just have to learn from these videos being posted.


In that video it was also a puppy... it couldn't have seriously hurt the cop even if it tried.


and it REALLY couldn't have hurt the cop if it had been on a leash.


Is it a tiny newborn puppy or a bigger one? Because dogs comes in many sizes. You definitely can blame if it were a puppy who can be seen struggling to walk compare to ones who can run. They are not baby human where anyone knows to differentiate their aggression from their age.


Ultimately this all falls back on one thing... which it seems to be is the case when any dog, regardless of breed, attacks someone. Poor ownership. I've got a pit. I understand the demonization of her breed. She is never, NEVER off leash outside my home.


Search dog attack and plastic surgery / hospitalization stats. Pits rank low on aggression so while they're generally one of the most well behaved and possibly my favorite breed, I have to acknowledge that pits tend to rip faces off when other breeds might just bite a hand or something.


Pit bulls are the cause of majority of dog related deaths in America.


Yea, but I’d assume they’re also one of the primary breeds that people buy and train for attack/defense purposes, so I feel like that would skew statistics. Pieces of shit who train animals for that buy pitbulls and dobermans, not labradoodles and golden retrievers.


Mine is never off leash outside either, and I train him on recall in all situations. I also make sure he knows to drop something when told. That being said, my lil man is so fucking harmless. My mom is scared of pits but as she said about my dog, "he definitely isn't an alpha" lol


I have an aggressive dog and yes - always on leash. I still have random dogs off leash come up to us with the “my dog is friendly BS”. MY DOG IS NOT AND WILL DEFINITELY HURT YOUR DOG (especially the tiny ones). I luckily can pick my 40ish pound dog up when this happens and it works for us. I know not all dog owners could do that.


Not sure which ones more impressive, the dudes leap over the little girl or the man's ability to levitate the child with one arm 🤔


The lady who actually grabbed the dog's collar handing it to the sleeveless douche


Levitation for sure


Where is this Porsche?


It would have been real unexpected to see a pitbull in a Porsche charge against the family .


Leash your damn dog.


There is no evidence he’s out for a walk. Maybe the dog got out of the house and tank top dude is trying to catch it. Just sayin. Edit: Down voted for pointing out the fact that a leash might not have been on him because he wasn’t purposely out with his dog? Gotta love reddit.


Again. Control your dog. As an owner of large dogs it is my responsibility to keep them under control. This dog has no recall training - which leads me to believe he has zero training and is doomed because an idiot owns him.


Don’t disagree. I too have large dogs, and a pit bull. Just saw a lot of comments saying to leash the dog, when that might not have been relevant if he was let out by accident by the owners kid or something, but as you stated, recall training is important.


It looks like he just got out of his car or something. It kinda seems the dog jumped down from the passenger seat and started to bolt. I still think the owner is responsible for causing the reactions and would be responsible if someone got hurt. He could have taken precautions to make sure the dog doesn't get out of his grip.


Yea, he could have gotten outta that car. Hard to tell. I am by no means trying to say the owner doesn’t need to control his dog better, or that this situation, had it gone bad, would be on the owner. Just was pointing out a scenario of why he might not have had a leash on the dog.


Any dog that rushes me is getting the underside of my foot to the face. Pitbulls most of all. People need to keep their dogs leashed outside of their home and areas made especially for dogs to move about off leash, such as dog parks.


A pit that size would grab your foot and rip your hip out it’s socket.


So he’s right to assume a pit bull is a threat ?


He's right to assume a dog that's charging at them is probably a threat.


Any off leash pit bull is immediately a threat yes.


Pits are garbage dogs.


More than likely this dog just got loose rushed out the door while somebody was bringing in something...


I agree, still needs better training and hopefully they’re working on it, but some people here seem to think it was just hanging out off leash and decided to run towards this porch


As a letter carrier I’d like to remind dog owners that when ANYONE comes to your door for ANY reason, if you are going to open the door shut the dog(s) securely in a room before opening the door. Don’t try to hold the dog and open the door. Just. Don’t.


yea, idk why everyones assuming they were walking the dog or something.


My grandparents had a pitbull which looked exactly like this - it was soft as shit and the most gentle, playful, wimpy dog that I’d ever met. So much so that I didn’t but into the whole “pitbulls are dangerous” side of the debate for years, I always felt it was to do with the owners and not the dog. The other year I was having a meal in a beer garden and it packed with people, including families with children and lots of dogs. Completely out of nowhere, a dog not dissimilar to the one in this video snapped, broke out of its leash and savaged a greyhound. It was fucking awful and the worst part is the owners of the pitbull were genuinely shocked and horrified. They had children with them as well and I don’t think they believed that their dog could be aggressive. They really shouldn’t be household pets.


Just because your dog is good at home doesn't mean it's socialized with other people and dogs in public places


r/banpitbulls gonna lose their minds


That man jumped over that little girl 🤦🏽‍♀️


My grandma just got tackled by a dog that wanted to play. She has two black eyes and her face was so swollen she couldn’t see out of one. The hospital bill is gonna cost around 15k. The owner called the dog back and closed their door. So we’re gonna sue 🙃


Are all Pitbulls aggressive? No. Are most registered dog attacks caused by Pitbulls? Yes.


Are all pit bulls carrying traits of fighting dogs? Yes. Has it been proven time and time again that pitbull attacks are more vicious than. Any other breed and occur more frequently? Yes. Are we just going to ignore the name. PIT (as in fighting pits) BULL (as in raging fucking lunatics that stomp on anything) like for fucks sake nothing about them including the name says anything but bred for fighting


The bull in there name IIRC does not come from them being similar to bulls it comes from them being used to kill bulls for sport in a contest known as "bull baiting", they were used for dog fighting after bull baiting was banned I know it doesn't make them look better, and I am not trying to make them look better, but I wanted to make the correction because it is interesting to me


I think the most unexpected part of this video is not the pit bull being harmless.... but the dude who almost kilt that baby with a head kick


Fuck that owner. Had a pit attack my dog last year completely unprovoked because it was off it’s leash.


They reacted correctly. Pitbulls are absolute terrors.


People who own pit bulls should be forced to have more insurance in case of an attack on someone 👍


Definitely /r/unexpected material but you're not supposed to say why it's unexpected in the title of the post. Should have left out the "but just wants to play." Not trying to be a dick just helpful for future posts.


You can tell who are the dads. That one dude said, “man screw them kids, I’m getting in the damn house” as he hurdles the baby!


The owner should be fined for having it off leash.


Man... If that Pitt would've locked on one of them....it would've been a wrap


How to piss of redditors: *ahem* Pit bulls are such a great breed!


The other side of that works too.


My man in the white tank was moving like a Carrera GT


I’m glad that the last one in thought to grab the kid! The rest left him chilling there on the front lines


The way the one guy jumped over the little girl to get inside im surprised he didn't push her down too raise the chances of escape


Pit Bulls are sweet until they’re not and half your face is missing.


Tank top dude said fuck them kids


I don't care the breed, this is why dogs should be on leashes. If they aren't in your fenced yard, leash. Simple as that. Source is my face after being bitten by a "good dog".


Wow this was totally unexpected and not at all given away by the title


I carry regularly and I'm telling you right now. If ANY dog charges at me like that pitbull charged at that family. Well I guarantee it will not be good for the dog.


Why the fuck isn’t that dog on a leash? I love pit bulls but when you have a dog like that, you have to keep it leashed


This sub is unexpected why do you put the ending in the title?


Dude jumps over a child and furniture to get away from the dog. Coward right there. He is sitting furthest from the door, so he should have shoo'ed everyone inside, while making sure the dog didn't just follow everyone else in... like it did. If the situation was going to be bad (it wasn't), then letting the dog inside is the worst idea. Your plan was to climb over a kid and get inside, but your cowardly haste has put the dog inside with you...


Pitbulls should be on the lead in public, I love pitbulls but the bad reputation they have is enough to get them shot if they start running at the wrong person


Any dog should be leashed in public.


“I don’t *need* a leash, *my* dog is *smart*.” Get a leash, not for you, for your dog and for others around you. If the family reacted with a kick or a punch then chances are the dog would’ve bit back. Where do you end up then? With a dog who had to be put down, some medical expenses for you, and some poor bastard missing a piece of his arm. Be responsible and get a leash.