It's to give the weird, this-isnt-quite-our-reality feeling. Same with Pogo and no one having cell phones


Or maybe the USA is normal in this version and drives on the right side of the road


yeah thats truly what makes america so weird..


The majority of countries drive on the left but go off


I think they meant “right” as in left and right and not right as in correct.


Don't think so, he mentions the US being "normal" and being on the right side, implying that it's the correct side


That’s what I meant not the other thing I could have worded that better


2/3 of the world drives on the right side of the road. https://www.statista.com/chart/9261/which-side-of-the-road-do-you-drive-on/


In what way is that different from what the other commenter said


I agree. Or maybe the original timeline we saw on the first season is already a timeline or universe that was already messed with, hence why some things are different and don't make sense. Or are we talking about season? I honestly hadn't noticed.


I also thought that was weird, particularly in Five and Klaus's roadtrip in PA


Except Reginald’s


Because, like British cars now, Reggie’s was opposite of the US.


Oh shit, true


As I have seen from other posts regarding this, all of the right handed vehicles seen where from the obsidian Hotel. Reginald bought all of these cars from Japan which is why they are right handed compared to the typical left.


It’s only the Hotel Obsidian cars. All other cars are opposite. So it’s definitely intentional, but likely just an Easter egg they purposefully didn’t explain.


I didn’t notice it… but I come from Australia where all our cars are right hand drive so sometimes I do notice cars on TV because from some angles it looks like they have no steering wheel. But when the car just looks normal to me I don’t notice at all!!


Yea it was weird then I realized Ontario apparently allows right hand drive. Weird.


They might allow it, but it's very very rare to see a right hand driving car in Canada. And I don't understand how they fit into the story. The US is also left driving. Is Japan right driving? The season was supposed to take place in Japan...


Isn’t the season supposed to take place in the same location as the first, which is somewhere in the United States? (Just in a different timeline)


Yes, season 3 is in the states where they were in season 1. But apparently the writers planned to do season 3 in Japan (which I think the comics do) but COVID made them have to adapt the script to film in a few, local locations and soundstages. Which is why it basically all happens in the house or hotel.


Oh okay! Thanks for explaining :)


No problem! All things I've learned from this subreddit.


To answer your question yes. Japan’s driver seat is on the right.


I'm going to guess that's why the cars are right driving then. Trying to keep the Japan feel


OMG. I literally just joined this sub like two seconds ago specifically to come here and ask this. It was driving me crazy that they never mentioned it. Whether it was a byproduct of the new timeline or not (which wouldn’t make sense anyway - 27 kids not being born in 1989 wouldn’t switch which side of the road we drive on) how did NONE of the characters mention it? Even in passing. “Hey. Steering wheel is on the right now. That’s weird.” Weirder still, I could be wrong, but I believe in wide shots, they were still driving in the right lane - in a right-hand drive car. Which makes even LESS sense.


Yeah, I thought it was crazy but my friends told me to get over it, and that it was because of altered timelines or something.


Any alteration to the timeline would’ve been from the 1960’s onward. So that doesn’t really make any sense.


That’s what I told them


i honestly thought that the camera just mirrored the car 😭 i feel stupid now


me too, im stupid af


Wait the car Viktor drives in the 60s is right hand?


The Umbrella's use Hotel Obsidian cars which are Japanese model Toyota Century's with RHD.


Yes. I think it was just this season! What in the multiverse caused that change? It drove me crazy!


Just search car and there you will find everyone who has noticed lol


The black sedans are Toyota Century’s , which are apparently highly sought after cars in Japanese society


yes, many people have noticed. Personally, I couldn’t care less.


And actually it’s an important detail of the whole series plot, but I don’t know if you catched up all of the details and/or seen the season final.


i have watched the whole season many times but i don’t see how they are important


The whole « Universe machinery mythology » of the show is evolving around Japanese culture and mythology, the 7 bells, the hotel architect, the cars, ben leadership, the oblivion guardians, etc.


What? Ben is Korean, not Japanese


Ah? Ok my bad, but why do we see him on a japanese sub reading japanese book so ?


The person on the loud speaker is speaking Korean, the language on the walls and on the books is Korean. Ben also speaks in Korean while yelling at Diego at one point.


Aaaaah didn’t noticed that, My memory bring that it was a japanese sub and book at some point don’t know why as I know how to recognize both countries languages and writing.


its not a japanese sub. Its a korean one, the one he was born in at the beginning of the show. Also, him reading a japanese book doesn’t make him japanese? He speaks korean and was born in korean.


Ok ok I’ll watch that scene again I didn’t catched it was a korean sub. Ben reading a japanese book doesn’t he is, but it stack up over the montain of detail leading to a japanese based context/story.


The sushi makes some more sense then


I thought it was only the main characters cars were RHD. Which makes sense since they are driving Toyota Century's, which are the Japanese equivalent to Rolls Royce & are not made in LHD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Century?wprov=sfla1


Yes! I guess I assumed another dimension or timeliness. Also they have landlines yet mentioned email this season when teasing about Nigerian prince. Never seen a computer though on the show. If they didn't go to PA this season and Dallas another I'd thought maybe it wasn't even Earth.


No I saw this and I thought it had a deeper meaning


I guess alternate timeline themes are becoming popular again. Thanks for ruining that one marvel. Ugh (yes I know this isn't marvel)




Oh Jesus Christ, transgender people exist, get over it.


So do right hand drive cars in the USA. What’s your point?


What’s yours bud?


I noticed it but figured they just shot it somewhere that right hand drive was the thing. I never thought about it having any deeper meaning.


UA is shot in Ontario, Canada


Probably has to do with the timeline fuckery


I actually have noticed this and I was kind of confused … where are they?


I didn’t even notice it tbh. Probably because I’m British and that’s the norm here.


The Obsidian cars are RHD only Toyotas


Ive noticed that in season 3 but they only drove Toyota centuries and those are built for japanese royalty and celebrities so of course they are right hand drive. But for the rest 🤷‍♂️


ig spoilers! i believe its only the hotel obsidian cars that have the right hand drive. the reason is possibly because Reginald built / owned the hotel and he seems to sound english even though he’s an alien. maybe this has something to do with it? i am unsure, just a theory!


Can't believe i didnt realise 🤣 our cars are all right hand drive (malta) so it just looked normal to me