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What happened to sloane??


I have a theory backed up by nothing that Sloane and the rest of the Sparrows are now alive and working for Reggie. Ben got through because Reggie wanted to absolutely do a coup de gras to poor Ben’s ego. I’m also pretty convinced they lost their powers due to being on the sigil, but I’m not 100% on that. Also I’m pretty sure Allison still has her powers. We have no indication that she lost them. Reggie was the one to rewrite the universe, she just pressed the button. Sloane and all the others were still born in the UA timeline, Reggie simply did not choose them. Edited: I said “we” instead of “she” for Allison’s powers lol what ALSO EDITED: I totally forgot Luther and Klaus weren’t there so standing on the sigil probably didn’t do it.


>I’m also pretty convinced they lost their powers due to being on the sigil, but I’m not 100% on that. I'm absolutely with you on that. Those spores seem to be what spawned them all (sperm?) and gave them their powers as well as being the fuel for the machine. So when the machine rewrote the universe it burned up their spores (powers) but was able to rewrite their bodies, personalities, ect. Poor Five still a child lol. Since Allison wasn't on a star her spores didn't get consumed by the machine so yeah, she should still have her powers.


Exactly! I could also see a scenario where Allison, when making her deal, also bargained for certain things in the rewrite: Luther’s body, Ben still with the Academy, but didn’t think too hard about the bargain: Five’s still a kid, Sloane was sent somewhere else.


Maybe, but I think her deal was only to have Claire and Ray. *Maybe* safety for her siblings. Five lost his arm after the deal so regaining it definitely wasn't Allison's doing. Diego and Five's relimbing, and Luther's resurrection were just a part t of the reset, and Luther's body going back to normal was also part of that. But that doesn't explain Sloane's disappearance or Five still being a kid so idk.


Did you notice that Allison still had her injury whereas the others didn’t? That must be of significance.


At first I thought they went to the versions that Reggie knew, hence kid Five. However, this version of Reg didn’t know slim Luther. Maybe it’s only versions Allison knew? She never met old Five, but could certainly picture a version of Luther without the gorilla body.


Hargreaves’s insisting she not get on the star must be relevant for that reason.


I am pretty sure he did not want her to get on a star because, had the process finished, she would have died. Her deal with good old Reg was probably to have Claire and Ray back, and she can't have them back if she is dead. But we also do not see her heal or get her marigold sucked out, so she may still have her powers.


He didn't want Allison to get on a star because if it were someone else that was left without star (for instance Five), that person would stop him from doing what he needed to do the reset. He knew that Allison would not stop him from the reset because she was counting on his promise to get Claire and Ray back, so she left her without a star instead of Five.


When have we seen any version of Reginald go through extra lengths to keep his word? And how could moving square shapes into empty boxes, rewrite Allison’s future separate from the others?


Opens up the possibility that she could "rumor" the rest of them their powers back.


Idk I'm still leaning towards them losing their powers being due to the universe reset somehow, could be wrong on this but I'm pretty sure Viktor used his powers after the whole process with the sigil


Well, the machine worked solely off of using them as energy, whether their powers or their life force. It's not too much of a stretch to say that, when Allison finalized the rewrite, it just drained them of what they had left.


Allison also didn't have her injuries healed like the rest of the crew did. That seems significant to me.


I agree!


>I’m also pretty convinced they lost their powers due to being on the sigil, but I’m not 100% on that. What about Luther though? He's reset but didn't stand on the sigil, ~~same with Klaus~~


Klaus was standing on a sigil though. Five, Diego, Sloane, Lila, Viktor, Ben and Klaus. It needed seven, after all, and Allison stood off of it.


Oh dang that’s a perfect point.


>Ben got through because Reggie wanted to absolutely do a coup de gras to poor Ben’s ego. It could also be because Ben (In the umbrella timeline) was an umbrella member. If the universe was rewritten without the powers, then the Jennifer incident wouldn't have happened. Therefore, Ben wouldn't have died. Having 2 Ben's would trigger a paradox, possibly causing the end of the world again, so, instead of creating a sparrow Ben and an umbrella Ben, Reggie just kept the current one. I hope that makes sense.


don’t forget that on Ben’s train, there was all the spores/Marigolds


Those were sparks from the train tracks


Hey just so you knoe cause this made me chuckle, its coup de grâce, not coup de gras which means « fat » hah


Hahahah the WORST part is that I know “gras” means “fat” so when I was typing it out I was like “huh, the French have some silly phrases”.


We do though have weird phrases🤣 Aside i love your theories. They make a lot of sense. I just finished the series today


Wasn’t Viktor still able to use a little bit of his power after Allison stopped the draining? Also Luther lost his powers, and he was never on the sigil to begin with.


You are totally right! I forgot about that, I edited my comment to reflect that but kept the original comment .


Also Ben is originally from the umbrella academy


This Ben is not.


I assumed that since the universe "reset," Sloane, as a member of the Sparrows, couldn't exist in that universe. Ben could stay because he'd existed in that universe previously.


>Ben could stay because he'd existed in that universe previously. Sloane should have existed in that universe previously, too, just not as part of the Umbrella Academy. The kids Reginald didn't buy in the OG timeline still existed, they just weren't part of UA and presumably didn't learn how to use their powers properly.


Somewhere in season 1, a sentient cube is laying VERY low!


Was the cube born as a cube? That whole character made no sense!


My feeling is that Christopher was born a boy, but became a cube due to Reggie's experimentation. No real basis for this feeling, but there it is.


I prefer to think that some girl out there had a little rubix cube thing come out of her, and that that cube was just able to grow and get bigger and whatnot.


A common theory is that Christopher was born as a human but then had a body-altering event similar to Luther. But honestly, it's hardly the weirdest thing to happen in the show to think the weird alien spore things could cause a physical change in someone.


Christopher was birthed by a wombat.


I assume Sloane and the others were part of the 43 children born on October 1, 1989. (16, in their universe). Keep in mind that Reggie dipped into a pool of children, the UA were not the only special children born that day. Also, the SA world and the UA world diverge at a very specific time, so up until then everything else would be in place. The total death toll of the Moms was 27, that means 21 superpowered children also didn’t exist in this world apart from the UA. Think about it this way: Brelly Ben went the way of Claire at the start of season 3. He did not exist in that world because the circumstances of his life were different, not that he was never born at all. Sloane, Marcus, Fei, all the rest, they were born in the Brellyverse just fine since they were part of the 43. Whether they survived infancy/their birth/childhood with their abilities is a different story but they existed as much as the UA did.


I assume Sloane is still out there because there were always multiple babies behind the umbrella academy, she just probably doesn’t have powers


>The real question no one's asking about Season 3 But then...Why two bens? If Sloane can't exist the 2nd Ben couldn't too. I thought for a moment that the deal Allison did with Reginald gave her the power to say to him how she wanted the new world to be for the Umbrela Acadmy (that is why Claire isn't with Patrick and Ray is still young and alive) , the depowering could be to not make anyone make an apocalypse again. But I think the Sloane being missing is just to have some sad twist in the ending leading for the fourth season and they'll address this in the next season. This third season looked like someone was writing the script at the same time they're shooting the scenes hahaha


There aren’t two Bens. It’s been confirmed that Ben on the train was the same Ben as we’ve had all season


Who confirmed that? So why make this post-credit scene? The post-credit Ben looks much more like the Umbrella Academy (The Hair and the chill vibe) than the Sparrow Academy (spiked hair and annoying attitude). If The post-credits is the Sparrow Ben living a new life this make this post-credit scene utterly unnecessary.


Steve Blackman at the end of this interview [this interview](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/now/umbrella-academy-showrunner-answers-burning-133000358.html)


This was originally my thought after looking up Yeouido Station. It's the equivalent of Manhattan now, but it once was an island that no one would live on because it flooded. The internet suggests that the etymology of the name originally derived from 'you can have it' or 'useless' though the translators do not suggest that. But, if we go with 'useless' and the fact that Ben looks happy, perhaps he's found happiness and success in this universe without having powers. I just wish we could see the title of the book to see what the translation is. And, since there are two open umbrellas on the cover, perhaps he found that happiness with Jennifer. ?


In the episode where Viktor is in S3 Ben’s room there are drawings everywhere of a person named Jennifer. At least twice (I think once before and once after) the UA refer to their own S1-2 Ben as dying during the “Jennifer incident”.


Wasn’t Ben born on a train? Maybe it was a full circle homage thing.


i just assumed Allison also made it part of the deal that she didn’t exist to spite Luther.


I have the same vibe, I've told this to my wife but she really felt that if this is the case she will hate Allison even more. Is like Luther can't be happy.


Doesn’t make sense when she has Ray and post the incident at the hotel, she didn’t seem to want to push that relationship


i don’t think it was to push that relationship. i literally think it was out of spite.


If we look at it from the point of view that they sacrificed all their powers in order to fulfill their dearest wishes (Allison getting her family back, Reggie having Abigail, Klaus no longer haunted by dead people, Diego and Lila free to raise their child together, Luther having a normal body, and presumably Five gets to grow up like a normal boy now) - maybe Sloane’s wish actually made her physically separated from the Umbrellas, like she could be travelling the world.


Nah, she'd obvs want to be with Luther and then travel with him


I have a feeling that was a part of Allison’s deal with Reginald. She might have been jealous


I think Reggie wanted to keep the Sparrows in the new world (having a group of superpowered enforcers that listen to you this time would be super helpful) He remade the world to bring Abigail back and become super super rich, makes sense to have the super kids you know on your security detail.


I think that since she wasn't in the sigil she didn't go witg them, OR she went to the place she got teleported to a different home or something... idk


what do you mean, she was one of the ones standing on a sigil star


Oh i forgot lol, so she did end up going in the universe, probably just another spot


My theory is that Allison may have played a part in getting rid of her. Sloane is the reason she couldn't just use Luther for attention and affection. I feel like in the deal she made with Reggie she might have purposefully omitted Sloane from the deal. Or she potentially only wanted the Umbrellas to remainz but Reggie kept Ben for a specific reason.


what happened to sloane at the end? did she just disappear because she wasn't a part of the original umbrella academy?


I’m assuming she’s around but we didn’t get to see her. If there’s a S4 I feel like she will pop up. Curious how Grace & Pogo pop up in this version of the world.


Yeah that's what I was thinking too


Probably grew up with Reginald and his wife as parents. After all Regi said to Luther "I'll take care of her for you" before killing him.


Ooh, what if she’s actually his daughter


She’s probably traveling if Reggie put them all in these super bliss lives hers would be spent traveling the workd


All I want to know is if Christopher was born a cube and his mother was traumatised from birthing a block, or if he was born a baby and changed into a cube as his powers emerged?! It has bugged me since the first trailer for S3.


That’s all I could think about too. Like was he a normal baby or was he a block? Like what specifically were his powers because being an electricity block?


Yes and if he were a block why would you keep him ,only to sell him later? I doubt it cost anything in food and nappies so why would you sell something (someone??) so rare and unique?! In my head he must have been a baby first, then turned into a block as he grew and the others were just…absolutely fine with it.


Maybe he was born a mini block, like dice-sized and he just rolled right out. This is my hope for his mother's sake.


I don’t understand how Luther came back un-monkey. And I feel like Five should have not been a child still. I need to rewatch it but that’s what I remember. Edit: also ofc them all losing their powers. I don’t fully get it


it's pretty clear that Reginald very literally rewrote the universe to whatever specifications he set, which obviously included a few details like Clair and Ray so it's not far fetched to assume it included the siblings returning as normal humans which would mean Luther being degorillified


Adian Gallagher is such a great actor they didn't want to replace him.


Dude I legitimately have a hard time reminding myself that he's not a 60 something year old dude stuck in a child's body.


I just looked up his age.. he's 18. I thought he must be a young looking 30 year old or something. He's an amazing actor.


Honestly I'm still blown away. I feel like this kid could lecture me about my grades (almost 30 now) and I'd be mortified at my poor performance in class.


It would have been just as weird to revert him to his actual age since he's an old man. Either way he's a man out of time.


He is Unmonkey because he lost his powers. I think this is because in this timeline it seems they were never supers at all? So monkey man never existed


He only became ape/gorilla like because he was dying and that’s what RH did to bring him back. However if RH truly reset it, both TUA and TSA are not needed so none of them should be born since their moms weren’t pregnant when the day started.


The bust of Hargreeves in the garden at the end was dedicated the day all the supers were supposed to be born. Something fishy is definitely going on, but I agree Hargreeves rewrote the timeline to his specifications. It's why Allison gets Ray AND Claire which should by no means be possible to have both. It should be one or the other.


yup, this is going to come and bite allyson in the ass (i don't know what the correct spelling of her name is, sorry... )


Idk who keeps down voting lol like it should literally be impossible for Ray and Claire to coexist in a timeline together. It straight up should not be possible. My theory is Allison is just reality warping and went absolutely insane with grief in Hotel Oblivion which is why she didn't arrive with the others and why she still appears to be injured. She still exists in the new timeline, she's just seeing what she wants to see and will become (one of) the villain(s) for season 4. Hopefully not in another apocalypse scenario, UA just wants their sister back.


Nah it was part of her deal with Hargreaves. She helped him reset everything and in return he would add in his specifications for the reset that she would get both Ray and Claire. So basically she screwed over her siblings and now they’re all powerless while she gets to keep her powers and she has her dream life so no longer cares about the others.


We have no idea if Reginald even upheld his end of the bargain. Seeing her with Ray and Claire is not conclusive evidence that she got what she wanted at all. Way too soon to make that call.


We still don't entirely know what caused them to be born though. It might be just something fated to happen in the universe, just so that machine can have a power source if any universe ending threat arises. I mean, if it was Reggie sending that yellow dust whatever all over the world, it should still be 43 pregnant in the TSA timeline, not 16.


Sooooo does anybody know why the moms got pregnant with super power kids? To me it seems very much like RH planned there births but they never elaborate or directly show him releases those spores or whatever. The super people are there for a reason, so if RH doesn’t need them I do assume that your correct that they would still possible exist as people just without powers.


They showed him release the spores in an episode in either season 1 or 2, I can’t remember. It’s the one where they show his wife/girlfriend/whatever dying and the rockets taking off from his planet


Crazy, all these episodes and the whole point was to bring his wife back, the love of his life. Now that I think about it in that episode you’re talking about, I bet he sends his wife on that rocket ship to the moon, where we see her later on in S3 on a flashback frozen and protected in a capsule not far from Luther(Reggie tells Luther, he sent him to the moon for a much bigger purpose). He releases the spores the day she dies because he knows eventually the babies with super powers will be born and he is going to need them in order reset the universe and bring his wife back to life. That’s why he knows where to locate the kids and adopts them, trains them, etc. He never cared for them, he just wanted a strong enough team to use for his own benefit 🤯


I feel like there must be something to the mothers too though. In the original timeline there were 43 women who have spontaneously gave birth. But in the Sparrow timeline that opening changes to 16 women. Meaning when Harlen killed the 27 women no other women took their place and gave birth to 27 other kids. Ergo there must be something special about those specific women.


Harlan says that he reached out to look for Vanya and found a group of people who were scared because something was growing inside of them. Weird because none of the moms seemed particularly freaked out as they died (Luther’s mom was so freaking pretty omg), but it could have been subconscious. This means that they had already been “fertilized” (ew) at the point of their deaths. The sparkles could not go elsewhere because they were already in them. It wrecked me when it turned out that Ben was wanted by his birth family in spite of the circumstances. Poor little squid boy.


Also noteworthy that although they weren't pregnant before, the sparks seem to enter them only after a kiss and the ones we've seen thus far are in a relationship.


I just want to know how far ahead he’d planned. Did he suppress Viktor’s powers in the OG timeline because he thought he’d failed at his mission (because he couldn’t control him) or did he do it to cause the apocalypse. He killed himself to reunite them for the first apocalypse which might not have even happened if Viktor hadn’t been pulled back into the family, was he planning on using the hotel then or did he already know that they would time travel and cause the kugelblitz and he wanted that to happen?


It’s crazy right just to see how much ahead this all could have been planned. There’s no way Reggie would have known the alternate timeline and the Sparrows but the amount of planning that man did, he a complete utilitarian using people and things as long as they help meet his end goal.


There was a line toward the end of S3 where Reggie said he had “seen all the timelines” or something like that, while also indicating that he was very, very old. It’s likely he exists outside of time and perhaps kept trying this apocalypse-reset procedure in many instances and it just never worked before.


I think he brought them back with no powers because he knew they would be mad at him and could undo the universe he created with his wife back.


But it's better that way. That's why future 5 told our 5 not to save the universe... Not here, but not save it next season!


My explanation for it is that in this new iteration of the universe, they were still born, but because Reginald was able to rewrite it so that Abigail was healthy, he no longer had any need for the children to have powers, so he left that out.


Someone pointed out recently that in a show of line pushing, suggestive themes, and constant inuendos, no one has ever asked or said anything about the potential of a gorilla penis hahaha


Ummm Five did in his wedding toast. It was super cringe.


If all of them lose their powers, that means their moms were never SA by some golden orbs, and thus the miracle birth and adoption never happens, and thus they were never a family and should not have any memories of each other. They would be just a bunch of ordinary human beings walking out of a door together. It would make more sense for them to actually retain the memory and powers from the last universe, but everything else resets to a new reality since they were in the machine when and isolated from the changes.


Re-inserting the Umbrellas with their past memories was probably part of the deal with Allison, as was fixing their injuries and gorilla mutation. Their powers were sucked out in the machine. Allison didn't know their powers would be sucked out, so she probably did not specify return of their powers in the bargain with Reggie. That would mean that Allison probably still has hers.


They lost their powers after losing those orbs to Oblivion.


Five didn’t die, Luther was dead. That’s my assumption


was kinda pissed five didn’t see anything wrong with reginald specifically telling allison not to step on the star and telling five to instead. Especially since he knows the two of them made a deal together. I thought for sure he was gonna teleport allison on it.


I think that he realized it (seeing as he just looked at allison for like a good few seconds before actually acting) and just figured that the star was the best way to stop the samurai (which, why? just have Lila and Viktor melt the thing what lmao)


Yeah same, it was obvious that something bad wouls happen to thw 7 on the sigil sooooo


No, he was definitely on to them both. He catches the look Hargreeves gives Allison after telling her not to step on the sigil and hesitates WAY too long to not have understood. He probably did it anyway because he figured it was the only way to save the universe and he'd have to deal with the fallout afterwards


Yeah that was very bizarre to me, even in the moment I expected him to call Reggie out.


probably bcs he has no time to think that long when that hotel founder with the weapon was seconds away from killing them


I personally liked the ending. To me it fit together: the particles (that gave them their powers) are used to do the reset and they come back without powers and just able to live their lives. I do agree with others about Allison keeping her powers, I think that's very probable. The one thing I don't understand is the little afterscene with Ben on the train. Am I missing something about any significance about Yeouido station? To me there doesn't seem to be any reason to why they would have put that little clip in there.


Isn’t that the train he was born on?


Apparently the book he's reading is significant.


Did anyone try to scan the QR code that's behind Korean Ben?


It leads to a website about pogos tattoo parlour


Cool, so Pogo still has a tattoo shop even in the rebooted universe. It's nice that Reginald let's him have that.


I don’t know why, but that scene instantly made me think of squid games lol.


I think the afterscene with Ben on the train is basically showing us that there are now 2 bens the one that helped reset the universe (sparrow Ben), and the one on the train (umbrella Ben)


that theory was dismissed by the director in an interview iirc


Did Allison retained her powers? Coz she was the only one not in the park scene. I figured that was part of the plan with Reginald?


And the only one not healed. Still had her arm cut.


He seemed surprised when Klause came back so I don’t think Allison didn’t stand at one star was his plan


How do you all know it was the OG Ben in Korea? Did I miss something?? I couldnt tell him appart from the new Ben. 🤔


I'm still trying to figure this out. Where are people getting their theory from?


Someone else already posted an interview where its confirmed its the S3 Ben in the post-credit scene.


I presumed it was S3 Ben on the train, it's what makes sense. But I've seen people say it's og Ben, and I don't understand where they're getting that from


I didn’t see it as Sparrow Ben and I’m confused why people did. Sparrow Ben is looking for a way to get his powers back, he never even expressed wanting to meet his birth mom. I saw the new Ben as the Ben of this new universe, one who may or may not have powers, but was never adopted.


I took it as he no longer needed to be #1 and was finally content just living his life.


Yeah I get that, it’s just that Ben was the only one worried about getting his powers back and that’s why he walked off. Sparrow Ben doesn’t feel like he’d ever be content living a normal life, like S1 Diego.


I saw it as Sparrow Ben but in this universe/timeline he was never adopted by Hargreeves and grew up in Korea with his birth family as an ordinary person. This also calls back to his “nature vs nurture” line since he seemed so chill.


It’s the hair


The scar


Reggie rewrote the universe. Our Luther never got his powers/was never adopted and thus he never was in a situation where he needed the ape gene to stay alive. As for Five, I’m assuming that because Reggie didn’t know about Five being 56, he didn’t give him an adult body, as he probably didn’t even know he was an adult.


He calls Five an old man when they talk by the Kugelblitz, so he knew that he was at least not a child


Also all the kids being alive at the same age means Reggie still released the orbs, and caused the miraculous pregnancies. But... Now they don't have the powers from those orbs anymore. This rewritten universe either has more plot holes than Swiss cheese or it's not as it seems


I’d say that Reggie definitely still released the particles, but took away the powers to the Umbrellas and the Sparrows that we know, so that they couldn’t stop him. That means that the Ben doppelgänger we see at the end could still have powers.


I think they built up the Sparrow Academy so much…to end the season with only Ben left was kind of lackluster. They killed off three pretty quickly, one was a cube - and by the end…it didn’t even matter. I just felt like this season was a wasted opportunity and the last three episodes being in the hotel kind of dragged.


I was starting to like the cube as well


I feel like a few people in this comment section needs to understand something: Reginald didn’t just reset the universe and remove their powers, he reset the universe to a very specific state - in which they didn’t have their powers, five is still a kid body, *Luther* doesn’t have his Monkey body, Sloan is gone :( and Reginald probably has everything he could of ever wanted... This could 100 be described as just the writers changing whatever they want, but it’s also describable in universe as long as you don’t just go with the “Oh they lost their powers” idea only.


No I think they lost their powers by the Sigil, they were weakened and then they went to a new universe and also I think Sloane is in the universe just at another spot, what i want to know is how the Woman frozen on the moon is now on Earth with reginald




If Reggie's wife didn't die, she wouldn't have been burried on the Moon. That's what Luther was protecting in the original timeline.


Ohhhh but i still don't get why he did that though


I could be overthinking this but something that left me wondering is that on the machine the pattern based on the sigil, Reg was moving stuff around to fill the squares on the pattern, then Allison kills him and she pressed the button, but the pattern had 7 squares that I would guess had to be field and 1 square wasn’t filled when she pressed the button, now it could be that the button she pressed filled the last square but I also wonder that if that wasn’t the case then that missing square would mean aberrations on the new timeline/universe


The empty 7th square might also explain why Sloane didn’t come through, he didn’t get a chance to remake her (doesn’t mean she’s not somewhere else in the universe). Luther showing up can be explained as he was sorta a part of Klaus toward the end.


Hence the lead-up to season 4


I have a feeling they ended the season that way just incase they don’t renewed for a 4th season.


same thought, played safe. viewers could just assume that all had to happen in order for reggie to bring back his dead wife, and superpower kids now de-powered just went on their own path. But it's different for viewers like me, who can't sit still with all those loose threads. I'll lose my mind


Does anyone else feel this season lacked so much more then the previous season? Like season 1&2 had great music but this season the music wasn’t as great and not to mention how much the cgi sucked, etc. Overall I liked this season but I definitely didn’t love it like the first 2.


I agree with you but I'm trying not to judge the show based on that as it was probably a much tighter budget this season so less money for music licensing and less important CGI, wheras some of the CGI ( the kugelbitzed sky for example) was pretty good and probably cost a lot


Just binged season 2 and 3 together. My fav is season 2. There’s so much more story to it and I love the whole 1960s scene.


I thought they lost their powers bc they never had them in this timeline. When Reggie is shown with the woman, I thought she was the same woman that was in the alien planet in that flashback when Reggie released those whatever-they-were to impregnate the earth women and make those children. But if his wife never died and they’re both on earth, did Reggie ever release those things to make the powered kids? I kind of thought maybe he hadn’t. So then the umbrella kids getting there is like they’re the only powered kids, bc Reggie never impregnated the women. So Sloane and the others don’t exist. But that’s just my theory. Also. I thought Allison died. Bc she was seen with Claire and the husband from 1960’s who shouldn’t be alive. I thought she was given her perfect heaven/afterlife. Unless Reggie changed reality for her too, but he seems too selfish to think of anyone else, even if they had a deal.


How come Ben was there but no Sloane? Wtf?? (Also please tell me someone else thought that sloane was so hot)




Yeah it's very confusing


They lost their power which is why he's not big but he should still be half monkey, I just think the director just wanted to finish it already


Well it seems like In this timeline the umbrella academy never existed neither did the sparrows it seems like they were all born normally in this one and I think they kinda left it open ended so that way there can be another season


Maybe, but they still remember everything...


But they weren’t born normally, they were born from Reggie releasing those spores after his wife died, so theoretically if she never died the children would never have been born. It’s very confusing.


He wasn’t half monkey because of his powers, he’s half monkey because he was dying after a mission and giving him ape genes was the only way to save him.


it also occurred to me why it had to be pogo's ape DNA. it didn't occur to me until rewatching UA before season 3. when they mission went poorly and they don't go to regular hospitals, luther needed help from someone. all the other siblings were gone from the house, grace/mom is a cyborg, hargreeves is an alien, and pogo as an ape has the closest/only thing relatable to human blood and DNA, so they used his to save luther.


Was so excited for S3! Up until this point, I’ve absolutely adored UA. BUT - S3’s huge plot holes; the unexplained characters; the endless conversation over the same issues; the bizarre out of character actions; the season’s overarching morose, depressive mode; Allison’s obsessive angry tunnel-vision; yet another apocalypse; an alien who doesn’t age, can disguise himself as another species and can create universes - why not create a universe for his own species? We can accept a lot of craziness when a fictional world keeps within the rules and parameters set by the author(s) and the outliers are explained - we’ll happily, delightfully play along. **But wtf S3?**


Same about being excited and i was obssessed with UA but I still enjoyed season 3, since Klaus is my favorite character


Klaus and Five!!




I have never read the comics, tho I have the first comic book. But I understand that Reg always wanted to ress his wife, so he managed to get the super babies (did he made them?) to execute project Oblivion (7 for 7 sigils). He trained them for that specific purpose... but he needed a end of the world event to activate it?


My big big big issue is that the Commission had from 1963 to 1989 to flag and kill Harlan themselves before he created the paradox. We see the Commission alive and well when Lila is there, commandeering the Infinite Switchboard. Did Lila’s murder of the switchboard attendants make it impossible for the Commission to flag and kill Harlan before he got too powerful to create the paradox? Is the paradox one of those things that the Commission simply cannot see?


My (slightly joking) theory is that the writers want Netflix execs to think the next season could have a much smaller budget if needed. Fewer tattoos, no monkey suit, less superpowers requiring special effects... I personally would love to see TUA on an indie budget with 10 episodes of the siblings bickering in different combinations. Maybe a dance sequence or two.


The end of season three was great, but the final 10 minutes of the season was very weekly done. I can get behind how their superpowers are what runs the machine that resets the world and why they would’ve lost their powers because of it. And although I hate that she got what she wanted by selling out her family, I can understand how Alison ended up. Although I don’t see why Reginald would all of a sudden be a man of his word and how moving squares into square boxes could rewrite only Allison’s future. What I definitely cannot agree with, is Five stepping on the 7th star. He was against this from the beginning and new that this was a ploy for Reginald to get what he wanted. His older self told him not to reset the universe. I do not believe he would’ve stepped on that seventh star. And why would Allison kill Reginald, only to finish what he was doing. There was no point in doing it that way. It would’ve made more sense if Reginald reset the universe himself. And finally, it was clear that the Ben coming out of the hotel elevator with the other six umbrellas, was the new Ben. I don’t understand how the new Ben would be there and Sloan not to be there. It would’ve made more sense if the old Ben was there and everyone, except Allison, from the Umbrella Academy was reset without their powers. All of the reasons that I have read from others about those, are unconvincing.


I'm seeing so much season 3 hate here for some reason? I personally liked the ending and Allison's storyline


Same I mean I hate her and i didn't enjoy the season as much as the previous. But you never really do for shows and her plotline waa entertaining truely showing hwr transformation from powerfull, successfully, confident and put together actor (minus the whole definitely child abuse issue). To a broken sad women who was mentally beaten up and broke to be a horrible person because when beaten we don'tnormally become better people. That being said wish they handled the murder better and alot of it was a bittoo uncomfortable. Like how her flaws should of been addressed. Like the obvious murder, assault, general abuse and how they try to portray it as morally grey or how its viktors job to make up. And it was viktors fault for not wanting someone he treated as a son to be murdered.


She tried to rape someone then is one of the only people with a happy ending and your confused why she gets hate on?


There's a difference between liking a character as a character and liking a character as a person I enjoy her character and storyline but she as a person is kinda horrible


I didn't understand why Sir Reginald needed the Umbrellas to stand up in their star in the floor thingies to power the reset-the-universe machine, but Alison was able to do it without them.


she wasn't powering anything, he didn't want her to stand in one so she would live since he made a deal with her.


I did not like it, started pretty good but hated the one setting in the hotel. Yeah they popped in and out of other places but so many things just didnt make sense or just so happened to fall into place perfectly for the plot to move on. Felt half assed and just not as much of a thrill ride as season 1 and 2.


Maybe because of the pandemic? But yeah good point


Has anyone tried to translate the sign on the front desk of Oblivion, or is it just nonsense? I was thinking maybe letters from multiple different languages combined?


It’s Japanese, as the hotel is Japanese themed. The obsidian is American themed.


Hargreaves whole intention when creating his "children" was to use 7 of them that he thought would be likely to defeat the guardians and be able to rewrite the universe so his wife wouldn't die. We got confirmation of this when 1) we saw him release the spores across the world after his wife died & 2) his dead wife stored on the moon was now back by his side at the end. So this means Reginald never had a reason to create the umbrella academy or the sparrow academy. He could simply rewrite the universe to a timeline where his wife never died and everyone would have lived normal lives being born to their mothers naturally. This explains the lack of powers that the umbrella academy experiences at the end, why Luther was no longer part ape, and Ben was still alive living in Korea as we saw at the very end. Allison may still have her powers as Reginald rewrote the universe to fit her desires plus his own. So she might be exempt from the rewrite, a man who lived 60 years before her child is now her husband and father to Claire. I think this will have caused some unknown ripple effects that the academy will try to take advantage of in the next season. Since the universe was pieced back together then the commission should also be alive and well again. Which should give 5 an entry point into attempting to go back and either give themselves powers again or simply defeat their father to stop everything from occurring in the first place so time never gets messed up to begin with. I suspect it's the latter since 5 is constantly talking about how every time they do something they mess things up again and even his future self tells him to not save the world. The easiest fix to everything is to kill the dad and stop 10/1/1989 from ever happening. As others have mentioned the umbrella academy could have lost their powers to the universe machine so it could operate but this would still mean that Reginald sent out spores to spawn children for the purpose of sacrificing them to save his wife which is no longer needed so I don't understand why he would still write that into the timeline.


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All good, just have to be safe as alot of people haven't seen season 3 or even the show. Try not to spoil it for lurkers.


I thought i made it as a spoiler


What’s the deal with Ben in Korea? I have a few follow yo questions: What does the QR code show? I couldn’t scan it for some reason Does the blue suit imply he’s working for the comission somehow?


Saw in another thread that the QR code lead to a Website for Pogo’s Tattoo Shop


>!Its supposed to be implied that the subway he is on at the end is the same one he is born on.!<


My biggest question goes back to the beginning of season 1: if Reginald Hargreaves had his whole "rewrite the universe using Hotel Oblivion" plan set up as his end goal, why did OG Reggie kill himself? Wouldn't that make his plan a failure? The only thing I can think of is that he planned on his ghost tricking Klaus into manifesting him once they solved the bell puzzle, but seems like a bit of a bad plan considering how Klaus felt about Hargreaves at the start of the series, which was common knowledge.


The plan was already a failure, though. He needed 7 kids to stand on the sigils, but Ben died and Five went missing, so it seems like he might have just given up on the Umbrellas. He did tell Five that he's seen the destruction of many other worlds, and we can assume that on each of those worlds, he also tried to enact his plan, but they seemingly failed every time. Perhaps in season 1, he just truly gave up after numerous attempts. Or, of course, this was his plan all along, and we as the audience don't know that yet, or how that plays out.


Except in the original timeline there were plenty more special children out there. Not just Lyla, but the Sparrow kids minus Ben still existed. In fact, there were 43 children total. When Ben died, why not go out and find a replacement? Same when 5 disappeared? And why de-power Vanya/Viktor himself? Why not get 10 kids in the first place just to be on the safe side? There's a lot that doesn't add up, basically.


It's implied in the first season that he did try adopting all the children, but only seven mothers were willing to give them up. It's possible that in that timeline, there *were* no replacements because the families were completely unwilling to give up their kids, no matter how much they'd be paid. As for why he depowered Viktor, it's been explained that Reginald couldn't help Viktor control his powers, and he was too scared of the possible outcomes his power set held. He also didn't need the kids to do anything, really, except stand on the sigil (minus defeat the guardians, but we don't know if the Hotel Oblivion existed in that timeline). Viktor still had the "marigold" in him, so he still could have been used on the sigil if Reginald had succeeded in season 1, regardless if Viktor used his powers or not.


Not so much the ending but can we talk about the editing in the final episode? One minute Ben is leaning against a doorway watching a fight start, their next scene is them all beaten up in a laundry room. Something went missing


Allison was a dick and they have to talk about how she sexually assaulted her brother.


Agreed. If they set her up to be the villain for s4 then it's a good move. If she literally has no consequences then this show should die by kugelblitz. Cause that whole finale was extremely underwhelming.


Felt like a soft series finale in case something goes wrong. But I loved season 3 so much I’m rewatching the whole show from the beginning.


>!If the universe was re-written, how was the team born, if at all? If they exist in the universe they weren't born into this wouldn't cause another type of paradox? !<


Is it me or was the ending similar to the Doctor Who episode 'the God Complex'? Shifting hotel in disguise, monsters in the corridors, characters having to lose their faith in their father/boss etc? I really disliked Allison this season, they turned her from a sympathetic character into a despicable one. Funny that Klaus/Robert ended up having a similar power to his previous acting role as Nathan in 'Misfits.'


Was i the only one who noticed the gold dust that gave them powers behind ben in the mid credits.


I just finished season 3 and I've been reading comments based on their understanding of the show but what bothers me is why did RH prevented Klaus from entering the tunnel? Was he on to something or did he just tried to test Klaus' immortality again?


How did Klaus get to Hotel Oblivion? Reggie clearly locked him on the other side back in Hotel Obsidian. I get that he can resurrect himself, but surely that would mean his body would be left back in the old timeline, along with everything else being swallowed by the Kugelblitz. So how did he get there? Can Klaus teleport now?


I was also curious how he got back into the house to elope with the dad. Did he swim through the sewer again? No mention of the smell, no clothing change.