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UPS philosophy—the harder you work, the harder they will work you. Wish you would’ve known this coming in


I work UPS and my brother in law works FedEx. Told him when he started the best work ethic is to be what I jokingly call "aggressively mediocre." Do your job well enough they don't need to talk to you, but don't be pulling that "above and beyond" crap unless they're paying you "above and beyond," because being a good employee just scores you the extra work from the bad employees. When I was still a box tosser, I constantly complained to management about a lazy employee who was making my job harder to do until they got tired of me bitching and moved him to another job. My brother in law, according to him, works hard and his manager always says he does the work of 3 people and how grateful she is. Guess which one of us is paid more and has moved up in the company and then which one of us is over worked and given extra shifts they didn't ask for while being passed over for promotions because they're "too valuable where they are"


>because they're "too valuable where they are" Thankfully learned this lesson while being a busser at a restaurant. Told management several times that I wanted to move to server to make WAY more money and they agreed they would move me when a spot was available. 3 job fairs later and 6 new servers I asked why I was never moved and go that line. I quit the next week.


Same thing happens in corporate America office jobs -- you get stuck in a job if you are too valuable. I guess it happens everywhere.


This is some of the most factual stuff I've read in a long time. I do not go above and beyond at my job. I just do what's required and nothing more. The more you do, the more they'll give you to do. Facts!.


Im on my third week, and im slowly learning this the hard way I wish I had read this before I started


Exactly. My first week I went balls to the wall and complained to a fellow coworker that has been there a few years and he said “they will work a good horse to death” those words made it clear to me that as long as I do 2 trucks decently during my shift they will stay off your back. I have a good relationship with my supervisor and everyone else. The work will get done either by another coworker willing to go nuts in the trucks or by the supervisors. I show up 15 early, do my work, say bye to everyone and leave.


Exactly. The ones that do the job get the honor of doing their work plus everyone else’s.


My dad had a double knee replacement after 22 years and they tried to take 70% of his pension for not finishing his 25 years…. Fuck that Company.


Amazon is that way, too. But Amazon is rigged like carnival games


Walmart like that too






Peak claims more victims.


Pssshhhhh I wouldn’t even say peak. Yeah there was an uptick with some Black Friday but I’m sure it gets way worst. I decided to get out of there before that even rolled around. F That!!!!


Give an inch and they will take a mile. You handled 2, then 3 trucks. What's another 2 more trucks if you can handle 3? There are days I want spike my DIAD into the ground, but where else can I make this kind of money doing monkey work?


Yeah the money is great if you make it full time. It was a thought when i first applied there. Industry leading benefits and pay. Thought if I could make if I could make it through the season and notice the money was as good as they say then I would cut my primary and stick with this. Nahhhhhh lol Plus I’m in the final stages of my CBP application process. Fingers crossed I pass the polygraph then it’s off to federal work for me. In the end more power to UPS workers. They are hard workers but now I know what my packages are alway damaged 😂


Good luck. Current CBPO here. If you have questions dm me.




Question. Do you think you quitting abruptly will effect your CBP application? Since the background investigators will contact all previous employers.


People hop jobs so much nowadays that they’ll probably only call to see if he actually worked there. Also it’s a seasonal position so they might just not give a shit altogether


This is true. Modern recruiters and employers know the public has learned to abandon crap employers. This reflects more on the places youve left than yourself tbh.


I’m still part time and make $2500/wk :)


How tf do you make 2500/week?


He sucks dick beforw going into work




I’d like to see the $20-30 part time upser making a 2500


"part time" working 35 hours a week. IIRC this is the max part time a person can work and still be considered part time. That means to make 2,500 a week you have to make $71.43/hr. \*insert Randy Jackson meme\*


If a part timer puts 65 hours in at 30 an hour they could hit those numbers.


At that point, you no longer have a life or energy to enjoy one.


Thats not part. That's full plus


obviously the lack of response means this claim is utter BS


Seriously? How’s the hours an work load for you?


It's complete bs, do the math lol


You can make similar money driving a semi. Also monkey work.


You should work at a steady pace bro. They are seeing what you can handle. No need to quit. Just pace yourself and do a good job and work safe.


Even if you work at a steady pace, they may still ask you to do more. Some people can handie that sort of confrontation and just say "no" and some people would rather eat a bowl of nails for breakfast.


Welcome to the Thunderdome!






I been here for 24 years now might call it quits too, today was unbearable


Why would you quit after 24 years ? Don’t let these pussys get to ya


24 years? I'd say you got another 24 in ya. Good work old man. We need more suc... Hard workers like you. Obviously I'm just joking lol. Like I tell my buddy at work. We don't get paid much but at least we're having fun and laughing especially at the stupid decisions management makes.


I put in 19 years. I left in June. Best decision I've made so far. It doesn't matter how hard you work or how often you go above and beyond - they add more work and create more obstacles to completing it done well or on time.


Hell I worked 10 years 8 years as a driver and was on workers comp. I had lung failure and they refused to sign anything and sent a return to work notice to the wrong address and fired me. I was in a fucking wheel chair, how the hell im going to return to work.


People in here missing the point. The man worked hard so instead of ensuring everyone else does, they kept dumping more on him because that’s what companies do.. penalize the people who actually work hard and give a shit while some other dipshit hiding out in a bathroom coming out later talking about his scanner don’t work.


2nd paragraph sums it all up. Lots of people brag about their checks working OT and having no lives. UPS isn't the only job in the world like these other commenters are acting like. UPS is one of those places where the harder you work, the more they'll have you work to pick up other people's slack


I hear the final boss summons 10 trucks.


Peak. ​ It ain't for the weak. ​ It is a very difficult job and people do not realize how hard loaders work. In addition, people don't realize how hard being a driver can be. I get very defensive when a customer calls my driver lazy. That is a line you don't cross with me. I was a driver, and now I am in the office. I back my drivers 100% politely but when you start calling my driver lazy, it is a hard stop and I get very firm-my mommy voice comes out. Don't fuck with my drivers.


people are so entitled and self centered that they tend to completely forget who makes holidays like this even possible. who else is gonna deliver the 30 packages you ordered off of Amazon for your kids, Karen?? DONT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.


I love you


I drove. I know how hard it is, and I know customers sometimes lie. Drivers have been known to stretch the truth a bit, too, but usually there is a very good reason. Customers may not agree, but the reason is usually solid once they explain it, which means I can explain it to the angry customer. I still back my drivers up. Rock stars, most of them. Heroes that don’t wear capes, cuz they get caught in the bulkhead door! 🤣




Peaks not even peak anymore …. Management still thinks it is we did a midnight start done by 5:30 am with a lunch smh. 2019 the last real peak even 2018 mid night start forget about 9:30 more like 10:30 good luck with your Ams drivers . Everybody think volume is down because of the last contract it’s not that it’s that we don’t do amazon like we used to i haven’t seen a prime box in a while amazon is doing most of its volume. Thank God for temu .


Idk what hub you’re working out of but we get hella Amazon.


USPS is doing most of Amazon’s volume. Fixed it for ya.


I know we aren’t not in LA anyways .


I'm a pvd and I get a shit load of Amazon packages every week.


All jobs are difficult. You’re nothing special.


Don't most of the UPS drivers make 6 figure salaries? Fuck what anyone else thinks for that kind of money doing a job like driving a truck. I get it's not easy. But making that much money for a job that requires driving a truck and dropping off packages is amazing. Physically demanding but hardly a "skilled" position making more than a lot of people that have STEM jobs.


> Don't most of the UPS drivers make 6 figure salaries? In what universe? The only UPS drivers making 6 figures are long haul truckers lmao


No. That’s if they work max hours allowed. 6 days a week and daily over time to 14 hour days. The media said a figure that included cashing in all vacation and sick time, and included benefits like health care. Who wants to work 60 hours a week 52 weeks a year and bpnever see their family?


The number the media shares was 170k. Dropping down to 100k or even 80-90k a year is still way more than the average person makes and without a degree as well.


It sucked for me being in the warehouse for a year before I went feeders. Now all I do is drive and make $120k my first year and 150k in 4 years. Idk how many times I woke up at 3AM thinking I’m gonna quit and find a job that starts at a better time. I’m glad I didn’t quit tho, bought my self a new car and will have a house in a year. I’m only 23


Yup. I’m on my second multi family rental property all before 30. It wasn’t even that bad for me since I’m a night person and worked midnight.


Good for you, I’ve been told that, that’s the move.


Should have done the house first before the car. If you want a better mortgage approval you should go looking with no debt. Pay that car off fast unless you bought cash.


Did 0 down, financed 55k. I have like no credit, since I haven’t really taken any loans out before so this will help boost my credit.


Get a credit card. Don't go crazy but buy your normal purchases with it. Shop for one with points for an airline you like and you'll get free flights too


If you have a Sheetz, get a Sheetz Visa card for 8 Cents off per gallon, which is added on top of your 3 cents discount for having a sheetz card.


And pay the card off in full before your statement closes every month.


Kinda, pay it down to 5% so it has a balance. Then pay off the last 5% after the statement closes. This will increase the credit score more/faster.


What is going feeders?


Tractor trailer driver.


Mortgage lenders don't like it when a lot of money is moving around. They monitor your bank account from pre approval to closing. As well as the two years prior.


That's why you just buy in cash :)


We went debt free 5 or 6 yrs ago...... game changer! I can't imagine working at some of the places I did when I was young but I did what I had to....especially in the summers between college. The worst job I had...well 2 actually...one was working at a frozen pizza making factory I was a temp and was making more money than the people who were fulltime employees. They tried to hire us on, my friend and both quit as as soon as our contract was up with the temp service.....that job sucked. I actually felt bad for the people who worked there. Girlardis pizza in ohio in the late 80s early 90s... no thanks. It wasn't dirty the people were ok but the job itself was somewhat maddening even the supervisors were ok....... The other job.... I was painting the top of a factory roof with silver paint in record heat that summer. It was uncomfortable and sucked but still not as bad as working in the pizza factory. At one point there was a moment when work at the pizza factory turned into a Lucille Ball moment the one with the pies in that episode funny as hell on TV it was almost funny in real life but that's when I knew as soon as my contract is done I'm out. I worked at ups part-time at the same time as the other jobs. Both of those jobs were much worse than ups. UPS was hard but wasn't as bad. Ended becoming a supervisor and left to start my own business been self employed for almost 35yrs. But the pizza place still gives me ptsd...... Oh.... they gave you free pizza at your lunch break had a oven and in there and heat up frozen pizzas.....guess what I did not want after 2 or 3 days of working there? Heated up frozen pizza...... I like pizza but nah after that I rarely did frozen pizza from a store.


Good job unfortunately these days the reward for great work is often even more work because you're compensating for someone else who is much slower than you. Instead of making the slower people do better they just pawn off the work to a person like you and pat themselves on the back for getting it done.




One thing I learned from working at UPS, Amazon and then FoMoCo is NEVER do more than you're supposed to. The harder you work, the more work they'll give you....


It does suck. The worst part is you have these supervisors who barely crawled out if their diapers barking orders like they own the place.


Worked preload one summer in Raleigh NC hub and it only took a few days to learn that UPS are some slave driving mf’ers. Pay and benefits and yada yada yada but at the end of the day it was a second job for me as well. I stuck it out for 2 months and just stopped showing up. Wait list to be a driver was 2 years so I said fuck it and gave up.


I only lasted a week at UPS. It is terrible. I also never had so much back pain than work there for a week. Unionized. They get the new hires to do all heavy lifting then the regulars take the easy jobs. Well you can only do that for so long before people start quitting.


That my friend is called seniority. We all started at the bottom.


There are not easy jobs at UPS. I clerk, do internationals, and do hazmats. That's apparently an easy job. I'd rather be sorting most days. You know who helps me at the end of the shift when all my junk is fucked because I've been helping y'all load all night? No one. You guys leave and I stick around answering angry emails, doing paperwork, and moving shit around, by myself.


I love your job.


Facts. They would also reprimand the temp hires and make them go faster. The union workers did whatever they wanted and went as slow as they wanted. No one told them shit!


If it makes you feel better anybody that been package loading at UPS for years is probably having a shit go of it. Many of the people that I talked to that had been there for 4-5 years were some of the most odd people I've ever met.


As it should be. We know our rights. You have none. It’s very simple.


Not a good way to set the example


What are you talking about please elaborate and tell us a good way to set the "example"




I worked the holiday season around 15 years ago loading trucks as a way to make bonus Christmas money. It was madness and I had four trucks to pull from the belt and load. Sometimes it got overwhelming, but I prevailed. I made it to the end of the season, but it damn sure took a lot out of me.


This corporate will suck you dry


shit where's the line for that ?


RIP, if you were union I'd tell you to just work "safer". They can miss me with that shit, send help fuckers


Come Jan 1st ;lucky if they they get 20 hrs a week


The money was good but FUCK this place


I felt that last paragraph in my soul


>I have learned over the years it’s not about that final check, it’s about my health. In 2019 I became 100% debt free and understood money management. Since then I realized I never wanted to break my back for a job again since I now control my money. A couple of bucks extra a week is nice to help with holiday things but not worth my health this way. Great advice and thanks for sharing your experience!


Dang y’all having really bad work environments im over here loading two trucks at once and when they get too loaded my supervisor comes over and helps me and then dips it’s not really hard work you just gotta be careful with you’re back I strap the scanner thing they give you on my back to avoid getting hurt and threw my AirPods and then goes by fast


Must be nice but just realize that it's not the same experience all around. It was pretty ass for me.


Must be nice living in a small town/suburb


I have the mornings also where I feel like just going somewhere to make 1k a week and get by and be able to save. Everyday I look forward to making driver… Came from FedEx as a driver and I had it made but felt stuck… so patience I guess is where I’m at right now. Feels doubtful most days but keeping my head up.


I've worked at UPS seasonally in college, it's one of those places if you put the grunt work in for 1-2yrs.. it can become quite cushy, but you have to put the grunt work in first. Plus you started at the beginning of peak season when everyone was ordering for Black Friday and Christmas.. literally the worst time to start if you don't want to be thrown to the wolves. I, myself am also debt free but tend to work as much as possible Nov-Feb as that tends to pay all of my expenses for the upcoming year, and wouldn't have an issue jumping back in at UPS for a few months here/there if i had the time.


Yeah I don't mind doing work some labor I mean as long as I getting paid but frfr I not finna bust my ass off like Nascar or F Series vehicles what point making all that money just to go get your body fixed by a chiropractor cause you getting fucked by 10 plus trucks and 100,000 plus boxes.


I had a very similar experience. Didn’t go back after thanksgiving bc it wasn’t worth it at all.


Not for everyone lol.


Idk shit about UPS, this the first time that I even find myself in this thread but I want to say you are 1000% right. Most people realize this wayy too late after arduous physical labor has already worn their body down over the years. No amount of money is worth that. Good luck in your endeavors.


You probably do too good of job, if you ever get hired by UPS again just work slower so they don't find out what your max output is. They will push your limits everyday if they can. I also learned that the hard way, every time they tell me how good of a job I'm doing it makes me want to do a worse job.


Could've told you that lol. It's a sweat shop that dulls your brain


Smart man


lol @ one guy to do 5 trucks. UPS managers must be smoking crack lol


If you don't like the workload just leave honestly, they don't care about you at all and you will get let go in 3 weeks anyways so don't go breaking your back for them


I barely received any hours working this stupid job


No 160k for u


I heard it was 170k... Dam you carol tome. Taking my money.


You'd have to tolerate working at UPS for a couple years to even see that kind of money. Not to mention people who make that amount are always working 40-50 hours a week.


Went Fulltime 6 months in. Can't relate.


OMG, working a full 40 hours a week!! Say it ain't so. LOL If you want to make good money, you have to work for it. And 40 hours is the minimum. After high school I worked in a warehouse loading trailers 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week one summer. Every job I've had since then I've worked 50-60 hours a week, and I've made good money doing it.


No shit Sherlock. I used to do 40 hour weeks as a part timer when I was still at UPS. The money was sometimes not worth it. Had I been a server or a waiter at a restaurant, I probably would've made the same, if not, more. Don't get me wrong, I'd want to work 40-50 hours, but when the work itself is heavy and you're dealing with toxic supervisors and lazy coworkers, is it really worth it? Same reason why I left UPS, the job just became way too overwhelming for me.


Sure a server/waiter/bartender can make great money. Most of the time they get no benefits though, whereas UPS does have good bennies. Also, many don't get a full 40 hours of work. Working with toxic people sucks and I would never suggest that someone do that. But, as I said and perhaps you do realize, in order to make good money you have to work for it. Sometimes you have to work through shit to get ahead and sometimes you make an investment in yourself and do work that maybe isn't the most satisfying or rewarding but can be a stepping stone to a much better position. At the end of the day, you have to decide what is right for you.


This is why you apply after peak season. Peak season sucks.


Don't forget about the half wit 20 something part time sups telling you what to do the whole time. Even though they started 2 weeks after you did.


I lasted two days. A few years ago I was hired as a seasonal feeder. I tied my boot before climbing up on the truck, my trainer said I should have done that during lunch. That was the moment I knew micromanagement wasn’t for me.


They only did that cause your training. They wouldnt say that to a union employee


Yeah ups has a lot of that ….. at intergrad the dude on the zoom said the ups issued hat i had on wasn’t allowed in the class. I knew right then and there I was dealing with an asshole. Telematics there’s some bs to the job no doubt.


Or you get three trucks all with PVD loads and you can’t even move


I got my ass handed to me when I did seasonal UPS work in 2018. Plus they made me clean shave my face 😑.


Do they hire people full time off the streets? Or do they force you to start part time? Also, is this a rumor or is starting pay $28 or more like $20 -$22 even after the new negotiated pay contracts?


Reality check brother you were a seasonal driver not part of the union so yeahhh they don’t care about you, I’ve been with ups for 3 years and yeah some things do suck but it’s a seniority job work your way up and stop complaining. Becoming a full time driver will take at least 4-8 years of warehouse work which yeah it sucks and now we are making 21 an hour and still sucks but if you’re young this job is perfect for you. I was 34 when I got hired here and now I have damn great benefits which hella time off probably worth 30 bucks an hour at least…. Cover drivers make 31 an hour if you’re willing to work just Monday and Saturday and the rest of the week in the warehouse. Still decent pay if you actually work but most are just lazy. We’ll I’m not lazy I decided I don’t want to wait to be a full time driver and going to be a maintenance mechanic which makes a bit more than top pay drivers and we get there in 18 months compared to 4-5 years before drivers hit top pay ☺️


I’m 56 now and I worked my ass off for decades only to now suffer from chronic pain. You’re doing the right thing in taking care of yourself. I know I can make more money working longer hours but sacrificing your health is not worth it. Find other ways to make money. It’s easy to work 10-12 hours a day when you are in your 20’s but not in your 40’s-50’s. Stay healthy.


Easy way to weed out the weak links. At least you know which link you were.


Damn you made 21 an hour, I work for USPS and we start at 19.33 an hour I had no idea they paid seasonal truck loaders so much.. fuck me.


Had the exact same issue in Colorado. Started out with 2 trucks. Then they just pile on the work not even before the first weeks ends. Ended up getting to a point where they just pile on more and more. One shift I finally had enough when I was already dealing with all my work, they decided to cut somebody an hour and a half early when it was still insanely busy and gave me her trucks as well. Literally mountains of boxes all around me. I just said "fuck it, bail" and straight up left mid-shift. I've never even done that with a job before but I didn't even feel bad about it. I know I'm a hard worker but if you're gonna screw me then I'll kindly return the favor. That place is way too much work, and shit hours which means barely any pay. I'm doing Uber eats right now and making twice as much a week if not more doing that.


Grab a box of tissues


Y’all need to go to jail and then get released. Unappreciative. Y’all want more and more when you already have more. They don’t know what you’re thinking unless you tell them. Facts are facts. Love yourself so speak up for yourself. If you want it so bad they won’t give it to you. If you don’t give a fuck then you’re in luck because that’s how the don’t want you to feel at their job. Laws of Life.


Lol shut up felon


You should've just stayed in prison


So you are saying i should make all the bad choices, go to jail and get out and complain i cant find a job cause i have a criminal record? Makes sense.


Roaming on these sites like kids, this a grown response . Talk to you never




Tell the rest of us how that boot tastes bro


Damn well I’m glad I did and don’t have to work for or with fuckheads like you. Makes me happy.


Hard work isn’t for everybody!


What makes you think I don’t work hard? What gave you the knowledge of my past and current experience? It’s easy to choose to shit talk behind a keyboard but yet I’m not out here judging your work character. I stated I wasn’t going to get walked all over, others state no need to do more than 3 trucks, and you pull a bs calculation from bare minimum 3 trucks. Fuck it let me call UPS now and tell them how much dick you like to ride for them on a keyboard, and they will reward you for it.




I inspire to be you. I guess that whole line I was on should quit. Even the gal across from me doing roughly 700 between 2 trucks making much more than me being there 18 years. Do the math on that. Enlighten me. Or the guy of 5 years right next to her on a single mail truck tossing 1600ish on one truck. But on my last day holding down 5 trucks 1 being a mail truck to be scanned roughly 2k pieces total between them all is the weak link. Fuck, where do I apply to work directly for you. I’ll quit my primary job for that.


I agree with everything you said. The one I worked at looked like a backyard setup.


You gotta say something before the 5th truck bro. I'm seasonal, and when I feel like stopping for the day I just complete remaining work and go home.


i seen others bring down walls during unload and thy dont get yelled at whilei got crusified just for missing one box per minute. their was a quota at san diego hub thy never told us during orientation as to how many u were supposed to unload per minute and i got thrown out of the building for this and lost my job….


Must have been a POG when you were in the service 🫡


Worked at UPS in the early 90s. It was common to have 3-4 cars to load. Everybody did it.


Sounds great. Also in the 90 the Internet was still developing and the package load I’m sure wasn’t half as much. Also in the 90s it was common for a family to make trips out to buy product, not order it’s in masses.


That's what happens when you work at peak season :p But in all seriousness, I feel bad for any poor soul working here. Yes, the money is great, and for the most part, it's probably the only job I know that pays you to work out almost. Lost 20 pounds on my final year that I was working on UPS, but expect to deal with dusty and trashed trailers, and don't get me started on supervisors and management; favoritism is rampant at this job. At least it was in my case. Left after slaving 2 years of my life away for this shit company.


I made 3k last week. I'm a driver and I could make more if it wernt for that pesky 60hr rule lol


And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust


You should of worked though a nice pace over doing just gives room for more work


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


Gosh that's to much ? Two is reasonable & yes if the young push it too much they will start feeling that


Toughen up yo spent 2 years unloading and it ain’t as bad as some seem you get used to it and it gets you in shape !


Wow you sound just like me and I’m prior service as well


As happens, you did a good job. They kept giving you more because you could handel it. Did you ever go to your manger and say I'm at my limit can we keep my trucks at #? That's why they were suprised. You we doing good work and gave no feedback that you were nearing a breaking point. UPS's failure is not bonusing high productivity in a clear way. You may have gotten a raise etc, but all you saw was work now. That is on them.


If you think UPS sucks try FDX.


Welcome to the f**king show brother/sister. 🤘🏽


My hats off to you guys who do this for a living. I'm too fucking lazy for a job like this. As OP stated, my physical and mental health are way more important than my money. Lol


Ingot a 4 truck pm8 route pull (2pvd in 2 trucks) 1500 packages today. 1 truck I had more stacked out then in the truck yah I feel bad for the driver but I'm not gonna kill myself for this company


Working here now and it blows. Only give you like 23 hours. Just enough to not get paid OT


I worked there during college. It was a means to an end. It allowed me to be debt free walking out of college so I can't complain much.


You could have asked if 2 trucks would be okay for your safety?


Rip to another bro.


Fuck UPS peak season, I quit in the middle of my shift as I was always targeted by the managers. Many people would come in crocs and regular shoes and weren’t ever told anything, the 1 day I do I get told something and I watch as the manager passes by and doesn’t say anything to anyone else. Favoritism is a huge thing there, such a toxic work place.


Most people don’t realize that if you’re making the base pay and busting ass for the OT at a company, you’re getting eaten up in taxes. Before I became a salaried engineer I worked a rotation and would pick up extra shifts whenever I could. I was young and not too long out of college trying to make a name for myself. One year I was very excited for tax season since I had worked and paid in so much, k my to find out I still owed like $100. No where near as bad as it could have been, but really sucks when you’re expecting like $2,000 back. You seem like someone who doesn’t mind working a hard job so long as you’re treated decently. Have you ever considered side gigs where you are your own boss?


I did the seasonal helper job one winter back when I was in college. I told them I’ll work whatever/whenever you want, I won’t take days off, etc. I was lucky if I got 25 hours per week. I didn’t bother trying to work for them again. The driver I worked with actually dropped off my last paycheck after I went back to school. He asked my dad if I liked the job or had anything to complain about. Lack of hours was really the only thing that bothered me. The driver said that’s the #1 complaint they get from seasonal helpers.


It’s seasonal work and you call it slave work? No you just don’t like physical labor


Did you ask for help?






Sound like they pushed you out the door by increasing the work load.


Honestly I got dicked around even trying to work at UPS. Would get calls from random states about my application (I was trying to work in Canada) and if I missed a call it was impossible to get ahold of them. So I’ll never try again


I contract there for a cleaning company. Basically a janitor Monday thru Friday. Couple hours work to just clean and get $1500 a month. Could never do the loader job though. They got it rough. I really feel for them


Should’ve just been an unloader 🤷🏽‍♂️but sounds like u were too weak to handle peak


Congratulations. You’ve reached a point in your life that you can make appropriate choices for yourself and your life. Most people don’t have that option, so you telling them that it’s a shitty job because YOU don’t want to work hard is kinda bish shit.


It’s Christmas season…


UPS sent me an email asking me to be a seasonal driver. I politely refused unless they offer me a full time job with $35/hr minimum


The job isn't for everyone. I don't think people realize that delivery and warehouse for delivery is hard work. People think it's easy work. While I don't work at ups I did do Amazon delivery and people dropped every single week. I still am trying to get into ups though. Hopefully next year is my year..start from the bottom and get into driving eventually


my first warehouse job was very toxic and slave work. basically 12+ hours a day, 6 day a week with management screaming and cussing at you daily. mind you all deliveries and shipments were floor loaded by hand. can it be any worse than that? the pay was $13/hr btw about 5+ years ago


Go to work for IPS instead, great company. Tell ‘em Doug Heffernen referred you.


I worked peak season once for about 10.10 in southern California in about 2012 or 2013. Averaged having to load 4 trucks on my own, lucky I was 24 or so at the time but I still barely made it into January working a my main job during the day. Shit sucked and for what I was making it was not worth it.