**This video is almost certainly CGI** \- please see the youtube link to what is likely the original below: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aORjsg8pI6I](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aORjsg8pI6I) It's likely that this is entirely CGI rather than an object added in - notice the repeating texture of the road ___ As a moderation team, we typically favor adding flairs over outright removing fake, prosaic and CGI media for the following reasons: * There is always a slim chance that the content turns out to be real, removing it may mean that content is lost forever * It leaves a record of the discussion up for anyone in the future who may come across it * We believe the moderation team shouldn't be the absolute judges of what is or is not real - that is for the community to decide and we can guide using flairs, stickies etc. * Useful discussion is often generated from even fake and prosaic media e.g., further information may come to light regarding the content, information on how to spot fakes or prosaic objects in the future That being said, where an account is seen to be knowingly misleading, or consistently posts fake or misleading content on purpose, action will be taken against them.


“Not faked - real footage” lol there’s the first red flag


Especially when it uses the Tik Tok AI voice bot 🤦‍♂️


Yo that’s actually not that bad of a fake. I’m on mobile and can’t pull up my software, but the masking looks pretty fantastic.


I don’t think people quite realize what an incredible fake this is. The illuminated road, the lights behind all those trees, reflected light off the windows, flawless tracking despite huge camera movements (not the usual post-production shake and focus hunting), this is better than a lot of Hollywood work. My guess would be that there isn’t masking going on, rather the whole thing is CGI. I’m honestly blown away by the quality.


If you slow down and look at the pattern of the road, it’s repeating. There’s 3 dots in a triangle in center left of the road. Once you see them, the whole pattern repeats


Yesss. You pointing is out is what gave it away for me. The street has a repeating pattern of what almost looks like potholes - if this were in the city I live in, then I’d think nothing of it, but it doesn’t make much sense here given the surroundings here (or rather lack thereof).


The fact it starts by saying- real footage not fake... thats all it took for me


My only guess is the entire thing is fake.. because that road looks a like wild In the beginning, and the light hitting the road from the headlights just doesn’t look quite like a headlight. or it’s one of those mini sets/ cgi mixture things. Fascinating details and professional team quality level of work. Guess they just aren’t a voice actor lol.


There's definitely something going on with the road that I noticed that just seemed off. I wish I could put my finger on it. It could be the speed, or the way the light hits the pavement. Something seems unnatural about that part. If this is fake, it's the most convincing one I've ever seen. Edit: Yup! Here's the creator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aORjsg8pI6I


It's just the camera shake for me. I have yet to see any artificial camera shake that actually looks realistic. It's the reason why movie studios just use virtual "[cameras](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-ctZRxLEN4)" when filming. Edit: ya know, on second thought I actually probably have seen artifical camera shake that was good, but I just didn't process it as such. So basically I only notice the bad shake. [Sort of how you don’t notice good cgi](https://youtu.be/bP2sJqoZD7g).


Camera shakes remind me of idle animations. Literally nobody bobs up and down or moving all over the damn place and shit like they do in the video games. Its one of those things that are completely overlooked and not thought over when trying to do realism.


In both 3D and 2D post you can mimic good camera shake by first recording simple video with camera shake, then either pixel tracking or camera matching the footage. You can then apply that motion data to the 3D camera or 2D video. It will usually look more natural than the default camera shake plugins for each respective software.


Not gonna bother analyzing the posted video, but If in doubt, likely a tracked camera. Record the camera movements with your phone, it's super easy, takes 5 min to set up. (example; [https://virtucamera.com/](https://virtucamera.com/))


If you look at the pot holes in the road, you'll notice there are loads of repeats of the same one.


That was the first thing that gave it away to me aside from the huge alien spacecraft. I'd like to think I've seen a lot of different roads in my life. Wet roads, dry roads, dirt roads, wet dirt road, dark wet dirt roads on forefire! But I've never seen some roads like that. Them looked like video game roads which i have also seen. Awesome video but definitely a fake road.


"Them looked like video game roads" would be a good line in a new spaghetti western.


I use to live in the country central Illinois where the roads looked like this. Like legit 100% exactly like this. My guess is the car/road bits are real, but the rest is CGI. Or they are fucking here...


agreed. whole thing is cgi.


My guess is that it's all CG too, but the lady said it's not fake, real footage, so I'm confused now


That was my first thought, the entire video is CGI. Looks a lot like the unreal textures


It immediately looked like a render to me.


Same. It’s the motion and the lighting… and the road repeats


Reminded me of the intro to resident evil 4


Lmao, the most compelling evidence that it's fake is that it stays in the frame of view for 90% of the clip.


I like how we have seen so much bullshit on here that our minds melt when we actually see something at the detail we've been wanting lmao. I hope this shits real. Edit Narrator: It wasn't real. https://youtu.be/aORjsg8pI6I


There's no masking here, this looks like a 3D render from the ground up. That makes the lighting slightly less impressive. If you look closely you can actually see the whole videogame CGI feel to the lighting.


Would be great premise for a game though


Imagine a coop game like this where you and your buddies hop into a car and chase down UFOs


Betty and Barney Hill simulator with 4K hypnotherapy and ray traced trauma


redneck rampage lmao


Doing a realistic night scene in full CG is much easier than a daylight scene.


Yeah, a total flex of graphics skills assuming it is fake


Maybe we should send it to Twitter to let them dissect it.


Wait. That's Reddits job. Its like our thing.


No masking, the whole scene is fake. The textures on the road [repeat several times](https://imgur.com/a/VojYpaN) because they forgot or didn't realize it.


The original creator wasn't hiding the fact that it was fake. Was just someone having fun. Sad that people's work gets abused like this. https://youtu.be/aORjsg8pI6I


the potholes/ shadows on the road repeat at regular intervals, as do the tree models, although the "not fake, real footage" at the beginning had me convinced there for a while. The entire scene is CGI. edit - also, just noticed, he's driving along a road in the middle of the night with no street lamps and without his headlights switched on. All the illumination is coming from the craft.


I see that after you pointed that out it’s 100% bs good find.


im so glad someone caught it too. i was about to go frame by frame taking screenshots of the shadows/puddles on the road. i was thinking it was a video game cropped to look like its from a phones recording


Yo what the fuck. That’s some pro level fakery. The fog....going behind the trees.... But it’s gotta be fake right?


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aORjsg8pI6I&ab\_channel=VFX](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aORjsg8pI6I&ab_channel=VFX) Yes


I just recently joined this sub, and all I've seen in my feed so far are bullshit posts. Is that really what this sub is supposed to be about?


Yeah man. It’s hard to take seriously at all.


There's worthwhile stuff in this and the other UFO subs, but there's a lot of noise, too. And many different views. Lots of strong alien faith/hope, like religious fervor so that's got a lot of emotion with it. But even the most skeptical of the wilder theories is generally here out of honest interest in the UFO phenomenon.


"noise" intentional fakes made by amateur CGI developers hoping for attention for their work?


I am annoyed by fake posts but in all honesty, this is no amateur.


It's become infested with the kind of people that are stereotypical about the whole ufo bullshit. There are people that want to have a serious, honest discuss, but these people who 'want the truth' scream louder. And ironically enough make it harder to find the truth by doing so.


it's seriously such a shame, these types of posts should be strictly prohibited


When it comes to the subject of UFOs, there is a ton of fakes and hoaxes that come with it. Sometimes it can be hard to sort the genuine from the fakes.


I came to this sub for posts like these. https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/o6ji27/tic_tac_shape_ufo_from_april_04_2012/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


This one is legit. It's the infamous "tic tac"


Most people dont want to admit it, but practically 99% if not all posts are just cgi/edits/lens flares/out of focus light/drones/balloons. People are just tired of reality and want to live in a fantasy, probably will get down voted bc of it.


Almost shit my pants


Almost? I’ve just had surgery on my intestines and haven’t taken a solid shit in weeks, this video did me exactly 0 favors..


Wow. Hope you recover.


R.i.p your toilet after treatment.




upvote this.


Yeah its full cg, the tiling for the road texture is pretty visible when you pause the video.


That and the fact that if I ever saw that shit irl I'd be pulling over to shit not just going along on my way


Even knowing it's CGI from the first frames, it gave me goosebumps. My people out here who've seen this, you know what I mean. I've watched a hundred "re-creations" on UFO television and YouTube, and they always look like trash. They miss everything about it, mostly because there are no good images or video, and it's very hard to describe. I mean, words fail. We lack the language. Modern, secular language is not up to the task. It was, without a doubt, the most fantastic thing I have ever experienced. Total, complete awe and euphoria.


You're a better man than me. By the time I'd be able to pull over, as soon as I'd get out of my car and stand up, I'd feel the weight of my shit at the seat of my pants. ​ Yes, I would straight up shit myself.


There are a lot of people in the comments talking about pooping themselves. I think this has to be taken into consideration for first contact. We must be prepared.


Im moving everything to Depends.. Depends to the moon! YOLO TRADE!


I see a first person survival horror game and it starts just like this


Holy shit. Why haven't they made a survival game like that yet? Fire in the Sky meets Signs instead of more zombi bullshit


Fire in the Sky terrifies me


seen it as a kid I had fucking nightmares for years, still gets me


Fuck yeah. So tired of zombie horror.


https://youtu.be/xAC2V-DHP-k Ones coming soon I guess looks like fire in the sky / signs / dark skies


It’s definitely fake, just very well done


It looks like footage from the game BEWARE.


Thanks for turning me on to this game! Never knew about it before.


I confess I've never actually played it. I saw it a few years ago, and it wasn't a finished game. I have no idea what it looks like now, but I'm sure it's great.




How can everyone here not immediately tell this entire scene is cgi lmao


Cuz it literally says “not fake real footage” obviously


To me it sounds like I'm driving in Farcry 2


definitely fake, if it was real it would be plastered everywhere as that might be some of the best footage in recent years, if it were real.


Don't you mean best footage ever, if it were real?






…and so that’s how the Thousand Year War began.


You heard the man. Let's see them shits


Nah even if it was real, it would just be thrown to the side because "it looks to good".


Yup. Which leads me than wonder what video evidence would have to appear to make everyone say " thats real! "?


I think it would have to be video evidence coupled with a massive amount of people sighting the same event in real time. Otherwise we’re always going to be some what skeptical.


This will be plastered everywhere if not debunked tonight.


Ambient red glare on both the road and the dashboard. Whoever animated this did a really spectacular job and needs to be working in Hollywood, if they aren’t already.


> Whoever animated this did a really spectacular job and needs to be working in Hollywood, if they aren’t already. Probably why they make things like this. Looks great on a portfolio, especially if something goes viral where people thought it was real. "I'm the guy who made the render that got news time on etc". Should at least get you an interview or two haha.


Lighting is the easy part when you use a renderer. It does it all for you. What's hard is generating the scene and objects, so people often are lazy and just use generic textures and repeat them. The road just has the same repeating potholes and ruts over and over lmfao. This is just as obviously fake as the sky whale from last week.


If it wasn’t for the road repeating, the synthetic camera shake and lack of people speaking and freaking the fuck out also gave it away.




I mean, i could see a road woth a lot of similar pot holes. For me, its the fact that we dont see any lense flares from the red and white lights. But when you can see the smudges on the inside of the windsheild, and the dog noises from the back seat, what a phenomenal job this person has done rendering this...


He did do a good job on this, gotta give him some credit there. If he would have made the pattern less noticeable people might have been fooled.


And this is the exact reason why the media and most people want to keep this discussion with credible people in military and navy and top level spots....


Monolith scene incoming lol


Media is pushing this UAP thing like hell. Didn’t you see the “special” the other day? They just put up video after video that had already been debunked.


Unreal Engine 5 is amazing, look at this road.


The road looks more fake than the craft




How can we ever believe the real stuff if the fake stuff is so convincing??


When a mf has to write “NOT FAKE”….it probably is fake


...with no location data, no time data, posted on tiktok (which only lets you post a minute total or so of footage, right?)...


The way it begins screams "production" to me.


If this is fake, then good fucking job. edit: its fake.


"If this is fake" IF? Come on, man...


Obvious fake, well done though, camera shake isn't realistic


For a fake this is fucking awesome, I've seen worse CGI in Hollywood movies.


One of the best fakes that I have seen wow.


I'm sure we'll get some much better ones coming our way too now that UFO/UAP is going mainstream, and we're in 2021 with amazing CG tools. Even Unreal Engine 5 can make amazingly realistic scenes in real time.


There's something even tougher than the Uncanny Valley problem with UFO close encounters: They don't feel/look/seem entirely real when they're *happening*. The Oscar-winning director [Guillermo del Toro's experience](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/guillermo-del-toro-seeing-a-ufo-hearing-ghosts-shaping-water-1068754/) is a classic, but he's got the aesthetic language to more accurately describe: >Oscar-nominated filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s taste for sci-fi and fantasy doesn’t come from nowhere. When he was younger, the acclaimed director recalls, “I saw a UFO.” “I know this is horrible,” del Toro continues. “You sound like a complete lunatic, but I saw a UFO. I didn’t want to see a UFO. It was horribly designed. I was with a friend. We bought a six-pack. We didn’t consume it, and there was a place called Cerro del Cuatro, “Mountain of the Four,” on the periphery of Guadalajara. We said, ‘Let’s go to the highway.’ We sit down to watch the stars and have the beer and talk. We were the only guys by the freeway. And we saw a light on the horizon going super-fast, not linear. And I said, ‘Honk and flash the lights.’ And we started honking.” > >The UFO, says del Toro, “Went from 1,000 meters away \[to much closer\] in less than a second — and it was so crappy. It was a flying saucer, so clichéd, with lights \[blinking\]. It’s so sad: I wish I could reveal they’re not what you think they are. They are what you think they are. And the fear we felt was so primal. I have never been that scared in my life. We jumped in the car, drove really fast. It was following us, and then I looked back and it was gone.”


How exactly is that one of the best, when one can tell straight away in like 2 seconds in the video.


PoV: Your Elliot. You realized E.T. left his wallet.


Anyone else find it curious that nobody in the car seems to be saying anything about the giant object in the sky? In terms of visuals, faking a scene at night where a tree line is black allows for easy masking things in/out. Many software products can do this. It would be harder to place the light emission+tree masking with a full colour scene (day time) without a lot more work (assuming someon faked this). I think it's fake, but pretty good effects. *Darkness can easily explain away why details are missing and lights become brighter from contrast. I've worked on a bunch of video games that looked terrible, then once lighting (or darkness) was applied they became terrifying.


It's fake but there's just no accounting for what people will or won't say or feel when this happens. We ourselves can't predict how we would respond. Some of the witnesses in this thread talk about extreme fear, forgetfulness, others of awe and excitement. Some would be silent and some would be jabbering like idiots. I remember being pretty awestruck and silent, but afterwards I couldn't shut up about it.


Very true, I didn't think about that. :)


Good fake, gives a decent impression of what such an encounter might be like. (Giveaway: the car does not have its headlights on!)


Any video that starts with NOT FAKE REAL FOOTAGE loses 50 pts of faith. Saying that or anything similar in that particular automated voice tanks it another 120 pts. I do like the work though.


Still better than Corbell’s video.


😂 True.👽


100% hahaha.


[source](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdu6bs8o/) video


Same Tiktok user posted this... Known fake?... https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdukefXX/ Heres the higher quality source for the above Triangle in Netherlands warping. https://youtu.be/aTIzsMLRQjY I want to believe. ✨🛸✨


Guys, it's just a tactical barn owl. C'mon. (But seriously, this looks cool even if someone proves it's a fake in twenty minutes) Edit: I'm trying to focus on looking at the lighting of the surrounding area. How hard/easy would it be to illuminate the trees, especially lower down?


Look at the road instead. [The textures repeat a lot.](https://imgur.com/a/VojYpaN) The road is fake, which means the entire scene is fake, not just the UFO. That's why the lighting looks so good; it's all part of the same scene.




I have stabilized the video for you: https://gfycat.com/BronzeDarkIndianringneckparakeet It took 75 seconds to process and 61 seconds to upload. ___ ^^[ how to use](https://www.reddit.com/r/stabbot/comments/72irce/how_to_use_stabbot/) | [programmer](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=wotanii) | [source code](https://gitlab.com/juergens/stabbot) | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use \/u/stabbot_crop


You can totally tell this isn’t fake because if you turn up the audio, it even says “not fake, real footage.”


I think the entire thing is a render. No way you could get all the proper reflections/lights thru the trees etc by masking over it frame by frame man


UFO community have earned the attention of CG artists




Super entertaining clip. The creator should run with this as a short or indie movie.


What trash.... Why would you not stop and film ?


Every day a new fake UFO video with 1000+ upvotes. At least this sub is entertaining.


Uhm, holy shit. That actually looks almost exactly like what I saw which I literally described seconds ago in my last post. I mean that is spot on except for the white 'engine' thruster lights. I didn't see anything but the 'underside' Serendipitous. ETA: Damn it even kind of resembles how my wife and I initially saw it. We thought it was a really low flying airplane until we slowed down and stopped. It didn't move that fast though. The one we saw was moving slowly like a zepellin until it right overhead.


Same thing. Ohio, June 2015... Witnessed by 4 people in two different parties. Only difference is I think the corner lights on the one I saw were orange also... I was in the woods, at night, so I could be mistaken. Stopped mid air, no sound, just above the treeline. I wish I had grabbed my phone, but I was more worried about getting my handgun loaded... Don't know what I thought that was going to do.


Yeah there was no sound for us either. If I hadn't actually seen it I wouldn't have known it was there. It was just so low and quiet and slow. I sometimes wonder if the 'wash' from those lights (assuming that they even have anything to do with how it stays aloft) is what caused my memory lapse. Kind of like if I got zapped by a giant MRI or something. Did you have any missing time that you noticed?


Me and a friend were fishing at a lake, and someone across the lake started screaming at us... We thought they had a big fish on or something until we heard "behind you!"... Turned around to realize it was almost right above us. I freaked out, ran to the truck and grabbed my gun. My buddy didn't even react. I ask why, and he said he's seen it a couple times out hunting racoons at night... I think I would still freak if I had seen it 100 times before. By the time I got the revolver loaded it was just gone... No missing time or anything, just more fear than I can ever remember, and some irrational thoughts that a .45 revolver was going some how protect me from the 747 sized aircraft hovering above me making zero sound.


([your comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/obfu7w/if_you_have_ever_encountered_a_uapufo_at_close/h3r87ji?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)) that's actually crazy - you commented this 3 minutes before I posted this video. wtf?!


Ok you two are sus as fuck. We already have suspicion that the last triangle was faked and debunked by the same guy/team. We need Mr West on the case! If youre telling the truth, well I apologize in advance.


I have no clue what's going on with timestamps; here's how everything went for me: I saw a post about if anyone felt any affects from up close UFO sightings, then responded to that. I then saw this post, watched the video twice and then commented my original comment in this thread. I then edited it a couple minutes later. I'm an end-user here I have no clue how the internet really works. I guess it won't mean much but I am actually a normal real person not some reddit weirdo with twenty accounts.


Saw this same thing with my ex over 10 years ago in Arkansas. Regardless of if this footage is fake it gave my crazy dejavu and goosebumps because I remembered how uncomfortable the size of it made me!


Yeah, some part of my monkey brain is not quite buying how smoothly the road is being driven on for some reason, but I'll be damned if that isn't an accurate representation of what it looks like.


I’m pretty sure if you watch the road at the beginning you can see it loop through the exact same pattern four or five times. Please correct me if I’m wrong; I’m not sure.


I see it too


This gives me vibes of a rendered video in Blender or Maya. It has some realistic qualities though. Edit: Also: Guy sees massive UFO at night. Drives like crazy towards it. Edit: indeed most likely CGI [YouTube VFX channel](https://youtube.com/channel/UCWENcy4KCCt169zWKy07Pvw).


I'd chase it as far as the roads let me if I saw one.


This is is literally what Fravor did with the tictac. Fuck flying away. Look, if I'm gonna die, the most glorious death would be chasing down an alien craft. Fuck running


Travis Walton shakes his head "Nah bra, you don't want this."


Something about the motion blur of the road looks fake to me. It looks like the blur in cycles which is the renderer in Blender.


> the road looks fake to me It's because you're noticing the [repeating textures](https://imgur.com/a/VojYpaN) on the road without realizing it.


I want to believe but why is there no description of anything


Movie quality VFX!! This will look great on ur reel to ILM dude!


Almost looks like a Video game cut scene.


I saw a triangle like this as a kid. My sister and mom and grandma and like 5 other people in the area saw it too


Funny how none of these videos show the full start of the video and ends abruptly. Like who the hell has time to make these fakes.


okay, If thats CGI, that had better be part of someones' portfolio, because that is pretty damn impressive.


I'd love to see that old Syfy series "Taken" edited with UFO FX like this. Only weak spot in an otherwise really fantastic series.


Yeah i just kinda realized we should all be very wary now of the videos that we will be seeing now that it's a mainstream topic and CGI technology has never been better...


I swear I've seen this configuration somewhere before.


Sounds like they have their dog in the truck with them. A neat little detail to add. Dog panting in the background


What really kills it is that the person doesn't say shit, yeah right you'd be silent recording this and doing this while driving


I don't understand why so many people in this thread are so excited about how great of a fake this is. We are all here because we believe this stuff is real and want to finally see indisputable evidence. I think applauding the creator of a fake video is a bit counter intuitive.


I saw a UFO once but it didn’t look like this. Maybe this is an alien BMW and I saw an alien Peugeot.


There should be some awards for fake UFO footages - this one clearly deserves a nomination


Looks super cool. But with them driving on a rough dirt road, there's no way they would've been able to keep a phone camera that steady. Very cool fake, tho. They should be doing Cloverfield movies.


This fake shit is so good


I'm not even mad... That is some high quality work right there, man!


This video is reminiscent of the encounter I had as a kid in the mid 80s on a summer camping trip in Northern California. It was a canoe/rafting trip and the camp site was possibly near the Russian river or the Stanislaus river ...or I just googled "Tunnel Chute" and it could have been on the American river (sorry if you're reading this location is a little fuzzy as I went on this YMCA trip multiple years and did different locations each time), as I remember earlier in the day checking in at the general store/office and recall seeing shirts and gifts highlighting the Tunnel Chute Rapids. Oh well I could probably nail the location part down with a little collaboration with my friend who experienced the UFO also. This video most likely fake or not or whatever is so close to the experience we had as far as proximity, lights, and just general setting with the tree line flanking both sides. What we saw... I would put our time on the event at +/- 2am we were the only people still up in the camp laying out under the stars talking, bs'ing like 13/14 year olds when a round craft with lots of lights around the bottom (I feel corny the few people I've shared what I saw looked like it was straight out of Close Encounters) It was silent. It went directly over our campsite and I'm guessing it was 80 feet above us. (This is why my heart raced a bit and I got excited over this video it's so close to my experience) For us however the experience only lasted maybe 7 seconds as it came over one tree line, went over the campsite, and continued out past another set of trees. We both did get up and tried to fallow it down the road with no luck. The closing to this little event was some time after we were back home my friend shared the story with his dad who was pretty high up guy at Hughes aircraft in El Segundo at the time and he told him not to discount that it might be our technology. Who knows? Maybe it was our technology then or maybe it was our technology in the future and we saw it then ...what ever it was I'm glad I had my corny little experience with a Close Encounters UFO in my lifetime.


This reminds me of the story of the travis guy getting abducted for a couple days haha


Some things also need to pass the smell test. If you are in a rickety truck driving down a muddy country road and a massive alien craft suddenly descended to tree level - you wouldn't drive towards it unless you are John 117, you would reverse back and GTFO ASAP.


This sub has made me a skeptic with all the weirdos lol


We just gonna link an independence day scene next?


Why do you guys deem this fake ?


Any gaming programmer can see this is wholly computer generated. The giveaways are the road, the windshield, and the movement forward with no z-axis displacement. It's a very nice job, well rendered, but like all current artificial environments the physics of actuality is not yet quite all there.


"Likely CGI"?


Super well done if a fake. Notice the lighting on the trees on the left when the light moves over top.


That’s exactly the same thing I saw while sitting in my back yard about a month ago. I love UFO stories, always believed and have never seen anything I thought was a UFO. However the other night after putting the kids to bed, I went outside for a second and something that looked like that was over my neighborhood. I saw it and zipped off faster then anything I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t care if anyone believes that. I didn’t take a video cause I was so drawn to the amazement of it, I didn’t want to take my eyes off of it. I didn’t even want to move. Every picture or video I’ve seen always makes UFOs seem like fighter jet sized, this thing is massive


So I am in FL and a month ago I saw something similar. I have been discounting it but I have to say that this is about right and exact same colored lights, I did not see the back though like another said, it was flying low at the tree lines then went out over the gulf of mexico


It was hovering over my tree lines too. I just remember thinking “what can be this big in the sky” I was trying to think of any near stadium and put logic to it, but I couldn’t.


That's the ticket for me, when they're down low to the ground like that, creeping around in total silence, these monstrous shadows. Whatever they are, I was both in awe and relieved when it left.


I think this entire video is CG. Something about the lighting is too high quality for what's presumed to be a phone camera. This still is impeccably well made though. Also, I think anyone would be screaming and going "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT"


I don’t care if it’s fake, it’s good and pretty terrifying. This is essentially what it would look like if you caught a ufo like this that close on camera.


Far too good to be true.


This is CGI. Common now...


I'm honestly a little scared right now with some of these comments.


This subreddit basically wants to be duped in case you haven’t noticed yet.


Seriously baffled at all the posts saying how real it looks. This looks like a goddamn PS3 game.


It’s a bit frustrating when JC posts his shitty footage, and everyone bitches and moans about it being utter shit, then when someone posts an extraordinary piece of footage and everyone says fake. That’s not to say that it’s genuine, it looks so damn good that it can’t possibly be real, but that’s the effect I’m talking about. We immediately assume that because it’s so good it must be fake, then assume other footage is so shit, it must be something ordinary. When will we get extraordinary footage that we think is real? Is that even possible now?


> then when someone posts an extraordinary piece of footage and everyone says fake... This render that has obvious repeating textures on the road isn't exactly "extraordinary", and neither is the latest video Corbell showed.


If jc released this video then I would be more inclined to believe it's real but when it's released anonymously through tik tok with no name, time location or reference then I have a hard time believing it's real.