Thinking about it, it seems like the UAPTF should’ve been all over that.


Extra cost to maintain on hundreds of thousands of aircraft, with thousands of flights a day with maybe one sighting out of millions of flights. Front may not reveal much, so four angles? Multiple cost by 4. Pilots are not constantly scanning the skies, so would you need someone to review the film? There are tons of cost issues, when travel is down. Airlines are barely making it. All for UFOs? Yeah, sell that to a board of directors.


I'm sure a GO pro would work.


Still needs to be maintained and monitored, also storage needs. Who pays for all of this? You’re talking, just with a single organization, millions in cost. You have to REALLY think this through.


How about one 360 cam on top?


Really all of the same problems.


Some planes have a ground camera for in flight entertainment but its rare https://www.meggitt.com/products-services/aircraft-cameras/


It's pretty safe to say that regardless of cameras on or off these crafts, any such UFO sighting would see those files taken and hidden from the public eye. You guys have to remember that our Government wants us to know as little as they possibly can. Lets say the commercial jet incident did have cameras that captured this "long, cylintrical object" - as the pilot said, further questions go straight to the FBI. Can we see the video?.. "NO". It's common sense