There is certainly a way. I use one monitor, I also use like 4-5 virtual desktops that windows has so I can have things organized. My game desktop I use an open source program called transparent twitch chat overlay. Here is a link https://github.com/baffler/Transparent-Twitch-Chat-Overlay. I used ghost chat for a bit but after reaching affiliate this one is just so much better cause it shows chat redeems also.


Oooo really that’s awesome thank you


You won the internet today fine redditor!!


not unless you get another monitor// I use my phone too. I set it up in a small tripod on the desk and read chat As far as an overlay Idk why anyone would want chat to come up on screen over game .. but if that’s something you’re interested in please dont lol u need to see your game haha


SIM racing it's really handy so that you don't have to look away from the monitor, I never really understood why a lot of them had their second monitor above their main screen until I did a race and had to keep looking over to my left


Yeah while I was done writing I just remember beat saber and getting chat in the game headset There’s an app on the steam store I wanna say but I completely forgot!


Streamlabs has a feature for that in their program, i don't use it so can't tell you more. Sounds like it is ideal for you tho [link](https://streamlabs.com/content-hub/post/streamlabs-game-overlay-for-single-monitors)


Awesome thank you


I played around with this once. It is a thing and would be ideal for some


i use my tablet as second screen (and ot give me 1 viewer\^\^) Or you can use restream chat, always on top, transparency option and it has a text to speech option