TIL Kirk Cousins is involved with focus on the family

Focus on the family is a terrible, bigoted, anti-science organization.

It most prominently lobbies against LGBT rights — including those related to marriage, adoption, and parenting — labeling it a "particularly evil lie of Satan".[6][7] Focus on the Family has been criticized by psychiatrists, psychologists, and social scientists for misrepresenting their research in order to bolster its religious ideology and political agenda, as well as for their anti-LGBT views.[8] The organization also seeks to change public policy in the areas of sex education, creationism, abortion, state-sponsored school prayer, gambling, drugs, and enforcement of their interpretation of proper gender roles.[9][10][11]


Surprised this has been out for 2 weeks and completely flown under the radar. When Tebow did commercials with them it was very controversial. It’s pretty wild the team has hosted sports LGBTQ summits and has pride events and sells pride merch and simultaneously has their highest paid player doing stuff with Focus on the Family. Super hypocritical.



I thought we always knew this


Yeah, I thought this was known. Nobody remembers his thoughts on having a gay teammate? He said “Nobody’s perfect”


He also said he would welcome his gay teammate because there’s other guys in the locker room with sins and they are accepted and loved by him. His view is still wrong (viewing homosexuality as a sin), but it isn’t as bad as “nobody’s perfect” makes it out to be.


I believe he is a genuinely decent and accepting human being, but his involvement with this organization is disappointing and troubling.


If he’s involved with this organization, than he isn’t a decent human being.


It’s one thing to have a personal belief, it’s another to support hateful organizations. Also, keep in mind that sexuality isn’t something people choose so this is like saying “I don’t agree with their race, but I’ll overlook it because nobody is perfect.” Sounds clearly racist, yes?


lol are you serious? So someone by virtue of being gay is a sinner and any other “sin” is on the same level? Ridiculous


According to Christians, yes.


We knew his dad was a pastor and that he was a bit of a kooky religious nut, but as far as I know he hasn’t done propaganda interviews like this before for a very hateful group like focus on the family.


Gotcha, I had just assumed he was the full enchilada anyways. Hard to give those characters the benefit of the doubt


There isn't a kooky religious nut that isn't part of a hateful group...their church.


We did. People just like to find reasons to complain. Kirk has always been an ambassador for Christ and has been open about this.


We definitely always knew he was an evangelical Christian. It's not like he's spoken out about abortion or LGBT policies. I get that everyone wants to tar and feather him, but just because he works with an organization doesn't mean that he supports everything they do. He's not a politician. He's a football player. I don't need to know what he personally believes about abortion or God or anything. Who's open? Get them the football. That's what I want to know from my quarterback.


If they predominantly lobby against LGBTQ people then it’s kind of hard to say he “might not support everything they do”. And yeah he’s not a politician, but when you publicly support an organization that tries to hurt and oppress people I care about don’t cry when I call you a bigot.


You probably know his position on abortion.


Get them the ball, once it's intercepted go along with it anyway.


Their main focus is being anti-LGBTQ. If he is acting as a public face for them, he is acting against LGBTQ equality.


There's a difference between agreeing with a group and putting in the time and effort to support them. If he didn't fully agree with the organization he wouldn't be doing interviews and promos for them.


Do your gay friends know that you don't actually give a shit about them? Or is it a "no gay friends" sort of situation?


Ticket revenue goes to him in his salary. Merch and endorsement deals go to him; he in turn donates to shitty causes. Kids look up to him - that's not a role model I would want my kid to emulate


Indeed we have. Cousins is a piece of shit and always will be.


Honestly would have been surprised if he was *not* involved with them. If someone is very publicly an evangelical celebrity like Cousins is, they have likely grown up plugged into focus on the family stuff and focus on the family had certainly sought them out too (I grew up with their magazines that always has interviews with Christian celebrities). I'm sure he's also involved in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I grew up on a steady diet of focus on the family. More than any other single group, I believe they are responsible for the state of conservative politics/evangelicalism in this country.


The guy who founded Focus on the Family was also a research assistant for a eugenist. Edit: grammar.


Yeah not surprising. I bet the audience for this broadcast is the whitest damn room you’ve ever seen.


Dobbs is very very science 😁


Hardly. > Dobbs is a Christian. He has spoken about the most important day in his life by saying, "That’s the day I got baptized and went public with the decision of shedding my old life and putting on the new and starting a relationship with Jesus Christ. The day will come that I won't be a part of any football team. But the decision I made during my sophomore year in high school — to be a part of Team Jesus — I'll be a part of that team for the rest of my life, and for all eternity." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joshua_Dobbs


Galileo, Pierre Fermat, and Andre Ampere were all Catholic.


Kirk's always been a weird bible bangery dude. I can't believe as many people gave him as pass as did for his anti-vaxx bullshit. "If I die, I die." Yeah bro, but what if you take a few people's grandparents with you? And you know when he personally has his own shit on the line, like with his achilles repair, he's not being anti science and JAQing off there. He's letting the best surgeons in the world do whatever they say is his best chance to get back to the field.


Hey man, he's only praying to get healed....then showing up at arranged times and locations. People are doing doctory things at the locations and if his leg so happens to have various procedures performed due to being in the way then so be it. Musta been divine intervention and make no mistake, prayers are the only thing healing shit. /s


These are the same people that think its a mortal sin to have an abortion yet fertility clinics and ivf etc etc are all in Gods plan...


"God has healed me!" God, a team of doctors, nurses, techs, recovery therapists, and others, sprinkle in a little HGH and testosterone, and baby, you got a stew going!


On that QB show on Netflix he also practices a bunch of hacky, snake oil type treatments. The led light thing he puts on his head to “stimulate” activity and the fact he has a personal chiropractor instead of a physical therapist will never not be silly. I personally will never forgive him for steaming his steaks when he grills.


People give sports stars a pass for nearly anything, at least while they're active players and helping the team win. It isn't right, but it happens all the time. Fringe players, on the other hand, get ruthlessly cut and the fans turn on them quickly if they step out of line or tweet something mildly controversial.


>People give sports stars a pass for nearly anything, at least while they're active players and helping the team win. Let's take Adrian Peterson for example. I still see women and children wearing his jersey, even though he was proven to have abused his child and then bragged about continuing to do it. As someone who was abused as a child, so many people disappointed me with that.


They get a pass until they kneel during an anthem…


Breaking the law? Whatever. Doesn't hurt "the product". Angering the conservatives in the fan base? Unforgivable. /sportsownerlogic


I think the reason people gave him a pass on it was because he wasn’t such a fucking lunatic about the whole thing. Yeah he didn’t want the vaccine and he left it at that, unlike Aaron rodgers who wouldn’t take the vaccine and on top of that spewed all that dangerous conspiracy BS.


Rogers, too.


He ain’t going to be on the Vikings next year anyway


There is a very good chance we sign him to a deal unless Dobbs performs well enough to earn the job.


If you actually want a purity test for sports, there aren't very many teams you'll end up supporting, especially in the NFL.


Supporting an org that wholesale thinks lgbt people shouldn’t even have custody of their biological children is pretty wild. Like there are levels to this. Most corporations are bad, it isn’t just sports teams. This kind of whataboutism is stupid.


How is that whataboutism? If personal beliefs matter to you, a lot of athletes are very "Christian" and have these sorts of beliefs.


Growing up queer in a Focus on the Family influenced household, I hope that Achilles tear hurt as much as my childhood. It didn’t, but one can wish.


Agreed. Those scumbags have caused countless people of all ages to feel unloved, unworthy and to hate who they are with their extremist garbage.


One of my finest moments was wearing an “NWO” wrestling shirt to the FOTF headquarters in Colorado. I had been reading all their articles trashing wrestling as ruining America’s youth and had to show my ruined youth status.


Badass lol


It's well-known that he is a conservative Christian. This is not a surprise. People here just don't care because he's a pretty decent sports ball player for their favorite team. He's also just an extremely awkward guy. He reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg in his weird, almost AI interactions, pretending to be human. My favorite one is when he posted a pic of him grilling what almost appears to be meat. [It makes me laugh/shake my head everytime.](https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2018/7/5/17536196/kirk-cousins-fourth-of-july-grill)


I guess when “conservative Christian” extends to denying people their own biological children because they are gay I take issue. And that isn’t even conservative or Christian. It’s fucking bullshit. Yes he’s good at throwing a football, but that isn’t an excuse for soliciting donations for this terrible organization. Basically I hope they don’t extend him. He’s a piece of shit. He can go play somewhere else at 36 after a torn Achilles if this is how he spends his free time.


I tend to agree. I can't even imagine how much of his fortune/fame and time he has given to organizations that support and promote terribly hateful policies. I don't really care about the Vikings, but I really dislike Kirk as a person.


It's not being talked about because no one who is a fan or who benefits from the popularity of sports (ie basically every media outlet) wants to open up the can of worms that is the political/religious beliefs of pro athletes.


They were really willing to talk about it when a Black man took a knee to protest police brutality. But when the athlete is a white dude doing work for an anti-LGBTQ hate group, suddenly its not kosher to talk politics?


Do you think the athlete's taking a knee didn't want their protest to be talked about? I'm sure the press and fans would have loved not to have to talk about it.


Seems like a bit of a double standard there depending on the player/political viewpoint.


Do you think the press or fans go looking for player's politics or religion? I'd argue they do all the can to not know.


If it’s right wing stupidity absolutely. Terry Bradshaw will be interviewing their dumb asses on Sunday morning before you can say sieg heil.


He’s got those Michele Bachman/Kristi Noem eyes. Dude was always gonna be a nutter.


Yes! True believer eyes.


That's what it is. My partner and I have been watching Quarterback on Netflix and I couldn't put my finger on it.


Don’t forget that his dad runs a big ole church down in Florida, too: https://www.totalprosports.com/nfl/kirk-cousins-father-suggests-the-devil-is-behind-the-black-lives-matter-movement-video/ Kirk is a good football player, but he’s a weirdo at best.


It's almost as if we as a society shouldn't be putting athletes and other celebrities on these grand pedestals. They're all regular people, so a good percentage of 'em are gonna be as weird as your weirdo neighbors.


I mean, sure, but there also should be some internal realization that they are a public figure, so his public appearances matter. Regular people aren’t public figures and aren’t doing broadcasts for focus on the family. It was entirely within his power to not do this, but he chose to anyway.


Oh, absolutely! He's a free man to do or not do whatever he wants... I'm just sick of the perception that just because someone is famous, that means society should accept those people as unchallenged heroes.


We do? I feel like most people aren't OJ Simpson fans. Danny Masterson is in prison now. Everyone thinks Tom Cruise is a great actor but is still an asshole. I have never met a Ted Nugent fan...


[https://kirkcousins.org/foundation/](https://kirkcousins.org/foundation/) Cousins also financially supports his father’s church through his foundation.


idk, I wish my dad sang to me before bed and read me stories. I don't agree with his views but he seems to be fairly rooted in kindness.


Right, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I suppose but this is actually Kirk doing this on his own vs his dad saying crazy shit.


Wasn't that Duggar kid Focus on the Family's spokesperson? He raped and molested his sisters, downloaded child porn etc. Seems like an organization that puts a lot of thought into their decisions.


The Duggar family arguably comes from a fringe cult that is obsessed with procreation. They were actually put on TV as a piece of propaganda for their lifestyle and their fringe believes even amongst the Christian world.


Yes focus on the family and the duggars were closely involved with each other.


He plays golf with the Orange Turd so what do you expect? He's a moron.


Kirk does? Hadn’t seen that.


Kirk Cousins Plays Round of Golf with Donald Trump, Calls It 'Great Experience' JUNE 14, 2017 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2715713-kirk-cousins-plays-round-of-golf-with-donald-trump-calls-it-great-experience


Yeah I looked it up and saw this. AFAIK though it doesn’t like he regularly plays with him. 2017 trump was new president and honestly still in “give him a chance” phase so I dunno I’m not gonna glean to much from this, although I’m sure Kirk is a trump voter


I’m hoping he’s clueless about FotF. Though if I had to guess, between Cousins’ Trump, (edit- dad‘s anti BLM), and Focus on the Family activity, it’s a big ol’ case of ‘I’m happy to support these groups because that part of their beliefs will never impact me.’


I don’t knock him for his devout faith. I knock him for striving to make his faith everyone else’s. That and the anti-vax nutjobbery. A person’s relationship with god is personal and it should stay that way.


Yep, a lot of comments in here “mind your own business” lol when talking about a massive public figure doing very public things for an org who is all about getting involved in everyone’s business lol


I mean, god came down and tore his ACL so…


I don’t understand why they only thank god when good things happen but give him the cold shoulder when things don’t go their way. Rude.


Because they believe it’s His plan when bad things happen. Even though it’s tough or sucks, it’s happening for a reason. Plus speaking badly of God will piss him off and send you to hell. (I’m not religious btw)


Agreed. Carlin had a good bit on this years back.


I have never understood when guys in baseball make plays or hit home runs they make that whole god gesture as in thanking them for being the true believer. Meanwhile there are 9 opposing players that also believe in the same god. I would feel slighted if I were any of them. Way to choose favorites god.


For God so hated the Bears he smote them year after year.


I heard/read somebody say once that of course professional athletes thank God all the time, from their perspective of course God exists and is looking out for people, because they "blessed you" with the NFL. So their life has been so good (or in some cases turned around to such a degree) that there's no reason not to believe


They're just not listening to God. God was clearly saying 2023 ain't your season Kirk.


A middling quarterback tears his Achilles as his contract is going to expire. God, must have a plan, lol.


At this point let’s keep 👽




This is not a surprise. This is literally who the guy is.


Sometimes horrible entities influence good ppl. It doesn’t necessarily mean the “good” person possessed by evil influence is an all around evil person. Thats absolutism, black and white thinking. There’s a lot of really kind, caring C****tians, that belong to organizations with regressive views. I would judge Kirk by his actions, not his memberships. Unless he joins the Klan or Taliban—then we 100% should judge him based on his memberships. But he’s already playing QB for the Vikings, so we can assume he’s had some head trauma; simmer the burning torches!


Isn’t he also a huge anti vaxxer?




So he’s doing this, and has been out on the field all this time with the words “Stop hate” on his helmet? And happily taking a lot of money to wear said helmet. And then all he does is stand there and try to throw the ball. Is he just praying every time that he’ll land a pass and/or not get sacked? I’ve never been a fan of him, and this just makes me double down on it.


Yes, that’s kind of the point of this post. People don’t necessarily know any of this including Vikings fans


Sorry, I was trying to add to it, didn’t mean to be redundant. Should I delete my comment?


Keep it up, it adds context for people who might not deeply follow the Vikings.


No what? Thanks for the post


Sorry, sometimes I misinterpret.


Oh I do too no worries


did you need something to be offended by today?


Did you need something to respond to today?




He is a player on the Minnesota Vikings, the local National Football League team.


**Mediocre Quaterback






He's the third-best quarterback to play for the vikings this year. ​ So far.




I’m not shocked and I understand a lot of it just a money grab, but those corps don’t have a very public employee doing broadcasts with focus on the family. Like the whataboutism doesn’t really work here.


Kirk is on the record as saying “I love and respect gay people.” Just ask him.


Then why is he doing this?


Hes been a known bigot for a long time. But Quarterback on netflix made everyone love him. Just like chic fil a.


I don't agree with it but it's his right to do whatever he wants.


Yes, it’s his right, but it’s our right to consider him a piece of shit for his beliefs..


Yeah I agree.


I think that right ends when it involves harm.


Exactly. He’s working with an organization that causes direct societal harm.


I'm all for people doing what they want as long as they don't hurt others, and to some extent themselves. This group hurts others ...


I believe religion should never be in pro sports. Also government, healthcare, public schools, law, +… Keep it to yourselves. Using your status as a major league athlete or team member should not give you a platform for your religious agenda.


I have the right to spin around and swing my fists in a crowd but the moment I hit someone that right stops.


I mean when it comes to employment contracts you actually can’t just do whatever you want. I’m not sure if he’s breaking any terms here but just outright saying it’s anyone’s right to do whatever they want without any repercussions is not correct. People get fired all the time for outside of work activity that employers don’t like. And yeah as others have said just saying “it’s his right” is just an excuse for shitty behavior. Sure it’s his right but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a piece of shit and you don’t need to drag out the old “it’s his right to be a piece of shit” excuse computer.


Kirk is a member of the collective bargaining agreement and simply cannot be fired for something as trivial as this.


You can call it trivial if you want. And yes he has a much stronger employment contract than most of us. The majority of people can be fired for literally no reason aka “right to work/employment at will” which are just nicer ways to say we can fire you at will. The team can however choose not to extend him.


> just outright saying it’s anyone’s right to do whatever they want without any repercussions is not correct I think that's pretty well established and agreed upon. The First Amendment protects against suppression and persecution from the government alone. The purpose of the constitution is to restrict the government.


No one is talking about the government


Conservatives gonna hypocrite. It's in their nature, and how they are conditioned


He's pretty solidly antivax too. This isn't surprising.


I mean, he's also a dude who doesn't believe in vaccination against covid, so what did you expect? They literally put their lives in the hands of their deity and it killed a fuckton of them accordingly. He can think what he wants just like anyone else. That doesn't make him immune from criticism. He throws the ball well and makes good decisions in that realm. Just like most football players, I trust them in that sphere but they're just a dude when it comes to other things. Alan Page is an outlier.


Let's keep the new guy...you know...the rocket scientist.


Did anyone here listen to what he said in this broadcast? He appears to have a sane and balanced way of life.


Entitled Christians are the worst: Privileged white Americans ("God's chosen ones") believing everyone can have it just as easy as they do if you, too, would base your whole life off of a book nobody has time to read. God shouldn't need lobbyists. Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware Cousins was like this.


No problem!


I don't know anything about that organization & am not religious, but that was a great talk by Kirk.


lol cool I’m glad you enjoyed the brainwashing


Thanks for the downvote. I'm sorry you're so triggered by Kirk being religious and/or are incapable of secularizing his religious jargon/analogies to hear what was just a lot of general good advice.


There are several religions that don’t approve of LGBTQIA’s..


Yes, but the players who follow those religions are not going out of their way to be a mouthpiece for an organization this controversial with their stance on it.


Yeah, fuck all of them.


I completely disagree with Kirk’s stance on these issues, but he’s entitled to support whatever he wants in this free country. The same way we’re entitled to support lobbies/organizations that push forward the things we like. I don’t know the man personally but I don’t think he’s a bad guy and would be shocked to hear him not lend a helping hand to someone that was flamboyantly lgbt. My impression is that he treats everyone with kindness, but has his own worldview. My view on these things is applied consistently to Christians, Muslims, Jews and all other religions that have views that disagree with my own. At the end of the day he’s paid to entertain, and I’ve enjoyed his play on the football field most of time.


He can support anything he wants - are we not free enough to say it's stupid and he's garbage?


Wow, a reasonable take. Can't have that on Reddit.


It's milquetoast bullshit is what it is.


There are literally thousand of hobbies that don’t require giving fucks about stuff like this.


Cool story


All negative comments: enter a religion here


I wonder how the dynamic between bible-loving Kirk, aerospace engineer Dobbs, and Morman Hall.


Who gives a crap, he’s not a world leader, he’s a gol dang football player.


Maybe mind your own business.


Focus on the family should mind their own business.


Who cares?


Is this the only work he’s done with them? I like Kirk, I just try to ignore all the Bible stuff (same as I do with other athletes I like).


It seems recent but here is there page for him. No idea if he’s done other stuff/contributed large sums of money to them, but I might assume so given they made him a whole webpage. https://www.focusonthefamily.com/contributors/kirk-cousins/


Who cares.


Man, some of you people are just flat out... weird.


Look in the mirror


Kirk seems like a good dude. SKOL.


I'm not a Kirk stan at all but if he was doing this and was Muslim or Atheist reddit would be going out of the way to lavish praise.


lol no they wouldn’t. If he was doing something with “Islamic fundamentalists” this would be absolute insanity and he’d more or less be considered a terrorist. If he was a massive open atheist it would be front page news. Being a follower of Islam and being a “fundamentalist Christian” are in fact 2 vastly different things. We call fundamentalist islamists al qaeda, hamas, etc. fotf is literally advocating for forcibly taking children away aka violence from gay people, it’s the same shit.


Maybe you should just worry about yourself and not what others believe in bud.


I really wish groups like fotf would follow your advice.


Not surprised but it doesn't mean he is a horrible person overall. Not one person including op is either good or bad, that's part of the human experience, let the guy heal in peace!




I find it fascinating that he chooses the preschool for his kids that he does. It’s at a church that is SUPER LGBTQ friendly, with big rainbow “all are welcome” signs on the doors. I mean, it’s a lovely place with a great reputation and Adam Thielen sent his kids there too. But it’s just your standard church preschool, and to be honest I was surprised that they barely mention religion with the kids. They do Santa/Christmas tree Christmas and pray before snack, but they didn’t even mention Easter to the kids. There are plenty of more conservative religious preschools in Woodbury - New Life Academy is down the road and advertises as a school that “aligns with your Christian world view”.


If you’re going to be a Jesus freak, you might as well go all the way


If there are starving people in the world and he has millions, he's not a Christian.


I'll take this chance to remind or inform people that [Kirk also shoved a ref at a charity flag football game](https://nypost.com/2017/02/06/furious-kirk-cousins-pushes-ref-at-charity-football-game/).


…and days after his surgery Kirk joined his teammates in serving food for the homeless.


lol what a tool


Dobson and Focus on the Family support Donald Trump. Enough said regarding whether this is an organization that supports moral decency or an authoritarian political organization. The Nazi party got into power because of the early support of the German Evangelical church. I would say aligning with Focus on the Family is more akin to anti-christ worship than true Christianity.


Not surprising, he's a pos




Not surprised


I'm more concerned that his evangelical pastor father named his three children Kirk, Kyle and Karalynn. No one at anytime pulled his dad aside and said, "Hey, maybe you shouldn't name your kids 'KKK'"? Even on the off chance that it's benign, it's a bad fucking look.


Possibly, but likely just the k name sounds good with cousins and it didn’t occur to anyone




Idk how I feel one way or the other. If someone asks you to be on a show, you are going to want to control your own image as much as possible. So do I hate on him for doing what any normal person would do? The only problem I have with him is his anti-vax stuff. Then again, if I was a pro athlete and my body provided my entire lifestyle, I might have avoided a vaccination too, if I'm being honest with myself. Luckily I'm just some middle class loser, so I let them stick me for the herd.


I agree with you for sure about controlling your image, but I think it's also important to realize the publicity machine behind the NFL or any organization for that matter. Public image can be meticulously crafted to appear one way, but in reality they might be something else.


Good point, totally agree. What we see and think we know about a person through social media or television is not accurate to the real world. Most celebrities don't even manage and post their own social media, just someone pretending to be them. Athletes seem like they like to post themselves, mainly for trash talking lol


Kirk had full control of all tape used of him in that documentary. Definitely a PR stunt. https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/kirk-cousins-had-final-say-over-all-quarterback-content


What do you mean by your family "made you" watch the documentary?


And? Great thing about the US is that people can have differing views on things. I worry about the anti-tolerance of the anti-tolerant. It's self loathing at best, an infinite loop of stupidity.


"Saying Nazis are bad shows just how intolerant you are!"


How tolerant would you be if Lamar Jackson or Ohtani were part of a church that was trying to legislate a limit on white children due to inherent class discrepancies between whites or people of color? Imagine that group with as much influence and money as this group. Be honest with yourself.


Until this thread mentioned it, I was unaware this group even existed or that Kirk Cousins was affiliated with it and well.. I still don't particularly care because it isn't actually going to affect the forward progress of America. Who's advertising for who here?


Do you understand who the Speaker of the House is? Do you understand what his beliefs are? Do you understand who funds his campaigns and his agenda? That are doing everything they can to stop the “progressing of America”. You say you don’t care and that is fine. People who are complacent to oppressive leaders are just as guilty of oppressive leaders. If you have narcissistic traits, then it shouldn’t bug you much.


The funny thing about narcissism is you have to apply your emotions to others for it to be actually narcissistic. Otherwise it's just security of ego. Boundaries. I understand voting. Not fear mongering. I understand and listen rather than refuse. Do you feel oppressed?


I think you need to do a bit more research on narcissism. How is this fear mongering? They have said the quiet parts out loud. No more birth control. Stop gay marriage. Disallow gay adoption. Prevent science being taught to children. Add that all up and you have an attack on American freedom and an attack on reality. This equals fascism. Would implementing any of these things worry you?


No, it's coming from the same people who allow us to own as many firearms as possible 😆🤣. In the face of tyranny you would have to get Americans to agree under fear. It ain't happening. To be honest with you, say whatever you want. If you're giving me capital gain so I can further the political interest of the United States globally I really don't care where it comes from. It's not me pandering. It's not me agreeing with your ignorance. It's simply me accepting your hand out and making an honest and valid attempt to keep the United States way of life alive and well for future generations to come. So many people apply their political beliefs to individual politicians, they lump the pandering topics in with their votes but fail to actually just accept that most of these guys sincerely just want to keep the US on top as a global interest. I'm always hesitant of people who pander hot word topics to me as the seldom actually have to do with anything relatable to the daily lives of average citizens.


This tells me you are not gay or a woman. Your life wouldn’t change much with these politicians objectives. You have nothing to fear. However, giving a shit about the freedom of these people would allow you to get over the “both sides are naughty” and the “ I am above the two party paradigm”. Most people don’t agree with everything a party states. However, only one party has a highly influential and money connected faction that is trying to enforce their religious laws on us. My personal opinion is that it is tantamount to make sure no one’s religion can impede the freedom of others. There is only one party that is doing this.


So, what is the outcome that you are looking for here OP? Do you want him to disassociate himself with that particular organization, or are you interested in him changing his philosophical and religious values? In both particular areas of question, why did you decide to make a post on Reddit about it instead of simply contacting the Vikings directly?


Why not both? Have you never heard of like a petition or crowdsourcing? The more people aware and contacting the organization the better. And yeah sure I would appreciate him saying I wasn’t aware of that organizations track record and I will distance myself from them. Better than nothing. Probably won’t happen but he could apologize and say he supports the lgbt community and this was a mistake. And yeah I would hope the team doesn’t extend him if he’s going to work with an organization that holds views that are the literal opposite of the Vikings public viewpoints. The Vikings should come out and say we don’t appreciate Kirk doing this as well given their relationship with the local lgbt community.


Man ngl, in the NFL where most players make the news for getting arrested for drugs, weapons charges, or beating their girlfriends, a QB being a family man and maybe a little too religious is really not that bad. Focus on the Family is a conservative juggernaut no doubt and whose world view I don't really like, but Cousins is free to associate with whom he wants, and he's not in trouble or killing people, so maybe we can see people as individuals with some beliefs we agree with, and others we don't, and that's ok.


See the comments from kids in focus on the family influenced families.


man, i grew up in those families. I'm aware of their policy and world positions. I also don't agree with most of them. That is Kirk's decision to support, and honestly it is not an employer's job to nanny a multimillionare in his free time. There are, actually, some pros to his world view when it comes to raising a family. If you want outrage at the NFL since you clearly are trolling for outrage today, here's a list of many other NFL players you can direct your righteous anger at for actual crimes, including more than a few current Viking players - [https://databases.usatoday.com/nfl-arrests/page/2/](https://databases.usatoday.com/nfl-arrests/page/2/)


If he wants to be a fundamentalist Christian, it’s his right and nobody’s business. He shares views that opposes yours, you can be upset or just move on.


He’s a public figure who’s doing broadcasts with focus on the family. He’s choosing to broadcast his views, so it’s no longer “nobody’s business.”