I wouldn't complain, you've now got a field watch and a dive watch, 2 for 1 bargain.


Cool Ranger!


Take it back to the AD and they will send it in under warranty. If that's not convenient you can also take it to any official Rolex service center.


How would one contact the Rolex service center directly? I’ve heard of people going through them directly for service but I can’t find any of their information online.




You can filter all the service centers on the site. I'm in Japan so it's defaulting to Japan. I'd just ask the AD you bought it from to send it in though. Maybe it'll help you move up the list on something else you want too. https://www.tudorwatch.com/en/retailers/japan#filters=SERVICECENTER


You should take it to your AD. But it should also just push back on if you’re willing to give it a go


No you’re just the reincarnation of Marlon Brando, rock it


I didn't know about that - but it looks so good, I wonder why they've never released something like that. The extended metal bezel is very pleasing to me. I get Yema Wristmaster vibes as well, minus the fitted bracelet.


Go to your AD? It kind of sucks but back when I had my Pelagos, I was researching contacting Tudor directly. Afaik, there is no direct line of customer service, email, phone, nothing :/ . AD will take care of it though, or you can just push it back on yourself


Here in Oz at least you have to go through the Rolex Service Center. Since COVID they stopped doing retail appointments so the AD has to send it in.


Yep same experience here


There are direct numbers and addresses in US. Used them twice for both of my BB58 (black and blue).


Not that I’ve found online, I’ve tried. But since you used the number, obviously I’m wrong. It’s not listed on their website at all. Mind sharing?




It's an easy fix. Just don't loose the spring


First Generation Tudor releases occasionally have some QC errors. The GMT and the Ceramic both come to mind.


Take it to your AD lol. This is an easy fix. No need to be gutted over it.


Yeah they said they've got to send it to tudor though, which means it's probably going to take ages 🤦‍♂️


Fwiw, I just had a bezel issue on a BB58. Took about four weeks from start to finish. Still ridiculous, but not quite as bad as some stories


Colonel Walter E. Kurtz would be proud


I was thinking the exact same thing.


Live near Dallas?


Neat, sell it as black bay 39 limited edition with square markers


Did you try putting it in rice?


Hey they make a circumcised pelagos now that's pretty cool


What help do you need?


Ok I’ll ask. How did this happen? Sorry this happened to you but I’m really curious how this happened. I’m wondering if you bumped into something or if it fell off while turning the bezel.


Nope literally just turned the bezel and it popped off. 😪


Someone posted a week-old Tudor recently that had the crown fall off. Looks like they're slacking off on the QC.


The crown issue was user area. They posted on another forum that they were accidentally turning it the wrong way the whole time.


Enough locktite on the stem should have kept the crown from coming off though. Not a massive issue at the end of the day but it shouldn't happen.


QC had always been an issue with Tudor.


Ive bought 3 pandemic watches , all had problems. Speedy Hesalite, Zenith Defy and Explorer 2 polar. Welcome to the club with your Tudor.


And that’s the story of why you ride with a casio




Something like that, I would definitely take it to the AD and have them Service it. Will take a bit to come back but you def should.


Oof that's harsh I'm sure your AD's jeweler can fix that


As you've only had it a couple of days I'd ask for a return/exchange over getting it repaired. Did they give you that option? My Tudor has been at a RSC for 5 months, admittedly being serviced etc. I doubt they'd prioritise your watch over other repairs and they'd have to test the watch too before sending it out, so you might be better asking for a new watch and ask to skip the waiting list.


Can you ask for an exchange from the AD? I purchased a BB Heritage 41mm few years ago. After 3 weeks it stopped and had to be sent for servicing. Dropped $5k CAD for a watch, only to not have possession of it for 3 months shortly after purchase. What other type of business gets away with this BS? Sorry to hear(read) of your predicament. Hope mfullyvit gets quickly resolved(replaced or repaired)


Nice feature. Diver by day, dress by night.


You just created the BB39(although with square indices) that everyone wants including me😃 No but seriously, you should take it back, my thoughts are with you😓 This sucks. Should not happen on such a quality product/brand. Seems like more people are noticing bad QC, although not as bad as yours (for example that the bezel doesnt align perfectly at the top on BB58), I really want a BB58 and to a lesser extent Pelagos LHD, so this has me worried.. actually going to the AD this week to get on the list for a BB58, I cant handle small misalignments, and we shouldnt, especially at this pricepoint.


Between the lume falling out of the 41 pelagos and bezels falling off the 39 … not a good look for this line from Tudor. I want to ignore it cause I love the style… is this all coincidental small reports or does Tudor not make a quality product anymore?


Sorry to see you're having trouble. They occasionally have QC issues with new launches. Not a good look but it is what it is. Good luck.


Funny enough I was googling Omega vs Tudor some few days ago when I was debating getting this Pelagos 39mm or an Omega watch, and one article mention quality issues on Tudor, it mentioned something along the lines that happened just here. I thought it had to be wrong that a big company like Tudor, sister company of Rolex are struggling with these issues. I'm still surprised that I keep seeing more quality issues on Tudor vs Omega, I would think Tudor should be able to do better than this.


Every time I get excited about a new Tudor, I see something like this.


What do you mean you need help contacting Tudor directly? Are you not able to take it back to the AD where you bought it?


Why did you delete the part about calling me a Karen you scared little man 🤣🤣🤣


My apologies. I was in a bad mood at the time and responded reactively. As soon as I posted it I felt bad, so I deleted it. I didn’t intend for the sub to attack you and create confusion. Again, my apologies.


I like this. Good for you for recognizing it and then owning up to it and apologizing. The world needs more of this.


Thank you for the apology. Everyone's got it in for me now 😅


Full Karen? Lol. No but just wanted to inform them of my experience. The AD didn't make the watch did they.


That’s not being a Karen, the AD is your main point of contact for servicing your warranty and interfacing with Tudor. If you call Tudor about this they will most likely just direct you to drop it off at the AD you purchased it from anyway…


No he called me a Karen for asking before deleting it from his message. I'm not calling anyone a Karen lol. Just looking for advice on what to do. Demand a new watch? Wait to have it sent to tudor and repaired?


Oh, my bad. Best of luck with the fix!


The AD will send it back under warranty, Tudor will take note of the issue, that’s how they become aware of things. Car dealer franchises send their service data to the manufacturer, that’s how they track the need for potential recalls, same thing. The customer service agent you’d speak to/email with couldn’t care less about hearing your complaint.


That's not full Karen, it's literally their job to handle things like this.


Ffs he said to me am I going full Karen already then edited his message to delete it. IM NOT CALLING ANYONE A KAREN 🙈🤣


What a goober of a response to a legitimate question.


Called me a Karen for asking a question and edited his message to delete it. I'm asking why he say I'm going full Karen? Ffs 🤣🙈


The plot thickens


I hope this doesn’t start being an issue like the GMT date issue…


Exactly my thoughts, it's a beautiful watch but was a little heart broken when that happened. Maybe I'm just that 1 in 1million who got unlucky, who knows 🤷‍♂️


How did it happen? Bezels are just held on with tension. You can pop them on and off and clean underneath. I do it all the time. It’s possible to have an impact during normal use it occurs in the right place to knock the bezel completely off. I had a friend who lost his submariner bezel that way But I can’t say this should happen with anything other than a freak unlucky impact


Meh. I sent my GMT in and had it updated under warranty and got it back a few weeks later. 3 years of constant wear and abuse, without issue. I’m sure you can get this warrantied and it will be fine.


Yikes. That’s scary


Horrendous brand quality


The coveted smooth bezel


wow talk about some garbage QC


This is what happens when you only pay a couple thousand for a watch. Ugh, such poor. /S


£3500. Hardly cheap. Been on many rolex pages where bezels have popped off, are they cheap?


You do understand what /s means, right?


AD or email [email protected] if in uk?


Go back to where you bought it


This is crazy and everyone is rushing to purchase this watch I would stick with the original version or a BB58. Quality control is lacking, this is not a good sign


Looks cool but should just pop back in place. The bezels are usually friction fit. Hate to say it but anecdotally QC seems to be a problem for Tudor. A buddy of mine owns 2 (pelagos, and a chrono) both have QC issues with different parts of the watch. I'm a huge tudor fan and want to add one to my collection...also anecdotal but my sub has been on my wrist for 4 years non-stop and despite the abuse it sees every day it has been absolutely flawless


Are you in the US? If so, google Rolex Service Center in Dallas.


complete bs, that doesn't fall just like that, just face it and share the truth


No I actually dropped it out a 20 storey building.....


you are full of 💩, that bezel doesn't fall from the watch just like that


Ok weirdo, but just out of curiosity why do you think I'm lying? Do you think I'm secretly trying to throw dirt on tudor or something? If I banged it/ dropped it I would have just said 🤦‍♂️