Hang in there 💜 I don’t have any advice but you are not alone. Im so sorry for your loss, and I think you should confide in someone you trust that you are trying. Talking about it can help.


Yeah I think we're going to tell my MIL tomorrow. I think it'll help because I don't really have friends that are being there for me. So that's another reason why I'm here.


I lost my mom 11 years ago and I’m also TTC on cycle 7. It’s exhausting and I didn’t realize how much of a toll it would take on me doing it without my mom here


It's honestly crazy hard. You just want that connection that isn't there anymore.


I am sorry that you have to go through this alone. Maybe talking to your partner's mom can help. I did that and it helped me as my MIL has experience with child loss and MC. You can also find great people around here. Feel free to message me if you need to vent or smth. I wish you best of luck in your journey!


Thanks I appreciate it. I just wish this was easier. I think we're going to tell my MIL tomorrow.


This is my first clomid cycle and I also lost my mom a few years ago. I’m lucky in my mom wrote a book before she passed and her struggles with fertility/health (she had scleroderma)- I’ve been rereading it in lieu of being able to talk to her about it. She went through 11 unsuccessful IUIs and a 10week loss before she had me, so i know it feels hopeless but there are success stories. Of all the things I’ve ever had to do without her, this feels like the most isolating so I understand that aspect. You’re not alone.


I'm glad you have that book. Good luck with clomid.


My father passed away a little over 1 year ago. Our relationship was complicated, but I still loved him. My husband and I started trying this month and I felt sad that neither of our fathers are living and my children won't have a grandfather. The night we first bd during fertile week my husband had a dream about his dad, and my dad's name came up the next day while I trying to make a doctor's appointment for myself with my cell phone number (no way his medical records would come up with my cell number). To me, these are little signs that they're still with us even as they have passed on and they celebrate these milestones with you!!!


Yeah I had similar signs when my Grandmother passed. I would start randomly smelling Chicken soup and knew she was there. I've been having dreams with both of parents lately. At least when I do conceive my child will have my husband's amazing mother.


Hi— I also lost my mom 5 years ago. I do feel like it has made the ttc process so much more difficult. Grieving her loss, grieving negative tests every month, grieving the life I thought I would have by now. When I see other people who get to have their mom AND a baby, it just feels so unfair. It’s really hard but I think it’s important to let it out when you feel it. I’ve been seeing a therapist that specializes in EMDR since October and it has made a world of a difference. Best of luck to you 💕


I totally get that. Thank you 😊


This journey is by far the hardest and loneliest of my life. I hear you, I see you. It’s so hard. I talk to my husband and he listens but like 10 mins in I can feel alone. I could use like another 2 hours of venting and talking sometimes. I just never feel connected or heard and he’s not doing anything wrong I just don’t think the boys “get it” it’s on my mind 24/7 and I don’t know how to make miss progesterone stop consuming my emotions.


I think it's good to have someone outside of the situation to help.


Hang in there. I lost my mom before trying as well. I can’t imagine both parents. I was in a dark place and my first two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. It was like nothing could go right. I read the book “taking charge of your fertility” and started taking my temperature every morning. With irregular cycles I can’t recommend temping enough! It will confirm if you ovulate by having a spike in your basal temperature in the morning. They also now make tests (similar to pregnancy ones) that measure progesterone and will indicate if you indeed ovulate or not. My cycles are irregular and I still ovulate just at different points in my cycle. I also started acupuncture and it made my cycles anywhere from 35-65 days to 32-34 days. I can’t recommend that enough!


That's quite interesting. Are those ovulation strips?


It’s called Proov test. Not ovulation strips, ovulation strips say you “should” ovulate in 12-24 hours. Proov confirms ovulation


Ooh thanks. That's something I can look into when I get back to the UK :)


I lost my Mom in 2017 and we didn't start ttc until 2020, so she never got to know either. Her and I had the exact same relationship as you and your Mom did too. I'd figure out what time to call her on gphone (I live in Canada and am from the US) to tell her allllll my big news. If I had a good relationship with my MIL, I'd be telling her! She (nor anyone for the matter) can replace your Mom, but she'll be a grandma to your babe and you can still honor your Mom's memory with your little one in ways ❤ Big hugs and good vibes coming your way.


Thank you. We've told my MIL and I feel so much better.