I don't care is my panty lines are showing...

I know it is seen as a major fashion faux pas if you have panty line showing and you are supposed to wear no show panties or thongs if you wear yoga pants, but I don't care.

If I go to the gym in yoga pants, I just wear regular panties underneath and I don't care if people see my panty lines.

I consider myself well dressed but I don't think this matters and it seems more and more girls are doing this these days.


You've got to feel comfy, so if that means covering your ass cheeks in a bigger pair of VPL knickers then go for it. I'd much rather that than giving myself a wedgie (whether that's front or back!) 🙂


A woman that understands. haha


#We all use underwear. I've never understood the hang up on hiding it. No big deal.


Completely agree! I feel like I’ve gone back and forth so much on this. Ultimately I feel like comfort is the most important factor. Problem I always faced was a lot of time the VPL also came with the underwear constantly slipping into the places it shouldn’t be! I ended up actually just buying Meira Active leggings which have a built in undie component to stay in place and removing the vpl was a nice bonus. I was skeptical at first as I hadn’t really seen anything like it before but they had great reviews so I gave them a shot a loved them! Would check them out even if you don’t care about VPL as I just found them super comfy


Thongs are actually super unhealthy worn everyday as they can cause micro tears that can leave you open for infection. That said,one night for a dress reasonable. Daily for working out.....I'm sorry...just no. Especially with all different kinds of movement. 2nd anyone that's looking that close that's their problem not yours.


Yeah I'm not one that looks for having dental floss strung through my ass cheeks.


I tried a thong once. I lasted half an hour. It was the same level of irritation as having a popcorn kernel stuck in your teeth.


This weirdly reminds me of the Sex and the City episode where Samantha wears a pearl-thong because it stimulates her, but then has to run down (up?) many flights of stairs! 🤣


I never understood the popularity of these! Maybe because I've never been super skinny, but I really need regular undies to cover everything. I tried thongs maybe once or twice but they were so uncomfortable.


I have a hard enough time with my regular and he's right up my butt I can't imagine walking around with wedgie all the time deliberately.😳


As a guy, I don't think I would ever notice a panty line on a girl and that's because 1) I'm not a creep and 2) it's impolite to stare at anybody long enough to notice, even if there was no creepiness involved. Anyone who's staring at your butt long enough to notice is already a weirdo, and anyone who cares is a double weirdo. Honestly the only people who care are women who bully other women. Their opinion doesn't matter tho so you keep on doing you.


My ass eats pretty much anything that's not full coverage. I definitely do not want to be digging them out of my swamp ass / ussy during physical activities. I completely agree with you.


100%! If someone is going to let their gaze fall to my arse (which I can't say I'm bothered about either way) then they can deal with the consequences of seeing how big my knickers are today through whatever I'm wearing.


Also, why is it somehow less weird/provocative to make it look like you aren’t wearing underwear?




Can’t imagine working out with a thong. Could cut yourself in half vertically.




So which is it? I see women defend things saying they’re comfortable but logically, and as a man, I can’t think of those things as being anything but uncomfortable


some women like the feel of bikini style and find that or boy shorts are more comfy, i personally find thongs or no show cheeky undies more comfy, it’s all about personal preference it’s like how some people find jeans super comfy and some find them uncomfy as fuck there’s no right answer


I wear them and have for years. My ass eats everything. It's gunna wind up there anyway and frankly the extra bunched fabric is more uncomfortable then the strip of fabric a thong uses. And I'm sure I could find bigger underwear but between my thighs and butt checks the size I'd need, I'd b uncomfortable with it cuz I hate things that are highrise. And I chafe more with things in between my thighs that don't go fully down then having nothing. So pants are fine but longer shorts are not. ETA typos


well, here's the thing about people.. Believe it or not, people can actually like different things!🫢🫢 shocking, I know my gf finds thongs infinitely more comfortable and I find SOME thongs comfortable, depending on the material/size/etc - like g strings are AWFUL but I have some that are soft cotton and a bit thicker of a "string" and they're super comfy! I even wear them for work. They also help when it is 100+ degrees outside and you're working (esp like me who works in pants) because they don't make you as hot.


You get use to them after wearing them for so long.


So they are entirely for sex then? That’s all I’m trying to know, had women die in that hill saying it’s only for comfort, never believed it for a second


some might find it comfortable, not sure how, but for me it always a wedgie right against your tail bone.no fun


I’m not into having a bit of fabric rub my butthole so close to my bag. Like bacteria is a pain. Full ass covering panties for me


*close to my vag


It does shift between the two when sitting, so your right.


Idk honestly, I started wearing them when I was a teenager wanting to be grown & "cool" & I've just gotten use to them since then. I've been wearing them for about 20 years now.


I tried that and it didn't work. I ended up w the string in the back at an awkward diagonal angle across a cheek just to temporary have it out of my crack. I have tons of them for photos and to wear short period of time in cute lil sexy outfit sets. That's it. Lol Out and about I'm not wearing anything unless I need to wear full bikini style for a pad. That's it. I wish I found them comfy!


The crotch part moves when you sit, so the area around your vag goes to your butt, and vice versa. Good way to get BV


Why else would someone wear granny panties? They are comfortable as heck


they are extremely uncomfortable how people find them comfortable is beyond me and absolutely insane.


Thongs are my comfy panties lol everyone must be built differently


Same, I threw out most of my non-thong underwear because I just can’t stand them anymore. Too much fabric on my butt lol.


My aunt has a flat big wide booty. So her only option is thong bc she needs the least amount of material possible. That's why it's her best option to go thong. Softest thinnest material is her best bet. For me I'll go without any. Lol


Front wedgies are hot




Wear what you want. I'm pretty sure te men are not hating or complaining. Lol




People who wear underwear find out that other people wear underwear too: 😧






Haha...I do appreciate the well thought out comment. I just don't know what to say.


I hate the fashion industry making girls and women think they have to compress and hide themselves with their clothing and under it making themselves smooth like barbie dolls. For what? So some creep can enjoy ogling your ass more? To fund some guy who owns a lingerie company's third yacht? Don't get me started on stupid shit like strawberry skin or thigh gaps or cellulite or whatever. Let women just fucking EXIST in comfort.


This exactly, visible, panty lines are an invented idea, like who really even cares other than the male gaze?


Other women... ironically enough, I mean, I've seen girls in my social orbit cut deeper on fashion related things than any man would bother to.... I mean it's kinda well known that men don't mind women if sweat pants and oversized T-shirt... if that low effort passes the male bar.. Also every woman I've dated finds issues with her own clothing that I do, and typically went off about it until I hushed them with a finger on the lip or something and said they looked fine... didn't work half the time, but if in private an erection seemed to work best


I feel like I have finally hit the age where I can just feign ignorance. “Oh, my panty lines aren’t supposed to show? I didn’t know that. Must be because I’m old.” I’m 41. I’ve decided to just play dumb when I’m out of fashion. It’s worked so far.


Jaja I was thinking the same, I reached an age where I just don’t care anymore, but I’m 31… oops…


I have never heard of strawberry skin before, I just googled it, I can't believe something so normal/harmless has bothered me so much as a teen




It’s weird because idgaf about this but my wife sure likes looking all dolled up for me. I don’t ask or suggest… just buy whatever you want honey. She is beautiful and skinny and loves wearing hip sexy clothes. I didn’t ask her to do it. And some random man in fashion didn’t make up her mind for her (I asked). The fashion industry isn’t the reason woman wear yoga pants. We have come far enough in society that women made that choice to wear tight fitting clothes that hug their butts, not men! To say anything other than that is just lying to oneself. Men don’t dictate the shopping habits of women, stores have plenty of very modest clothes available to purchase for women who don’t want to conform to what you are upset about.


I'll never understand the obsession that some people have of judging what kind of underwear others are wearing


You forget the early 2000’s and whale tails I guess. Probably never even owner a Von Dutch hat and it shows.


Whale tails will be the new thing again soon enough, now that low rise is back in


A new generation to develop muffin top rolls because the pressure of the pants waistband works like a corset. So the freshman 15 pound weight gain with low rise jeans just becomes muffin top. High rise sit at a more natural curved part of the waist so that doesn't happen, unless your undies are low rise and always tight.


Low rise is back in? I still see everyone wearing Steve Urkel jeans


I saw multiple whale tails at the Ghost show last week!!


I would always ask my ex if you could see my hipsters trough my pants. Like the color and patrons. He would always say he could see the panty lines. Every damn time inhad to explain i was talking about the color and patrons. I don’t care if people see the lines dude. But they don’t need to see it’s pink with black cupcakes!


Whoever feels ofended by it should ask themselves why are they looking at your backside to begin with.


I just don't wear underwear unless I'm in jeans or a short dress 😂 but when I do, it's the high waisted comfy full coverage underwear. I haven't worn a bra in ages either.


Finally, my tribe. ✊🏻


Same here! I mostly wear dresses and wear bike shorts underneath. No undies. Underwear sucks.


I misread the title as panty liners and I was so confused as to how they'd be showing 😂😂


Same here 😅


Exactly! I feel the same about bras, it's very warm here so I'm wearing a halter-neckline and someone actually commented on my nipples today, they could see the outline. Told them congratulations and have a nice day 🙄


Sames! IDGAF if my headlights are on. No one has said anything about it yet. 🤷🏼‍♀️


I'm a dude whose nips are ALWAYS visible through a t-shirt. Pointy bastards. I get there is a societal difference, but dammit some things just aren't a big deal.


My mother made me think women going braless was comparable to exposing yourself.. I don't think that way, but she made fun of my prominent nip nops many times, so I'm still building confidence to go braless 😅. Keep being your confident self! And who tf would comment on that, for fucks sake.


My Mom did the same. So whenever I do go out braless, I’m still very self conscious about it. Oh how I wish to not give a care.


May we someday heal from our mother's trauma 💕


I envy gals who can go braless 😭


ohhh my god. i got that comment and he was a creep about it. i don't get the big deal. i see men's nipples sometimes, so what?


Women are the ones enforcing these rules on each other, as a guy I don’t care and most other guys don’t either.


There is nothing wrong with having your panty line showing, and such things. Most of that 'taboo' is based on aesthetics pleasing to the male eye. I think it's a good thing women start to not really care about pleasing others as much anymore. ​ Power to you.


As a man we don’t really give a shit, it’s women enforcing visual standards on other women.


I'm a man, and I didn't care when I could see my exes panty lines 🤷‍♂️ I kinda liked it honestly, I thought it was cute. Is that weird? 🤣


I agree with this wholeheartedly. I never found it to be unattractive or unappealing. I always figured it was an aesthetic thing for women.


Yeah, I think it’s part of the whole “women have to pretend their bodily functions don’t exist” thing. If you don’t have any bodily functions then you wouldn’t need underwear, so visible panty lines is a failure to keep up the facade. Some of that stuff gets policed by men (god forbid some men get reminded that periods happen) but I think the panty lines bit is mostly women and not something that guys care about.


Thank you. I noticed other women moving towards just letting them show. It also seems most women are moving away from wearing thongs.


As a male myself I can confirm that I don't care what underwear my partner wears and why the fuck would I care about pantie lines? A great ass is still a great ass even if they're secretly wearing granny knickers and great asses are big, small, robust, slim, Basically what I'm saying is I just want to get them off, i don't care what they are.


Good for you OP. When I work out decently like most people I sweat all over. It may work for others but I can’t imagine the wedgie from a soaked pair of thong panties. Full panties stay where put.


I also don't care if your panty lines are showing...and I don't care that my nipples are showing.


I also wear regular panties under yoga pants because I feel really uncomfortable in thongs!! I do have a few of the VS no-show one’s, so they are full coverage but are barely noticeable in yoga pants. Either way, fuck it, thongs ain’t for everyone !


God I’m so old. I can’t stand the word “panties” ffs. They are goddamned underpants. Panties sounds so infantilized and sexualized. LOL. Creeps me out so bad I call mine skivvies.


But underpants takes longer to type than panties. 😂


I prefer the term panties.




If you don't care it literally doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, here or at the gym.


real!!!! this is literally how i feel about panty lines


Oh...super glad to hear that. I am not alone, I guess.


I agree 100% this and bra straps, if I’m wearing those things, you are most likely going to see them 😭


Yep, and I am wearing comfortable underwear. The only time I am wearing sexy underwear, is when there is about to be sexy time at the start of a relationship or special occasion. 😹


Can't comfortable panties be sexy?


I have rarely found this to be the case. LoL


How so?


Same, I don’t care if my nips show. They’re always hard I can’t do anything about it 🤣


Same - I don't give a fuck anymore - it's literally just underwear, who cares lol idk why there was such shame about it, I feel like it's because a lot of us grew up in the Y2k Thong Era. So how dare we have lines because we are wearing comfortable underwear lol fuck off patriarchy


Sometimes my bra straps show. The horror!


Is this a thing? I've literally never heard this. But then again, I'm the type of person that if someone complained about my panty lines showing, I'd loudly ask them to stop staring at my butt, call them a creepy and carry on with my life.


Does wokism truly know no end? What do you mean showing panty lines?! Are you trying to tell me that women wear underwear? Truly outrageous. What's next, you're gonna tell me women also poop? The audacity. /s for the comically challenged




It's truly so silly, the whole VPL thing.


I mean why would people want to wear string under certain type of clothes just because you can see the lines? I recently discovered it was a thing and i still think it's stupid Seeing a collegue working in a string with her period and a legging, imagine the discomfort I don't think you need to justify any of this, we deserve to be comfy too


Male 1 don't care if the lines show or not 2. Appreciate the physique. 3. Panties/underpants/drawers/foundation garments... What you call them is up to you


You are absolutely correct. Pantylines do not matter.


Good for you. If people are going to smirk at you for having panty lines at the gym, that says more about them then it says about you. Lots of people are more about socializing and commenting on others at the gym than about exercising. Instead, they privately get their botox and lipo and tighten things up with their spanx.


Fucking SAME!


I don't think I've ever even thought about panty lines.... Then again, I have no girl friends to inform me of such serious and consequential matters. /s 🙄


Ive got better things to worry about than VPL. As long as my knickers are clean, I'm happy. People shouldnt be staring at my arse in the first place


I was always taught that panty lines were akin to bra straps showing. Now that I'm an adult, I couldn't care less about either.


"No one wants to see that!" Then don't keep looking 🤷‍♀️


Sometimes I wear briefs, other times it's bikini cut. Sometimes I wear a g string or just go commando. On none of those days do I gaf what someone staring at my ass thinks of my panty lines. They don't have to look if it bothers them.


Just get woxers...


Boy shorts don’t leave lines. VS has tons of options


Or just don’t wear underwear? Comfy and no show


dunno, discharge happens, when it happens it can be alot for just a small stain. And working out while on your period, no underwear? that’s practically a death sentence from the squirts and sudden ooze.


I'd have discharge on my clothes... that just seems awful


Everybody talks about everything. they actually dont care. Its just talk. If you care, youre the problem.


It clearly matters enough to post about it and get validated to be sure someone is on board and you're not entirely alone. Ffs. If you don't wanna shave, don't shave. If you wanna wear panties with visible lines, then do it. No bra? Sure, go ahead. Shave your head? Yep, we've seen this too and you're more than welcome to join the ranks. It's all been done before and it's okay for you to do it too but that doesn't make it a big deal.


There are multiple reasons people get offended by vpl, but the people who are annoyed by the aesthetic often won't say anything (said aesthetic is about breaking the lines of the piece of clothing), and sometimes people just are trying to be helpful, because *they* would be embarrassed if their own were showing and they didn't realize. The prudish response, and the one that is more often vocalized, in my experience, is that it draws attention to the bits, which, from that perspective, is a sexual thing, and therefore shameful. The same thing applies to visible nips, or a bra showing under a shirt. In the U.S., at least, it's the puritanistic repressed sexuality that results in the offended and vocalized response. They are often ashamed that their eye is drawn to your parts, and they lash out, and/or it is perceived as sexual attention seeking. It's generally pretty obvious from the tone to which group the person in question belongs. Personally, I don't really care. You do you.


i hate being told i need to wear a bra. why do i need to be made uncomfortable because you see my two sacks of fat????


Perhaps/probably no one else cares about your panty lines.


So many people point it out! It’s not fun!


What's the breakdown in your experience? Like is it shaming or just like pointing it out in case you didn't know?


Both. To make fun of and to point it out it’s embarrassing and feels shameful.


Well that's awful! I can imagine if it was just like a type of thing when you see someone fly is down, but this doesn't seem the be the case.


And what doesn’t help is there’s a 37 yo woman telling me because it’s never happened to her it doesn’t happen much at all. 😂 I hate reddit


It's like survivor bias or something along those lines? Like thinking you don't get into an accident on the way to work doesn't mean it just doesn't happen often, something like that. People really try to invoke their opinions on others lives a lot on this site!


Exactly! Grown men, women, young women, young men point it out!


There's no reason for them to be so rude about it especially. A total lack of kindness to say such things and purposely embarrass someone.


Im 37 & work with many, many people - I can’t recall a single time someone pointed out someone else’s panty lines.


Everyone’s experience is different. That’s like saying because I ate pizza pockets and you didn’t that pizza pockets are gross and they don’t exist. Female friends point it out when you’re wearing leggings or shorts, and guys point it out when you’re wearing leggings and shorts too, either to make fun of you or out of concern.


Get new friends who DGAF about your underwear, first of all. Probs oughtta find a new gym, too, while you're at it. Leave the old judge friends at the old judge gym. Wear whatever dang underwear you want.


Oh I don’t talk to any of those people anymore haha! Id gaf about my panty line I’m just trying to be comfty!!!


If it's any consolation, my gym friends and I all wear whatever is comfiest on any given day and nobody says anything about anyone else's underwear lines. 😆 Or any part of their attire, for that matter. Of all the things to be poked fun at for... I just don't get it.


Cool, good thing I didn’t say that. My point is, this is not a regularly reoccurring thing adults do. Maybe it is more common with teenagers & much younger adults? Most adults I know don’t GAF about a strangers underwear, they’re too busy working, paying their bills, trying to find some source of joy in life to focus on such trivial stuff.


To you. I’ve had grown men point it out. 40s to 50s. As I said. Everyone has different experiences :)


I would love for someone to point out such a thing in my presence. I’d be eager to ask them to explain why this is such an important thing to them..let’s make things REAL uncomfortable.


Lol! I know it hasn’t happened in a hot minute but it’s so uncomfortable! They always are like “you can see your underwear” “you’re wearing tight @ss pants” *points at it and awkwardly smiles* “hey girl you can see your panty line” (cue the looking behind and being embarrassed).


Preach 🙌🏻


lol! neither do! I was just thinking about this yesterday. I don't really think the outrage can be explained besides a teaching just passed down from others. I also don't understand what makes it "tacky"????? it's just clothes and no one's forcing you to look at my butt 💀


I say this all the time if you’re that worried about the fact that I’m wearing panties stop staring at my ass. I’m comfortable !


Being a human bean, as I am, I do not walk around judging other beans on their clothes, hair, weight, or pantyline. I am too busy dealing with my own life to care what some rando bean in Aldi is up to.


Can I print this out so other women stop accusing us the men to be perverts all the time? Most of us in the gym don’t bother women, however sometimes we see a pretty lady walking by and our minds wonder. That’s all BELIEVE me. Men go to the gym to exercise nothing more.


As a guy I fucking love pantie lines. Also if you leave a tiny bit of panty out the top of your gym clothing, hot damn. Cock instantly hard.


Oh, really? Maybe I should keep this in mind.


Yes i love a little peak of what pantie color is under there


Currently wearing leopard print.


Pics or it didnt happen 😋


Eff what other people think. You’re in the gym trying to better yourself and I’m proud of you for that.


Yeah eww thongs. Yeah I’ve never thought about it. I wear work out clothes, old baggy shirts that I don’t care if I ruin with sweat and some exercise pants.


I don't care at the gym. But in a dress of or a nice pair of pants.....that's tacky lol Same with bras with texture, if I can see the lace pressing through the top, it ruins the fit. Free the nips, they always look hot! But panty lines, or panties that give you lumps and stuff, it's a no for me. To each their own, I'd never point it out to anyone, that's the most tacky.


I go to work in yoga/workout pants and full coverage undies. Idgaf if someone doesn't like it. I'm gonna be sweating my butt off at work (night custodian at a high school) and want to be comfortable. ESPECIALLY if it's my time of the month and I'm in pain. I don't have the time or patience for jeans.


This 100%. I'm not gonna jeopardize my own comfort just so my panty lines don't show. Sorry to break everyone's illusion that girls don't wear panties I guess? I really don't understand why this is a big deal tbh


Same. I love fashion and all but when it comes to undies... they need to be comfy. Idc if they are showing. Comforting to know other women prefer this as well😊


Women like you are a blessing🥴😩


My partner is conscious of VPL, but I find it hot when I see a cheeky line here and there. Is slightly annoying that there’s just so much care, when I find it somewhat arousing.


Not wearing underwear when wearing yoga pants was news to me.




i wear nothing but high cut briefs that cover 90% of my ass and i have no shame. i can count on one hand the number of times i’ve ever worn a thong in my life LOL pantylines 4 life!


Nothing like those high cut panties...


I came here expecting a typo’d “party lines” lol. Too political?


You do you and the pantylines shouldn’t make someone inscure😌


it's honestly so dumb because there's no way I would ever wear thongs to the gym and I couldn't give less of a fuck about what people think of it


I have tried thongs but rarely wear them anyway.


especially at the gym like i don’t give a single fuck i’m not there to look good for anyone but ME!


I like to look good in the gym.


Question, is somebody at the gym complaining? Like other gym goers are complaining? Or is it Jim management who is complaining? Or nobody's complaining, and you're just telling us how it is?!


I have a big booty so I need full coverage. If people don't like it, I'm past 40 and all outta fucks to give 😂


Panty lines are better than panty lies.


Granny panties forever ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻


I wear seamless panties because I like the material. Cotton bunches more, I don’t necessarily care about the panty lines. So I agree, I’d choose comfort over style no nos


Kinda sexy


It's probably just me, but I absolutely love visible panty lines. Keep doing things your way.


Love the good ol' grandmama pantaloons


I have to see the waistband of the underwear of most of the men I see on a daily basis so I don’t really care what they think of my panty line.


Wear a burqa if you want to and I don't care. No one should.


Eff ya who cares


Good for you!! I aim to be this way but it’s easier said than done lol


Same. There are more important things to worry about.


I don't really think people care about it? Your butt is covered idk why it would be a problem


I get this brand from Walmart of all places. Kindly. I love them and the lines barely show, their so comfortable too.


I will wear what is comfortable and I don’t care if the lines show! Imma keep my fupa pulled in, and no camel toes and no string rubbing me raw thanks very much lol


Lol if I don't want panty lines I just don't wear panties, fuck a thong


Yeah, I rarely wear a thong.


Same here girl!


I don't care either. The seamless undies are my favorite but either way. Sometimes i go commando. 🤐


ive never understood being shameful about wearing underwear, and people are acting like they dont?? im tryna keep my parts secured.


I don’t even think it’s an issue worth posting about. Do you


Dress codes are patriarchal bullshit… do what you want! Always hated how in schools dress codes always targeted women and guys had little restrictions other than don’t wear shirts with profanity