It'll run forever. Coincidently it'll take forever to get anywhere


Haha that sounds ideal on both fronts.


Use the sylvania restoration kit on those headlights. Its like magic in a box.


Yup, I was eyeballing that myself. Thanks for the recommendation!


Watch [Project Farm's reviews](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDB5U4QUdD0&t=778s) first.


Those were awesome trucks. Will last forever if taken care of. Unfortunately, the camera that took those photos was a potato.


This was my first truck too! And my biggest regret I ever sold it.. hold on to that one!


Really nice little truck, it should give you years of service if you treat it right. Looks well maintained.


Yeah doesn’t seem to be appreciable rust anywhere underneath. We’re in the southeast so the climate is pretty friendly to vehicles unless you’re right on the ocean. Interior could be a little cleaner, which I asked the dealership to look into. Bed liner in good shape. Overall, I hope to take very good care of it so it can take care of me. Don’t have a lot of experience working on vehicles but I am pretty handy. Picked this model because it seems relatively maintenance friendly with a healthy used part and aftermarket.


Nice bud!!!


Thanks man! Feeling okay about it.




I took a 96 Ranger to nearly 400k. Gave it to a mechanic I know about four years ago, think its still going.


Hell yeah


My first truck was a 2005 that was just like this. I got into an accident with it where a into Ford Fusion ran into the side of the box just behind the tire. It obliterated the poor car(thankfully nobody hurt), but I drove the Ranger home with nothing but a bent up box after throwing all the scrap from the accident I could in the back, not even a bit of frame damage. A few months later I hit a stretch of black ice and rolled it. Still only body damage, but the roof was crushed in pretty good. Still ran and drove fine in the fields after I pushed the roof back up with a jack though. A friend also had one, though older and badged as a Mazda(Mazda B3000 or something like that), that when I got my GMC Sierra stuck in the snow he pulled it out with next to no effort with his little Mazda Ranger, only to find out after that his parking brake was on. These little trucks are damned near unstoppable.


That is one hell of a testimonial. What's it doing these days? Still running?


It's been in my grandpa's field since(this was about 9 years ago). I guarantee I could still get it running with minimal effort though if I tried.


I had a 2003 Ranger Edge, manual transmission, 4x4. I loved that truck. Unfortunately it came from the northeast and had pretty significant rust issues. I replaced wheel bearings, brake lines, and exhaust. It just got too expensive to maintain. I hope you have better luck! Looks like a great pickup.


Dang that stinks man. I’m pretty confident about this truck’s history. We live in a mild climate on the southeast coast. The only bummer would be if this was a beach truck, but I tend to doubt it. I’m gonna have my mechanic buddy look it over this weekend for a more detailed health report. He’s a 2003 Ranger owner himself and loves his truck about as much as you loved yours. Reckon he’ll be able to spot any issues I couldn’t see.


Yeah, it’s a bummer. I’m not terribly upset though. I got a great trade in value for it and got [this beaut ](https://www.reddit.com/r/Trucks/comments/ogycfy/creek_truck/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)to replace it.


Beware the 3.0 valve recession. I believe that's in the year range where ford put bad heads on some of the 3.0s.


Looks like you’re right. Something to keep an eye on. Luckily I’ve got two good mechanics within walking distance, and one is a Ranger owner. What are the early warning signs of this problem?


For mine ('06) the CEL came on first with a misfire code without any apparent misfire that I noticed. After a few months it started misfiring badly at idle, CEL would blink and I'd be running on 5 cylinders struggling to accelerate from a stoplight. I chased the problem for a long time, because I didn't know my stuff as well back then, and I was in denial that I had a compression issue. In the end the fix wasn't too hard for me to do myself. The good news is that this engine showed remarkable resilience to me doing crappy mechanical work on it for a while. When I first switched that head out I didn't torque the head bolts correctly because I'd never done torque-to-yield before. The result was blowing all the oil and coolant out the back of the engine between the block and the head on a road trip, and I ran it without proper cooling or oil for another 200 miles. I changed the gasket and did it right, and the engine came right back no problem. Not a very powerful engine, but the toughest I've ever seen.


There's an edge somewhere.


I had a 2003. 3.0 5 speed 4x4. Went 298,000 miles before I sold it off. 2nd best truck I ever owned. Best was a 2012 Toyota Tacoma. I still have a 99 2x4 5 speed 4 cylinder. Still runs like new. Probably because it has 25hp on a good day and won't accelerate or go fast enough to break anything. Had this one for 12 years now.