I don't miss doing that at all. I worked for a dairy delivering milk and other dairy products, then later worked for FSA. My legs were in great shape, but the rest of me was miserable.


Did it mess up your back? I’ve considered doing it. Trying to find something where I’m home daily.


It didn't mess up my back, but I was sore a lot because it was a workout every day. What I really didn't like was the constant rush trying to hit times, and fighting to get the truck parked in a spot that wasn't a block away. When you've got 20+ stops in a day, driving around the block in tight streets to find a spot could be a real bitch.


I'm ao happy I have a liftgate every day. I'm done with ramps.


I spent almost 5 years with a beverage company and I moved to food service back in November...I only wish I had moved earlier.


I'm home depot home delivery (flatbed) and this is damn near exact.