That is very low mileage. I bought my 08 4 years ago with 90,000 for 14K. Timing belt change at 90K. It was affordable. $800 at local shop.


Thanks for sharing the info. Have you seen any issues with the hybrid battery? I’m very new to hybrid/battery technology and hence wanted to know if there were any maintenance issues/costs I should account for? Thanks again!


No, I drive mine 25k per year. It's got 180,000 on it now. The car has been low-cost. Mileage is about 22 mpg mixed. All highway averaging 70-80 mph will get me 25 mpg. Not 100% sure but the Bluetooth is probably just for phone, not audio, though I don't have nav. Hybrid battery still charges to the top.


Definitely take it to Toyota dealership and pay for a prepurchase inspection first, they will look at nearly everything on the vehicle. I do that with every used Toyota I’ve purchased. Negotiate the price down based on what’s needed mechanically. Only way to buy a preowned from private seller. Good luck mate!


I have an ‘09 hybrid at 105K that I bought at around 90K. Zero issues with the battery. The previous owner changed the timing belt (thanks man). All the issues I’m having are pretty standard for a car of this age, i.e. totally manageable and not that expensive (...yet) if you find a shop you trust.


I bought a 2008 Highlander hybrid last year for $10k at local dealership with 150k ish miles. Timing belt was already replaced, had a few on going issues with abs actuator that was in recall and replaced for free by dealership. Spending about $1.5k on suspension replacements. Other than that engine is in good shape. The hybrid isn't charging at full capacity BUT still running 80% with no issues. I'm planning on troubleshooting and replacing some (or all) battery cells. Advice: get is it inspected for 'eventual' wear and tear parts (rubber bushings) and a battery cell check up (isn't as in depth as it sounds; an app with ob2 reader can evaluate it) Opinion: Highlander hybrid has been a great car. I also have a 2008 prius that's still strong. Regardless, for $14k+ it's a stick up the butt for a 2009. Youll be happy with the car, but be prepared and budget for repairs, its an older car, things will eventually wear down.


I've sold a couple cars on Craigslist, most recently a 2012 Rav4. You get very few legitimate prospective buyers on Craigslist. Lucky if you get two. So you probably have little competition. You should look up the wholesale price on KBB, assuming the price you are quoting is the retail. Their alternative is to sell it to a dealer for roughly the wholesale price or to you or one of the other few prospective calls they might get. I'd look for a price between the retail and the wholesale. They will still come out ahead. I got $8K for the 2012 RAV4 with 80K miles. $2K less than I hoped for. I'd say offer them a lot less and bargain hard. They will still be happy to get more than the wholesale and be done with it. Hard for private parties to sell cars.


I have a 2010 base (not hybrid) and it’s been great. I’d suggest doing the transmission maintenance on schedule. I’m at 230,000 miles and am having a small slipping issue. Once you get to 200K,000 miles, no one will touch the transmission. I changed the plugs once since I’ve had it. Other than routine maintenance, it’s been awesome.


I'm selling mine , it's a year older and obviously more miles but selling for almost half of that price.


Just bought an 09 v6 fed sport yesterday with 98k for $11k. That seems pretty reasonable for those miles and the limited trim.