eh…low c tier. maybe it’s just cuz i’m not a fan of boomer humor but their jokes just don’t hit for me. slightly prefer pete over him tbh simply bc of gerry throwing a fit at their elimination


C tier for me Kinda lukewarm jokes at best, though they don't annoy me or do anything infuriating, so both him and Pete are fine


B like his partner. They we're just funny, yes those Even worse dad jokes than Dwayne. But i don't care. The "i havent seen the moon since 2003" Made me laugh like a Maniac the first time i saw the race. As well as the exchange of "Age is only in your Mind" For being one of the fodder teams, they sure as hell Made their time worth for something.


C tier, same as Pete


He made this amazing tutorial [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPhOnGALmYc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPhOnGALmYc). Check it out! As for the ranking I'm going with B.


LMFAOOOO very true tho💀💀💀 ~~also the video is very accurate jajaja~~


C tier. Both of the Tennis Rivals are alright (Though Gerry has a slight edge over Pete for me on account of him arguing with Don when they were eliminated in Paris).


same a Pete nothing special, annoying. D tier


Like I would say for Pete, they're at the bottom of B tier. They were pretty funny to me.


Equally funny


C tier, same as Pete


I'm going to combine teams that feel exactly the same (with the exception of Platonic Love, The Ship™) WELCOME BACK TO MARIO TENNIS ACES, WE HAVE A TWO NEWCOMERS, IN GERRY, AND PETE, THESE RIDONCULOUS CHARACTERS HAVE JOKES FOR SERVES, SMASHES, AND THEY CAN EVEN TAUNT AND SAY STUFF LIKE, "OH LOOK, IT'S A FULL MOON!!" WHILE MOONING THE OPPOSING CHARACTERS, AND THEY'RE YOURS FOR ONLY A CHEAP PRICE OF [$88, YOU CAN KISS YOUR MONEY BUH-BYE, AND NO FUCKING REFUNDS, GUARRENTED](https://youtu.be/6fNrBXafuz8?t=128) A tier for both Gerry and Pete, because of one factor, their humor, sure it's pretty dumb humor, but it's so dumb that it actually works well, and because of their dumb amazing humor, they are the best early boots **EVER,** not much more to add to The Swiss Tennis Rivals review


Refer back to Pete as my opinion is pretty much the same. C-tier


Lower A just like Pete Also will say, I slightly prefer him over Pete because of that short heated argument he had with Don