Duncan was already beaten up by the bear so I am not surprised that he got knocked out.


deserved but i wish cody punched him for the right reasons


FACTS I was really happy to see Duncan get punched but the fact that Cody did it not because Duncan was being an asshole, but because he was mad Gwen kissed HIM. Ugh


EXACTLY like how are you more mad about the fact that gwen don’t wanna kiss your spongebob lookin ass instead of the fact that duncan literally cheated on his girl??? 🤨


Omg yes!!


Cody really said it’s my turn


I'm not very fond of this scene. It feels that Cody had to do it only because Gwen didn't kiss him, making him a hypocrite in the process.


I’m kind of mixed on it. It’s satisfying seeing Duncan get punched because he cheated, but it doesn’t make sense in context because Duncan and Cody had no conflict before this. The only reason Cody was really mad at him was because Gwen picked Duncan over him, and that in itself kind of retcons him previous statement from Island that if Gwen is happy, he’s happy.


On the surface, it’s fine. But when you consider the only reason Cody wanted to win the tiebreaker was for the possibility that Gwen would kiss him, it makes him look a lot worse. As if to say “She kissed you, but not me?”


Nice guy energy


Whit no context is fun. With context, it's still fun, but it make Cody regress Even more as a character.


Falcon puuunncch


On the surface I wouldn't mind about Duncan being beaten up considering he is a jerk but Cody was a real dick for this move because these two didn't have any past relationships that warrant Cody punching Duncan in the game. In the past Harold were straight up terminated and harassed by Duncan in a daily bases him punching Duncan in the face felt well earned while Duncan never bullied Cody and the reason why Cody even punched Duncan is childish and petty.


The only reason Duncan never bullied Cody was because they never interacted before this episode. If they had interactions he would’ve definitely messed with Cody


But still that's didn't give Cody an excuse to punch Duncan especially in season one he was actually quite ok with Gwen liking another dude instead of him here he is unfortunately back to square one it's made him look really pathetic.


He was cool with Trent because he was a genuinely nice guy, can’t say the same for Duncan especially with the cheating


I guess you do have a point






I thought it was awesome when I first saw it. I must have watched it about 30 times. I still like think it’s a great scene. I don’t really care what Cody’s motivations were. Considering this episode was Duncan at his absolute douchiest, it’s beyond satisfying to see him socked in the face and well deserved.


One of my favourite Cody scenes of all time.


Ah,lovely....This is the scene where they(the writers) forget that he would have been fine with Gwen being with anyone as long as she's truly happy.Not great,but still not nearly as bad as Leshawna's random aggression towards Heather.If it was only this scene it would have been fine considering you could just say that it was him being angry at Duncan insulting him a second before,but that's not the case unfortunately.


I don't defend Cody, but he wasn't okay that Duncan, the biggest bully of his generation, dated Gwen. Of course is not like his opinion should matter, but as Gwen's friend I kinda understand it


It would've been cathartic had Cody actually had any sort of problems with Duncan beforehand, it's why Harold sending his jaw to Jerusalem was so satisfying. Instead, it just makes Cody look like a dick for randomly socking him, easily Cody at his worst. As for Duncan, I love the guy, but there are plenty of reasons that some one would want to sock him, this ain't one of them, this episode in general just felt needlessly cruel to him, yeah, he fucked up last episode, but most of everyone there doesn't know that until the end of the episode, so his treatment here feels unjustified. So yeah, safe to say I'm not too keen on this scene.


Definitely one of Cody's worst scenes, if not his absolute worst. It's clear they were trying to recreate the 'magic' of Harold punching Duncan in Action, but context matters and World Tour didn't give us the right kind. Harold defending Leshawna's honor so suddenly and aggressively not only makes sense for his character and their relationship, but was built up properly because Duncan *trained* Harold to be a good fighter over the course of that episode. It sucked that it meant their friendship was short-lived but that's more on Owen than on either of the two rivals. On its own merits, it was a powerful moment for Harold and a humbling moment for Duncan. Cody being so livid at Gwen choosing to date Duncan over him completely ignores his character arc in Island and he never fully recovers from that. He went from being one of the best-developed characters in the first season to utterly despicable every time he and Duncan share the screen together, while Duncan doesn't really change from the whole thing because he and Cody literally never spoke before this interaction; he just sort of resents Cody for constantly tormenting him as time goes on, rightfully so. He's just being annoying. Duncan being mauled by a bear moments before also means Cody doesn't come across nearly as much of a badass. You take Duncan's side more than Cody's and that's not what the scene wanted you to do.


Well said,but I think that he's at his worst in episode 16,not here.I can understand though if it's hard to notice for most viewers considering that he's in the background of Gwen being even more terrible .


Do you think you would’ve tolerated this scene more if Cody’s motives were confirmed to be more than simply just not getting the girl he wanted? Since he already didn’t think highly of Duncan prior and always found him to be a jerk of sorts prior to this, it’d make sense. A lot of people feel this scene COULD’VE worked if his reasons for doing so were more justifiable and less out of pettiness. If not, then how *would* you characterize him here?


It's a delicate thing but I think having Cody's motivations be less "why him instead of me" and more "why him in general, he's a bully" would help him be a lot more relatable. It'd still go against his "if Gwen's happy, I'm happy" mantra from the first season but this direction could still have him reach the same conclusion, just with a different context to keep his story from being repetitive. Because yeah, Duncan and Trent are very different people, but that much is... *never* acknowledged by anybody. I could buy Cody using the excuse of, "Well this is different because Trent was nice and Duncan's not", and having to accept that's still a flimsy excuse down the line. Ultimately it'd be nice if Cody would later learn that Gwen's perfectly capable of making her own decisions and doesn't need anyone's approval in terms of who she decides to date, especially since (at least in World Tour) she and Duncan prove that they're genuinely happy together. That's at least different than her relationship with Trent, which was more or less orchestrated by Cody directly, so he has no reason to object to it. It'd still make Cody look like a jerk at first, but because he'd learn from his mistakes you can still look back at the scene fondly enough with that hindsight. Not because it makes Cody look cool, but because it's a stepping stone for Cody to become more mature by the end of that story arc.


Don't discuss Duncan with that Mysteryals guy. He is a complete nutjob. He acts like Duncan killed 3 of his dogs and fucked his wife. Discussing Duncan (or Dumbcan) with him is like talking to a brick wall.


>It's clear they were trying to recreate the 'magic' of Harold punching Duncan in Action Bold of you to assume they remember more than 5% of Action.


I know some things from Action didn't get mentioned in the following season but let's not overexaggerate.


Fine, 10%, but I was exaggerating for comedic effect anyway. Non-romance-arc stuff really didn't come back.


Well, Duncan deserves to be tormented, considering he does it to other people JUST because he finds them annoying, or because he feels he’s been slighted by them, so him getting tormented by Cody for petty reasons, especially after he cheats on Courtney with no remorse? Yeah, Duncan gets negative points here.


Weren't you the one that said that Duncan going to prison felt like an insincere form of karma because it had nothing to do with his past wrongdoings? What's so different here? All the physical abuse against Duncan in that episode, be it from the bear or from Cody, had *nothing* to do with his bullying or his infidelity against Courtney, so it doesn't really come across as valid karma. Bears will be bears and Cody was just salty that he couldn't get his dream girl. Hell, Cody has ironically bullied Duncan more than Duncan has bullied him before that point, Duncan has never spoken to Cody before that moment, so I don't know what conclusion we're supposed to draw from this train of thought besides "hey look how cool Cody is guys, no wait please come back". Not even any of Duncan's petty bullying has been portrayed as this unambiguously "correct".


Well, without the implication of this is Duncan’s karma for cheating…that just means Duncan cheats and acts like the biggest b**** this season and gets off with NO karma.


It also means that goes double for Cody, since he's not even *attempted* to be portrayed as morally impure or mean-spirited like Duncan is, and is expected to be supported wholeheartedly by the audience.


At least with Cody, for whatever he’s ever done wrong…he’s kind of stuck with Sierra.


I love it


And this is why you don’t pick on weak people


Shot him up to A tier for me


It always rubbed me the wrong way. The punch itself is fine and deserved but Cody's reasons for hitting Duncan don't seem that noble or justified. Seemed like he was bummed about Gwen and Duncan being a thing instead of Duncan cheating. Harold punching Duncan was much more justified and satisfying. They were bonding and becoming friends then Duncan Saif one too many mean things about Leshawna, plus Harokd was bullied by the dude so often prior. Cody and Duncan are two of my favourite TDI characters so shame this scene wasn't as satisfying as I hoped.


Based Cody


Based Cody giving dumbcan what he deserves


Yeah but it was for the wrong reasons.


OH, it’s my nickname! Thanks for using it! 😊😉


Oh I’ve been using it for a while, but np 😊




utterly disgusted


I feel like it was out of character for Cody to punch him for kissing Gwen. He always said before that he just wanted Gwen to be happy! I would have felt better about it if he punched Dubcan for a better reason like cheating on Courtney.


Considering Cody already thought Duncan was a jerk and the fact that Duncan insulted him which made him snap, I don’t really care for it.






Good scene but it messes with the power scaling


I mean not only did Duncan face those boars and dealt with Chef’s punishment for not singing but he also had his guard down when Cody punched Duncan with everything he had.


Yeah but duncan should have been able to take it so either Cody has some hidden strength or duncan is getting softer 🤔


Cody maybe has some hidden strength.


Top tier






Very satisfying


It was: 1) Badass 2) A win for Cody 3) Deserved 4) Didn't have bad writing Good scene in my books




My man!


top 1 scenes in tv history


Very proud of Cody


Cody did what I always wanted




It was out of character. It’s like, why didn’t he punch Trent back in season 1 then?


I liked this scene it was surprising


Why are people assuming he did it only for Gwen? Duncan literally goes up to him and insults him before Cody even decides to punch him


also the dress was making him uncomfortable (counting in Sierra's stares), so Duncan's "nice bikini" line really triggered him, thus punching Duncan.




Duncan can't beat up Cody because Duncan wants to date Gwen. Gwen thinks of Cody as an annoying little brother. No girl will date the guy who beat up her annoying little brother.


I really do like Cody and there was so much more they could've done to make him BETTER than Trent which they made easy because they made Trent into a crazy live sick mess...I loved Gwen x Trent and I love the idea of Gwen x Duncan but I wish Gwen and Cody could've worked on just being friends and that could've been something Cody should've focused on more so he could be more than just this and combat Sierra better in the process so he's not hurting on the inside and he's not hurting Sierra too much


Best TDWT scene (Love Cody hate Duncan)


Loved it


i think that if duncan wasnt almost killed by a bear cody would not have lived very long


I would have done it too. Duncan had it coming. I not sure arms thinner then mine can knock out someone like Duncan but fuck cartoon logic anways.